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Andrew Bransford Brown

FYI, I am aware of this intel because I was in Tokyo about a month ago while the bombing of Okinawa was being planned. As said on another thread, the goal was to blame "terrorists", attack Tokyo with nuclear weapons (likely blame would be Yakuza or other "mafia"), to set off a chain of nuclear attacks on the Asian continent.

Andrew Bransford Brown

Goal of this attack was to scare the female population out of Japan. Yakuza and others were doing their best to protect and were blind-sided by mind-control technology and time-line adjustment technology.


If you were serious of helping the world why charge those of us who have the power to assist here.You will find Benjamin that some of the most powerful people on the planet are poor and we poor but powerful people wish to help here.Even myself being a Shaman creator of the highest order yet i am poor and anyway any money i get i just give it away anyway.Do you give to the poor too Benjamin? with this money you make from this site.


So much for millions of ninjas standing by for years to take out the NWO.

We hear and read from you that many are being arrested or that they are stopping their destruction...but we see nothing of this.

I think you believe what you are told...but there is NO proof of changes ever given to your readers. NOTHING. You give no names or countries or companies of those you say are being arrested. All is vague and fuzzy -- like the MSM propaganda.

Bush and Co are still free; you say theyʻre near the top of the pile. Why are Rockefellers and Rothschilds still free? Where are a few thousand ninjas, from the millions standing by, to take them out? Itʻs a tiny percentage. They were warned by you years ago, why are they still operating? Arenʻt YOU frustrated? How can you believe what they are telling you when you see no positive changes, just rhetoric?

If youʻre going to report something, please confirm that it indeed happened before reporting it and give your readers enough corroborating information to prove itʻs true. Otherwise, youʻre just playing with your readers.


European Parliament issues warnings on HAARP
“[The European Parliament]… regrets the repeated refusal of the United States Administration to send anyone in person to give evidence to the public hearing or any subsequent meeting held by its competent committee into the environmental and public risks connected with the high Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) programme currently being funded in Alaska.”


Was Sato, Eisaku the former governer of Fukushima prefecture
set up to be prosecuted by Tokyo Chiken Tokusobu, a special investigatory division (Tokusobu) of the prosecutor's office in Tokyo
,because he was anti-nuclear power plants?
'Tokyo Chiken Tokusobu' is a group of chickens, and also widely acknowledged to be a group of horrible puppet dancers.



 日本国内のアメリカ合衆国占領軍は,大規模な戦略的な撤退を開始した。彼らは,日本国自衛隊が3月11日 (311) の日本に対する津波攻撃を仕掛けたアメリカ軍の部隊らについて認知している事を知っているからである。この攻撃は,潜水艦を用いて,核兵器を海底の中へと仕込んで用いたもので, “HAARP”ではないと,上級ペンタゴンを源とする知らせがあった。更に4ヶ月前,彼らは,日本の当局を強権的に退け,極めて有害であるプルトニウム (mox燃料:ウランと一定比率で混ぜる) を福島第一原発の第三号反応炉に仕込んだとの話を,福島県知事からもたらされた。これは,幾つかのペンタゴンの情報源によると,海底において核攻撃をしたと言う事に対して,福島原発の核漏れによって “海底核攻撃を隠匿するお話” を用立てる為であった。勿論であるが,この攻撃の首謀者らは,雲隠れの最中にあり,その内見つかってしまう事も判っている。


> What are you going to do about it? Huh?

Since we've been stuck in this elite-slave paradigm for thousands of years, it might make sense to re-examine some assumptions that we've held for those thousands of years. Some of these assumptions could actually be parts of the framework propping up the stage on which our world drama is being played. The idea that "doing" something is the only way to get something "done" might be such an assumption. Consider Wu Wei, a Taoist teaching:

"Wu Wei is often the Taoist concept that people have most trouble grasping. This is not really all that surprising since it seems to do away with the rigid notion of causality that the Western world-view is based upon. Typically, in order to get something done, it is considered that you must work at it. The more work and effort that is put in, the quicker it will happen.

By appreciating at a more subtle level what is happening around him, holding onto nothing, and acting with simplicity the Taoist can flow with the Tao, and will always be in the right place at the right time. The Taoist master becomes like the Tao itself - he does nothing, yet nothing is not done."


Check this books out: www.bilder-livros.blogspot.com

Qui bono

Take a look at the video "Japan - 654 earthquakes within 10 days" on http://terraherz.blogspot.com/ (only in German)

This guy claims that Japan will sink into the ocean due to this very unusual pattern of regional concentrated earthquakes. Maybe that is why


It looks like another card from the Illuminati. Benjamin, I was wandering if you could translate the hidden message or have your Italian friend explain it, so that we can expose the criminal Cabal a little bit more.


Thank you



hmmm where are all these people who were supposed to insure that these people stop doing these things.. So these ninja's sit back and allow this to happen in Japan? Whoa! Since no stand was taken to insure this did not happen there then I would think that we can't count on them to do anything to prevent anything from happening elsewhere can we?

michael bridges

“The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See (part 1 of 8)”

This disingenuous video purports to be a simple arithmetic lesson for college kids, but actually provides the justification that the elites use for their ongoing extermination program of ‘we the people’.

It is definitely not the most important video you’ll ever see as it is entitled. It is a shocking expose of what these simple-minded elites are actually doing! We can hear this elite academic actually justifying the actions of the upper classes to limit our growth by extermination. According to this learned fool, education encourages procreation, so I hope these poor students realize what he is saying and how it might apply to them.

The mathematics this man is using is correct, but just as statistics can be manipulated to give you the result you wish for, this model is only as good as the data that goes into it.

In fact, Europe, Canada and the U.S.A. would all have falling populations if it were not for immigration. The comparison of humans to bacteria is unbelievable.

It is worthwhile listening to this video if only to see for yourself the supreme arrogance and stupidity of the illuminati!


Benjamin, where is the WDS division in Holland,(if there is one in Holland otherwise we have to make one) so i can go there, i'm not going to sit here any longer and wait until they give up there power... Don't forget never to negotiate with Terrorists...
And that is what TPTB are...
This has to stop now we don't have much time left, you know what i mean...
The Chinese arived in Libia, i have a bad feeling about this...
Not because of the Chinese because i know they want peace, but more because it begins to look like nwo vs bric you know what i mean...
send my a mail with a adress or something Ben...
It's getting worse by the minute, and i really want to help humanity because we can't go further like this...
Here in Holland still alot of people are licking the behind of our queen because there to stupid to see what really is going on, and that doesn't help me very much, so you have to help me out Benjamin, where do i have to go to join...??
You were right about the plutonium in the reactor, radiation levels don't lie...

Look what they did to Japan, those insane @#$%$^&%^...
It's time for 150+ years pay back...

 Darrell "Rollee" Rolstone

Ben....I urge you to "open up" your site for "free viewing" during this crisis! Your video blogs come across very good....keep them coming. Commenters bring up a lot of good points... so be precise as possible and change the current "lack of follow-through" on many "big statements" that have been made in previous blogs. It only leads people to believe that "nothing came of yet another big statement". Posting follow-ups are extremely important for continuity of truth in content brother!!!
Start announcing results regularly! Good On You and Yours, Rollee




they are not running away from retribution, they are getting out because of the radiation levels.

its a shame they are not having a free lottery and taking a few 100 families with them.

but it never works like that its always elite and bankers flying the nest.

[maybe david wilcox could call down a fleet of ships n zoom them all to safety in africa.sorry mr f, but until i meet an alien or see a ship, touch one, rather than see propaganda from the military and ex military pilots, the galactic federation is a moot point, but it does cheer my day reading about it............. ]

[i would dearly love to be proved wrong but......... ]

meanwhile on planet earth, please can you actually give us the firm date given for thats it, no more, action.

all the court cases have come to nothing as mentioned last year, all the it will be next week, never happened.

everyday 10s of thousands are dying from preventable deaths, now dave and cleggy are doing a blair, the queen employed story to help, now we hear you say prince charles is behind some of this, prove it mr f.

if charles is indeed a bad guy, why sink england?
who benefits?


Okay, Guys. So you know all this stuff.
What are you going to do about it? Huh?

Arminius Austriae

11.09.01 (9/11) plus 10.03.11 (japan) = 21.12.2012 (maya's deadend)


Hello everyone,

The Cabal's news reporting are all lying to us.


Reptilian Shapeshifting Reporter LIES about Gaddafi

Disinformation on the internet is widespread and the tactics are highly effective at damaging the transparent communication of truthful information. What are these tactics? How can we spot them? What are the disinformants trying to achieve? What are successful solutions to deal with disinformation?

Plenty of people espouse unhelpful dross, we know that much. But it is important to distinguish the intention between those who propagate false and misleading information.

Misinformation comes from individuals who have failed to interrogate and ratify information, and therefore pass it on; irresponsibly promoting lies and falsehoods.

It must be said that there are no such things as accidents, and it is weak for misinformants to claim “they didn’t know”, rather; their unhelpful action reveals “they didn’t check”.

Don’t be a misinformant.

DISinformants on the other-hand, knowingly set out to spread lies, falsehoods, and intend for the real truth to be rendered useless in a fog of confusion and subterfuge.

A successful disinformation campaign makes use of the signal-to-noise ratio: Where the signal of the honest topic is clouded out by the noise of disinformation tactics and disruption. Resulting in an audience left in limbo with so much noise it is extremely hard to pinpoint and identify the most important truths, let alone draw confident assertions from the overall pool of information.


Type 1: Provoke people with emotional and personal attacks

Disinformants seek to hijack the main topic and get people to divert their energies in to defending themselves or countering threats to their egoic identity.

Look out for words in capital letters trying to suggest higher intensity, and personal attacks covertly or overtly aimed at dirtying someone’s image. This is such an effective weapon of hiding the truth, because it has nothing to do with the truth itself, just encouraging people to fight amongst themselves.

The majority of individuals fall for the bait because many people still only consider their existence in terms of René Descartes’ “Cogito ergo sum” (I think therefore I am), which today is an extremely limited perspective which allows the mind-made concept of ego to run amok.

Ascending to a more fruitful consciousness requires an acknowledgement of some or other spiritual paradigm to enable a meditative perspective of watching the watcher. i.e. How does one observe ones thoughts?

Solution: Detachment from our own ego is one of the most empowering skills to learn and makes this particular solution very easy, with no negative reaction: Just ignore the disinformant.

They want us to bite down on their bait of a emotional or personal attack and respond. Of course if someone responds to the first bait, then obviously they’re going to react to every bait trap set by this trolling tactic because now the ego-based individual is invested in counter-attacking or defending themselves, their reputation (a mind-made label of ego) or another egoic label of “being right”.

With this, we can say the individual becomes a victim of their own ego, and this is exploited by the disinformant. If we find ourselves in a petty or intellectual flame-war, we must understand it is our own choice to take or leave the bait.

Type 2: Introduce irrelevant & dead-end confusion

Whenever possible, the disinformant will introduce new facts or clues designed to conflict with opponent presentations — as useful tools to neutralize sensitive issues or impede resolution to establishing the whole truth.

These may bring in new doubts, purposely fuel confusion, or send followers after red-herrings on a path of endless information which leads nowhere important. All the time spent investigating the dead-end, is time NOT spent investigating the critical topics.

Solution: Really the best thing we can do is try not expose ourself to such unreliable information in the first place, enacting due diligence on the sources we pursue.

It is notable to avoid places of high traffic such as popular forums and YouTube comments which are guaranteed to have lots of disinformants floating about, since they need to make an impact and reach as many people as possible to corrupt the search for factually correct information. Clearly if they can reach 1,000 truth seekers each hour, the disinformants intended damage is much higher than on a smaller website of 10 truth seeking visitors per hour.

So be very picky about what tips, recommendations and new information we choose to investigate. For example; if we were to invest 6 hours in a video series of documentaries, who would we listen to? Some unknown person on a forum whom we know nothing about? Or a completely random related video on YouTube with a good title? Or a trusted blogger with a track record? Or a well known published researcher? It’s our choice.

Type 3: Character assassination by association

Disinformation tactic number three associates opponents with unpopular titles such as “kooks”, “radical right-wing”, “loony left-wing”, “terrorists”, “conspiracy buffs”, “radicals”, “militia”, “racists”, “religious fanatics”, “tin-hat wearers”, “sexual deviants”, “crazed lone wolf” and so forth.

These are all pre-judged labels which are collectively understood to be negative, tarnishing words and have been written by the mainstream media for decades. These pre-judged labels offer an easy opportunity for small-minded and judgemental individuals to reject new information upon hearing these trigger words.

By associating the negative label with somebody, that person’s character is effectively assassinated. i.e. Again it introduces doubt about the legitimacy of that individual’s message. Mainstream media use this character assassination frequently. If Fox news or any of the big six do cover controversial truths at all, it is usually to ridicule it and point people in the wrong direction.

This makes others shrink from supporting the same cause if they fear pre-judged labels, so avoid the issue to protect their ego and public image of what others might think. That is an instant victory for the disinformants and their name-calling threats work well at frightening people with a lot to lose. Since most sheeple get their one dimensional news through the filtered propaganda lens of mainstream media, the label is often enough.

Solution: If on a radio call-in show or being interviewed for a video and encounter this character assassination tactic, do not react or defend the provocative accusations, rather; dismiss them quickly and focus on getting out bullet-proof facts and arguments, even if it is off-track from what the TV or radio host wants to limit the conversation to. If it is a common internet troll, ignore them.

Once again, the success of this solution is greatly enhanced if one is learning the mindfulness of ego detachment. This is because when labels are thrown at us we understand them to be external labels of someone else’s opinion or viewpoint. The labels are not who we are, thus there is little or no reaction because we are not possessive about any personal labels.

Type 4: Argue the details of a different or less important subject.

The fourth and final tactic of disinformation in this article facilitates perpetual application of disinformation even when major truths fail to be suppressed and become well known (such as Iraq WMD’s, The USS Liberty false flag attack, The Lavon affair, etc). Disinformants simply ignore the massive glaring truth in question and try to shift the focus on to a lesser topic or an alternative subject altogether, in an effort to draw attention away from the critical truth which is out in the open.

Take for example a comment on an excellent documentary by Peter Oborne called “Inside Britain’s Israeli Lobby”. The main point of the documentary is that Israel has inordinate power over the British parliament. There are a number of comments (e.g. Leslie Golding on 19 November 2009 at 17:13) which illustrate this fourth type of disinformation, such as an argumentative hook on a less important and vaguely relevant topic, designed to misdirect people and waste their energy debating their superfluous points, and thus ignoring the more important message of the documentary.

The mainstream media invoke this tactic when a major point is no longer beyond doubt, the media spin machine will fall back to a lesser point and try to steer the debate and controversy on to a less important point, thereby taking the attention away from the more important proven truth. Of course the mainstream media’s preferred method is a media black-out, because attention of any kind risks giving a topic traction. What are you donig listening to the mainstream media anyway!

Solution: Ignore their points, and maintain a perspective and priority of issues. Reiterate the main points again and stay on course. It is also very effective to point out what the other person is doing. Something as simple as; “it looks like you are trying to change the subject to get away from the main issue” is remarkably powerful, because it illustrates what the disinformant is really attempting to do.

Be well-armed, with knowledge.



An explanation into why trusting the mainstream media is a thing of the past.
Obama is working hard at getting more FCC regulations in place to revamp the media and shut down the alternative media because the truth is getting out faster than they anticipated. This video explains why people are no longer trusting the media that is bought and paid for by the criminal corporations that feed it to America.
Courtesy of therearenosides


FOX News Busted Again, Fake Reports of Violence at Wisconsin Protests

Truth shall set us free
Peace & light



 What are you fear about,Benjamin?
You changed the cause of the 2011 great earth quake from HAAP to seabed atomic atack. I am certain that you fear about the secret of free enegy of HAAP are disclosed.
I insist that the cause of the 2011 great earth quake is HAAP. You konow the truth. But, you changed your heart. You became the man that don'say the truth because of you safty.


"...Chinese and Russian intelligence now report that Germany’s Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolf Hitler thanks to the use of frozen sperm and the expertise of a Nazi doctor captured by the Soviets."

Ähm, what??? - We need documents about this please! Thank you...






This sounds like good news however I have one problem. We have military bases in Japan so are you sugesting the basses are being evacuated?


I just noticed in Today's news and it said time when Tsunami arrived in Iwate was 14:49 and if you add each number, it is 18, which relate to 666. However, if they really did this, I am wondering why they attacked like this. This is too much..

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