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I know what i am doing Marriam i gave up my seat in heaven to come back and secure the future for all of creation here on earth i have been working on big works as ou i see.But threw intence meditations throat singing and what i call power singing.I seen thjis was the only path that will work all the other paths wouldn't end the way i seen would be best.So i changed the ending and your all are going to still get that world and me and mine will get what we want justice and closure.
I gave up much yes to take this path but as long as the rest of you do your singing loving and light works then at least you can help by helping to keep the balance while i and my loyal and couragous allies continue to confront whats left of the evil here.
Our only goal is to see you all out safely then we'll be right behind you.
I love all you good souls and woe to those who ever try and harm you.
Salem Shalom Peace


@Thunderbeing...peace my brother, I understand that most white people don't know what conditions have been created from their lack of compassion, what the people are suffering, yet still the way is in empowering each individual's Creator connections, giving them light knowledge and ways.

Truly, all the worst things can be changed but even still this will take time, we must act urgently and yet wait patiently.

The work is raising the planetary resonances so those kind of selfish, ugly, bullying people just won't be acceptable, their energy won't be allowed around people. In truth, because such people are not connected in their hearts to Creator, they have no protection from the effects of their ill energies anyway. Believe me, they won't hear the call to move out of the way when Creator send it. Don't join them in those resonances, a spiritually actuated person who does will feel the karma very quickly indeed.

If your heart intention is as it seems from your posts, you cannot afford to muddy that high intent with anger and pain, just keep your eye on the spiritual ball. Would it help if I told you that you and your people and your children and your children's children will create peace in your hearts and homes, because so many wish to? And today, there are many white people like me, who hold you in our hearts with love. Ben is one of those. Be good to our Brother.


Let's hope the good guys win out.

Eye of Horus

Here´s some interesting stuff for the followers of the Red Swastika Society:


Hey Pal... MY strategy is work with whats there already... The offensive part of my strategy is strategic enlightenment... Remember dude, I live in the land of the free and I had spent alot of my life wanting out... for background I am Tupac Amaru/Madisonian... As we approach a symbolic Friday, My will as that both sides may be able to permanently break their ego's down to photons... your conclusions about me are invalid because we operate within a different structure... which is the same as the folks you are able to gain access to? :) ... I really do appreciate your comment ... If anything its very insightful ... I like your middleman approach... We share the same ideals... You have decided on a means, I have not. If the good guys wanted to kill the bad guys, every last one would have reborn by now... WE, are uniting and conquering ourselves. Please tell the emperor, the yakuza, the dragons, I don't care... Just tell them, their participation is inspiring :) Theres only one secrecy who's mission is for the noble idea of, seeking to not need to exist... You didn't figure out my strategy, I am open about who I am... Im honored by your attention... Thank You Ben and Friends...


I do not think China will become a superpower with rich, smart and prosperous people, just because its government (slave of the khazar) is already a huge obstacle in that way. They will still go far (only economically), but not too far. Japan, apparently already dead and will never rise again. Thousands of years of absurd passivity and incompetence of the elite can not be corrected in a few centuries.

One of the biggest obstacles to asian growth and development are the zionist-khazarian-jews. Hitler was a descendant of Jews who helped found Israel to weaken Islam and then surround China and Japan.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Only a smart, radical and bold approach can change this situation, the price to be paid may be too high, but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Excuse my poor/bad English


自民党が負けてからはさっぱり ダメだ






I am having a very difficult time with your bloodline Ben i bring much to the table for i work with heaven and earth.But i don't work with those who go against that in which i politely asked then demanded as the war chief stipulates.and war chief demands that your bloodline cease and desist abusing my people in Gaza and Palestine.i promise such a hot season that it will be difficult to breath for any white person in the middle east.i promise a spiritual siege that i myself will lead against the evil in Israel.there is a way Ben change them from within i am giving your side one week to sort out this mess in Gaza and Palestine where they just arrested a child and child Ben!!my wrath is great and my patience is getting thin.Save them Ben save the white people out there from my wrath either you stop them and deal with them or i will and by the end of summer they will be begging for rain.
I AM A Shaman creator of the highest order and i demand that your family cease and desist attacking and trying to impoverse my bloodline!!
Or by God and by Gia i will force a peace out there by pure attempts at surving the great heat that is to come that will dry up the golum hieghts!!F---al basar he's another coward


for a.


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