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To find their own happiness to the last will get used to a landscape. After so long, I finally learned the sake of his smile. In this city, to do a passing scenery, do a rush of passing, just to one person.

Otto Lund

Brussels moves against herbalists http://tinyurl.com/377v9mg

Otto Pilot


Japanese to English translation
Recommended Guide Books: Bandou Tadanobu

His new book An Inconvenient Truth Bandou Tadanobu do not want to know the world, China Introduction

Azuma Ban said the police station worker, after a riot, as a specialist investigator interpretation of foreign crime, criminal police headquarters, police stations working with one of the largest downtown Tokyo Ikebukuro Shinzyuku including more than 1,400 Chinese criminals and engage in questioning witnesses, etc., people were at the forefront of the field.

Azuma Ban has said in this book, and is determined to risk all the Chinese people are not saying. But too many did not reveal the truth Democratic administration and the media are alarmed with what we can not know anything from the Japanese people.

He and you have a conversation over several days, was the scene of human language has always convincing.

In peril, and I keep his word to a different site and tell the truth, I want to reference one of Japan and China in considering the means.

An Inconvenient Truth, the Chinese do not want known to the world
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mari suzuki

A Happy New Year!
I wish you enjoy the happiest new year.
Thank you for precious information you have sent us every week.
And also I'd like to appreciate you for the goood books written by Mr.Bandou.
I'm also
interested the books especially about the China going to have Japan his territory.
These days , I am interested with the lost culture of the American natives, because I love their dances and music.
So , today I decided to see the movie "Dances with Wolves",which looks like "Last Samurai".
However , you can never tell if Japan will be the land of China or the land of USA in the year 2050 or 2100.
If so ,in the far away heaven ,when I'm not a living person,
I might be very sorry about
that we have lost our nation, culture , language and so on .
thank you.


Hey Ben - is the title of this book an allusion to Al Gore's documentary?






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