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Andy Zahoran



twenty billion dollars
in fake U.S. government bonds



I forgot to include part 1 of global settlement:



Dear Benjamin,

Finally !

John McGowan Presents an update with interim President Tim Turner on the status of the republic. This was taped in mid December 2010.


For more info's go to: http://republicoftheunitedstates.org/

All blessings to you Benjamin.

Peace and lots of love to you all.



Hello everyone,

Public Notice

The founders and trustees of the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) have released the Finality of Settlement Part II on the GSF website. It lays out the facts of law, crimes against humanity, and extreme fraud. It will be served upon key de-facto world leaders as well as to those who are in charge of producing wealth. It is now on the public record worldwide. Feel free to mirror and distribute the PDF and this notice under the Rayservers Licence.

The following statements may sound harsh, and we do apologize if any offence is taken. It is high time to address these issues of law, money, and crimes against humanity.

The implications in law of the multi-generational Ponzi fraud that is being harvested worldwide is staggering. If you are a de facto world leader and think that somehow you can isolate "your country" from this mess, you are grossly mistaken. If you are an industry leader who is attempting to take refuge in such leaders, you will be disappointed as well. If you are waiting for handouts as a "settlement", you are likely in for severe disillusionment. If you think that the DTC accounts have "money", WAKE UP !! The only lawful money is gold and silver and it is long gone from the various treasuries ! If a "lender" practices fraudulent conversion to monetize the instrument executed by the "borrower", the borrower becomes the true creditor. This is true worldwide on a national and personal level. Worse, the unit of account is a circular fraud, a 100% fiction, with two layers of fraud - bank liabilities to pay legal tender, and legal tender itself. Bank liabilities are not legal tender. If you did not know these facts, you have been defrauded.

It is a statement of fact that the UNITED STATES, the UNITED KINGDOM, all courts, and all "legislative" bodies are corporations. Look them up on Dun & Bradstreet. This pattern is repeated worldwide. We have NO COURTS OF LAW. In the United States, the 11th Amendment stripped the courts of common law jurisdiction over law and equity, thus publicly stating that all treaties since then are void on their face since they cannot be enforced.

Notice to military leaders - you CANNOT have a lawful war run by illicit corporations posing as legitimate government. A deliberative body such as the UNITED NATIONS is one step worse ! They have NO AUTHORITY under the Natural and Common Law, the Law of the Land to declare war upon millions of sovereign people of the land and cause harm or loss. Ignorance of the law is NOT an excuse. Thou shalt not cause harm or loss to another is the essence of the law. The full force of Natural and Common Law is applicable at all times in all places and cannot be annulled by the declaration of emergency, war or other device by any State or entity.

We will attempt to contact every de-facto world leader in their de-jure capacity as one of the sovereign people of the land, entrapped by circumstance. Most are entrapped, having discovered these realities after they have taken an oath of office. Did you know that the oath of office in America is a voluntary loss of American nationality? All oaths of office come under 22 CFR, Foreign Relations, Sections §§92.12 - 92.30, and all who hold public office come under Title 8 USC, Section §1481 “Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalized citizen; voluntary action; burden of proof; presumptions.”

The solution, lest humanity perish in the next world war, is a return to lawful money and a system of lawful trade. With lawful money we can return to a just society, eliminate parasitic behaviour, protect the environment, and remove forever the spectre of annihilation.

This is a public notice. Her Majesty the Queen of England, President Barack Obama of the United States, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of the United States, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Le Président de la République Nicolas Sarkozy of France, The Reigning Emperor ( 今上天皇) of Japan, Presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano of Italy, President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, President of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of the People's Republic of China 党和国家 最高领导人 Hu Jintao, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations, in no particular order, amongst others, will be contacted as time and resources permit.

If you are a military leader such as Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you need a copy of this document on your desk. If you are a Navy Judge Advocate General you need to be aware of these matters. Same goes for USA and UK Provost Marshals. You also need to be aware of the Rod Class case that is before the US Coast Guard. The same goes for heads of major military forces. The pressure to begin the distractions of war to mask the frauds will only increase as modern money mechanics crushes the ignorant of all their property and strips the deluded "rich" of their imaginary "trillions".

We will also contact the BIS and all central banks, and those we believe are the financial powers, the intelligence agencies such as the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, etc... We trust that the various alerting mechanisms that the powers above posses will put them on notice of our lawful intentions to exercise our unalienable right to a society of law not fraud by statute.

Only armed with knowledge, we shall take on this task of restoring lawful trade. Let this proceed and do not hinder us - it is to your advantage in the end !

Given all what we have said above, we DO NOT seek publicity. We are only interested in parties who can let the natural common law restore itself, for the Natural Law has never ceased to act. The alternative is to let Nature act via the next great war and punish those who have done violence against it, even if it be through ignorance.


The Global Settlement Foundation and its trustees are law abiding, neutral parties. We do not wish to cause harm or loss. Our duty is to return lawful trade and lawful money to the people of the land – the people of the Global Isles - by facilitating the return of the rule of the law, lawful money, and accountability.

Certain parties have, by their own actions, implicated themselves in crimes against humanity. Unfortunately this list of people includes practically every Head of State, legislator, government official, regulator, judge and law enforcement officer together with their partners in crime – the bankers to the world. The People of the Land will have to reign them in, and bring about justice via lawful grand juries. As a neutral party, our role is to provide the lawful alternative.

However, dear reader, by proceeding to read the material in this document, you will have to take action – or become party to the crime of Misprision of Felony. If you are a government servant, that is, “an official”, reading this – awaken, do your duty to return to your masters – the people – that which is theirs by right – and that which has been stolen by fraud. If you take no action, hinder the efforts of the Global Settlement Foundation or the Sundarsson Trust, cause harm or loss, waste our time, spread malicious lies or rumours, you will be held liable, subject to lawful arrest, arrest of your bond, arraignment in a lawful court of record or grand jury, incarceration, bills in lawful money, &c.

For more, go down the page and click on Finality of Settlement Part II



The God might "forgive" the unfair being and doing of individual awareness.
Never us to "forgive" anyone's trespass above "the Law for our life's chance".


According to this website that appears to be one of the real Illuminati genuine website : http://www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/ some of your description on Wikipedia are misleading or oven fake on purpose.

9/11 was not an inside job. The American government did not carry a false flag attack. They simply didn't do a thing to stop it.

The real Illuminati do not want to depopulate the world population. ( this is garbage )


Please check and correct.




Beautifully Said, Michael.

The moral to this whole story is your quote...

"Now we are to be starved out to find out who is the most clever"

To put it bluntly, If you can finish the game, You Win, a life on this incredibly beautiful, extremely special and magical planet!

Let us keep our faith in our God. In God you should Trust.

Being a "western eLite" does not guarentee survival. Unless of course, you are clever.

Survival of the Fittest


週刊 世界事情と分析:西洋人エリートは,大量餓死の脅威に際して,食糧というカードを弄ぶ。

西洋人エリートでのゲームの終わりが,今,明らかになりつつあり,この食糧暴動が再び引き起こされ,世界中に勢いよく伸展しつつある。彼らエリートは,長く,血道を上げてきた。それは,世界の穀物貿易における独占支配を確実にする事業にである。奴らは又,食糧に適さない生産物への転換によって食糧生産を止める事になるIMF“貧乏プログラムausterity programs”を多くの国々に強要してきた。しかも,この食用不適生産物は,ドルによってのみ“決済出来る”のである。これは,思考力,胃袋,生活のコントロール (暴力による脅しを通じて) によって人類を支配する為の彼らの長期計画の一部であった。



Otto Lund

David Icke on Deadline Live - January 11 2011 http://tinyurl.com/6dlo5sv



Hmmm, there is no western elite. the Elites control all sides. The whole idea that china and japan are somehow more benign than the US is ridiculous. This is a scam to put forth this idea, lulling people into a false sense of security when america fully falls, and china is front man that will be selling us our new lower living standards.


Have listened to Bill Ryan's last interviews. Humanity according to his evaluation is supposed to take up the ball, understand what is being done to them and compensate?

Ryan is a dedicated and amazing man who like so many, is giving himself to our collective service. Am lost now though to understand how we as a species, "owned" or not, are to unravel centuries of deception and manipulation to pull our collective asses out of the hat,pdq.

How do we get out of this huge pile of it that I must say, has been shoveled over us by our "guardians"(?). Seems to me they gained that title by as much deception as they proferred onto us all? No insult intended, only speculation. If the spaceboot fits... We, the meat, have helped build the machines of our own domination and we have outgrown our usefulness? (I believe Ryan is correct in that we are capable of so much more. It all depends on which "frequency" you wish to move out into the stars, no? Or are you to be known in the galaxy as those who ruthlessly exploit whatever species comes your way?)

Now we are to be starved out to find out who is the most clever...All the while being chemtrailed, vaccinated and GMO'd? Seems to me there is no honor in this, ladies and gentlemen.

If we had been allowed knowledge from the very beginning, this race would have gone to the stars long ago. Yes, we are as violent as we are compassionate yet, the emotion that has been "trained" into us for so very long has been the one that has brought us all to the brink destruction.

The PTB's have had certain facts for thousands of years and have held this over us for as long. Whoever they are, history is your testament for all time. With all due respect, can we now move on? No more death and destruction.

We have all made mistakes. Time to forgive.

The Creator of All Guide us please.


One of The real Illuminati website for you ben.



We are heading rapidly towards disaster - it is now or never time Ben.


It appears the “push back” has now started.

President's family hunted down as anarchy replaces years of repressive rule

Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/presidents-family-hunted-down-as-anarchy-replaces-years-of-repressive-rule-2186292.html

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