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Thats it!! you tell those white devils in Israel,that their evil actions today is these twits downfall.I am calling for a global hunt.We are going to hunt these f---ers down to ends of the earth.The Rothschilds all of them are marked for death!!


What's the ole saying about paying ransom?
Well, daaa...

Now, expect to see every Tom and Dick Bozo start sourcing Dirty Bombs.


its a joke man


I have decided to help you guys find the rest of the Rockefellers,but in return we want some of the Rothschilds.We'll show you where they are if you show us who the faction of the family that is f--ing around with the Rafah border.We'll give you a sign in a bit to prove how serious we are here.I want to know who's head is going to roll from all the attacks and insults from the Rothschilds and the U.S reptilians,of late.


Whats about the Olympia Stadium in Berlin on 26.6.11?



It ain't over we are just getting started.


Dear Benjamin

You have already known this one, or forgive me if some else already posted here. The site down blows shows a interview done on Jelenosky a Russian Polititian. He is implying the Earthquake and Tsunami is caused by Russian (Haarp???).


In any case, Benjamin, providing no solution is just as good as saying nothing. We are confortable and have time to chat on the conspiracy.
Even if there is a change, European get the most, not us so why change?

I appreciate your work but I think there is nothing we can do about it.

Take care


It is now June 2nd.

So what's the latest?

Any arrests planned...Nakasone...Ozawa?


Hi Benjamin,

do you know anything about EHEC? Is it an artificially created desease?

Best Regards,


Mr. Takuma Kaneko

トリートメントを綾瀬はるかのようにしたらいい。moumoon SPARK
" Who can find...YAYYAY"

Mr. Takuma Kaneko


Way of life V6

Mr. Takuma Kaneko


Quintus ist in casam laborat(つまり、ロマノフブルガリアは私が社長の個人事務所です)。

Mr. Takuma Kaneko

I am RomanovBulgaria of White Dragon Society.
Call it nick of time. Foo Well in the mean time please enjoy my
favorite YouTube Music. People call them Monster Girl Group. I can see
why... AKB48 River.

Mr.Takuma Kaneko
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Sakura City Japan
My car registration number is sorry it's in Japanese "千葉501た8467"
Yuko Oshima must be smiling right now. I love her smile



1分19秒に出てくるWW3(World War3)がMW3(Modern Warfare 3)に変わり



If they tell you its postponed to November 1st no worries armageddon conspiracy is already n0ne

Please show your humor and bravery ben, allow this post!


cheap extortion?

can ya buy a nuke for that little?

ah what a world...

how 'bout...

can we get the ET assholes that really run this rock to hit the road now?

there must be some galactic precedent...

hangin' on for the ride in Canada

best wishes Ben

John Doe

The American revolution is underway!
Watch this video and spread the message:


Have you ever wanted to die Ben? I do. The fantasy part of it is to take every hater with me... The Illumination project is unstoppable and before you will predict anything correctly, the Illumination levels will shadow anything freemasonry has ever accomplished with its filtered eyes... A true hero neither wants nor deserves any credit.. The credit goes to the mal system that made it possible for the hero to exist... You were a hero until you joined the masons Ben. Masonry has failed - That is why you are fighting it. Masonry represents old money... Someone having far more than an individual can ever use... The war on creativity. The love of a Mason is conditional and the fault of conditional love is confidence. Go back to the Shaman's Ben... They have more words for you... You are playing by their rules in their house and thats why this has become a game and You deserve better than that my friend. I see you conquering that beast in the future. I see you eye to eye with your own soul, answering the questions you put off until the day you knew you would be confronted. But I am 100% sure you will not do that from where you are...


Fukushima’s operators at loss but don’t show it

Garibov Konstantin

May 30, 2011 15:42 Moscow Time

Link: http://english.ruvr.ru/2011/05/30/51015593.html

The operating company of the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, “Tokyo Electric Power”, will not be able to liquidate all the consequences of the catastrophe by the end of this year. This was revealed by the company’s high-ranking representative who preferred to remain unnamed.
Earlier, the company announced that it planned to stop the largest leakages of radiation by July and to lower the temperature in the three reactors which suffered most down to 99º Celsius in another half a year. This would have allowed bringing them into the state of so-called “cold stop”.

Meanwhile, the task turned out to be more difficult than it had seemed at first. It turned out that in all these tree reactors, the nuclear fuel had melted because of lack of refrigeration. It burnt through the reactors’ body frames and damaged their outer shells. This means that the system is no longer leak-tight – if one tries to put them out with water, it will pour out.

In an interview to the Voice of Russia, an expert in nuclear and radiation security Maxim Shingarkin commented on the situation in Fukushima:

“In fact, this statement came with a big delay. The operating company deliberately concealed this information. The explanation is simple – the company is afraid that any checking by competent experts would reveal its inability to save the situation. Only recently, foreign experts founded a consultative body for the clean-up of the accident’s consequences. Moreover, the company is concealing the information about the amount of pollution of the environment.”

However, “Tokyo Electric Power” still pretends that it knows quite well how to clean-up after the accident. It plans to build water-purifying units at the Fukushima plant, which will cost $ 650 mln. But the cost can turn out to be even higher, because the water has been infected with radiation several times and may need a more complicated purifying.
Moreover, this system of circulation may not withstand the summer typhoons. The roofs of three energy blocks were destroyed by explosions on March 11. The operating company suggests covering the holes in the roofs with some special polyethylene web, but the plant’s administrators doubt that this will be effective. Besides, summer showers can erode the ground, which, in its turn, can increase the onslaught of water into the plant’s lower premises. Showers have already increased the level of the water in one of the reactors by 20 cm.

In the other power blocks, the situation is also disturbing. About 85 tons of radioactive water have already accumulated there, and it is pouring out of the territory of the power plant. Not all the area around the plant has yet been covered with special synthetic resin which stops the spreading of radioactive dust.

630 monitoring stations in Russia’s Far East, situated both on land and on ships, are intensively watching the radiation situation. Fortunately, they haven’t yet revealed any increase of radiation which can be dangerous for people. The stations have already switched back to the normal mode of work, checking the radiation level once in 24 hours, not twice as they had done recently.

Still, it seems that the world has not yet recovered from the shock caused by the Japanese tragedy. Recently, Germany’s government decided to stop exploiting all the country’s nuclear power plants by 2022. This is still the first country to take such a decision.


good news.

today june 1ST you have your new account open for the wds.

can we have the details of what and who, I know the secret societies are not short of money, so how can we help?


Nuke them anyway? We're tired of the worthless and useless banksters getting away with evil all the time.


Simon Dubois

If they are using Ben Fulford's site to make threats, like invasion of Saudi Arabia or nuking the BIS, to psychologically affect the groups that they are targeting, then, does this not mean that the threats are not real?

Lovely Revolution

Got this forwarded message, see what you think of it.

Some positive frequencies for you all

NOW Is The Time! Part 1

Now Is The Time! Part 2

Earth doesn’t end, it merely transforms as all energy does.
Anyways, here is to a better future.


Love Revolution

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