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Peggy Price

Quite hard to read due to layout. Does this have anything to do with the recent arrest of Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb wartime army commander facing international war crimes charges?

Prof. Mark Alla'n DharmReese

Wonderful! Fantastic! Since my hero YVES JACQUES COUSTEAU sailed away, and my hero BUCKMINISTER "Bucky" FULLER bounced beyond, vacant, indeed, the SHARED DITTO DEAL, of my 501 c(3) Education Action Charity / S.E.A. - S.O.S. Survival Equity Action - Save Our Species, Salvage Our Situation, Sisters of Solutions, Serving Our Source, as SURVIVAL OPTION SCOUTING. See, folks are so sleepy, NICE TO HAVE SOME COMPANY with the SAME VIEW:

DIVERSITY OF LIFE, and BEST LIFE POSSIBLE for EACH AND ALL LIFE, free life, not caged, raped, plundered, ruined, dis-respected -- our SOURCE trashed for cash by dull, ignorant, dominators, their time, done. Pro active ENGAGEMENT and acceptance of SHADOW and LIGHT at the same TIME-space, NOT polarized in a peek-a-boo, so that INTELLIGENCE PREVAILS. This of course, is the ESSENCE OF DRAGON.

Dragon's are highly intelligent. WHITE DRAGON IMAGE adorns entire wall of my Colonic therapist's unit, with QUAN YIN in a lotus, Beautiful Beyond Basics, extra adorable, and true, the three, LOTUS (symbol of Enlightenment) Quan Yin (divine archon goddess protectress warrior heart Buddha) WHITE DRAGON. Winged? Winged Whites are the TOp Most ROYAL of all the Dragon Clans, the Supreme Command of Dragon Worlds. How marvelous!

DIVERSITY of LIFE requires multi-multiple corrections of established intrusion by foreign agents thus disrupting harmonic stability, and this factor of the Guilded Capitalism Predatory Cage Age, since full on the time of ABE LINCOLN's murder, generation upon several of ERRORS COMPOUNDED in the SYSTEMS, for want of a better name, the SYSTEMS, of EARTH, as a LIFE EXPRESSION unified in her intelligence, which man, violated, for money, without respect. Such stupidity is both shameful and arrogant, is it not?

SOLUTIONS EXIST for every ILL, thus established, yet the same TYCOON-CAT-PIGS who wrecked it all, REFUSE the SOLUTIONS too! They seem a HIVE MIND OF male TEEN type mentality, young teen type, and hence are both "NICE" and 'DANGEROUS" as they are without honesty. LOST, they create, loss. Their era is over. THE MOTTO of our CHARITY IS: war is obsolete AND all children properly eat.

I can show anyone the root cause of any war is based on a LIE, A FALLACY, and a MENTAL DELUSIONAL STATE, coupled with an EMOTIONAL WOUND which is DENIED as existing, and hence tends to "run" the person. Such wounded people flock together, use FEAR as a SPRING, and TARGET others as a FOE. This is all legally MADNESS, INSANITY. This is the finding of SCIENCE. Science fact: WAR is made by the insane.

I can show anyone, that the SAME money, time, energy, used for WAR, put instead into PEACE, and in particular PROJECTS HELPING EARTH, bring a return on investment of TWENTY TIMES! People who talk and think like this, are pushed aside, ignored, because man SLEEPS a loss of CONSCIOUSNESS, hence is as if DRUNK, on the wine of ignorance. Predatory types prey on such fools. Their time has all but killed EARTH. OCEAN? DIES! ATMOSPHERE? Toxic and torn. SOILS? Pooped! All tiny creatures that support the chain of life? IN TROUBLE! On land, or in sea, in stress. The PLATFORM of COHERENT LIFE, man-the-not-so-kind, CRACKED, Cracking, "tweaking" the seams, of he SYSTEMS, that SUSTAIN and SUPPORT.

NOW, we have the CORPORATE CRIMES and their CHEMICAL 'grimes" of BRITISH PETRO in the GULFF, with their COREXIT bio-death deal, and the FUKASHIMA DI-ICHI four core meltdowns, and 20 tons of PLUTIONIUM going up in steam, when according to OPPENHIMMER and EINSTEIN and their gang, only ONE POUND of Plutonium is enough to ZAP all living things. That was their idea. I don't agree. But that is an idea. MY IDEA is that you and me are SPIRIT SOULS having an ADVENTURE in a BIO-UNITY, called our BODY-MIND, and both we are the bio-suit, are made of LIGHT. We are LIGHT BEINGS in a LIGHT BODY in a dark world turning lighter.

To remain DARK in a BRIGHTENING WORLD, seems DRK INDEED. The TROUBLE MAKING are such, and many would quit that spell, if offered the option. So that is one thing. We can do that, and for profit, easily, fun, fast, and expansive.

Brighten people up, from the inside -- more good water, clean air, organic food, less bad images, less violence, less lack of basic needs -- WAR IS OBSOLETE -- ALL CHILDREN EAT (c). The WHITE DRAGON and my association with QUAN YIN, whom, to me, is a LIVING BEING, one who SAVED my LIFE many times, without every revealing HER I.D., and only in my READING of her in a book one day: AH HA! "AH HA!"
QUAN YIN, IS AS THE LIVING CHRIST, and CHRIST, as RUDOLPH STEINER correctly shows, is the INTELLIGENCE, the living life intelligence, is the "only" SON of G*D, AND THIS INTELLIGENCE is symbolized by your SYMBOL beautifully. Mind, you, I speak as a retired Professor (an ex-Jesuit Dean) of Communications, in its many, multi-forms. I LOVE YOUR SYMBOL!

YOUR VISION IS MY VISION. If man is to survive the present toxic plague, routine distribution of a few simple items, allows this fully. Without these simple changes, for those for whom no such option happens, who knows? Many may or many not catch or keep radio-active dis-ease, which for sure can be prevented significantly if a few simple PRODUCTS are PROVIDED rather ROUTINELY. One is CLAY, to soak out the toxins. Good business! And a formula tinture with ZEOLIGHTS, from certain lava rock, which on the mirco-scopic level, forms a CAGE, which electrically attracts the foreign invader, into the cage, which is then released in your stool. So MUD and LAVA, CLAY on the outside, teeny-tiny micro-lava on inside.

The OTHER is FOOD. TOTAL FOOD. COMPLETE FOOD. So to fix maxi-bio-diversity demands total comprehension of FOOD, which is of course, is impossible, yet we must do much better than we have, or we will PERISH as a SPECIES in the direction we go. I never thought I would say such a thing as this. But what other possible social conclusion remains? Yet by implementing a GLOBAL SURVIVAL OPTION SCOUTING (c), we can easily acquire, blend, and distribute these two essentials: EARTH PRODUCTS to take TOXINS, and TOTAL FOOD to NOURISH. We have such products available, alage based, yet tasty as a treat of the best desert, because people are difficult, and you have to motivate them.

So if the BAD folks would stop being BAD, that would be a GOOD deal. And pretending that other people are not related to you, is a poor idea, because everybody is related to you, and to everybody, everybody is related. Now the RED DRAGONS are nasty creatures, I've heard, so I am sure glad you chose a WHITE DRAGON... or did the DRAGON CHOOSE YOU?



Did you say the worst is over and it's time for reconstruction?

Judging gov't steps inadequate, schools take action against radiation

Edano should be arrested and jailed.


Officials at schools and local governments in Fukushima Prefecture have been vexed by a yardstick, unveiled April 19 by the education ministry, for using facilities at schools that have been closed because of radioactive materials spewed out of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station after the March 11 disaster.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology released a statement that set a radiation dose of 3.8 microsieverts per hour, or 20 millisieverts per year, as a provisional limit for restricting outdoor activities at primary and secondary schools.

‘‘If (radiation) goes under the yardstick, we will have to reopen’’ schools, said one official.

The figure is equivalent to 20 times the annual radiation limit for ordinary people. When releasing the statement, the ministry also did not touch on any measures to decontaminate school facilities.

Parents voiced complaints and concern. ‘‘It is a figure too high for children,’’ said one parent. ‘‘No specific measures have been presented,’’ said another.

The city of Koriyama has decided to remove top soil from school playgrounds on its own. Even so, the central government brushed aside the local government’s move. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said, ‘‘Based on the guideline of the education and science ministry, there is no need for removal.’‘

Then came an ‘‘incident’’ that shook the government. Toshiso Kosako, a radiation safety expert, questioned the education ministry’s yardstick and said April 29 he was stepping down as adviser to the cabinet.

A tearful University of Tokyo professor told a news conference, ‘‘I just cannot tolerate requiring such figures for infants, toddlers and primary school pupils.’‘

On May 9, the cities of Nihonmatsu and Motomiya as well as the village of Otama decided to scrape the top soil from their schoolyards.

Having seen Koriyama and Date cities have trouble finding places to dump removed top soil, Otama village, roughly 60 kilometers from the crippled nuclear plant, dug holes to dispose of the removed soil and cover it, an idea of Kunikazu Noguchi, a 59-year-old specialist on protection against radiation at Nihon University.

Two days later, the education ministry issued a notice advising similar measures.

Even if school grounds are decontaminated to some degree, there remain risks of radioactive materials flying over from tainted soil around them and raising radiation levels at schools.

‘‘A snap decision it may have been but we thought it better (than doing nothing) in removing potential sources of radiation children may be exposed to,’’ said 56-year-old Mayor Gigyou Takamatsu.

He expressed disappointment with the central government, which he said ‘‘did not fulfill its accountability.’’ His ‘‘confidence in it waned,’’ he added.

On May 14, Noguchi gave a speech at a meeting sponsored by the village. The audience was keen on listening to what he had to say and many were also anxious to seek advice from him such as what children should be wearing or if they can play barefoot. Noguchi told the audience that they should not be overly concerned.

Noguchi said he also does not think he can remove all the concerns the people have with the top soil method he proposed. He said their frustration about the 20 millisievert guideline is a crystallization of their anger about a variety of problems they have to face such as the nuclear crisis, with no end in sight, and misinformation about the crisis on their lives and locally produced farm products.

Asaka Reimei High School in Koriyama, meanwhile, has been publishing detailed radiation data within the school premises on its website after the March 11 quake and tsunami crippled the nuclear power plant, located around 60 kilometers away from the school. The website has drawn up to 4,000 hits per day.

Koji Ito, a 43-year-old teacher at the school, said, ‘‘Data published by the state do not showed details of the situation. We thought it important to gather information on our own.’‘

On March 12, Ito said he heard a big bang apparently from the nuclear plant when he was photographing tsunami-ravaged areas close to the plant. He later learned of the No. 1 reactor explosion. He went to the school and turned on a dosimeter, and said he was surprised the gadget reacted with intense snapping noises.

He then started taking data at various locations of the premises for the parents of students who are worried about their children’s health. On March 16, when the dosimeter hit the maximum, he estimates the dose topped 11 microsieverts based on the data collected.

On the school ground, radiation was 50 times higher than normal, while inside school buildings and the gymnasium, it was up to 10 times higher, he said. These data were first posted on the website on April 18.

He said based on the data collected, he anticipates no major declines in radiation in the days ahead. ‘‘It’s necessary to remove top soil or take other steps for soil conditioning.’‘

Data are updated roughly once every week and their coverage has been expanded. A school premises map has also been added to show radiation differences by location.

Frustration appears to be growing about what people see as the education ministry’s slow actions, or lack of actions. On the school’s website, one message was posted after data were updated May 16 that said, ‘‘It is extremely regrettable that pupils, students and children in irradiated areas are forced to make efforts on their own toward reducing radiation exposure.’’

© 2011 Kyodo News. All rights reserved. No reproduction or republication


Your May 25th conversation with Jeff Rense was quite interesting.

Question: Does anyone have a plan to mitigate (sooner rather than later) the enormous amount of radiation being emitted 24/7?


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Hi Ben -
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