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Monkeys have Karma too
I once read a wonderful fiction story that seems very prophetic for the times. It was about banskters and the evil N.O.W politicians and there controllers and how they had plotted to economically collapse the world, so as to install Communisms and Slavery thought the entire world. To accomplish this, they had to monopolize Banking, energy, the United Nations, education, the food industry, medicine, the media and so forth. They decided to kill off over 5 billion people worldwide, leaving just a few hundred thousand for their slavish desires. They cooked a plan to ferment never ending world wars, to genetically modify the food, and to e-radiate the food supplies and poison the food, water, vaccinations, medicines, and even the air, by spraying toxic chemicals, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and heavy metals over most world Nations. It is Public Law 95-79 title 50, chapter 32, section 1520 titled “Chemical and Biological warfare program”-The use of human subjects”. Check it out on the internet, it is for real. It became known as the chemtrail operation, also on line, under Chemtrails or the like. Start looking to the skis. Because they had control of the broadcast and entertainment media, they used subliminal, mind controlled techniques, and imbedded them into most movie, TV and music programs. In this way they were able to morally degrade the culture and propagandize the public and kept them ignorant of their treasons plan. They came very close to accomplishing their evil plan, but then a very small contingency of white hat special forces decided that the planet was too beautiful and all of our lives and their families where too precious, to let these maniacs have their way.

They named themselves “WE” but we did not wont bloodshed or endless court trials, for Crimes against Humanity. The only thing we wanted was to end the poverty, bloodshed and wars and return the world to sanity and compassion once again. They decided not to use lethal force, but instead to use tranquilizing dart guns and sum ingenuity, to simply neutralize the problem. One of their people had an old CB amphibian airplane and was an X - C.I.A. operative, with lots of hours flying the Allusions islands and the Pacific Rim and knew of several uncharted islands, ideal for the operations. “WE,” adopted an old Chinese motto. “Remove Head Snake Dies” They also knew that there was only a few dozen halfwit, useless, fat old men, at the top of the N.W.O. pyramid scheme and when you remove them, the Snake Dies. A list and locations of a hundred or more of these Criminals was prepared and small teams of three, or more Special Forces were dispatched to these locations. Now the fun began.

They soon cased the locations and the subject’s habits and this provided them there strategy. The object was to dart the targets, when they least expected it, so that they could enjoy a long sleeping journey, to their new home. Sometimes they were placed in a holding cell in a deep mine shaft, before the final transport if needed. The object was for them to wake up on a beautiful island beach, with only their undershorts on, one small blanket, 10 rolls of toilet paper, one hundred one dollar Federal Reserve Notes, as toilet paper back up, one case of Pork and Beans and one Tomahawk. Once fully awake, they found many of their old conniving palls. The Rothschild’s and some of their family, the Rockefellers and family, there was old man Bush Sr. and Jr., the Clintons, old Greenspan, fat old Kissinger, Chaney cussing his sand stuck wheelchair, Obama, Biden, and the list goes on and on, to the best of the worst. Once they looked about, standing on the side of a smoking volcano was a large sign that read, “Welcome to Karmic Island. You’re Dream of a Future World. Karma always provides”.

The “WE” team had a difficult time with the tomahawk as they did not wish blood to be shed. Yet the brilliance of Godfather Rothschild’s could not be denied as he always taught the importance of giving lethal weapons to both sides, before goading them into conflict and war. So in the end the “WE” team had to come down on the side of Rothschild’s and supplied them with the tomahawks, for you can never tell when one of their trusted elite friends, low on supplies, may become crazed and steel another elites wealth of Beans, plus who knows, after being informed, maybe bean loving natives from another island might try a sneak attack, on these elites, in the middle of the night. Six months later a film crew was sent in to record the wonders that these brilliant, chosen, elites had accomplished and that filming has now received the Galactic Emmy awards as the funniest Cartoon in the Galaxy. The Novel ended with these words. “WE” Mankind gave Justice, where Justice was due, and a Golden Age of Enlightenment blossomed for all mankind.

The name of the Novel was “WE” and you may find it on Amazon.com. The name of the Author was also “WE”. I hope that you find it, or you can pass this posting on to your down lines and someone is bound to come up with it. If not, a new Novel along this line would find a worldwide audience, if you are good at Novel writing, that is. You might name it “WE-2” and a sequel could be “WE”-3, and change the world for the good, at the same time. And let’s “WE” remember to enjoy the adventure, for that is what it is.
Here is just one more example of their madness
Gates Foundation partner forces vaccines on Malawian children at gunpoint, and arrests their parents.

Never forget
“Plant a seed and beautiful flowers can grow”
White Hats We


*ALERT**STUXNET VIRUS* Fukushima's Nuclear Plant distroyed by Isreali Security Company Magna BSP


薄井 薫


Marianne C

There is a truth in the words of Quantum Healing. Moreover, the best thing we can do ourselves is to activate a counter energy field of Creation's highest will, highest vibration thoughts, beliefs, desires, and creationist intention. We can thus engerder a golden light field that will propel our evolution forward and transform our reality. If you are connected to the Creator truth, you know what symbols to use, if not consider the following powers that you have:

Free Will
Freedom of being
Movement and Balance
Protection of Family
Future Sight

Be aware, my misinformed brethren of all stripe, the malevolence will come to it's natural end, seek now while you have time to establish wholesomeness in your being based on the exercise of the above only in reference to yourself, your own energies, and envibrate those highest ones because you are part of a community and we all, who are the community, deserve the highest will of Creator. We all are responsible for expressing that in ourselves.

Inevitably, the enlightened ones are creating a world community based on love and compassion and acknowledgment of Creation, in such a place we hold no allowance for malevolence of any kind.







Hey wayofzro you say you have beat us?you say you want all of mankind to die?Against the will of the prime creator?Against the will of the highest powers in all of creation?i think not gutlass wonder if you pieces of crap were so brave you would of killed me a long time ago.I promise that i will wipe your entire seed out of existance and erase the very name and memory of you and your vile deeds.
Demon scum!
(I promise you will see the light in the end and the light WILL turn YOU to dust)

Al Smith

Hey, Ben. You said, "When you confront a high priest of the cult of Babylon now ruling much of the West...."

As I understand it, the Khazarian Zionists (non-Jews)(cult of Babylon) now illegally own most of everything of value on Earth, including Us and all we mistakenly believe we own. Don't they?


Mr Fulford thank you so much for your dedicated work, I can't tell you what it means to me personally, to know that there is someone like you who can explain what is going on in terms most can understand. It gives me piece of mind to know that I am not fighting alone and that the are more minds like mine and yours just the same, fighting to preserve the freedoms and liberties of all persons. Glad to know the Japanese are ready to fight and take out "The All-Seeing Eye" and those scum who worship it and its evil, your info is spot on. My one and only question is , How can I help at a grassroots level, or what could i do better to inform others?
with infinite gratitude/ G-MAN


Entities which caused the Tsunami disaster have now agreed to clear up the Japanese nuclear radiation leakage within next 3-4 days.

Japan free to grow and prosperous now

Rebecca Larason

Hi Ben,
Thank you for all you are doing. I look forward everyday to hear more of what you have to say. I pray that you continue on with your good works. You are a shining light in a world gone mad. Please remember we are very appreciative of all your efforts. Again thank you.

Georg Ritschl

Thanks for making truthful information available. Knew about the artificial causation of most tsunamis and seabed earthquakes recently, but the news of the US forces feeing Japan was fun to hear. is it a rout or a trickle?


The Pope Indicted At The ICC For Crimes Against Humanity!
admin | Mar 23, 2011 | 0 comments
March 23, 2011

Criminal charges were filed against Pope Benedict XVI at the International World Court last month by two lawyers from the Pope’s home state of Bavaria.

The charges, which allege crimes against humanity, were submitted by Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel of Marktheidenfeld to Dr Luis Moreno Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

See the complete document to download here:











Quantum Healing

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 http://lightworkers.org/channeling/127247/japans-story

Can you please give me a perspective regarding the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear event in Japan? I have been told that some think this was ‘man made’. Can you address that thought?

To answer the question as to this being man made we say without hesitation, absolutely. However it is not necessarily what one may think in terms of a sinister group delving into science and creating a device or a magical spell whereby they declare their moment of bringing forth this situation upon a land mass and a group of peoples. It is a consciousness that created this. It is a group of those whose consciousness is holding on for dear life to a reality that is slipping daily and hourly into an unrecognizable state while another consciousness is overlaying itself upon the same place upon the planet. Those of what some call the illuminati are eloquent and very knowledgeable about how consciousness ‘works’. They have been manipulating it for a very long time. They also know where to insert their knowledge, into what areas of the planet in order to obtain the most beneficial results and we will enlighten you to the story of how Japan became the place for this clash in consciousness to take place.

Those called the illuminati are of a vast group who has as stated knowledge of how this business of consciousness works as in how it creates. They hold a ‘bottom line’ foundation within their reality based upon the areas of power and control. And in holding knowledge of creating and maintaining their reality they have great power as knowledge is power thus they have been in power across the globe within their privileged position of understanding creation far better than the masses. They KNOW that power lives within and as they hold a group consciousness built upon power they simply have been manifesting greater power and control. This was designed and presented to the outer world as very benevolent, allowing others to live their lives for the most part oblivious as to who was controlling the very governments, banks, churches, schools, institutions of every sort, families, communities and you name it they were inserted into. Those of the illuminati that are of the highest ranking discovered ever so long ago that when one aligns with their own power they can easily control those others who have no clue as to where power lives. So then a group aligned within this knowledge in Europe a long time ago and held their knowledge secret passing it on mostly to family. They conspired to energize the symbols of money onto themselves and created more of it within the belief that in energizing symbols they become more powerful within the consciousness. Power is quite literally that energy of creating and they learned early on that if they held more/most of the energy empowered within money they could and would simply rule the world, actually their goal. So over time they collected onto themselves precious metals which became the value, the essences of their power until the mighty energy of fuel became obviously more valuable than any jewel or metal. Oil would and still does run the world and what a great and powerful substance that was to own, to control because as they owned the symbol of power they could own the world. One might wonder how rich, how powerful would one want to be? When they are so empowered with money how much more do they need. Well within this group the need for power and all it’s symbols is overwhelming as likened to an addiction. Their bodies crave more and more and their consciousness is ingrained in power. They feed off of those who have no clue as to where the reality of power exists. This group has a special manner they have used to infiltrate societies, cultures, land masses; the entirety of the world. In other words there are many many upon the earth that are puppets to this group and have no idea. They are those who hold money as something more important than people. They hold a consciousness of control and power OVER others. Their desire for money is something that risks peace and love, compassion, happiness and all the true joys of life. The very currency used was designed, planned and energized by this group as it holds within it an energy of great power, a power that benefits THEM. So then you may call them the Kings of Consciousness for they established the consciousness of your birth. They have grown in power exponentially since World War II, a war they created in their quest to bring about the power grab that was planned onto the countries of Europe, the United States and parts of the Middle East.

Their plan was to capture the governments within a period of about 50 years slowly and over time to enable them to control the world for if they held those areas the rest of the world would follow. What they did not anticipate was Japan’s participation. The Japanese governance did not ask nor receive permission from this group to act on their own; to move forward onto the world scene. The Japanese held a barrier, a shield so to speak that protected them or rather that denied this group. It was within their strength of mind that they would not tolerate or cow tow to another group that demanded they come in line with a plan and plot to become rulers of the entire world. Now one may say that is ridiculous that anyone would think they could rule the world. Well we say to you it has already been happening within these last 60 or so years. The control that has overtaken your world is unimaginable and it was an easy effort because there were so many others that signed up and were on board with the energies of control. The consciousness of victim/victimizer was born to accommodate this plan and consciousness. Anyone who holds the energies of ‘control’ are not members of the illuminati per se but they are absolutely supporters of that reality thus they uphold those of that group and consciousness. If one feels they must derive power from outside themselves they support and participate within this group’s consciousness.

Japan was warned that it must come on board with this plan or be punished. In defiance they attacked the US with the clear statement that as a country it would remain sovereign and punished it was, devastated it was, demolished it was with a power that no one imagined; atacked by a force that was not only premeditated and deliberate for the purpose of establishing the illuminati as the ultimate power within the world but it sent forth a signal off world that this must end, this consciousness so unholy and without memory of the divine within must begin to end. This brought forth many flooding the planet whose purpose was to change this world this consciousness this beautiful planet and it has been happening in earnest since 1987 when collectively the majority declared they would participate in a quiet demeanor to bring alive the memories of one’s beauty and power thusly denying power to a group consciousness whose plan was to enslave earth’s people. This slavery would not involve chains or restrictions in the outer world but it would burden one’s heart and soul in struggle, forgetfulness and separation.

The plan was in motion and ironically the Illuminati itself began to bring about its own demise as it decided to eliminate the use of currency from the world scene. Plastic, which was not energized within the symbolism of power and greed replaced this currency that had held not only the feeling of power within it but its actual sight signaled a longing for it. Money is so much more than one might imagine for it ignites within an emotion that denies one’s power and in that denial one looks to that symbol to feel it. Money literally symbolizes the power that each soul is of and there is no greater attraction. If one is, and most are, ignorant that all power in their life dwells within them they transfer that desire onto money if they hold money as their symbol of power.

So as money has been disappearing from the scene, the availability to deny oneself has been slowly diminishing as well but the bribery and bartering still remains. In government the promise of power given to the elected leaders has caused them to sell their souls to this group for the goods of the world. For some actually many it is too powerful and aphrodisiac to deny. The words and promise and intentions once held sacred fall flat amid the power of this group as those of both parties in the US have been bought quite easily. The hypnosis of greed runs rampant in the halls of Washington and other capitals of the world.

Japan was very different from most. It held a consciousness onto itself and did not participate. Even as the land and people were devastated by the bombings they moved forward silently within their quiet knowing of the source of all power and built up their country, their people, and their great economy to become a place of the fastest raising of consciousness on the planet. The younger generations deny even their own counties cultural belief/historical system of ancestor worship for they know that to worship anything or anyone outside the self denies one their true power. The illuminati in their recognition that they are losing their power hold Japan as their focus of anger because they have denied them always. After all the Japanese suffered at their hands they would not grant any attention towards them which infuriated them further. To have one of the strongest economies on earth and deny them a part of it was like holding a bone in front of a dog and laughing at its torment.

The illuminati within their great understanding of power have been working for over 20 yrs to bring down Japan. They have used alchemists and powerful entities to plot through the mind’s eye the demise of this small but powerful island. Like voodoo they have focused long and hard on its fall but Japan in her great wisdom was not unaware of what was being planned. Collectively her people have been preparing for this moment and will and have used it to be the final straw that brings down what was once so powerful and came within a hair of ruling the world.

This ‘tragedy’ which was agreed to by every soul who participated brings forth a wave much greater than a tsunami of an ingredient and emotion that will finally swamp a group called the Illuminati and will spread this energy across the land magnifying itself along the way. It will extinguish the power from the bodies and the soil where this group dwells. It is called compassion and it is far far more powerful than the power of greed. The power of greed ran through the veins of the illuminate as the lifeblood of its consciousness maintained. They feel this moment when they know now that they no longer can maintain a hold upon a consciousness as mankind is waking to their own power.

So in answer to the question of whether or not man was responsible for this event the answer undoubtedly is yes and yet there is more to the story; a story of consciousness as the earth is raising in frequency each event of what may appear as tragic is designed to assist within that process.

To pour forth your compassion to this event is more powerful than anything else you can do to assist a land and people who came to the earth to lift the consciousness as that is the moment in time you live.



 もし,この社会で,多少なりとも良識ある指導者が,この様なプロパガンダ的報道機関は真実を語る,と未だに信じているなら,理解して欲しい事がある。それは,ファイナンシャルタイムズ (Financial Times) による東京支局の記者ミュア・ディッキィーが,何故,日本の外国人記者クラブが,“外からの視点”としての,記者会見を開く事が出来ないのでしょうか,を説明する時に言わなければならなかった事である。彼が言及した事は,メディアに対して発信する目的でヤクザ,三合会,世界武術連盟の総裁,そして白龍会が,それらのスポークスマンを通じて行った一つのお願いであった。 “我々は,彼らが言うべき事が,私達の世界観にそった方針にあるとは思えない” と彼は述べた。

 大衆に提供された証拠が,本当でかつ,一つの大きな歴史上の権力を象徴していた。しかも,これに加えて,世界のニュース報道を供給するための “クラブ” と言う歴史の中で,唯一の好機であった場合,ディッキィーは言いいながら訴えた。それは “主流” ではなかったと。彼は,多くの言葉の中で,告白した。それは,彼と,そのプロパガンダ会社の同僚が,物的な証拠をもって,彼らの世界観に割って入り邪魔をする事を許しはしないでだろう。

 私が,これら地震兵器における立証可能な整理された証拠集をもって,ある科学野郎 (科学者) “共同謀議の論理” “正体の暴露”と対決した際に起こった,とある出来事がある。最後に,野郎は一言を発した。 “私は信じない” それは要するに,あなた自身,はっきりしている事は,狂信的な気違いだよ,あなたは本当に。そういう扱いである。


 私は,彼らの世界観を潰し,拒絶という院にこもる様子にに対して,多少申し訳なく感じた。奴らは,白状するよりは盲目的でありたかったのであろう。白状とは,例の “テロ戦争” は,要するに石油を盗む事で,もしくは先日の “地球温暖化キャンペーン” は,ある種の科学の様で科学でない (疑似科学),相手の信頼につけ込む詐欺であった,と言う事である。現在,奴らは,石油争奪の為のリビア侵攻を,どういうわけか “民衆を守る” 事であると信じ込んで,愚かな存在になっている。デニアルは,私の死んだ元同僚で,アフリカの川,“ジ・ナイル”のことではない。

 言うまでもないが,私は,筋道の通った論戦と言う手段により,時間無制限で,彼らに立ち向かってきた。勿論,彼らは,それを拒否する。何故なら,自分が負けてしまうと言う結果を知っているからである。彼らは又,自身の世界観を変えたくはないのである。それは,彼らの黄金の稲作地帯を危険にさらす事になるからである。“バビロン崇拝者は,世界を破壊する,ある種の大量虐殺をおこす脅威である” と言うのが事実でなかったら,そりゃ結構な事でしょうがね。


More I know, more I get disgusted.

Evidence confirms that the US / Israeli governments were behind the Libyan crisis.
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
The United States government has been working since February 2011 to create so much strife in Libya that the UN would be forced into sanctioning a US backed military intervention. Both the US and Israel were fermenting a fake revolution with well armed foreign mercenaries. The CIA/Mossad mercenaries and US special forces have been on [...]

Petition to indict the leaders of the US, French, UK and Canadian governments for crimes against humanity and war crimes.
Sunday, March 20th, 2011
International Community US President Barack Obama, US Defense Minister Robert Gates, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, French Minister of Defense Gérard Longuet, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and UK Defense Secretary Dr. Liam Fox – must all be held accountable for violating international law and [...]

Please sign petition to stop these war criminals !!! All Zionist supporters.

For articles and to sign the petition Go to: link:http://presscore.ca/2011/?cat=10

peace & love to all !!!



Hundreds of Libyan civilians reportedly killed by US missile strikes against civilian owned cellular and internet service providers.
Sunday, March 20th, 2011
The first wave of air strikes by the United States in the UN backed war of aggression against Libya have apparently not been directed at Gaddafi’s military. US Tomahawk missiles were launched by the US against civilian owned and operated cellular and Internet service provider buildings. Hundreds of civilians who work at these wireless communication companies have reportedly been killed or gravely wounded.

The US is beginning their latest war of aggression against another oil rich country by wiping out the Libyan people’s communication to the outside World. The US government doesn’t want the World to see cell phone or Instant messaging images on CNN, NBC, ABC, MSN or Fox News of the slaughter being carried out by US forces against the civilian population of Libya. Former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak was successfully ousted from power by the Egyptian people as a direct result of instant messaging services like Twitter, Facebook, and AIM. The US government would no longer have support for a war in Libya if instant messages were allowed to get out – images showing US missiles killing or displacing hundreds and eventually thousands of women and children.

According to International laws the targeting of civilians is a crime against humanity and that is exactly what the US is committing in Libya with Tomahawk missiles strikes against civilian owned and operated communication infrastructure.

IV Geneva Convention Article 50 in Chapter II: “Civilians and Civilian Population” of Protocol I Additional to the Geneva Conventions defines that a civilian is not a legal combatant. Article 51 describes the protection that must be given to civilians (unless they are unlawful combatants) and civilian populations. Chapter III of Protocol I regulates the targeting of civilian objects. Article 8(2)(b)(i) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court prohibits attacks directed against civilians. It is an accepted principle of international humanitarian law that the direct targeting of civilians is a breach of the customary laws of war and is binding on all belligerents.

A second wave of air strikes by the US and France have been made against the Israeli and CIA paid mercenaries (50,000 employed by Israel alone) battling each other in Libya. Hundreds more civilians may have been killed in these attacks against the foreign paid mercenaries as the US and Israel seeks to wipe out any link between their governments and the mercenaries.

Reports out of the Middle East claim that the US has destroyed civilian schools, apartment buildings and hotels were Israeli paid mercenaries were either being temporarily lodged or held captive by Libyan police. The Telegraph published a story on Feb 27, 2011 titled African mercenaries in Libya nervously await their fate wherein they stated: Crowded into an empty classroom which was stinking of unwashed bodies and reeking of fear, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s defeated mercenary killers awaited their fate. The story states that the captured mercenaries were being held in a classroom in a children’s school. In order for the US to get at them and kill them so that they cannot later provide evidence linking Israel to the Libyan crisis the US would have to attack the civilian school. The story doesn’t reveal whether or not the other classrooms were also empty. If the classroom was in a Muslim school Muslim civilians (including children) could have been holding prayer in any one or all of the other classrooms. If the school was just like any public Canadian or US school sporting events were more than likely taking place on Saturday when the US fired their Tomahawk missiles.

Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told lawmakers it was “likely” more than 1,000 people had been killed in the Libya violence. Those numbers account for the number of people who have allegedly been killed by Gaddafi for the duration of the political unrest in Libya. The unrest began on Feb 15, 2011 so Italy is stating that 1000 people were killed since Feb 15, 2001. With the US and French air strikes in Libya that began less than 24 hours ago as many as 1000 civilians have been killed by the US and France.

US missiles strikes to knock out all communications out of Libya are against civilian owned and operated wireless communication service providers. How many hundreds of civilians were working at the time of the US Tomahawk missile attacks? How many civilians were in the civilian schools, hotels and apartments complexes where captured Israeli paid mercenaries were being held? How many anti-Gaddafi rebels (CIA paid foreign mercenaries) were killed as a result of French air strikes against rebel anti-aircraft batteries? How many women and children have been killed by the US and French air strikes? The answer to all of these questions will probably never be truly know because the US Tomahawk missiles were launched to knock out Libya’s communication to the outside World.

The US government wants to prevent the Libyan people from showing the World through cell phone videos and instant messaging images of the carnage that is being inflicted by the UN endorsed US war of aggression against them. It is an attempt by the US government to prevent the Libyan people from pleading for an end to the illegal war. It is an attempt by the US government to silence the cries for help by the Libyan people to the International community to stop the US slaughter.


http://www.j-cia.com/ →「鹿島」で記事サーチ

からも、小沢一郎 絡みであることは核心的なところであります。

2011/03/18(金) 00:03 復興資材も利権か。



If you want a writer for the Financial Times to seriously acknowledge and cover your points of view in that paper, then you have to cater to the more "mainstream" press. Do you expect them to really make a front page story out of the US submarines strategically planting nukes around the country of Japan? You have to present evidence and cite credible sources for this. You cant just say "high priests" or the Yakuza are saying this and that to you. You understand this, I am sure. You have my email if you care to comment.

Tony from Michigan


It has been a good surprise to discover your blog.
I was thinking the same about these last tsunamis of indonesia and now japan, even before knowing about your opinions.
I agree with you and congratulate you for the blog,
Best wishes and good luck


What a collection of fools all of you are! Do you think a king gives a crap about the serfs? We can take every dollar, yen, or euro you have, and no court would give you justice. We can take your children and f*ck them in front of you, and no police officer would dare intervene. This world belongs to us, and we're enjoying the fruits of your labor. And here's the best part...you handed it right over to us!

Oh sure, a few of you will make the effort to stop us. You utilize the information networks...that we control! You can call the police...whose departments we fund. You can buy and trade precious metals...we'll be confiscating all of it soon. We will take every right and property from you while you cower in front of your computer. All the while, we are laughing at how pathetic you are.

Why would we tell you any of this? Because you're too late. While you have been shortsighted, we have been patient. We put in a lot of time (and slit a lot of throats along the way). When we've drained every last drop of humanity from your bodies, we will discard you like garbage. Our utopia will be realized, and it will be powered by the machine.

Not to worry, though. We will keep you well-entertained as you slowly starve to death. Just take our pills and you won't even notice. And die, die, die.



Japan Story Real Cause of Earth quacks


Ben , check this out , does this petition speak to you ? : http://www.apocalypse-no.net/en !



Log on to John Hutchinson Site (Neutralizing the Effects of Fukushima Radiation)

And pass the word! A.S.A.P.!

Link: http://www.hutchisoneffect.ca/Contact.html

****Special note from John:****

To all everyone with a Ham Radio, CB radio or Tesla Coil...and if you don't have one of these, get a piece of REBAR and put it in your yard...this pass the email to everyone you know!!!!

John Hutchison has been in the Gulf of Mexico using certain audio and radio frequencies to RESET the polluted waters.

THE SAME SCIENCE can be used to try to PROTECT the Earth (and Japan) from the radiation being released in Japan.

Hutchison is transmitting RIGHT NOW.People need to pick up the signal and "bounce" it to attempt to create a SHIELD. Here are John Hutchison's instructions: HAM RADIO OPERATORSTUNE INTO the ULF bands at 16 kilohertz VLF bands at 19 kilohertz to 400 kilohertz and then into the HF bands at 4 megahertz starting at 2 mhz to 18 mhz then at up to 27 mhz there will be lots of side carriers You should here something SIMILAR to this (this is not the exact audio, but close)http://www.youtube.com/johnkhutchison1#p/search/4/d-ubCyxDRXo

The RF effects are also in the X band region the regions of the solar flux index and hydrogen bands these are 21 to 24 centimeters broad banded CAPTURE THIS and use AM and USB and lower SB toRETRANSMIT and set up a RELAY The frequencies can also be received byRF MODULATED LASERS and TESLA COILS Tesla coils will do a lot on there own, plug them in and they will recieve and tranmit and if any folks have IMPULSE GENERATORS or RF GENERATORSfeed the sugnal into them and fire them off.

Ham Radio Operatorsuse phase shifting and other devices to get the frequencies out. CB Radio OperatorsIf you can pick up the signal from John Hutchison, rebroadcast it. Do a CB SKIP. We are working with sky waves, ground waves and interactions with a larger prime mover like the ionosphere, solar and geomagnetic fields and propagation. EVERYONE ELSEWe used REBAR as antennas to capture the RF frequencies.

This worked in cleaning the ground around the rebar.GET rebar and put in the ground. Along with this use your mind for healing the earth and helping Japan.This is called psychotronics.

All the above information and psychotronics are accepted sciences in the millitary industrial complex as well as noetic science teams. Thank you all for your hopes and prayers.

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