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I wonder if the Illuminati are planning a series of false flag nuclear attacks this month.
(This article came out a year ago and I note that some are now warning that there might be a false flag nuke attack in Germany on June 26th)


“Operation Blackjack
Jun 23rd, 2010

Remember Operation Blackjack? In early 2009 The London Telegraph mysteriously ran a series of pieces .... depicting a co-ordinated round of nuclear attacks on major cities...

....As the plot ..... unfolded it became clear that the attacks were carried out ..... by a cabal of elite wannabe rulers intent on instituting a global police state and usurping control of the planet under the auspices of protecting its population from more destruction.

Their devious plan was seemingly foiled in the end by the prevention of another flase flag attack and by police and military unwilling to be the enforcers of a facist new world order.

.....why was this thing published on the website of a major British newspaper?

Those who had “deciphered” the codes .... decided that the dates .... were for 2010 and 2011, the first of those being June 22 – yesterday.

Thankfully we can report that no nukes went off in London yesterday – phew.

Was .... the Blackjack piece provided forewarning? ...... the episode of X-files spin off Lone Gunmen, aired months prior to 9/11 – a depiction of the exact scenario of the attack, carried out by shady elements of intelligence and government, only to be foiled at the last minute – highlights that these kind of prior warning pieces have been used before."


Thu Jun 16, 2011 at 04:19 PM PDT

eSci: Unsafe Radiation Found Near Tokyo, Vast Area of Japan Contaminated

Link: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/06/16/985938/-eSci:-Unsafe-Radiation-Found-Near-Tokyo%2C-Vast-Area-of-Japan-Contaminated?via=siderec

by FishOutofWater for Japan Nuclear Incident Liveblogs

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Japan is dangerously contaminated by radioactivity over a far larger area than previously reported by TEPCO and the central government according to new reports from multiple sources.

The prefectural government of Iwate released new data that shows radioactive contamination of grass exceeds safety standards at a distance of 90 to 125 miles from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants.

The prefectural government found on Tuesday radioactive cesium exceeding the limit of 300 becquerels per kilogram in grass collected from pastures in four areas, including Tono and Otsuchi. The areas are located about 150 to 200 kilometers north of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Science Magazine reports that Japanese scientists have become so concerned about the health of their children that they have initiated their own radiation monitoring program and made their own maps. The results are shocking.

Parents in Tokyo's Koto Ward enlisted the help of Tomoya Yamauchi, a radiation physicist at Kobe University, to measure radiation in their neighborhood. Local government officials later joined the act, ordering radiation checks of schoolyards and other public places and posting the results on their Web sites. An anonymous volunteer recently plotted the available 6300 data points on a map. And Yukio Hayakawa, a volcanologist at Gunma University, turned that plot into a radiation contour map.

It shows one wide belt of radiation reaching 225 kilometers south from the stricken reactors to Tokyo and another extending to the southwest. Within those belts are localized hot spots, including an oval that encloses northeast Tokyo and Kashiwa and neighboring cities in Chiba Prefecture.

Radiation in this zone is 0.4 microsieverts per hour, or about 3.5 millisieverts per year. That is a fraction of the radiation found throughout much of Fukushima Prefecture, which surrounds the nuclear power plant. But it is still 10 times background levels and even above the 1-millisievert-per-year limit for ordinary citizens set by Japanese law. The health effects of such low doses are not clear and are passionately debated. But it is known that children are more susceptible to radiation than adults, and few parents want to take chances with a child's health. Besides, “The law should be observed,” Yamauchi says. Kyo Kageura, an information scientist at the University of Tokyo, says there should be a public discussion of the issue, “based on a scrupulous presentation of the data, including to what extent the 1-millisievert limit can be achieved.”

A map of citizen measured radiation levels shows radioactivity is distributed in a complex pattern reflecting the mountainous terrain and the shifting winds across a broad area of Japan north of Tokyo which is in the center of the of bottom of the map.

Radiation limits begin to be exceeded at just above 0.1 microsieverts/ hour blue. Red is about fifty times the civilian radiation limit at 5.0 microsieverts/hour. Because children are much more sensitive than adults, these results are a great concern for parents of young children in potentially affected areas.

A very disturbing report about parents concerned about possible radiation sickness in children appeared in a local Japanese paper.

The news report was translated on the blog ex-skf
Tokyo Shinbun (paper edition only, 6/16/2011) reports that many children in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture, 50 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, are suffering inexplicable nosebleed, diarrhea, and lack of energy since the nuke plant accident.
I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the report or the translation, but given the data collected by concerned scientists reported in the map above, it may be credible.

What's happening to children in Koriyama City in Fukushima right now? Nosebleed, diarrhea, lack of energy - "Effect of radiation unknown" says the doctor
Report by Ao Ideta, Tokyo Shinbun, June 16, 2011
On June 12, a non-profit organization called "The Bridge to Chernobyl" (チェルノブイリへのかけはし) held a free clinic in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture, 50 kilometers [west] from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Worried about the effect of radiation exposure, 50 families brought their children to see the doctor.
A 39-year-old mother of two told the doctor that her 6-year-old daughter had nosebleed everyday for 3 weeks in April. For 1 week, the daughter bled copiously from both nostrils. The mother said their doctor told her it was just a seasonal allergy from pollen. Her other child, 2-year-old son, had nosebleed from end of April to May.
The pediatrician from The Bridge to Chernobyl, Yurika Hashimoto, told the mother it was hard to determine whether the nosebleed was the result of radiation exposure, but they should have the blood test done for white blood cells. It was important to keep record, the doctor advised.

The family move out temporarily from Koriyama City to Saitama Prefecture after the March 11 earthquake, but came back to Koriyama at the end of March.

The mother said about 10% of pupils at the elementary school have left Koriyama. Each school in Koriyama decides whether to have the pupils drink local milk that the school provide, which tends to concentrate radioactive materials. In her daughter's school, it is up to the parents to decide. But the mother said she let the daughter drink milk with other children because the daughter didn't want to get excluded by other children for not drinking milk with them.

A 40-year-old father of a 4-month-old baby daughter was so worried that he never let the daughter go outside, even though she didn't exhibit any ill effect of radiation so far. He said, "I'm so worried. I don't know how to defend ourselves."

I [the reporter of the story] used the radiation monitoring device over the low bush near the place where this event was being held. It measured 2.33 microsieverts/hour. As I raised the device higher, the radiation level went down to 1 microsievert/hour. The highest air radiation measured in Koriyama City was 8.26 microsieverts/hour on March 15. Since middle of May, it has been about 1.3 microsievert/hour.
If you live one year in a place with 1.3 microsievert/hour radiation, the cumulative radiation will exceed 11 millisieverts. [And that's only the external exposure.]

Note: I generally do not do long quotes but the translation was made available by a blogger so that the world would know what's happening in Japan.


Alcuin Bramerton

At present, US President Barack Obama is inextricably embedded in a nexus of legal tangles, any one of which, properly explored and contested, could terminate his presidency before the end of its natural term.

For example, on Friday 17th June 2011, the 44th President of the United States of America, had on his desk in the White House Oval Office primary legislation for a US Tax Provision relating to the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation cash-in within the US. The proposed legislation requested eleven per cent tax. The President refused to sign the document until he received more money in his personal off-shore accounts.

This executive refusal to sign further delayed the due and lawful disbursement of The World Global Settlement Funds ($47 trillion), the implementation of the US Dollar Refunding Project ($10 trillion), the long-agreed global debt jubilee (universal debt forgiveness), and the introduction of the new precious metals-backed international currencies.

The text linked below is a letter dated the 17th June 2011 from Pasadena Attorney Al Clifton Hodges to the Chinese government through the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Zhang Yesui.


The direct Chinese involvement in the internal finances of the US dates from 2009 when a $47 trillion Lien against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board was taken out by élite monetary interests in the UK and China.


Al Clifton Hodges' letter of the 17th June 2011 was copied to Michael Cottrell (a Basel list payee for the US Dollar Refunding Project), Lindell Bonney (CIA, and also the UK's MI6 Paymaster at Bank of America, Richmond, Virginia) and Hu Jintao (President of the People's Republic of China).

The text cites the background involvement of the Kissinger-Bush-Clinton syndicate and Josef Ackermann (Deutsche Bank, Germany) in the illegal diversion of substantial tranches of the international funds for personal gain.


Start at the top of the pyramid and work yourself down. Don't stop until they resighn. What the #@$%$ are the Ninjas waiting for an invitation to save the world?

John Doe

The NWO might be planning to bring down the Sears Tower in Chicago just as they did with the WTC during 9/11. The reason they may wish to do so is because they want to bring in new legislation to detain 'terror suspects' forever WITHOUT TRIAL.


"Is the Sears / Willis tower targeted?

Mysteriously blocked web post spells it all out in detail!

I was sort of hum drumming the subject of a false flag attack on 6/11 as many were predicting, and while I was trying to surf up what people were saying about the Sears / Willis tower on 6/11 I ran into a mysterious case of web censorship, and it was enough to make me say something. Since I am more interested in hard facts than speculation you won't see me link to things like this often (link is after the picture). I then spot checked a few truth sites. Whatreallyhappened, Gun Owners of America, David Duke, and pro-life web sites were blocked as well. You can get to Planned Parenthood though!

T-mobile is a censorship nightmare. By default, these sites are blocked. You can go to them IF and ONLY IF you give them your FULL NAME, EXACT AGE, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and FULL ADDRESS. It then checks what you input against a national database, and if you try to spoof it, NO GO, ALL DETAILS have to be PERFECT. So T-mobile wants to know who is surfing what, and keep a record of it. I would prefer to NOT have a record kept and attached to a real world identity when doing the type of study needed to produce articles like the one on Fukushima. This cell modem is going in a slingshot. It gets worse - the actual number of truth sites blocked is countless.

The Bilderberg meeting will be in FULL SWING on 6/11/11. The keynote speaker, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of facebook, will be delivering a speech at the beginning of this conference, where he heaps all kinds of praise on the NSA.

Here is the link to the blog post blocked by T-mobile.

OLD BILL PRESENTED AS NEW BILL before Congress allows indefinite detention without charge or trial!
If this thing passes, get out when you still have a chance!

Dual citizen Joe Lieberman and Senator John McCain have dredged up a formerly rejected nightmare bill and once again put it before Congress, which will allow lifelong imprisonment of "terror" suspects without trial, representation, or even a reason for why they were imprisoned. This bill, which was originally drafted and brought before Congress on March 3 of 2010 as the "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010" (S.3081) in the aftermath of the Christmas day bombing attempt, has been brought back to the floor without being assigned a new number and is this time waiting for the right circumstance to allow it to be rammed through in the heat of the moment following what I believe will be an upcoming planned terror attack. I believe the "failure" to assign the bill a new number is really an attempt to hide it and prevent people from writing to strike it down - you can't strike down what does not officially exist. It is my fear that the moment a staged event happens, it will be assigned a number and rammed through instantly while public emotions run high, without discussion or review.

This bill allows lifelong detention without accusation, representation, or trial. That's right, they can just grab you and lock you up and never tell you why, never tell your family where you went, and never give you a chance to even make a phone call or ask for a trial. You just VANISH. "ENEMY BELLIGERENT" means someone who speaks in a way the government is uncomfortable with. So 911 realists, protestors, ANYONE who blows the whistle, anyone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker, ect, could potentially be targeted and locked up in absolute silence and secrecy. This is RUSSIA on steroids folks, Russia at least had a 25 year time limit on detention; this bill makes it FOREVER."

According to Dimitri Khalezov, there are nuclear devices stored below the Sears Tower for its eventual demolition (just like the WTC and these were used during 9/11). He talks of this at 6:20 mins in this video clip


Where do you come up with this nonsense?

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