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White Tiger

This is the stupidest thing ever! Is it REALLY time to choose such a symbol ? Not only will you have to rally people to your cause -which isn't easy- but you,d also have to educate about the real meaning of Swastika??? YEAH RIGHT. Anyone with GOOD intentions would choose ANY OTHER amongst the thousands of symbols available. This is TOTAL NONSENSE and a sign of MANIPULATION. I' m Having SERIOUS doubts about you and your work after reading that. A red Swastika!??? Come on!!! It' s hilariously WRONG. Debutant.

zaanu poruka





De swastika, ook wel bekend als hakenkruis, is het heiligste symbool uit het hindoeïsme en jaïnisme en wordt tevens gebruikt in het boeddhisme. Het symbool (卐) komt echter ook voor op vroeg-christelijke graftomben in de catacomben bij Rome, op Griekse en Romeinse mozaïekvloeren uit de oudheid en op houten klompen van Noorse Vikingen uit de vroege Middeleeuwen.


世界紅卍字会はThe World Red Swastika Societyだと思いますが。


Утре, во Графичкото студио на Музејот на град Скопје, во 12 часот ќе се одржи промоција на проект на УСАИД „Проект за креативни бизниси“. Како придружен настан на промоцијата од 10 до 17 часот, во МГС, ќе биде реализирана и продажната изложба на творби на креативни занаетчии и ракотворци и студенти при Факултетот за арт и дизајн при Европскиот Универзитет на Република Македонија.


Come on men,some people call you zionist and you do not reply??


ZA zaanu poruka: KOJE TA joyphine KOJA TI TOLIKO ZNACI?

Branislav Nusic

taman smo mislili da je balkanski spijun izandjao komad kad nam K. pokaza kako ti kidises kao furija na ljude i evo celo pozoriste se smeje i svi se nakacili na net i citaju kakvih budala sve ima
ajd pa svrati u pozoriste katkad mozda nesto i naucis




Hey Ben,tell your red friends to find another symbol or the free world will turn on you.


On a topical note, Admiral Byrd, when he went on his expedition to find the entrance to the hollow earth was aprehended by disc craft which bore the swastica. But there was no indication in Byrd's account, that these were in any way connected to the nazi's. These craft locked the controls of his plane and by some inexplicable force, guided his plane to the ground. What followed was a meeting with some official of the inner earth civilisation who gave him a warning to convey to the whole of humanity...NOT TO CONTINUE WITH THEIR COMMENCED INFATUATION WITH NUCLEAR POWER AND WEAPONS!!! needless to say Byrd was never permitted by 'humanity' to relate his message to the public at large.





 赤いアンゴルモアの大王の復活|やすらぎ治療日記 http://ameblo.jp/miura-hari/entry-10327334079.html
 民主党の支持母体を見てください。自治労にしても教職員組合にしても共産党よりも過激な 「反日」 の方たちが指導部を構成しているのです。そして北朝鮮の日本支部である朝鮮総連、 韓国の日本支部である民団が、資金面でも組織面でも強力に支援しているのです。

Mark Richards

Dear Ben Fulford,

My understanding is that the counterclockwise swastika has always been of the light and the opposite isn't. The dark forces had to reverse it in order to use it for their purposes.The original couldn't bring about their intended outcome.

zaanu poruka

gde si kurvo joyphine ? gde se krijes ? svi znaju ko si ... i sta si.


This is supposed to be a positive development?

Not quite...


bullshit Benjamin... everything you've said is inaccurate information about swastika
in a nutshell: totally disappointment

Eye of Horus

Sorry, but this is by far the greatest BS i read in the last months.
You couldn´t make any clearer that you´re a disinfo-double-agent, Mr. F, whether you realize it or not.
The "International red socialists" are a Rothschild-Organisation - Roth Schild means "Red shield" - and the soviet red army was a branch of them which they opposed by their own creation - the National Socialist-movement and led to dozens of millions of killed people.
The Plan seems to be a fake-"war" between the FED-US-UK-Cabal and their creations in the east, capitalistic China and Japan - which are run via the finance-system by the same people.
The end will be the One-World-Government, in total control by the Zionists who will then have reached their goal.
You, Mr. F, support them, which is now clear.


the International Red Socialists plus the millions of ninjas should be be able to fix all the problems ....
funny, never heard about the International Red Socialists ever, anywhere.

good we dont have any problems left since 2007:


may I state: Fulford, you are full of it...

Peggy Price

"It is time to start dissociating this ancient Eastern religious symbol from Nazi horror."

I agree and support you. I will also do my own research on this symbol. The subject of Sacred Geometry is an important part of ancient traditions, and I have the gut feeling that the Nazi movement very well knew the ancient, metaphysical power of the symbol, that's why they used it. However, in the case of the Nazis, they had the dark energy of the Vatican Jesuit Order behind them (Roman Empire imperialism...to me, that's where the true rascism comes from, and I don't like to use that word very often), which very much polluted that symbol.

I have friends who are experts on the topics of sacred geometry, ancient symbols and metaphysics and I will consult with them further about this.

Alliances are good, as long as we always ask "Are you of the Light?" Your intuition (whether it comes from your gut or your heart!) will always give you the answer.

Blessings from Houston, TX USA



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