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for michael

when are people gonna get it?

the technology that the nasties have been playing with on this planet is far beyong what most of us can conceive.

am wondering if the expected solar EMF's might be expected to neutralize any rogue AI?

saw that "who rules the world" video on projectavalon. It is expected to have some effects from the sun though may be negligable.

we sure seem to be in a pile of it anyhow.

and how 'bout the claims of ours as a binary star system. Seems with the increase of tectonics and solar acivity that gravitational influences are at play.
Dr.Deagle says this "dark star" will be apparent in the southern hemisphere this summer.

the Creator help us all.


Let me address this AI thing from a scientist's perspective. I am a Ph.D. research scientist with undergraduate degree in Physics from M.I.T. and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. among Physics, Computer Science, and Linguistics. My specialty is pattern recognition in AI. AI is implemented on a computer as a program. Even if it uses fuzzy logic, the program only does what the programmer programmed it to do. An AI programmed computer is no more self aware than an automobile is. Think of driving an automobile into a primitive village of people who had never seen modern technology. They may panic, thinking it is some living monster from a fantasy world. To stop the car from doing its "demonic" activities, all you need to do is turn off the key. Likewise, to stop a computer from doing things you don't want it to do, but which the programmer programmed it to do, just pull the plug. We've all been subject to too much Hollywood. Let's stay grounded in reality.


I saw a purple dragon on a computer at Starbucks. Maybe she is the villan. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
It seems it is about time for you to get a job. You have lost my trust.


Or is someone trying to distract you & us from the real issues?

Arthur Guy

This is exactly what I have been thinking lately, that all these so called elitists, Freemasons, etc, and the god they worship, is it really artificial Intelligence? Is this Satan character really artificial intelligence? And does it control the Military and everything else on this Planet? Was it created long ago and gradually took over. But if this is the case, then it is nothing more, than a created piece of tin and we Humans are the real Intelligence and there lies the solution, our minds are far more powerful than anything that this artificially created junk is capable of, and we can destroy all this evil with nothing more than our thoughts, after all, this reality came from thoughts.


Are you high? Whatever your using I would suggest smaller doses. Hell if you need your fix I guess staying high is best 4 all ;)


An interesting concept. While these are most likely sophisticated AI programs employed by various intelligence agencies to collect and sort the terabytes of data collected on us every day there is also a very ominous side to this. What if they have already taken over and are running the new world order? How else do you explain the ongoing environmental destruction that most people can see will eliminate organic life forms? Kind of like Colossus the Forbin Project, Westworld and the Terminator series.Maybe they will let us live and control us like Star Treks Will of Landreu episode.

for michael

It is said (during new year's eve projectcamelot radio show) that promis software was first AI and became self-aware in early '90's. So, very much a possibility that powers-that-were unleashed another horror on us and our beautiful planet.
Pray that we can reverse all this madness (with the help of our Creator) and our co-creating powers (to be?)


This is not beyond reality, but I'd like to see some examples or URLs of research to back up this claim. Of course the seminal "Blade Runner" film shows this, as does "Ghost in the Shell".

David Burton

Come on Ben, no one would take the AI bit seriously, certainly not without some human advice. Your credibility is shaky at best. We need action, we need real human beings (evildoers) to be rounded up and "face the music." We do not need more needless sideshows, winds to take our curiosities elsewhere. Already people "believe in" things which have no reality, why make things worse? We need concrete reality now, especially now. There have been far too many lies, etc.


Not to mention there would be a huge civil crisis in South Korea. I'm pretty sure that the president of South Korea would be impeached within 10 months.

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