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Omar Zaid, M.D.

Salaam Ben,

The post-Fukushima era is now upon us poor destined-to-be-mutant hominids. Why didn't your Ninjas strike before they dealt the mighty blow with HAARP? Where are the "million" you spoke of? How to save a world that is now irrevocably poisoned? I'm afraid it's too late Ben; Red swastikas and White Dragons all have to eat from the same contaminated rice bowl called earth. Nevertheless, we can all at least die in peace. Anyway, Lars, you're a fool and May Allah guide you to true knowledge before you meet his messengers when you awake at death.


dr omar


zaanu poruka

make a call: +39.06.698.85518 and ask yourself


In response to "zaanu"
please,write no more
your ignorance is funny

Account Deleted

Dear Ben, (again, this is strictly confidential and not for posting please! Tnx)

Part 2. This is the story about Messrs. Ronnel Tan and Alan Mirasol who started digging in Mr. Ernesto (Toti) Marasigan's property in early 2003. Both Mr. Tan and Alan Mirasol used the governnment property's backhoe, payloader, diesel, and for almost 3 months didn't get anything. Having his third eye open, it was Mr. Marasigan himself who found these platinum and gold inside these huge two concrete like steel objects. And, because of Mr. Marasigan's trusting of these two guys which he didn't see coming, the two were able to take both concrete slab out of his property with simple yet harsh maneuvers on their own to fool the lot owner, selling it out of the country, quieting themselves for more than 5 years so as not to honor their written contract of splitting into their so called loot, and it's just for the past few years that almost everybody in the neighborhood, and even Ronnel Tan's mom is talking out in the open that her son's money, the one being used to build a huge hospital, came from Mr. Marasigan's property. As per Mr. Marasigan's statement from very reliable sources, Ronnel Tan gave Alan Mirasol the 30% and pocketed the rest.
Toti said that Alan mysteriously died of food poisoning a few years ago. He was buried in his hometown in Sariaya, Quezon Province. I could send you a pic of the 100M peso hospital Ronnel Tan & doctor wife Angelina (Helen Tan) are building right now in Gumaca, Quezon if you wish. Mrs Tan works as a lady doctor in Gumaca District Hospital. Her name has to be mentioned here since Toti said that he overhead Mr. Tan and his wife practically saying it was really her who told Ronnel not to give Toti his fair share of the deal of 30% . I could send you their written contracts and pics of Mr. Tan if you need it. She is also planning to run as a Congresswoman in Gumaca, Quezon province soon, that's why she and her family are doing a lot of free medical check ups all over the city, and in preparation for the opening of her very own 100M RAKK Project Hospital in Barangay Rosario, Gumaca.

Again, the said contract was made on 17th December 2002. Toti found the solid metal like concrete around 3 x 4 x 8 feet long which housed or protect the more than 100 pieces of roughly 1"x3"x8" long platinum. They were trying to break it open with the aid of the backhoe but Mr. Tan said that afternoon that the backhoe blades broke together with the backhoe itself so they have to stop. That night, though, deep in their sleep, Mr. Tan and company allegedly took the solid concrete from the backyard and brought it somewhere else. All that Mr. Tan told Toti the following morning that there was nothing inside the concrete slab. Yet he heard from the small town of Gumaca the words that Messrs. Tan and Alan Mirasol had a meeting in a well known hotel in Makati where the buyer of the platinum came and the deal was made and paid for at around 770 million pesos. Most of these news and rumors came from the backhoe and payloader operators and other helpers who was not even paid as well or double crossed by Messrs Tan and Mirasol. Like I mentioned earlier, while the hospital was being built, even Mr. Tan's own mother mentioned to most of her market customers that her son's wealth especially the hospital being built came from Toti whenever they see him around the market place. The other guys came to Toti himself telling him exactly what happened. The poor guy suffered for three years with nothing but pity for himself and his family. Right after Toti learned the nasty truth from his loyal friends, he confronted Mr. Tan and he asked him to give him just 10 million pesos just to be fair. Believe it or not, as Toti pitifully expressed, Mr. Tan was giving him an unbelievable 1,000 pesos only which Toti rejected right away feeling quite sorry for himself. Bear in mind that Toti is not well educated since he barely finished high school. His very own daughter, Carmi Marasigan, is threatening both my friend sea Captain Wilfredo (Willy) Marco and I of huge and deadly problems if we continue helping Toti of Mr. Tan’s wrongdoings. Also, Mr. Tan promised Carmi to handle the restaurant rights in his hospital once it opens which is very soon. I don’t know what else was promised or already given to her coz she says that Mr. Tan is her “best” friend.

Up and around November or December of 2006, however, the two (Toti and Mr. Tan) became friends again since the latter visits Toti's house a bit often. It was during this time that Toti found a solid steel like concrete object the size of the truck battery. He was trying to break it but to no avail. Mr. Tan was present but did not say anything. About an hour or so later, Toti went out to a nearby town maybe to purchase something, and in his house was just his wife and her little child. It was here that Mr. Tan once again did the next dirty trick on his wife by giving her 2,000 pesos to go buy some fastfood at the Jollibee restaurant in Gumaca. She was happy with the money of course, but forgot the bad intention of Mr. Tan. Immediately right after she left that the neighbors said later that Mr. Tan and company took the big battery sized concrete away and put it in his pick up. Toti was even more depressed when he came back knowing that the object was gone, since he thought they would have a much better Christmas this time around. When he confronted Mr. Tan the following day, he just shrugged and laugh it off and told him that they broke the thing but there was really nothing in it. A few weeks later, Toti found out from his loyal friends cheated by Mr. Tan that they found four goldbars in it together with 12 pieces of diamonds and sold it to the same person they've met in the hotel.

That's the whole story for now and Toti, together with my friend Captain Wilfredo Marco and I are hoping that you could do the rest to finish his never ending agony of defeat, and that he could at least be vindicated by Mr. Tan's criminal actions with you and your ninja(s) help.

Last but not least of course, Toti said that we, together with him, you, your ninja(s) and Capt. Marco could share whatever money he could recover from Mr. Tan. Most of Mr. Tan’s bank accounts are hidden in Chinabank as mentioned by Toti. Please treat this matter with extreme urgency if you may, Ben. We needed your help badly.

Thank you very much and warmest regards,



Any signs Klovenbach is setting his sights on the papal throne? Something to consider.

zaanu poruka

What about this rumor that the Vatican, Mecca and Jerusalem will all be blown up by nuclear bombs
on easter monday ? doesnt anyone have anything to say about that or is it just not very important ??


By the way, "A witness", I'm gonna slit your FUCKING THROAT AND TELEPORT YOUR NIGGER ASS TO HELL!


Omar Zaid, M.D.

Salaam Again,

For those who don't know: Jesuits never retire, are not clerics in the least (e.g. Stalin), and are the world's foremost experts in deception. Best thing to do is to aid their metaphysical relocation to our parallel universe.

Wasalaam to those who deserve it,

dr omar zaid, m.d.

Account Deleted

Dear Ben, (this is personal and not for posting please!)

It's Abel, and hope you're doing just fine no matter what these thugs are throwing at you almost nonstop I suppose. I've read your blog a few days ago about the need for money sent through Western Union. You know how tough it is these days for a lot of people worldwide so I asked the universe how we could help ourselves. I've got one of two proposals below where we could earn some money legally to help both our cause of healing Mother Earth and ASAP:

1. I'm holding laser copies of an SKR #0023424 (1term, CN-29)dated 02.02.2010 from Chinabank in Laoag City, Northern Philippines (can I email it to you safely?) deposited under the name of Mr. Napoleon C. Veloria, 40 pcs of 6.2 kgs each of 999.9 pure goldbars. Mr. Veloria wanted it sold in cash ASAP if you could help. He wants to get paid 470M pesos and the money deposited in any bank in Laoag City. We verified it already and you could do the verification there yourself from your own contacts. I have one partner with me, a very close friend named Capt. Wilfredo Marco of Marco Maritime based in Intramuros, Manila, and I was wondering if you have some contacts there from Chinabank itself either from China or Japan where they could pay for these directly. We could split half the leftover from the sales of the remainder from the 470M pesos of the prevailing rate, meaning 50% of the three of us being on the buyer's side if that's fine with you. Mr. Veloria wanted to move to Hongkong very soon.
Here are some more of the details for your own verification:
Chinabank Laoag City Branch, Philippines
Barangay 17 San Francisco, Laoag City
(077) 772.1024
(077) 772.1035
Please let me know asap by email or through call/text on my cell at 0999.672.5103 or 0927.476.8466.
I will need at least one of your ninjas for the second proposal which I could send you later or as you wish.

Thanks so much and warmest regards,

Eye of Horus

Poster "Lars" is absolutely right, good and bad are the 2 sides of one coin (God).

Poster Omar Zaid has still to understand, that the muslim (exoteric) religion is just another zionist scam, but maybe he´s a Sufi and knows it already.
Lucifer is the god of Judaism, Christianism and Islam, as well as of the freemasons ect.

Poster Jason (Thunderbeing) - don´t let yourself be pulled into useless battles too easily; maybe you should research at Tim Rifats sites before going into psy-wars.
The truth lies within yourself, not on any webpage or in following organisations, that have been corrupted a long time ago.


DAPHNE YOU SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://benjaminfulford.net/register/

Benjamin we need more details, just set it up, it is a good idea.
Let people send in cash(paper only)
I like good idea's..........................
I will send you money and subscribe.............................


Hey Ben, if the White Dragon Society is so powerfull why do you need our donations? i mean... you could have D Rockefeller tied up to you... remember? What do you have to say about Michio Kaku, he states that situation in Japan IS RATHER CRITICAL... he is a physics scientists, yet you say there is no problem over at Japan... who should i belive?

Well anyway, if you are honest that i pray you are, you would ask the White Dragon Society to ACT as soon as they can, for if they dont stop the elite soon enough, things will get rather scary, and you know it.


Whether this planet is ruled by the so called Luciferians or not, the fact is that Good and Evil co-exist in this experience we may label as life on Earth. There is good and bad within ourselves. We are immortal eternal spiritual beings, having gone through multiple life experiences (incarnations) before. And that we did in order to explore our possibilities as individual souls and collectivly as a species. That is all what Consciousness is about. Connecting to our divine spark and waking up to our infinite essence, which does not require a physical body out of this dimension (space/time), is what shall keep us off the influence of the negative forces mentioned here. Fighting them is precisely what they want from you now. Wheter aware or unaware or it, that's the role they are meant to play. And they're doing well. Brothers of darkness. But you don't need to follow their tempting road, and fighting them is the best way to join the dark side. There's just one way you could defeat them: through compassion and love. Can you? If not, then you should look inside yourself in search of that loving child you lost contact with since long ago. Good and bad are opposite sides of the same energy: God. And God does not make judgements upon what is created. Life is a play you have been playing. Are you ready to turn down the masquerade or will you end up like Johnny Weismüller who died in his belief he was tarzan?


If he is all that you say Micheal which i sense is wrong when in reality its the other way around.Then i call him out in a spiritual battle if i win he and all his leave never to return.If he wins I and all mine leave.What say you imp?you know who i am you know i can find and battle you in any world.
What say you Peter peter pumpkin eater?

Eye of Horus

Ah - now this time it´s the black pope - tomorrow it´ll be Donald Duck.
This story is ages-old and another big scam from the Zionist Globalists.
The Money(system) controls everything, so even the Vatican Bank is just an outlet from the Rothschilds (which means red shield, not red child) and their red armies.

Of course the pope´s a follower of Lucifer - as many others, but he is just a frontman, as well as the black pope.

WDS should not rely on this sort of research - if they exist, which i doubt in the alleged numbers.
They are just another Rothschild/Luciferian-organisation, anyhow.

Nobody is coming to save you, if not yourself. No WDS, no Ninja, no Jesus, no Messiah - it just YOU that can do this before its too late - which will be quite soon.


Hi there,

Not easy undertaking indeed. However somebody must make decision. Even though Black Pope or White Pope makes confession, who could trust them that they will retreat after what we have witnessed for some centuries past. It is sad however might be true. Ben's idea is noble, however Israel and probably Jesuits are too much down in brainwashed hole that their consciousness might not be able to return to normal functional level. Truth should be revealed to people and academia must do their work to re-evaluate history. As for me I am protestant theologian and I studied some stuff and it was not easy to view Catholics with peace of mind once you learn what they did. Among them are many decent men I believe but it is like a brainwashed and paralyzed mind. It took me some years to get balanced for my sake at first. Now, it was not easy to believe about Jesuits though I know about Black Pope for some time but one takes it at first with some distance to make final decision. Yet it is believable though surreal and sad.
We deal with ideological mind set and it is not easy to reverse it, or heal their consciousness. Ideology can blind and people can not make good reasonable judgments. (Lest some dark stuff might be involved, hard to judge then.) Another example is Zionism and Christian Zionism. One can not reason with such people using arguments based on human values. So it will be with Black Pope and his cronies, that go deep and wide for many centuries.

Somebody must decide Ben, it might be you, you might have been born for that.


A witness..

Ben, you're a disinformation agent, stop spreading lies.

also the guy from the "kingdom of Sweden" is an idiot.

good day.


........................................f**k it.

Omar Zaid, M.D.

Hello & Salaam Mr. Fulford,

I wondered when you might get round to this Jesuit thing. Loyola was a Maranos Jew by the way. Anyone wishing to know more on the Occult History of the Catholic Church should visit this website: http://zaid-pub.iii4s.org/ see Cain's Creed, an E-Book in the catalog.

Goodonya Ben.


dr omar


Dear Ben,
We think you are doing a remarkable job of holding up under what can only be described as an unthinkable mountain of stress. You have taken on responsibility for helping to undo the demonic choke hold of the satanic financial terrorist bankster mass murdering war/fear mongering/profiteering cabal!

This has not been the best of winters for many reasons, however, having just tried to pay for a monthly subscription, I found it impossible because everything was in Japanese! What should i do? If my bank balance gets too low to pay, what's the procedure for stopping the subscription? I published your current blurb hoping that it will bring you more subscribers. May you and your family continue to be protected and always blessed.


黒い法王Peter Hans Kolvenbachというたった一人の人間が、人類愛と自由を阻んでいます。
匿名にされることを誓うことを条件として取材に応じる第三者と、自らを黒い法王と名のるPeter Hans Kolvenbachとの間で交わされた会話を先週、白龍会の会員が、聴取し、録音しました。会話のなかで、Kolvenbachは自らが地上の悪魔の代表だと主張し、彼自らによる地球規模的独裁制樹立を提案しました。Kolvenbachは公的には、元イエズス会の上層部の人間であると知られています。また西洋の金融制度の奥に潜み、数限りない戦争あるいは悲劇を引き起こす資金を、サイン一つで調達してきた代々の権力者のうちで、明らかに最後の代となるのが彼です。現代のシーザーにより支配される地球規模的独裁政権を樹立することが、ローマカトリック協会の奥に潜む悪魔やルシファーを崇拝するカルトの目的でした。1000年続く帝国や支配を始めるために、彼等はまた40億人以上の虐殺を計画しておりました。白龍会は、悪魔崇拝主義者達を阻止し、人類を解放することを誓います。


Ben the following has come from the Karmic Council for the closed hearted ones:
Whereas; you have been found guilty of violating the universal and spiritual principles of this universe according to the charges contained herein, to wit;
That you did knowingly violate Free Will by ignoring your inner voice of good will and by rejecting your responsibility to respect the free will of other humans,
That you did knowingly violate Freedom of being by giving up your true nature and encouraging other humans to live a miserable life,
That you did knowingly violate Change by stubbornly clinging to negative ways and seeking to block other humans from changing;
That you did knowingly violate Growth by sowing poison in your relationships and seeking to destroy other humans;
That you did knowingly violate Movement and Balance by becoming as set as stones in your hearts;
That you did knowingly violate Strength-Health-Happiness by having no respect for your own given physical nature and for desiring illness for other humans;
That you did knowingly violate Innocence-Truth-Family by defiling your mind and heart with lies and cruel hopes and by engendering that in your children;
That you did knowingly violate Protection of Family by selling your relationships for favor;
That you did knowingly violate Symmetry by adding fear to a world balanced by love;
That you did knowingly violate Equality by regarding the divine as a profanity and the profane as worthy;
That you did knowingly violate Life by rejecting your life abilities and did seek to destroy them in other humans;
That you did knowingly violate Choice by rejecting the consequences of your choices and did seek to force other humans to make unfortunate choices;
That you did knowingly violate Light-Sound-Vibration by refusing to sing, shine and be happy and did harm other humans for being so;
That you did knowingly violate Intuition by ignoring your spiritual aspects and did seek to cause other humans to similarly lobotomize their being;
That you did knowingly violate Judgment by refusing to acknowledge the truth about your ways and by turning your judgment on to other humans;
That you did knowingly violate Karma by arranging for lessons and then refusing to learn them;
That you did knowingly violate Nature by thinking you were something other than part of nature, and by seeking to destroy all manner of natural things;
That you did knowingly violate Protection by allowing all manner of ugly thoughts and ways to comfort you and did seek harm to other humans heartfully;
That you did knowingly violate Love by denying yourself access to love freely given, and by withholding love from other humans in order to cause harm;
That you did knowingly violate Healing by denying healing to yourself and thus all knowledge of truth, and by desiring illness for other humans;
That you did knowingly violate Perception by denying truth and by seeking to cover up and hide truth in order to cause harm to other humans;
That you did knowingly violate Future Sight by ignoring all indications of your impending karmic judgment and choosing to continue to engender fear and loathing in other human beings;
Therefore, you have been sentenced to a life without enlightenment. Your material body is subject to recall at any time without further notice.

Issued by the Galactic Karmic Council thru inspirational thought forms to Marianne for her use with abusers.


So Bennny Bobala,what else is new? I mean we've heard this story told 10,000 ways already.

Secret  Netcafe

Just give me some proof that this Peter Hans Kolvenbach is the man you claim he is, give me a gun, tell me where he is and I will put him out of his misery myself, even at the price of my own life, seriously.
Bringing them to court is utterly useless, they will just kill whoever they need to in order to escape the trial it's a waste of time and money. They are like kids, they will destroy the earth if they dont get their way, without feeling any remorse.They are already doing it. There is really no other way then to kill them, or release any information/proof you might have about them, and put it out in the public, the mobs will kill them like they did with Chauchesku. Destroying the Vatican and the BIS is a very good idea, even if some innocents die it will still be worth it. I wouldnt mind dyeing if the vatican would be destroyed. If they arent stopped almost everyone on the planet might dye.
I will support this useless court procedure anyway, when you let us know the western union data.

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