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Jason Thunderbeing

I AM truly getting impatient with the slowness of these outstanding negotiations,if this does not work out i will be calling more powerful help from far away to come even closer to our beloved planet to show you how serious me and mine are at seeing a change ASAP! something big is coming or a few things anyway and we will call it here even closer for all the world to see.The suffering in the world the suffering of this living planet is becoming unbearable in the next few months you will see a potential prophecy be fulfilled before your eyes work faster gentlemen for our patience is running thin.We are willing to go to far greater lengths it seems then you are.To see this ever wanting change then the world may last another 20 years at least or not.

Andy Zahoran

Hi Benjamin; I appreciate your massages I can't hardly wait for the one that says all the big boys been arrested "NESARA" announcement tonight at SIX on all the news channels. Thank you so much.





What's the purpose of doing such tricks?









Mark Ryan

Many of us understand the crimes. We see the truth peek its face. The question is will the populace see the full truth. Currently, I see the criminals from JFK to present may be exposed soon. They , as I see it, are the fall guys and may possibly be exposed. The truth is, unless we as a world expose the world bankers and the control that they have forced on the world for hundreds of years we remain enslaved. I won't because I see things; I will teach my kids. But, I see your purpose as only to keep those who are "seeing" entrapped. You could do so much more to move your readers in an organized way, but you don't. I can see your flag. I did love your partner Dylan Ratigan. His rant was great. Why did he wait so long??? peek-a-boo.


Breaking News: A Tokyo citizen turned out to be internally exposed

Link: http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/08/breaking-news-a-tokyo-citizen-turned-out-to-be-internally-exposed/


チョーウケル(笑) ほんとオカルト好きって足したり引いたり算数好きだねぇ。


XL Your on to something, Actually I also saw that the DJIA was down 5.55% and that if you add 555 + 666 = 12-21 as the Mayan calender ends or 11-11-11 if you take these individually.
Or this is how I read into this, these people in control are numerologists and they charge emotions of fear to certain dates. In this case they have sadistically connected subconscious from one disaster to another date they hope to benefit in the future. And to prove how deep this goes if you take 5.55 x 6.66 you get 36.963 which in the 369 heortz frequency is the Pineal glands stimulating tone. Now you see the technology of the alchemist,satanist occult.
Now here is the Kicker,it could be a message/warning? DJIA finished at 10809.85 the S&P 1119.46 I see todays date in the DJIA, and reverse 911 in the S%P if you add both numbers you get 11929.31 , you can see two, 911 as 2+ 9 =11


RV- most-likely being under an attack of hackers sponsored by Dark cabal, Clinton, Bush etc. They can not hold politically longer postponement of RV as they did through July (you know Obama's excuses of debt ceilings etc.). Since they can not use their political power to do so, they use terrorism of sabotage. Hope they won't kill for their case more. They are beyond anything we can imagine. To your face saying one thing, you turn and they do exact opposite.



Hey Ben - isn't 666 a lucky number in Asia too?


sounds like a rebuttal to Richard Hoagland's analysis of Elenin.

6.66 and 5.55 is 11/11/11

the "magicians" are hard at work.
surprised lately that Bob Chapman is even noticing the numerology.

it is evident maybe that the wanna-be rulers aren't even trying to hide anymore.

jail 'em all

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