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Darren Zen D

You can see that the negative guys are rattled because they're trying to post all sorts of intimidating information to try and make us lose heart.

It ain't going to happen.

A win for the forces of light is inevitable now, I advise all forces of negativity to stand down and save themselves a lot of unhappiness.


Every gear of " the clockwork " shall be turned down.
Start somewhere and the impact shall be great ...
" Afraid for nobody ! ! ! "
God himself.


JAPAN – Typhoon – 08W.MA-ON, TRACK_VIS, 14 JUL 2011 2132Z

Target Japan?

more here:http://www.degaray.com/misc/136_GreatQuakeOfJapan.html


Oh by the way we won that war against the satanists and abominations,and we will win again with or without you and yours help.What say you White dragon society?you know you can't trust those who speak with forked tounge.If you seek redemption join us.Or mankind might become extinct.


They are attacking our side and they ask your side to stand down?Well my side won't we must strike them fast and hard before they try to quietly wipe us all out.The war has started.I and mine at one time went to war against these satanists here in Canada then they quietly tried to wipe us out or arrest us for bullcrap charges.Well this is starting again i see.Will you and yours sit back while this quiet war wages Ben?if need be me and mine will fight to the end,even if it kills me what say your side Ben?They are attacking our side worldwide you can see this can't you?If me and mine leave this world as is promised if these abominations are not removed then all that will be left are flesh eaters and satanists.They must be either removed or wiped out for the police seem to be to afraid of them to arrest them well we are not for we serve the most high,whom do you serve Ben?


A very interesting narrative Ben, and quite astute.

I agree with your assumptions about "Reptilians". For the rest of you, they are probably not what you think. Here's their organizational structure, based on my current understanding. You must understand that they are disseminated by their percentage of "Reptilian" blood (referred to as "blue blood"):

1. Humans are at the bottom, as they possess the least percentage of blue blood. They serve the "Hybrids" (Rothschild, Rockefeller, the usual scumbags that give us a headache on a daily basis).
2. You could consider the "Hybrids" middle management. They are approximately 30-50% blue blood. They are in service to the "Nephelim". It is their hope to that they are allowed to interbreed with the Nephelim as part of an illicit social contract.
3. The "Nephelim", or "Giants", could be considered about 75-90% blue blood. Consider them upper management. You can also consider them the supreme shadow commanders of our planet's military structure. They serve only the "Draconians".
4. "Draconians" are considered the true planetary elite in this hierarchy. 100% blue blood, practically no exceptions. Did you really think getting rid of a few bankers would solve our problems? You have no f***ing idea what these things can do...
5. Pinnacle of the Draco??? Be very afraid.

Yeah, you could consider the above bull****, and I would find it difficult to argue. I will expand upon this as more information becomes available, so don't think that this supposed hierarchy is set in stone.

ps. Jason (Thunderbeing), good to hear from you lad!!! And...ROCKEFELLER?! Really??? Ha ha ha, please... even I have standards, you know. In any event, I have been in contact with a former member of your group lately. She has been very helpful in exposing a menace known as "Koala" (not to be confused with K.O.A.L.A.). If the other members of Thunderbeing are as dedicated, then I am quite glad to know that you are out there keeping watch.




I would beg to differ slightly here, Ben. All these secret societies were formed to ensure the continuation of species that are not human. I do not know what the royals and their ilk are, though what drives them is certainly not human.
The greatest reason people today cannot grasp what drives the horrors being perpetrated by these creatures is that they transcend anything we can conceive.
The bloodlines are vessels carefully administered to admit some kind of creature, trans-dimensional or other, that has influenced this world since admitted long ago, probably before Solomon.
I know you don't wish to go down this "road", it is just that there is far too much evidence to show us all this is true. They have accepted evil into their flesh and souls and war against Creation/Creator itself. That is what makes them so dangerous as they would destroy this entire planet for their masters, if allowed.

Blessings to you and yours,

Nexus X Humectress

Hi, can I please have a free subscription to the Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis?


I AM getting so impatient at all this that if my allies do not do what was writen earlier,me and mine shall leave this world and all that will be left will be demons and the others.I in paticular am getting very irritated with the slowness of the change that i and mine will turn our backs on this sinful world.The demons and evil ones will love if we leave for we are the ones holding off armageddon just to see if you all would choose correctly but thus far have seen chit.I personally can't take anymore...I would rather rather die then live in the same world with this filfe anymore.

William Jefferson Quigley

They are not trying to survive like animals. They are evil.
ex. A group of zebras use their survival skills to evade lions, not conspire to murder millions of other zebras for no reason.


no need to post this. I believe in you. know that there are many who do. my site is monitored












Secret societies are a smoke and mirror trick, they are not the pinnacle of cultural evolution. That is a claim you will never be able to validate.

They are nothing more than another example of the politicisation of the spiritual world.

Mr Ebola

Inter dimensional travel is not that far away Mr. Fulford. The eugenicists are going to open up a holographic portal, probably a massive one, in order for humanity to commit mass suicide. Once mankind gets a glimpse of what awaits in the next world, the spiritual world, they can no longer resist the temptation of wanting to go there and therefore, commit suicide. This project is better known as Project Blue Beam, if not a hardcore version of it.

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