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By the why folks , in case you havent noticed benjamin believes the free masons , he actualy condiders what the luciferians told him to be more credible than gods word , the scriptures. He then goes on to attack the bible , and that is something only a NWO pupper who wants to destroy religion would do. I am telling you the man is a jesuit puppet with the sole purpose of gving some old info , to attack the bible. the illimunati hate the bible and have sworn to destroy belief in god , cause they concider it at a threat to the order , you can read it in illuminati documents , like those of weishauph, a jesuit himself , thats how you can be certain benji boy is dis agent mixing lies with truth. The NWO doesnt give a rats ass if you know their plans or not or even their means , as long as you do not turn to god or the bible theyre happy , cause they know that no one can physicly stop them , only spritualy can you stop them and thats why they want to spiritualy keep you dead and away from god.


god bless you x


Good day! this is one of the most interested statement I have heard anyone said. I have always say to myself there are no rules telling us what to do, but rules telling us what not to do. We need to start making rules telling us what to do and we will see how creative our world would be. thanks,

pete spencer


this needs to get to Ben
please find the time to watch this vid link, I believe it to be genuine and it is certainly repeatable.


If so it is of great power and the nwo have been trying to suppress it.









sorry the date came out inverted (automatic translation)


no david, mr f is not a *anker, he exposed the minister of japan for theft, he interviewed rocky robin, he is very well placed in society.

but mind control and personality change can be used, look at the ex spy of m16, in terrorstorm, hes gone bye bye.

its one hell of a responsibility to be involved in the fight against the corporate world of greed and deception, no one wins out, look at jfks last speech.

the world is going to hell, we get front row seats, or we fight it.

no aliens, no ancient order of ninja, no more heros, just us.

all it takes is a good man to do nothing for evil to happen.

if Gandhi had been alive in china, the tanks would have squashed him flat in the square, squit, peaceful demonstration does not work anymore, there is nowhere safe left to run, the nwo is worldwide.

they have guns, we use words,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Arminius Austriae

11.09.01 (9/11) plus 10.03.11 (Japan) = 21.12.2012 (maya's deadend)

Arminius Austriae

11.09.01 (9/11) plus 10.03.11 (Japan) = 21.12.2012 (maya's deadend)


Just PLEASE if you go on Alex's show, don't let him twist your words where he has you hating poor people, hating free energy and worshiping coal, oil, gas, gold and silver.

(I had to get up from trying to sleep because I felt the need to post this.)

Hi Benjamin,

Great videos that you have done done.
Unfortunately yesterday I was listening to Alex Jones, I am trying not to listen to the guy as much because he is definitely letting money go to his head,and he doesn't give a crap about poor people. I keep hoping I will hear something that I will appreciate. Not yet. He loves to talk about coal - though he doesn't mention the destroying of mountains to get to the coal.

I happen to live in the mountains that he would love to see destroyed, just so he could make a few more f-ing dollars on his coal stocks.

It is the same way he fearmongers about oil, so his oil stocks will go up.
The problem is that people are suffering because of rising gas prices and house heating prices, and he doesn't give a sh!t.

I am writing this to you because someone mentioned your name and a video of yours and unfortunately Alex said that he would see about having you on 'his' show.
Ugh. It would be as bad as being on main stream.

He had a diatribe against Michael Moore, totally misrepresenting what Moore had said, when Moore wrote the article "America is NOT Broke."

I don't know if it is ADD or fluoride induced brain cell death,but Alex had no idea what Michael was talking about. If Alex DID know, then Alex is simply evil, which is even worse.
And a while back he had a diatribe against Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement.

Alex SEEMS to be VERY much opposed to free energy because (one can only connect the dots) HE is getting wealthy from oil and coal. Forget that they're damaging the environment. He simply doesn't care.

Another - this one is 'amusing' in a pathetic way - thing about Alex is that, in the past, he has had what he called 'money bombs' or something like that - raising money that would be in addition to his salary. He was basically BEGGING for money from his radio 'pulpit' from whence he preaches. And yet he hates poor people, people on welfare.

The problem is that when Alex begs for money he is NO DIFFERENT than the beggar in the street - except that in his brain-damaged mind - Alex views HIS begging as "working hard" and "earning" the money that he was begging for; where as Alex feels nothing but contempt for the beggar on the street. In my humble opinion the beggar on the street is working every bit as hard as Alex's amount of begging. Begging is begging regardless of where it's done.

Also, Alex is a fan of Ron Paul who is a political leech leeching off of the taxpayers. Yet Paul, again like Alex - hates people on welfare; when in Ron Paul's case, he IS on welfare. He happens to be one of the few QUEEN welfare recipients. He gets a hell of a lot better benefits package than the average American on welfare.

Maybe Ron Paul needs to stop "running" for office and stop being a welfare recipent - then he would certainly have more of a case against welfare than what he has right now.

Sorry to write a book and this may not be my best, hopefully it is understandable.

Just PLEASE if you go on Alex's show, don't let him twist your words where he has you hating poor people, hating free energy and worshiping coal oil, gas, gold and silver.

(I used to PAY to access Alex's website, so I'm not just 'some whiny ass' who hasn't paid for info.)


It is time that us free loving americans,to do something to show our objection of how the government does not serve the people. Lets all of us gather at the White House and Capitol lawn and piss on it. This will not be shown on the media but the government officals won't like it. Ben get the WDS to join me in this protest. Thank You


Are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and wormholes caused by CERN LHC? Super HAARP?


The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest magnetic field on Earth after its center. Earthquakes are caused by changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. Since the machine switched on in 2010, there has been a significant -100% increase on Earthquakes from the statistical mean of 13 plus 7, to 21 in 2010 and this year mean of 25 . No other significant change on magnetic fields have taken place on Earth. Moreover, for the first time in history, two super-earthquakes over 8.8 in the Richter scale (Chile and Japan), happened in consecutive years…


Japan earthquake - March 11 = 113

The first explosion occurred at reactor unit 1.
Second explosion occurred at reactor unit 3.


The World Trade Center terror

The Madrid terror
911 days after 9/11

Haiti earthquake

Japan earthquake

The Mayan Prophecy of 2012
1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = (11)!


REPTILIANS EAT HUMANS - Alex Collier Important Interview 1994

Alex Collier, has put out lots of videos on the web. His work is amazing ! Saw most of his videos a while back and decided to revisit them.




小久保和彦・寺島祥希(福島原発テロ実行 郡山須賀川国営テロ集団)


Anyone seen the movie Dreams, made in 1990 by Akira Kurosawa?

Visionary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa predicted Japan's vulnerability to nuclear disaster.


The masterminds and executors behind these attacks deserves this punishment




Correction to my previous comment

The White Dragon Society is manipulated by Rothschilds!!!

White dragon society is a disinformation operation used by Rothschilds!

Benjamin Fulford (Jesuit) is a Zion propaganda!

White Dragon Society does not exist!!!

The real Asian Secret Society (not so benevolent but pragmatic) remains unexposed!


I insist that GAINAX (the anime company) got to be supporting the revolution, check "tengen toppa gurren lagann". Also like Deckard says, Kojima seems to know what's happenning in the world he speaks about conspiracy in his metal gear series.

Ben can you say something about GAINAX? are they part of the White Dragons?

Peace & Love I know the future will be bright!

Mr. X

Skull and Bones 322

3/11/11= 322 !


Fulford-san, what do you expect me to say? You know it's just too late for act.

White Dragon Society is manipulated by Rothschilds!!!

White dragon society is a disinformation operation used by Rothschilds!!!

Benjamin Fulford (Jesuit) is a Zion Power propaganda!

White Dragon Society does not exist!!!

A truly powerful Asian Secret Society (not so benevolent but pragmatic) are not exposed. The real asian secret society must act now, before it s too late!

Ben Fulford disinformation artists are exposed!!! http://www.savethemales.ca/fulfords_ninjas_dont_hold_your.html

Sorry for my poor english, I'm japanese.


We must start focusing our attention away from the Evil Beast. A new world is being born and needs all of our attention. Stop feeding the Best and start feeding the New. Pull your energy away from it. Keep an eye on the best, but at the same time try to focus your attention on the miracle unfolding right in front of our eyes. The old is dying and finally the new is starting to unfold. God has heard our prayers and soon everyone on earth will rejoice. I know it sound absurd to you as well as me. As I'm writing this post, this message is coming in, so, I'm sharing it here with you all. I could not believe Benjamin saying it in is last video, but now, I am convince. My source never deceived me



A Sovereign on the land




Alex right again about Libya.


Its been said in the past that western governments never let a good crisis go to waste. Well that would most definitely apply in this case! As the eyes of the world have watched in horror as the events in Japan have taken place, the UK, France, and more lately the US governments, have been plotting their next move in Libya. Just as the "rebellion" is about to lose steam and momentum, the U.N. has imposed a no-fly zone.

Now lets just be clear on this no-fly zone. The wording of the resolution states that "any threat to civilians" can be engaged. So this basically gives the U.N. forces the right to attack anything they deem a threat! Its vaguely worded for just that reason.

Like the title says, this is double-speak right out of Orwells 1984. War is Peace. Up is now down. I think you get my drift.

Please don't get me wrong, Gaddafi is an evil bastard, but he is the same evil bastard that the UK cosied up to in a tent doing arms deals and agreeing to free the lockerbie bomber , and for what ? yes, you guessed it, oil!

Gaddafi's troops are armed with British and American weapons! Doesn't that tell you all you need to know.

Link to video:


Libya: Gaddafi Calls 'Immediate Ceasefire'

Niall Paterson, defense correspondent, and Natalie Fahy
Colonel Gaddafi has recommended the armed forces call an immediate ceasefire, shortly after anti-aircraft fire was seen in the sky over Tripoli.
Read and see the 7 videos of the latest development in Libya here:


Please check out this very interesting video about an 20 minutes long noise phenomena near Palm Coast in Flagler County, Florida - north of Daytona. The ground is shaking like a little quake and the air is filled with crazy frequencies, sounds like a tornado or so, maybe an military operation? Or they build new underground bases in Florida?

Please check the comments section there for more locations in usA, this phenomena was too (in Ohio and others) - watch the video here:

and read media outlet here:

Maybe it have something to do with an upcoming event nearby New-Madrid faultline and the men-created or self-arranged major earthquake in this region at next? Maybe or maybe not, who knows...



Hello again,

Alex Collier, many years ago told us about the secret plan the Cabal had in store for Japan future. Hope you will take this seriously and act NOW ! ! ! It was all carefully plan long, long time ago. Time is running out for Japanese people and for us in the Americas.
The mad man as a code and that is to always write his plan on the wall. The problem is that most of us are asleep or too busy being distracted. The mad man knows that and as exploited it to fit his plan into bring about his NWO. Keep your eyes wide open for the mad man writings on the wall.

Japan HAARP PREDICTION: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AN4fPrI7js&feature=channel_video_title

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