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the craziest thing about the series of earthquakes that hit japan (i was @ south of tokyo when they happened and shook bottles off my shelves) is that i came across a person while playing an online tactical wargame and got to know her brother. she is now deceased, but the point is the brother started telling me that he was part of a big world financial group and his team was in charge of hitting japan with an economic meltdown due before spring 2011 in order to gain control over japan's largest companies (suitomo, mitsubishi, and several others). i found out later that mitsubishi holds japan's military contracts and no one else, and this big financial group is interested in bringing not only japan's banks down, but also gain access to these military contracts.

the guy who told me this quit soon after his sister died (she had ovarian cancer and she was working in the military branch of this big group) and said something in the lines of, "maybe it's my bad karma for doing bad things for so long, thinking it's one huge financial tactical success one after another (he claimed his group took down indonesia's finances not so long ago as a series of events that took place in south east asia), so i decided to quit. i'm going home. i can't do this anymore. it's no longer fun."

i didn't think much of what he said but when the quakes happened, i told him, "hey these quakes seem pretty convenient" (referring to the conversation we had over a year ago). he was pretty much silent about it and told me to get the hell out of here a.s.a.p.

go figure. but i'm still here.


*ALERT* New Revelations regarding STUXNET! Part 2



Japan and its people have been slaved and ginea-pigged almost for 70 years after WWII by the establishment America or so-called WASP, however it may actually have been started since the first arrival of Commodore Perry. To name only a few, the Fat boy, Grumman aircraft engines, Fukushima nuke reactors were all GE make. Has GE also been manipulated by Rockefeller? If so, only such a fact can indicate Rocke is the unforgiven enemy to the Japanese people as well as to all human kind and mother nature.


More on stolen/fake bonds!


Here's a story that refers to the plutonium in Reactor 3, and how recently it was added. Verifies Ben's reference to plutonium inserted so that the underwater bombs would be undetected.



fred smith

Ben claimed on the Jeff Rense Show on the 30/3/2011 that he has a taped conversation regarding a Rockefeller threatening people before the Japan earthquake.

Can you upload this tape Ben? Can you please... Or maybe you wont due to the fact it doesn't exist? What else are we suppose to believe when you make claims of this and don't yet deliver?

Jeff Rense asked you to send him this tape so that he could post it on your website...

John McGuire

Benjamin, whomever your Chinese sources are, they need to know that after they invade the US -- in the aftermath of what is currently a HUGE military build-up in Northern Mexico -- and they are finished destroying America for their Illuminati masters, they, too, will be exterminated by them.

While their armies are all spread out, all over the country, the US will detonate the bomb that flushes everyone -- including all foreign troops -- and then China will be wiped off the map (either simultaneously, or in the immediate aftermath).

The Chinese would indeed be foolish to believe that the covert powers behind Obama's wholesale sellout of the US to Hu and the Reds can EVER be taken at their word. They are psychotic, blood-thirsty vampires, and their master is "the father of all lies".

Whatever can be said, needs to be said. Whatever can be done, needs to be done. The Chinese need to realize we are talking about the virtual extinction of the human race. They also need to know that, ultimately, they are counted as part of "the 90%" -- regardless of what the lying, traitorous bastards may tell them to the contrary.

Christer Svensson

Practical help
Some types of powdered plastic monomers can easily absorb 400 hundred times their own volume of liquid. For instance used in the car industry polyurethane foam is recycled in powdered form. It seems that it could be suited to hold contaminated water and bind particulate matter thus preventing undesired escape of the water in tunnels of the plants etc...

Falun Dafa Hao
respectfully Christer Svensson


Do you know when this will happen and where? I was planning to move to USA for a year next schoolyear, but by reading theese sort of things, I am starting to consider staying home in Norway. Do you think it is safe for me to live in USA from August 2011 to june 2012?


Mr Benjamin do not have time to comment the comments??


The one thing all of us ought to pursue right now is surrender to our inner essence. We are eternal spirits having had a human experience through millenia. Now the show is over and each one of us must be listening to a specific and personal wake up call, in order to reach awareness and so get rid of any kind of hatred and fear on an individual basis, because earth as a living entity is going through its own process of healing. We humans are experiencing the same. It's all about releasing old emotions. Waking up to loving consciousness will make the real difference. The time is now. Let all your shaking emotions our of yourself, no matter at what cost. Deceiving oneself is the key to deceiving everyone else. Restoring integrity is the road to true freedom. I am deeply sorry for not having become the light warrior I was supposed to turn into. But I'm doing my best to spread the good news among my friends and open souls. You're right Mariane. "Many were selected. Only a few chose to choose."


Peolpe, WAKE UP ! There is NO "WDS", Yakuzagang or whatever targeting the Pyramidion. Mr. Fulford published his threat years ago, and NOTHING happended to the Illus since then - never wondered why? Because they control both sides, as always, if they´re aware of it or not. So don´t waste your time waiting on some illusory ninjas taking out anyone. USA and maybe Italy will be next, SanFran will vanish into the sea, and they don´t give shit about it, because it is an agenda that has nothing to do with patriotism, but with worldwide control. BTW - Ben never adressed the Zionists...why? Because he´s of a certain origin - look at wikipedia. So FORGET this scam and get going yourself! There´ll be no Jesus saving you, if not yourself.


Peolpe, WAKE UP !
There is NO "WDS", Yakuzagang or whatever targeting the Pyramidion.
Mr. Fulford published his threat years ago, and NOTHING happended to the Illus since then - never wondered why?
Because they control both sides, as always, if they´re aware of it or not.
So don´t waste your time waiting on some illusory ninjas taking out anyone.
USA and maybe Italy will be next, SanFran will vanish into the sea, and they don´t give shit about it, because it is an agenda that has nothing to do with patriotism, but with worldwide control.
BTW - Ben never adressed the Zionists...why? Because he´s of a certain origin - look at wikipedia.

So FORGET this scam and get going yourself!
There´ll be no Jesus saving you, if not yourself.


Wayofzero you are such a joke.Do you think this living planet is going to let you stay??no no you and yours will be shaken off like fleas,you are dealing with titans here child,and when we do kick your evil butts yet once again and you flee like the cowards you have always been.Then my heavenly allies shall shoot your old and out of date ships down we will close all gates and put powerful guardians to ensure yours never get threw again.There is one thing about these inbred mad men Benjamin they have allot of enemies threw out the universe they have destroyed many planets in the past but not this one not this time old enemies to these creatures are waiting for them for payback no way out this time,haha.
(And they are allot bigger then them)


U.S. is under seismic attack!

Seismic terrorists of CFR are targeting American volcano after they trigger the quakes in Eastern Japan. They seem failed to trigger Tokyo Quake as well as Mt. Fuji eruption, but, now they are using nuclear bombs to trigger eruption at Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier. (From Washington to California)

You should check the current quake data that would tell you the quake are repeated at the same latitude/longtitude at very shallow depth. Eastern Japan has been damaged by the same type of artificial quakes.

This is not an natural disaster. This is a mass-destruction by David Rcokerfeller of CFR. Stop that eveil.

Epicenter map : http://p.tl/lIs3

Mount St. Helens:http://p.tl/oI-X 46.1912, -122.1944 Epicenter : http://p.tl/HvFi 46.197°N, 122.191°W  Depth2.5 km (1.6 miles) set by location program

Mount Baker:http://p.tl/jWYG   48.777343, -121.813201 Epicenter:http://p.tl/q7Mq  48.543°N, 121.285°W  Depth 0 km (~0 mile) set by location program

Mount Rainier:http://p.tl/x6aY 46.853285, -121.759861 Epicenter:http://p.tl/agS3 46.850°N, 121.752°W  Depth3.2 km (2.0 miles) set by location program

Mount Lassen: http://p.tl/bdR_ 40.487659, -121.504981 Epicenter:http://p.tl/s9v2  40.426°N, 121.537°W  Depth 6.2 km (3.9 miles)

Richard Koshimizu from Tokyo

[email protected]


Hi Ben,

Thanks, Brother, many stand in light with you. Somday I'll give you the hug you deserve and I'll appreciate the hug back.

For those who truly want to know what they can do.......DEPROGRAM yourself. Go to Sweat Lodge ceremony with real natives, do deep meditation where you open yourself to truth, root the malevolence out of YOU first. Your thoughts are energy, make them all good.

Then pump the world full of love energy, love that heals, evolves, sustains life. This will help us create a grid of energy that will wipe out their malevolent energies. Treat all malevolence to a huge blast of love and keep that field around you for protection. Do not try to "Fight" them unless you have been trained in this or you will only get hurt. It takes total emotional and energy control to effectively directly engage, particularly without the benefit of all of their technology.

So, if you can take up the front lines, with clear loving energy in your work against evil, do so, otherwise, clear your field where you are and then help us ground in the light.

And if you harbor malevolent energies and refuse to rid yourself, then I can only say, I am so very sorry for your spirit for what you are going to put yourself through.

(You can look for Chief Golden Light Eagle's messages on youtube, among others, if you want a native connection)


Yes, the current phase of our engineered apocalypse is almost complete! Almost 30,000 Japanese lives and counting...merely a drop to stave off our master's endless thirst for blood. It's on your hands as well, because you did nothing to prevent it. Again, you stayed behind the safety of your computers and mobile devices, and simply sat back to watch the show. You are the sickest of voyeurs, and the ideal audience at that. You pretend to condemn such displays of death, while you secretly you wish for more. We will not disappoint you.

Now bear witness to the carnage in Libya! In addition to the wealth and resources that we do not control, there is no globally-linked central bank. It is 100% state owned, which means we do not get a piece of the profits. This, of course, is unacceptable to us. However, the greedy exist even in a moral society, and these "rebels" certainly fit the profile. Why, they even performed the kind service of forming a central bank of their own...one which we control and are more than happy to do business with. Could Syria be next? Well, they have done business without us for far too long, in my opinion.

We enjoy the fact that you have love and light. We want you to love, so we can have maximum satisfaction as we tear your hearts out. We want you to have light so you can bear full witness to our glorious empire. You are such docile, gentle creatures. If you are not slaughtered, we will keep a few of the more entertaining ones as pets.

I offer you insight into a sick mind. I would have reserves about doing so if I thought you sheep had the slightest possibility of stopping us. We are united, we are determined, and we are patient.

PS You deal with some sick people, Benjamin. Especially men like XXX XXX Meer. I would be careful...


Oh Canada!

Link: http://maxkeiser.com/2011/03/29/even-if-you-arent-a-sports-fan-this-is-very-interesting-make-sure-you-read-all-the-way-to-the-bottom/

36 have been accused of spousal abuse

7 have been arrested for fraud

19 have been accused of writing bad checks

117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses

3 have done time for assault

71 repeat 71
cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

14 have been arrested on drug-related charges

8 have been arrested for shoplifting

21 currently are defendants in lawsuits,
84 have been arrested for drunk driving
in the last year

Can you guess which organization this is?

Give up yet?
Scroll down,



The same group of Idiots that crank out
hundreds of new laws each year
designed to keep the rest of us in line.
You gotta pass this one on!

TheTruth !

Please Benjamin read this :

The Real Illuminati are a benevolent organization that helps humanity for thousands of years. The Real Illuminati = New World Order (NWO)

Official website: http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/ (PROF)

The Evil Jews, the Satanist Cabal, the Pentagon, the oil industry, banking elite, and the pharmaceutical industry suppress inventions including free-energy and anti-gravity technology to maintain power = The Old World Order (OWO)

The Old World Order (OWO) did everything (using YouTube, Internet , TV, normal media) to disguise themselves as the NWO.

NWO = GOOD (the real Illuminati that always helped humanity)
OWO = BAD (anti-Illuminati Jews bankers + European-USA dynastic families)


4nana3 FYI I'm from (and live in) Czech republic, and of course, what you've reported is true, but I would like to stress, that's the fail of few man in charge, that systematic and deliberative attempt from mr. Vondra. In fact, it was action of military police and of course, it was inpropriete, but I wouldn't encourage to take it as a something bigger. I saw interview with mr. Vondra and I don't think he ordered it, or something which makes him more personally involved. I think the forces behind this is somehow more hidden and it raises questions and investigation is in progress & needed. There's a chance, that our official czech's TV showed document, which was classified, which is unfortunately legaly bad for them. So, there were reasons, but surely, this attack wasn't well adjusted and it provides good job with noticing this kind of problem in society - classified documents, media, and appropriete means of law enforcement.



 世界の人々は,日本に対する核と津波攻撃に対して責任を負うべき秘密結社に対抗して,至急行動を起こす必要がある。これはある兆候で,即ち,彼らは自暴自棄で危険であり,そして,人工的な世紀末という彼らの計画を加速してるからである。この次の攻撃は,アメリカ国土での実施が,ほぼ確定していて,日本で起こったそれよりも遙かに悪くなると予想される (複数の秘密結社に連なる情報源による)。この秘密結社は又,数週間後に新たな世界通貨 (世界覇権的) を発表する計画をしている。しかし,それは失敗するはずである。何故なら,世界覇権的金融管理体制を温存する為の単なる一か八かの奴らによる試みだからである (英国帝国の王族内と国際決済銀行 (BIS) での情報源による)。



FYI - only in fascist EU !!

Military commando team raids offices at Czech TV

The Czech defence Minister Alexandr Vondra, has suspended from office the head of the Czech military police and two high-level commanders over an unprecedented incident on Friday at the headquarters of public broadcaster Czech TV. Early in the evening - as the station aired its primetime news broadcast - nine masked and heavily armed members of a military command unit forced their way into the news building, pushing past security guards and jumping turnstiles.

In the ensuing raid several offices were stormed and then searched for five hours for documentation in connection with a legal case related to the former military intelligence head Miroslav Krejčík – information that has been de-classified. The raid focussed on the office of one reporter and documentation, computers and other items were removed...


This is an official tv station, its not in private ownership...



Leuren Moret - Japan nuclear war targets US Canada Mexico and Hawaii


These false flag attacks must stop. These psychopaths are raging war on us all.


(The Japanese are not chosen-people but are volunteer. )

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