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Jef Wallace


WE WON !!!

!!!! WE WON !!!


the juggernaut is so big it is not easily slowed but it is not as big as the universe itself.
if the worst of the "drivers" are removed, most of us will not even know that it has happened, methinks.
thanks Ben.

John McGuire

World peace is at hand?? ... With concentration camps and millions of plasic coffins in place all over the US? ... With several million foreign troops dispatched, haveily-armed and in place -- awaiting the "go ahead" for their rape & pillage mission?

I have followed your work for many years, Mr. Fulford, but your concept of "world peace" cannot possibly apply to the US -- and is diametrically opposed to the Bilderberg's demand for "total global war" at their annual meeting, earlier this year.

If your assertions of impending "world peace" are based on promises from The Illuminati/NWO elite, sir, you have been misled.



Kathy Greene

Yesterday the House passed their version of Senate 510- a Bill that allows the leeches in government to give their NWO friends (and selves) invested in Big Agribiz, a monopoly over our food supply. They call this "food safety"- but in fact, the monopoly is going to the very businesses who give us bad food (the Center for Disease Control admits this). This Bill requires farms to spend a huge amount of money on equipment that small family and organic farms (the farms that give us GOOD food) cannot afford, and the Bill provides 6,000 new FDA thugs to go out and make sure all comply or go out of business. It set up nazi Homeland Security as the agency that will deliver food around the county, thereby politicizing that work, and it opens the door wide for the horrible Codex Regulations. Our "representatives" have given us this since they are traitors to the American system. Many will die from eating Monsanto gm see products and the crap food Big Agribiz pushes, or from the drugs doled out by Big Pharma when the sick turn to them. This is happening NOW! So dear Ben, you may mean well- but while you are talking about things getting better and better- they appear to be getting worse. Just when is all this good stuff supposed to happen? Just when will our phoney-baloney, self-interested "representatives" go to jail? -Kathy

Abel Rose

Karmic Accelerators

We are change!
Ben, whatever sweeping changes that seem to be happening in our world right now courtesy of your most dedicated hard work and is greatly appreciated, December 21, 2012 should be read and interpreted as 21st December 2010. In simple truth, nothing will happen on 2012 as lasting peace and harmony on Mother Earth starts today, not two years from now. This kind of lunar eclipse happening at the same time with winter solstice in our Northern Hemisphere plus the full moon, a total galactic alignment of the sun, moon and Mother Earth happens over a period of about 36 years only! All people on this planet will be affected by amazing incidence and twist of fate as we all get ready to embrace the most genuine and positive change we’re all wishing for. We’re not running out of choices but proceeding with lesser doubts and fears. Like it or not, we are all creating this, most of us anyways. No amount of brainwashing, conditioning, preconditioning, greed or corruption could stop it any longer.

In short, the karmic accelerators that most of us placed a few years before, whether intentional or not, are simply working just fine. How? Anybody who does good or bad things to others, whether it be thought, spoken words or action, we simply returned it back to its sender a gazillion fold. Isn’t that neat? That simply means we can create and co create our own blessings and curses, all at the speed of thought. We don’t even need to say one of the most powerful words “Levisco Meoriam” plus “I love you” to our enemies or the enemies of our beloved Mother Earth anymore than we used to in the past. By simply covering ourselves and family members in the pyramid of white light even just a few minutes daily, and returning it back to the sender whatever is being vibrated, echoed or sent to us intentionally or unintentionally, could generate either positive or negative karmic consequences on the part of the sender, believe it or not. So its quite true that in blessing others that we are blessed, in giving that we will receive, and in helping and being teachers to one another that we will prosper.

The year 2012 is a couple of years away, quite a long way off anyways, and it’s all about timelessness. We all are, from now on, not bounded by time anymore than we used to, nor any kinds, forms of boundaries, limitations or thresholds. We’re now and forever unlimited as we declare, wish and wanted it to. Our rigid belief systems of the master/slave mentality are obsolete from here onwards. And yes, we, together as one mind, one spirit and one heart can all do it. Truly, we are all human angels of Love, of God & Goddess, within each and everyone of us, and its quite perfect!


Guys, what solar system are you living in, if I may ask?


You say world peace is at hand. Indeed, the Lord Jesus Christ will come soon in power and great glory to destroy those who are destroying the earth and make wars end throughout the world. For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. But for men who love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil, and who suppose their secret societies and underground cities will protect them, "the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, 'Peace and safety!' then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape." (1 Thessalonians 5:2,3)

Otto Lund

Lucifer's Children - Milan Martin - The Prophecy Club http://tinyurl.com/39hvyyg
Tavistock Institute for Global Manipulation http://tinyurl.com/356s3b9



毎週の地政学のニュースとAnalysis101221: 冬至と月食はある時代の終わりと別
グローバルな金融システムの先端の行き詰まりは果てしないように思えますが、ほんとうは、トップ選手は、歴史的な割合のグローバルなパージが終了するのを待っています。 結果は歴史家がミレニアムそれについて議論するほど劇的になるでしょう。 パージは暗黙の友愛の中で起こっています、米国軍と諜報設立の中で、ナイツの注文の中で、やくざ下層社会と、命名する世界の王室の中のバチカン市国にもかかわらずさえ、いくつかの中で。 冬至と完全な月食への急上昇におけるHAARPなどの秘密の超兵器には戦争と解き放つことの脅威がありましたが、平和と調和の力は勝利で現れました。 世界の平和は近いです。


Paul Einar Sandvik

Hey Benjamin
This Is greetings from Norway.I have followed your posts nearly everyday, although I have not written any comments for a very long time. Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of humanity, as many of us do - in so many different ways. Now Is really the time for the changes to happen. Maybe we needed all this time to work on transforming ourselves. Now the New World Is arriving - and we will do the best out of it.WE HAVE NO CHOISE OTHERWISE.The challenges Are not finished.To be part of the Galactic humanity raises new challenges. One of them Is not to get fooled by those races that represent the kind of Love - which comes with conditions - those who radiate Love - but not the infinite Love of All Oneness. But this challenges we have to take when we meet them. Thank you . All the best Paul Einar Sandvik , Norway

New Peace Maker

Thanks for your concern about this. I think people slowly wake up, with the knowledge, threw the people, all over the world. And there's some things, learn at school, the love that people have to share, not be greedy,etc, who is completely the opposite with the vision of the few people, who mostly rule the world, set the agenda (since the pharaon).
Please keep it real, and stay tuned
its all about love, and peace.

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