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Cynthia Marie Brewer


Please post this and circulate it high and low. This is the heart of all the hate, insanity, corruption, and abominations of our planet and life itself. They made it the law to participate in fraud, RICO, human trafficking, abominations and the annihilation of humanity and our planet. While making it law not to disclose and granting immunity and big money to those who participate while injuring and/or killing all those who resist. YES! THEY MADE THAT THE LAW. Look in the Federal Register under this Act

H.R. 3474 (103rd): Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994

This Act encompasses EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC POLICIES!!!! US Currency is backed by the DNA banks…the blood of the saints!

Please check the link.

Do not judge it by its title alone it includes EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!. It turned every and Act and law under the sun, upside down, including banking, securities, human trafficking, trusts, The Human Genome Project/DNA sequencing, military, WMD, HAARP, DARPA, Blackwater, ISO, the court procedures, due process, justice, equality, patenting of life itself, health care, GMO foods, FEMA, ACORN, mortgage market, mutual funds, Budgets, toxifying our planet, war,...... all of them. Just look at the scroll of subject on the right side of the page. That is everything perverted and turned upside down.

There is so much to disclose about the issues brought forth that the student must make the request for discovery. It is revelations and continues on for what feels like eternity right now.
The most important thing that you need to know is that every Bill/debt is created in the House/House of representatives. For the Act/Law/Bill/Debt to be valid, it must have a remedy/Resolution. For example, back in 1933 the remedy for taking the gold out of circulation was HJR (House Joint Resolution) 192. Well the significance of the Riegle Act is that NO REMEDY IS GIVEN!!!! That makes it an invalid Act. It is written the in the Act not to disclose THAT MEANS NO DISCLOSURE! and that actors will be granted immunity for harm and even death to others and other atrocities.
It is also commonly believed that nothing backs the currency of the USA, well, i got news for you. Since the Riegle Act of 1994, human blood backs the currency. It is the DNA banks. They claim that our DNA is the property of the patent holders, which of course is written into the Act. That is Goldman Sachs Genetech, and all the banks that are “Too Big to Fail.”
Really, absolutely critical info. Look it up in the federal register and pass this along.


Dear Benjamin, (numerous visitations)
You are only the third individual I have contacted so far. One was Toby Alexander the DNA Assemby Master, second is Delores Cannon and now you. I realize that you are inundated with many individuals and stories and that sorting thru them is a large task. Please....this is not your norm...
I had a nervous breakdown in around 1987,,,two years later I went into a mental institution where over a 6 month period I was diagnosed through hypnosis with grandure psychosis and multiple personalities. I was put on numerous drugs and have been in counseling for 15 years. Throughout these years I have been able to finally understood what is happening. Now that I am emotionally, psycholigically and mentally ready to do my work...I continue to have visitations and am being given many messages of which few will be able to understand. I am humbly asking that you will please let me tell you what I am recieving. I will not do this in writing. I am being severely attacked and need now to link with the people that I came here in physical form to link with. I cannot do this by myself. I have one book at the editors and will now begin my second. I have many...but please I believe these messages are for you. I know that my contacts will prepare the correct individuals to receieve me. Please be open.



Thank you for this interesting article. Good work


yes all banks will be all deleted and so all the money,real or fraud money...but they were allcreated for controll but you cant controll a hungry humanity and countries that are out of controll with mobs protesting...so all this story will end with war and chaos because there are no good powers to rule a new system if the old one collapses


@mary and mark Don't worry women are and have been working with us all along. Haven't you heard Ben mention the word Meritocracy? Here is a lady who is playing a very important role in this battle we are in here for truth and justice. Her name is Inelia Benz, look her up.


These millions and billions you mention will all start working with WDS whenever they want many already are. God works in mysterious ways.



Ben Fulford's blog no longer appears here. Nor can I get in touch with Ben via his email. Is it possible that his material is being withheld and tampered with at this location? (I am currently in Australia). If you can get in touch with ben so that he can check this out I would appreciate it. I also wish to subscribe to his blog on a paid up basis.



pozdravljam tipa u iznosenoj majici, na Vidikovcu, koji pokusava da bude neprimetan ...nice try deko


Shit yeah guys!! Go get em!


計画された会議の冒頭で、ジェイ・ロックフェラーは参加を要求しました。彼は決して招待されておらず、会議は招待制でした。ロックフェラーは、会議には入れませんと彼に言ったミスターXに立ちはだかれました。ロックフェラーは次に、困惑を抑えて言いました。「私を誰だか、あなたは知っていますか?」。 ミスターXは答えました。はい、あなたが誰だかを私は知っています、あなたは誰でもありません。ロックフェラーによる叫びと怒り、そして古い世界秩序が終わり新しい世界秩序が始まろうとしているとミスターXに言われた後、ミスターXはロックフェラーに、新世界は若者のための素晴らしいものであり彼のような古いミイラは一掃されるべき単なるホコリだと言いました。ロックフェラーは退き、彼の警備のところへ戻り、会議に彼の方法を強制しようとしました。よってミスターXは彼の警備を呼び、ロックフェラーは文字通り投げ出されました。私はそこに居ました。それを見ました。そして、何が起こったかを知っています。

Carol Kidd

Praise the Lord this banking cartel will be abolished!!! How many ways can u say THANK YOU!!U have made my day,it will take 5 yrs. 2 get the smile off my face !!! Thank you!!!! Carol


Monkeys have Karma too
I once read a wonderful fiction story that seems very prophetic for the times. It was about banskters and the evil N.O.W politicians and there controllers and how they had plotted to economically collapse the world, so as to install Communism and Slavery thought the entire world. To accomplish this, they had to monopolize Banking, energy, the United Nations, education, the food industry, medicine, the media and so forth. They decided to kill off over 5 billion people worldwide, leaving just a few hundred thousand for their slavish desires. They cooked a plan to ferment never ending world wars, to genetically modify the food, and to e-radiate the food supplies and poison the food, water, vaccinations, medicines, and even the air, by spraying toxic chemicals, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and heavy metals over most world Nations. It is Public Law 95-79 title 50, chapter 32, section 1520 titled “Chemical and Biological warfare program”-The use of human subjects”. Check it out on the internet, it is for real. It became known as the chemtrail operation, also on line, under Chemtrails or the like. Start looking to the skis. Because they had control of the broadcast and entertainment media, they used subliminal, mind controlled techniques, and embedded them into most movie, TV and music programs. In this way they were able to morally degrade the culture and propagandize the public and kept them ignorant of their treason plan. They came very close to accomplishing their evil plan, but then a very small contingency of white hat special forces decided that the planet was too beautiful and all of our lives and their families where too precious, to let these maniacs have their way.
They named themselves “WE” but we did not wont bloodshed or endless court trials, for Crimes against Humanity. The only thing we wanted was to end the poverty, bloodshed and wars and return the world to sanity and compassion once again. They decided not to use lethal force, but instead to use tranquilizing dart guns and sum ingenuity, to simply neutralize the problem. One of their people had an old CB amphibian airplane and was an X - C.I.A. operative, with lots of hours flying the Allusions islands and the Pacific Rim and knew of several uncharted islands, ideal for the operations. “WE,” adopted an old Chinese motto. “Remove Head Snake Dies” They also knew that there was only a few dozen halfwit, useless, fat old men, at the top of the N.W.O. pyramid scheme and when you remove them, the Snake Dies. A list and locations of a hundred or more of these Criminals was prepared and small teams of three, or more Special Forces were dispatched to these locations. Now the fun began.
They soon cased the locations and the subject’s habits and this provided them there strategy. The object was to dart the targets, when they least expected it, so that they could enjoy a long sleeping journey, to their new home. Sometimes they were placed in a holding cell in a deep mine shaft, before the final transport if needed. The object was for them to wake up on a beautiful island beach, with only their undershorts on, one small blanket, 10 rolls of toilet paper, one hundred one dollar Federal Reserve Notes, as toilet paper back up, one case of Pork and Beans and one Tomahawk. Once fully awake, they found many of their old conniving palls. The Rothschild’s and some of their family, the Rockefellers and family, there was old man Bush Sr. and Jr., the Clinton's, old Greenspan, fat old Kissinger, Chaney cussing his sand stuck wheelchair, Obama, Biden, and the list goes on and on, to the best of the worst. Once they looked about, standing on the side of a smoking volcano was a large sign that read, “Welcome to Karmic Island. You’re Dream of a Future World. Karma always provides”.

The “WE” team had a difficult time with the tomahawk as they did not wish blood to be shed. Yet the brilliance of Godfather Rothschild’s could not be denied as he always taught the importance of giving lethal weapons to both sides, before goading them into conflict and war. So in the end the “WE” team had to come down on the side of Rothschild’s and supplied them with the tomahawks, for you can never tell when one of their trusted elite friends, low on supplies, may become crazed and steel another elites wealth of Beans, plus who knows, after being informed, maybe bean loving natives from another island might try a sneak attack, on these elites, in the middle of the night. Six months later a film crew was sent in to record the wonders that these brilliant, chosen, elites had accomplished and that filming has now received the Galactic Emmy awards as the funniest Cartoon in the Galaxy. The Novel ended with these words. “WE” Mankind gave Justice, where Justice was due, and a Golden Age of Enlightenment blossomed for all mankind.
The name of the Novel was “WE” and you may find it on Amazon.com. The name of the Author was also “WE”. I hope that you find it, or you can pass this posting on to your down lines and someone is bound to come up with it. If not, a new Novel along this line would find a worldwide audience, if you are good at Novel writing, that is. You might name it “WE-2” and a sequel could be “WE”-3, and change the world for the good, at the same time. And let’s “WE” remember to enjoy the adventure, for that is what it is.
Here is just one more example of their madness
Gates Foundation partner forces vaccines on Malawian children at gunpoint, and arrests their parents.

Never forget
“Plant a seed and beautiful flowers can grow”
White Hats We


Ben, it's difficult for non-Japanese people to subscribe to your blog because the Paypal page they get on subscribing is in Japanese. Could you please give us an English version.



another "secret government promises great changes" article?


This article is obvious BS. Rockefeller would not attend such an event unless he was invited by the host. Military jets would not challenge military helicopters, and even military helicopters would be very visible and high profile. This letter is a hoaxter's amatuerish infantile fantasy, swallowed hook, line and sinker by cluless people.











X氏を支援しているのはB氏(同上の理由により名前を伏せています)であり、彼は頻繁に非難を受けていますが、しかしX氏にとっては最も重要なアドバイザーとなっています。X氏がB氏を受け入れたことは賢明でした。何故なら彼以上にグローバルアカウント及び銀行の不正行為とその背後関係ついて精通している者はいないからです。実情をよく知る者は、B氏はRay C. Damとは同工異曲ではないということを感じ取っていると私は今日では思っています。X氏とB氏は世界をよりよき方向へ変えていくことができるでしょう。彼らにはそれを成し得るだけの知恵や技量が備わっており、加えて両人とも際だって高潔な人物です。カザールに起源を持つ者たちにとっては、もはや安全に身を隠せるような場所は世界中探してもどこにもないと思われます。彼らがどこに行き、何をしたとしても、追跡・補足されることでしょう。世界は目を覚ましつつあり、人々はこれら嘘偽りにまみれた賊党たちに対して相応の仕返しを望むでしょう。最善なこととしては、真実が明らかになれば、これらネズミたちにも逃げ場がなくなり、彼らの友人や仲間たちでさえ、彼らを見捨てるようになるかもしれないということです。これまで虐げられてきた人々の憤怒の矛先から逃れようとして、彼らはまさにネズミのように罪の擦り付け合いを始めることでしょう。





上級財務官 V








Jery Paden

If this in fact did occur, then kudos and Kha-Khan to Mr. X!


Halleluyah! I knew it was Theft by deceptive practices. NOBODY excapes the scams or bunko squad.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, hit em where it hurts in their pocket and return the people their money.

The Truth

Who Predicted the 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan?


Japan earthquake tsunami predicted by Alex Collier in 1995


Woman predicted Japan Quake


Potassium iodide tablets were reportedly shipped to South Korea days before the Japan quake, suggesting prior knowledge of the attack.

Certainly WDS has spys all over the world, including in allied countries. Correct? Why the WDS/Japanese government failed to prevent the attack?

White Dragon is a puppet of the illuminati!

Mason Parson

I will believe when I see.

The Truth

Hi, sorry for my english, I'm not American

Is the White Dragon Society another Illuminati group?

1) White Dragon Society is not Japanese, but a European and American secret society. The most important members of the WDS are Europeans and Americans.

2) Potassium iodide tablets were reportedly shipped to South Korea days before the Japan quake, suggesting prior knowledge of the attack. Certainly WDS, China and Russia has spys all over the world, including in allied countries. Correct? Why the WDS failed to prevent the attack?

3) Benjamin Fulford was Jesuit-trained at Sophia University. He majored in comparative literature in Tokyo's Sophia University. Sophia University was officially established in 1913 as a special school by the Society of Jesus (Jesuit). The school was first recognized as a university in 1928, but it traces its history all the way back to the arrival of St. Francis Xavier (Jesuit) to Japan in 1549. A secret branch of the Jesuits is connected to the Italian Mafia and the CIA, serve as the assassins for the Illuminati and the Vatican. Ben Fulford has a good heart but is being deceived and manipulated by Illuminati.

4) Mao Zedong & Yale University - Skull and Bones is a secret fraternity at Yale University which restricts their membership to only fifteen per year. The society was formed in 1832 by General William Russell, whose shipping firm later dominated the U.S. side of the China opium trade. In 1903, Yale Divinity School established a number of schools and hospitals throughout China that were collectively known as 'Yale in China.' It has since been shown that 'Yale in China' was an intelligence network whose purpose was to destroy the republican movement of Sun Yat-sen on behalf of the Anglo-American Establishment. The Anglo-American "Establishment" hated Sun, because he wanted to develop China. On the other hand, they loved the Chinese communists because they intended to keep China backward, and were committed to the production of drugs. One of 'Yale in China's' most important students was Mao Zedong. The latter gentleman had been on the staff of the Yale University establishment in China in 1921-22. Yale and the Rockefellers were breeding a grotesque communist insurgency with British Empire ideology; another Yale staffer there was Mao Zedong, later the communist dictator and mass murderer.


White Dragon is a joke!

Liiv Saga

I really loved to read this about the change coming and that the Dark ones filled with greed have been so totally exposed, and that there are the right people/spirits with the right understanding and skills in the front line to make this change happen! Humanity as a whole need to be set free!!!

M Price


As a banker in New York, I can clearly see the unraveling of a great monstrosity. I get sick watching the algos and government pump up this market (with dismal volume) while even the "creative accounting" implemented on the books of the too big to fails justifies another 20% sell off. I can see the enemy is mortally wounded and is firing off his last shots hoping to take as many with him to hell, where he is surely going. One thing I have noticed in particular is the sky. We here in NY are being sprayed at unprecedented intervals. Tonight, as I sit on my back deck writing this, there are no clouds, yet there are no stars either! During my commute I witnessed planes with four engines sporadically (no steady-stream contrails) pumping chemicals into the mid-atmosphere. Contrails disappear. These clouds of chemicals remained and burgeoned into forms any meteorologist will agree are not natural.

I've heard mixed reports regarding these: some say it is weather modification, others an ozone insulator, however, I grimly suspect it is a last ditch effort to weaken our immune systems so they can move forward with their plan (depopulation?) before they are captured.

Please look into this.

M Price




Bonjour Frère, et toute la White Dragon Society,

We love you, we are all with you, our thoughts are with you, a part of our power is for you. Not just in these word, but, now. Right now I give it for you.

We would like to help you with too many more power, energy and efficience, but, together, nothing is impossible. Nothing. Or, everything is possible ! everything.
A big thank, respect, and energy for all of your Foundation, your families, and you.

Dieu, est en Vous.

Kraemer jean-yves


What is WDS? Western Dragon Society?

Benjamin Fulford is a Jesuit puppet trained at Sophia University in Japan! A secret branch of the Jesuits, which is connected to the Italian Mafia, Nazis and the CIA, serve as the assassins for the Illuminati, Zionists and the Vatican.



They are enemies of the Chinese and Asians. Do not fall into WDS's Trap! It's a scam.

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