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ALERT* 11-06-10 BOP Ripped Off Well In The Gulf Of Mexico! *ALERT- Video

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NShfUuhBUQQ


You know, the more I think about it, this seems to have been an underwater launch of a missile. And if it was launched from a submarine, that means it would be nuclear tipped. And if it's nuclear tipped, but not armed to explode, that means it's gonna land somewhere. And if it lands some where, that means that the warhead is going to be available. And when you have an available warhead, especially if it lands in the ocean, that means you've got alive freaking nuke on the loose.

And that means someone can recover it, and then use it. Great. This makes the Barksdale Airforce base operation (with live nukes) look amateur.

My guess is they managed to off or blackmail whoever it is that's in this operation. THAT MEANS WE'VE POSSIBLY GOT ONE OR TWO LIVE NUKES LURKING AROUND. $h!t.


I think we know what happened with that event.


Neither the Pentagon or any of the international militaries will admit to this. And, it's off the coast of LA. Course, I don't buy Ellsworth's explanation, because all the Asians know we launch missles all the freaking time.

Methinks it's an aborted attempt at LA.




Yeah, right - and for those with bad memory:
secret government promises big changes ... ooops. that was Fulford 4 years ago .... how can one guy spread so much garbage?

Anonymous Coward

The History of Banking
and where did King Solomon’s treasure go


Indian in the machine

Well it looks like the rest of the world...the rest of the universe even, has had enough of the satanic cabal running the us government....

THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: There is such a short time left this year, but before it ends it will be seen that other countries are also preparing for major changes. No longer is the U.S. able to call the tune, but nevertheless their role will be of significant importance.


Homeland Security To ‘Regionalize’ Emergency Supplies Over Next 90 Days

China Says Fed Easing May Flood World Economy With ‘Hot Money’

chemtrails are REAL: they left a paper trail

Thanks Benjamin....your updates are awesome.

Anonymous Coward

Taken from a private board:

Communications between us and a person, Mr Whistleblower, working with OITC.

Response to Connie MacBean:-
Dear Connie MacBean,
Please refer in blue below
Dear Mr Whistleblower,

First let me thank you for your quick response and excuse myself for not getting back earlier.

No thanks necessary for the quick response. The subject matter was one that demanded a quick response, whereas other more general questions directed at us were not considered as important at the time.

I had to travel and get some face time with one of my sources before answering. That will not be necessary going forward. I very much want to see this through and see if we can come to an agreement on the historical aspect and what to eventually publish regarding the material in the presentation. I hope you can help us in filling in the blanks, correcting the facts and adding more meat and details to the bone so to speak all in the interest of achieving a far greater understanding of the whole issue. An understanding we hope to bring to the general public somehow. Definitely through Fourwinds.com but eventually also (hopefully) to a wider audience. I take heart at your comments below and hope that you can help us clarify some of what is missing.
However, it does leave out many vital and important facts
> which in my opinion would be highly relevant to people making, or
> achieving, a far greater understanding of the whole issue
For now, lets treat it as "someone's perception of history" and continue in that spirit.
If we can gain each others trust I see two goals we should be able to work towards.
1) Get an objective factual history presentation together and work towards getting that information out in the public domain. This is step one and should be easy enough to do. All to make it possible for people to have "a far greater understanding of the whole issue"

May I refer at this point to your item 1).
What concerns me here, is that your focus is mainly relevant to one quite small part of the whole subject matter. There are hundreds, if not thousands of other parts which all make up the bigger picture. Unfortunately, many of those parts are, or still remain classified “Secret”. These could be parts that are between Government(s) and other Government(s), Allied Powers and Government(s), and even privately between the various Royal Families of the World. You will understand that agreements, or arrangements, between various Royal Families are “Private Arrangements / Agreements”, and although some of these are referred to in a few Treaties, those Treaties are still held “Secret” whereby access is extremely restricted even at the highest level.
To get the correct and illuminating information, in its totality, out to the public domain under these circumstances is just not possible. Whatever is released publicly is, and will always remain a part of all relevant information and could be misleading to many, as numerous vital and important factors will, unfortunately, always be missing because of this ridiculous “Secrecy” Factor. I say ridiculous because one reason was the fact that the Royal Families agreed to the fact that these assets should be used for all Nations of the World, and not be allowed to be controlled, or taken possession of by those groups throughout the world that were gradually eroding and deposing Royal Families, in favour of what they referred to as “Democracy”, or groups with the ultimate aims of replacing (under a false Banner) the Royal Families and grasping the power for themselves. Again, unfortunately, it is one specific country that protects the “Secrecy” factor, which also allows for “Plausible Deniability” and the continuing Theft and Plunder of assets by the very same country.

We, I believe, are both aware of the various groups I am referring to, some of which do actually consist of disgruntled members of Royal Families, or very distant members of Royal Families, whose allegiances are not to their country, but to their ideologies and that of the groups they belong to.

Only 2 years ago, we came across a group who referred themselves as “Knights Templar” attempting to buy Gold which was stolen out of the Philippines and Thailand. They were working with the Federal Reserve and Deutsche Bank in Germany. Another example happened quite recently with another general inquiry to us. This one we saw through quite quickly and as it turns out we are now aware of how, in part, the “Jews” control many countries in Africa, utilising such organisations as the IMF, WB, and even the UN, plus various Intelligent Agencies.
Step 1 is not, and never will be, an easy one to achieve, not in a “one off” situation. In our opinion, this will take years of gradually “Nibbling Away” at the situation, which is our “Modus Operandi” at this moment in time.

In the 13 years following the appointment of H.E. to the position of International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir / Owner / Sole Arbiter, we have expended considerable time working and correcting the enormous amount of problems created by the previous Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (USA, France and UK). These problems are so severe and numerous that it will take many more years to resolve them all, if that is ever possible, because they are so complex and tend to be linked to other not directly connected Treaties, Conventions, Agreements etc. of which the Reagan-Mitterand Protocols is just one

To quickly refresh your memory on the latter, if I may. Two illegal Presidential Decrees by Reagan that under US law legalised what is referred to under International Law and International Treaty Law, as breaches of International Treaty Laws and illegal acts against the Collateral Accounts, which were applied to be used for covert operations against another country (Russia).
In order to give these illegal acts some visible but not legal basis / foundation, Reagan and Mitterand put together numerous countries in these separate protocols, without actually revealing the monetary source, so that the whole operation appeared to be of International Treaty Status supported by many countries of the world, when in fact the basis of such protocols were derived from the illegal acts of an American President / Government without any legal basis whatsoever.
It is this type of situation, of which there are many, which I refer to as “There are hundreds, if not thousands of other parts which all make up the bigger picture“. Deliberate inter-related activities, but most of which are totally separate and individual in their form, substance, and relatively to the Collateral Accounts, but all concocted / structured by the Americans to allow illegal use of the assets of the Collateral Accounts.

It is for this reason why I state that no one part of all of this can be taken / considered separately or individually from all other parts.
I can inform you quite openly that assets held in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and some held by other countries, do, in fact carry illegal Liens / Charges imposed by those parties that are, and have been, illegally using these assets for many years. The American Banks (many of them) are all guilty of this, as is the American Government, Federal Reserve, British and European Banks, IMF and World Bank, UN, plus many others. This is one reason why the world is in such a mess with approximately $3 quadrillion USD in illegal derivatives floating around in the market that no one is prepared to pay against.
I do admit that we are partly to blame for this worldly mess, as we will tolerate the situation no more. The line was drawn by H.E. many years ago, when these illegal liens were first recognised. The first step was to stop all legal funding to the IMF and WB, Strange, but not so strange, that the IMF records a $400 bill deficit in 2006 and who now wants to sell gold, recorded under the Collateral Accounts that they hold, to salvage themselves.

You should also be made aware of the fact that we are working with several countries that are equally dismayed, and totally disillusioned by the illegal practices of specific western countries, whereby in due course, we will, under special and applicable protocols, call the Nations of the World together to force the necessary changes that will bring about the real and original objectives of All Hereditary Owners of the Assets, as they are the only ones, as far as I am aware that can force the implementation of the purpose and objectives written by our forefathers, for the benefit of the world, via H.E. as the Legal Heir / Owner / Sole Arbiter.

2) Try to work together using the channels/information you have together with the channels/information we have towards striving to force BoE/FED to implement the various agreements that was put in place by our forefathers starting in 1857. For a list of agreements we see relevant we can communicate at a later date.
This second task may be a bit overwhelming and next to impossible but worth a try.

Coming on to your point 2).
Next to impossible, is probably the right wording to use in this instance? With the majority of this information still held “Secret” one has to be ultra careful as to what information is released, otherwise the person or party releasing such information would be in direct breach of numerous International Secrecy Laws, Official Secrets Acts, or similar, many of which can result, and probably would, in serious International repercussions, and also place the life of that person or persons in jeopardy.
Let me explain a little more. Certain International Treaties (mainly The European Ones) are not actual Treaties but are “Armistice Agreements” under the guise of International Treaties. Such “Armistice Agreements” have a limited term 20 – 25 years, some with a 30 year term, which, at term end, could refer back to the actual situation prior to such “Armistice Agreements” being executed. That would, in our opinion, create war in Europe and possibly other areas of the World, which no one with any sense, wants to see, or be the cause of. Better, in these circumstances to maintain the “Status Quo” for the sake of World Peace.

Additionally, it would be totally impossible to find a party (Press, Web Site, Blogs, or similar) to publish anything because in most cases, the responsible ones would check it out first. Once establishing the “Secrecy” factor that surrounds most of this, they would run a mile, and ask you to leave their offices immediately, never to return. If the more informal but publicly dominated areas were explored, such as Private Web Sites, Blogs, you can be certain that they will be either shut down or blocked, without any delay, and the operators of such sites prosecuted on trivial false evidence, but sufficient to allow them an extra long holiday at the Nation’s expense.

The above has happened in the past, and even present day, but of course it is rarely known because it is undertaken in a certain way so that the Truth is never revealed or becomes part of any criminal or civil Court actions, much to our distaste I add, therefore any information released, whether by myself or anyone else known to us, or anyone who approaches us, must be cleared by H.E.
The reason why I state the latter is because H.E. is an Internationally Protected Person and can never be prosecuted. He is as adamant as much as anyone else that the truth must come out, but at the same time, he knows the dangers to all those persons who are involved in revealing the truth. Such disclosures must therefore have H.E.’s approval and protection behind it, at all times. No approval, then no disclosure, as it would endanger all those involved, which is not the objective at all.

With respect to your good self and your colleagues, you need to seriously consider this factor before moving forward on same. Yes, we all want the truth to come out and the World put right, and as it should be. However, the forces against this are immensely strong and powerful, and do not hesitate to remove people from the scene, where necessary.
This is an area that even Presidents of some countries, with all their security and power, will not become involved as they fear the consequences.

When any part of this subject is publicised anywhere by anyone, those people need to be absolutely 100% sure that they have their facts and figures correct, otherwise more damage can be done that what one could imagine. There are stories abound, complete with documents (most of which are fakes), which all appears to be real and people believe it. This is where the problem lies because the Truth is never believed because their minds have already been programmed with falsities. The Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia are typical of many countries where stories which contain some truth but largely full of falsities, are numerous and believed by many, to the detriment of the truth. This is where the damage is caused because the truth, or what can be revealed at any one time, is never believed by the public at large.

People who write to various Web Sites and Blogs on this very subject are generally misinformation specialists, or those who are using the public to believe what is written, with the intent of Financial Benefits by those who start this all off.

We get sick of reading all this bullshit, because some truth is there, but then it is distorted by the falsities. All very plausible and appearing to be the truth by the innocent minds, but much of it so far from the truth that it would be easier to catch a bus to the moon than rely upon what is currently, and in the past, published on this subject.

Let me introduce myself. I am a private person not connected to any group, organization or secret service of any kind who finds himself receiving information and documents from a few different sources. It is appreciated what you have commented about yourself, but unless we know you personally and you hold the relevant security level clearance, we, unfortunately, can not disclose classified information to you. In due course, over a period of time, such information will drift out, as and when H.E. The Chairman deems fit and proper.
One of the sources are Mr Sw who is one of the signatories on "our" version of G.H.A. Can I assume that the Mr Sw you refer to

is that of Mr Soewarno. If so, you may be heading in the wrong direction completely. Mr Soewarno is named by former President Soekarno as a “Secondary Holder” along with “Miss Sarinah” and others, none of whom held any power over the assets.

In fact Mr Soewarno was working closely with UBS with certificates he held following the demise of former President Soekarno, and although Mr Soewarno is now deceased, UBS are still issuing false certificates against those Soekarno Gold Certificates. The latest we have on record is one issued in 2006, signed by Marcel Ospel and Sir Peter Davies, for 100 mill USD, against a Gold Bullion Certificate.
Soewarno has always claimed he owns them, but he has no idea as to the identity of the account signatory and account holder. Soewarno was just the holder of the certificate and could do nothing with them unless he and a crooked bank got together and did things behind closed doors, which is exactly what was happening.

Unfortunately, Soewarno hasn’t got any credibility and the documents he issued have even less. None of the documents we have seen hold any genuineness about them, and none match the “Library Copies”.
I will be blunt, for which I apologise. If I am correct on this, you would be better off staying silent, unless of course you can verify the documents you hold direct with the relevant persons and the Library Copies.

You can find a copy of that at kebenaran555@gmail.com. Log in using U7P4Mwaq and find the GHA in G-mail photos + some additional information in a draftbox mail. In respect of the copy documents. This is also appreciated, but I have to say that we would need full certified copies of same, delivered to us by courier mail so that every little item can be checked. To do this from e mail copies is not possible because there are certain security marks that are highly relevant in such documents, whereby we would need to verify them against the “Library Copy”.
Having stated that, the colouring of your scanned copies does portray a copy of a security paper print, which actually scans in the brown colour and not the original colour of the document. Scanning does not eliminate the security markings which can be viewed via special equipment.

I send it to you this way since then it does not actually get "sent" = scanned between two e-mail addresses. As far as I know intel services are not yet officially allowed to pry into private peoples e-mail accounts but are free to search sent/received e-mails. Correct me if I am wrong. Also comments and perceptions regarding these documents are welcome. In respect of your methodology of sending communications. What you have implemented does work, however, the computers, or some of them, of various agencies look for unusual patterns. Dead End addresses, as you propose, are unusual patterns and would attract the agencies like bees around a honey pot. It is far safer using Airmail addressed to individuals. It may take longer, but safety and security is paramount.

I have an OK from my sources to expose what I receive so I am not bound by any confidentiality agreements or break of trust. It has to be done in as a factual and objective way possible leaving the reader to make his own conclusions. (and we do realize that they will differ widely based on preconceived ideas/ideologies) Whilst we are on the subject of communications, such communications, or release of information to the public must be 100% factual and allow very limited room for personal perceptions. The over-riding premise must always be in anyone’s mind. What they perceive about the information that surrounds the over-riding premise is not controllable, but such perceptions can be limited so that the over-riding premise is always prominent in their minds.

No one can afford to allow any misconception by anyone else. The truth is the truth and that is how it must always be. Lies are dissolved by the truth in the average persons mind once they start their own investigations and commence comparisons of information.

Having said that, I do apologize for that parts you noted as slanted and lets try and correct them. No apologies necessary.

We (as in you, me & my sources) share a desire to expose a very corrupt system now run by a very small elite for the benefit of a few and the enslavement of many. The few who highjacked a very noble plan and used it's building blocks (UN, WB, IMF, FED etc) for power plays and world rape. Let's focus on what we have in common (expose the system and give people a clear understanding of history) and not get derailed by what may be our differences. Yes, we certainly share a desire to expose a very corrupt system operated by a few to the detriment of the masses. I certainly like the work “Highjacked” because that is exactly what happened over decades, and it is a word we use occasionally to explain what happened, as people understand such a word quite easily.
As for total exposure, very difficult because of the “Secrecy” factor and the fact that there are far too many fake and fictitious documents floating around that subordinate the truth.
The truth can only come out in time, and upon the approval of H.E. The Chairman, as these fake and fictitious documents are gradually being remove from the world market place. In fact, since 2003 no bank other than our own Institutional Bank, can issue any certificate against any of the old Heritage Certificates, or any assets of the Collateral Accounts, whether under the name of Soekarno, Soewarno, Soenario, Marcos, Noriega, DeGaulle, Arafat, or others. Since 2003 all the old certificates, whether invalid on date or not, have been retired and are no longer valid. New Certificates have to be issued by our own Institutional Bank.

You have to understand that it is easy to perceive the OITC as being a creation of the forces behind the BoE/FED to gather up the last little threads they don't already control. A "sheep in wolfs clothing" is one description I have heard. In the Asian experience there are many examples of noble institutions, set up and worked by noble people with great intentions that have not quite worked out as planned. UN, WB, IMF being some of them. They put a whole lot "in the communal pot" and have very little apart from abuse to show for it. I certainly like your “A sheep in Wolfs clothing” statement. Yes, on the surface that how it has been perceived by many since 1995. In reality, this is so far from the truth that one has to smile at such statements. It is a general perception based upon published facts, but an incorrect perception. If I may at this stage reiterate the fact that if the truth is to be known then it must be undertaken carefully and nothing but the truth revealed, otherwise perceptions go wild. When the truth can be verified, some perceptions disappear out of sight completely.

Trust has to be earned at this point I guess. Truth is always there. Respect is what has to be earned, and from respect develops belief whereby lies disintegrate.
Here is one line of thought..

OITC was set up in 1995. A few years before a large number of Gold certificates loans were set to run out. Running at 33 year cycles they were first lent out in 1930-35 to fund the "New Deal" in the US, re lent in 1963-68 and set to mature in 1996-2001. My guess is that the banking world was desperate to have a new M1 in place before that date or a very large number of banks would find their vaults sitting on Gold contracts that needed to be re signed. I make reference here to your “Line of Thought”. First point here is that most of these old Certificates carry a 25 year term or 30 year term only. Your 33 year term doesn’t equate. The Thirty (30) year term, being maximum under International Law. This may not be visible on the actual old certificates because dates were usually embedded into numeric codes.
One of the major uses of these certificates came in 1933 / 4 with the USA, refinancing following the great depression. In return the USA, as is always the case, issue a series of Obligation Certificates covering the amount loaned, plus Custodian Fees and Costs. This is why you have the Federal Reserve Notes, Federal Reserve Bonds, American Dream Bonds, Wells Fargo Notes / Silver and Gold Certificates, J.P.Morgan Bonds, plus many more, secreted away in the Philippines, in various designs of boxes, safes, crates, etc. Yes, if you are thinking it, it is probably correct, which are the very certificates that the America rogue agency have been stealing for many years, and which many others have attempted to use for personal gain.

The debt to the Collateral Accounts has never been repaid by America. In fact the debt is now fully collaterised by every ounce of Gold, Silver, Oil / Mineral wealth, Government Buildings / Land / Property, or other assets, titled under the US Government.

Even the Banks who either legally borrowed from the Collateral Accounts, or illegally used assets, ended up issuing Bank Debenture Stock guaranteed by the US Government. Does that ring a bell with what is currently happening and the Nationalisation / Bail Outs of Banks ….. There is always an alternative reason which is never publicly explained.

I don’t think the dates stated by you have much relevance, except of course to the long term debt factor agreed with the Collateral Accounts. However, we could both be wrong on that because the very dates you state are dates in which the Trilateral, Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (USA, France and UK) were in charge of the Collateral Accounts when they appear to have done exactly what they wanted to do and disregarded all others, so normal circumstances / procedures were subordinated to the whims and desires of the TTTGC, as and when they required it.

So a suitable person was found early on to fill the place, educated and "groomed" by US & western interests and finally "elected by those qualified to elect" to fill the role. My guess is that the first actions of the chairman was to re sign a lot of contracts to keep the stability of the banking world intact upon his appointment. Again, please correct me if I am wrong. Re: “A suitable Person”. In fact the way in which the world portrayed this issue is incorrect. Please let me explain. It was the Royal Families of the World who nominated H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam, not the Americans as many believe. Dr Ray C. Dam is in fact a member of a Royal Family and was the over-riding signature during the time of the TTTGC, whose purpose was to ensure that the TTTGC did not abuse the accounts? As we are all aware, Bankers and Governments are very good at finding the holes and conjuring specific actions out of thin air, so the presence of Dr. Dam did not prevent abuse. However, it did allow him to report what he saw, and knew, to the Royal Families, who decided to stop the rot and not extend the 50 year term of the TTTGC.

It was at this stage that the Royal Families of the 42 Nations decided to appoint one man as the Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts, much to the despise of the Americans, French and British establishments. That man was Dr. Ray C. Dam, a member of their own clan, so to speak, with which the Royal Families were very comfortable.

Unfortunately, the hatred of the Americans, French and British excelled and they ensured that they maintained control of the mechanism, which was necessary at the time based upon the US Dollar being the World’s Reserve Currency. It is that control which largely prevents proper use of the Accounts for the benefit of the world.
To give your more insight into Dr. Ray C. Dam, which is confidential, and hinges mainly upon the personal aspect of his life.

It was the French who assassinated his Parents, being the former Sovereign Monarchs of a specific country, for which he will never forget.
It was the Americans who supported the French throughout this unfortunate period of time.
The Americans took Dr Dam outside his own country and placed him under the custodianship of a US Sympathiser in another country, who treated him as a House Boy, and apparently very badly. He will never forget that episode in his life and largely blames the Americans.

When the Americans finally took him to America, having been partly conditioned by the American sympathiser family, he was educated to a specific level and then moved to the U.K.
He was being groomed to be something he didn’t want to be, and he knew it, so played along with it.
Following his education, he was sent to Germany to work and train in the Bundesbank. From there into Russia, to the Central Bank of Russia. From there back into the U.K. to the Bank of England, and then back to America, where he was employed in the Federal Reserve.

He was soon placed in charge of the Politically sensitive division and knew an awful amount about the accounts, finally to become signatory to the accounts.
The Americans believed that they had programmed him sufficiently to be able to control him, but in fact the opposite was applicable. Dr. Ray C. Dam developed a negative attitude to the Americans, French and British, and knew exactly what these Nations were up to.

Through Royal Family protocols, Dr. Dam alerted the Royal Families and provided them with evidence to support his claims.
When the Royal Family intelligence operations finally got to work and established that Dr. Dam was in fact the Hereditary Monarch of a specific country. It is at that time that things started to change.
Dr. Dam is not his real name. It is a name given to him by the Americans when he first went to America. His real name is that of the Royal Family of that specific country which many still recognise today. Neither the Americans, nor the British, will allow Dr. Dam to enter their countries, nor will they provide Visas for his children to be educated in either America or Britain. He removed himself from aligning with the French as the French still support the family of the elected King whom they elected way back decades ago.

I, and others in the OITC, have personally experienced Dr. Dam’s acrimonious attitude towards the Americans, British and French, whereby he is determined to ensure, no matter what it takes, that the Collateral Accounts, or any part thereof, are eased away from the Americans and ultimately used, as assented to by the Nations of the World (Royal Families), for the betterment of all Nations and People of the World.

What we are doing right now and what we are achieving will ultimately see this happen. However in the meantime, we have to operate strategically and slowly, otherwise it may all be destroyed by the actions of America who are as cunning as a fox and ultra devious.

Personally I do fully believe that you and your team are fully committed to pursue the aim of the goals set out in "The plan of the experts" and make this a better world for all. I applaud your efforts and commitment in hindering the "hardliners" in their pursuit of ultimate control. We all agree that if the agreements that were put in place since 1857 and forward were honored the world would be a better place.
One of the factors which Dr. Dam implemented was to stop all legal use of the Collateral Accounts by the IMF, WB, and UN. This was done on a percentage basis reduction over X years from the year 2000. Surprisingly, but not so surprising, the IMF recorded a $400 bill loss in 2006. Also surprisingly the IMF wanted to sell some gold they hold as custodians, which was also prevented, as the gold is part of the Collateral Accounts. It goes on and on, but the main factor is that results are showing Dr. Dam’s actions are taking effect. This is why I earlier state that we may be partly responsible for the Economic and Financial Crisis in the World today. America owe to the World, an awful lot more than what is being admitted, and they have no intention of paying, so in Dr. Dam’s opinion, they have to learn a very hard lesson and start to live within their means, irrespective of the negative effects..

People ask why don’t we help America out and let them use assets to balance themselves up, thus bringing stability to the world. Well, the real truth is that it has been attempted before, back in Roosevelt’s time, and following the great depression. America never learned its lesson then as they still went on spending as if they owed nothing to anyone. They have carried on like that ever since with an acceleration of their internal financial and economic policies since the 70’s.

In Dr. Dam’s words, quote “We do not finance any country that uses such finance to go out into the world and attempt to control it, dictating and enforcing their ideologies, by whatever means they desire, whether financial warfare, military warfare, or otherwise. Neither do we finance crooks and thieves”.

I also do hope the "new financial system" you are working on does not include a cashless society model were every economic transaction will have to go through a bank since it should be more about empowering people and less about controlling them. In my mind a "year of the Jubilee" is in order were people and Nations are set free from the bondage of debt. This last thought is very much my own and does not represent any others. Reference to the new Financial System we have developed. I can assure you that this is not a cashless society, nor is it based on fiat money.

It is an Asset backed International Monetary Unit, which automatically, by association, backs the currencies of every other country in the World. The asset backing is provided by the Collateral Accounts.
If we take the total world GNP, it is in the region of $55 trillion USD (If my memory is correct on this, if not please correct me). This means that the accounts will need to provide $55 trillion in assets (Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc) based upon a Gold Price standard. However, there is far more to this than just a new System and new International Monetary Unit. Control, Administration, Regulation, is also a very big part of the new system, whereby maximum leverage will be x 10. Anything above that will be criminally illegal. Banking and Corporate Laws need to be amended. Gone will be the IMF and WB, plus the International Development Banks. Introduced will be a full international representation through several Regional committees and one International Committee, removing the need for the G7 and G20 etc, who are all politically motivated.

The whole new system will be run by each and every country of the world, through the International Treasury Control. Politics and Foreign Policy will not enter into the Financial and Economic fundamentals of the World anymore.

On that point I will say no more because we are still working on the intricacies of the system, whereby we do not wish to release information until we are ready to do so, otherwise those in power will claim it shows weaknesses which can not be tolerated within any new system, just to protect their old dilapidated system which can no longer work, and which is so far past its “Sell By” date, that it is no longer fit for human consumption.

What I hope you can do is read and comment on the presentation page by page.
For example, Page 1. Don't agree with.. Do agree with $B!D (B Added detailed info. Not really possible because of the way the content is presented along with the many questions and nuances.
For instance detailed info on how at various stages the "bad" elements tried early on to highjack the system or more details and meat on the bone regarding how the "banking/Rothshield" side has played out their agenda over time would be helpful. We do agree 100% with your comments, that if agreements, treaties, conventions, etc since 1850 onwards, had been allowed to operate and function correctly over the years, the world would not be in such a predicament as it is now, nor would much of what has happened negatively in the world over the 150 years, would have happened at all. The world as it should be, never will be until the people who constantly desire and propagate civil unrest, and believe they can steal or use these assets freely for their own purpose: are removed from their positions and brought to justice with long term incarceration. If the public have a choice, I personally see court cases and incarceration being bottom of the list, with “Hang them first and ask questions later” taking the number 1 slot.
The problem is with those who have manipulated the whole system and interpreted such agreements, treaties, conventions, etc. in a way that benefits them only, and forcing other countries to apply and be subservient to.

Coming on to the “Bad” Elements. This actually goes back hundreds of years, and one can quote the “Crusade Wars” in the Middle East. The Jews, Catholics, Christians, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, etc, etc, etc.
The target, as with most other wars is the wealth of the countries involved. King Solomon’s treasures, The Aztec Treasure, The Inca Treasures, The Egyptian Treasures, and so on, are all part of the Collateral Accounts.

Knights Templar, still claim to this very day, title to these treasures, as does the Knights of Malta, the Christians, and the Catholics. They all do their utmost to steal back what they believe are rightfully theirs as “War Booty” generally, even though indirectly, they executed the very Treaties, agreements, conventions, designating all such treasures to the accounts to benefit the world and its people.
It was in the mid to late 1800’s that the Jews, who controlled the European Banking industry started to flex their muscles, which became far more evident in 1907, following the financial turmoil in America, and the 1910 with the Jekyll Island Treaty. It was these persons, all Jewish Bankers, that structured the Jekyll Island Treaty, which was their first visible attempt to hijack the Collateral Accounts (as they are now known) and bring them under the control of the Banking fraternity.

This was quickly recognised by the Royal Families of the world, whereby Emperor Hirohito of Japan designed a scheme which would isolate the Collateral Accounts from the grasp of the Banking fraternity. This was assented to by the Royal Families under the 1920 London Treaty.

I will not go into the actual structuring as it will divulge the mechanisms to be applied to access the Collateral Accounts, which are very complex, whereby no one person involved within the operation of the Collateral Accounts, knew any other one person, who were all scattered throughout the world, as indeed the assets were.
From 1920 onwards, even during the years of WW II, the assets were secreted away in numerous countries under the terms and conditions of the 1920 Treaty, which included assets sent to Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, etc, etc, etc. No one country was allowed to hold assets that it may have had a claim to at any time, e.g. Assets in Indonesia are not, and never have been assets of the Indonesian Country. The same principle applies with the Philippines, America, United Kingdom, Russia, etc, etc, etc.

It was in 1944/5 with the Bretton Woods Treaty, again made up of mainly Jewish Bankers, structured everything which would allow a final hijack in due course. The United Kingdom whose currency was at that time the Reserve Currency of the World, which was also the heart of the Jewish Banking Fraternity (Rothschild), had removed the Gold Standard years prior to 1944/5.

Within the Bretton Woods Treaty, the British Pound was to be removed and substituted by the US Dollar. Within a “Side Agreement” to the Bretton Woods Treaty the Collateral Accounts were to be operated, Administered, and Controlled by the TTTGC (America, U.K. France) as the Allied Powers, but also because the US Dollar was the International Reserve Currency and therefore operated out of NYC and DC. via the Federal Reserve and US Government.

Shortly after the Federal Reserve System was introduced. This is legally a separate entity to the Federal Reserve, and introduced into various countries in Europe as well as America. It was this Federal Reserve System that was to partly utilise the Assets of the Collateral Accounts.

This is where everything started to go wrong, but not recognised at the time. The fact that power and control rested entirely in the hands of America, the Federal Reserve System, and supported by the Allied Powers.
Also involved in the Collateral Accounts was the “War Booty” from several countries, which was to be used within the reparations between countries following the war. Any balances were to remain with the Collateral Accounts.

Now you should be able to see how the Allied Powers, lead by America, started to control the world.

As time went on, America borrowed more and more money from the Collateral Accounts, never having any intention of paying it back. At the same time, the under-pinning of the USD by the Collateral Accounts was diminishing. This was supposed to be a 10:1 ratio (10 USD to 1 USD value of Collateral Account Assets) It was in 1963 that President Kennedy attempted to put right the wrongs of the past and bring the ratio back to what it should be. This is when the Green Hilton Agreement came into effect. Its purpose was to allow more dollars to be printed under the 10:1 ratio rule, to increase World Trade and World monetary supply.

Needless to say, we all know what happened in Now 1963. The Green Hilton Treaty was never recognised by America, and never has been to this day. Various fakes of the GHT (or Agreement as known by many) began to emerge. So no one really knows which the real one is. A deliberate attempt to confuse people and deny legally, etc.

We then go through to August 1971 when Nixon removed (abolished) the Gold Standard, Fiat currencies were effectively born and every country in the world were compelled to follow suit. All of this under the banner of “Monetarism”, later to be referred to as “Global Economy”, “Free Trade”. At this juncture one must look at the various advisors around Nixon at the time. Many were of one specific religion and well connected to the Banking Fraternity of America and the UK.

Gradually, over the years since 1971, regulation has been eased, under the pretence of enhancing International Trade and Competitiveness. How people were fooled, and still are fooled.
During all this time 1944/5 – 1995, and even to present date, the TTTGC totally abused the Collateral Accounts in their own favour, but also abused the Accounts in a Monetary Warfare philosophy throughout the World, bringing down democratically elected Governments in favour of their own people. Currency raids to enhance their foreign policy, and so forth.
The Royal Families of the World, together with some Nations who were not aligned to the Allied Powers, realised what was happening but could do nothing as the TTTGC Gold Commission was effectively written in stone. At the same time the Royal Families of the World did not desire to create another serious conflict in the World, so they waited until 1994, when they unanimously agreed not to extend the 50 year term of the TTTGC, but to recover their power over the Collateral Accounts, and remove all traces of dominance by the Allied Powers, more so America.
Hence the 1995 appointment of H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam.

Various Indonesians (Filipinos are the same) attempted to claim the assets held in their country, even to the extent of lobbying the US Government heavily, and on many occasions All without success, and a few ending up incarcerated for many years.

It was in late 2001, that several top people in Indonesia approached Dr. Ray C. Dam, regarding the assets. Apparently they were shown absolute proof of ownership under the Collateral Accounts, and even accessed the accounts to Screen Print all Account Details.

Recognising the Truth, they acknowledged the various Treaties, documents, information etc. but then referred to “Heritage Rights (Custodian Fees)” over the assets held within Indonesia. This led to the 2003 Bangkok Treaty (recognising the Rights), which is legal and effective, and will be honoured.

However, America has illegally applied a lien on the assets in Indonesia and several other countries, to prevent their use by others, and thus preventing custodian fees from being claimed, paid, or payable.
This lien is where the problem arises today with the enormous debt accumulated by the American and British Banks, as well as Governments. To date we have a figure in excess of $3.35 Quadrillion USD, debt factor, made up of illegal use of the assets by the banks and governments, which are supposed to be the collateral behind all these derivatives. To give an example, J.P.Morgan are in for hundreds of Trillions of Debt when they illegally used Gold Assets held at the Bank under Custodianship Rules, to produce “Over the Counter” Gold Derivatives, sold through “Off Shore” domiciled corporations. Citibank are in for approximately $700 billion USD of Debt for their illegal use of the Assets.

All this debt is guaranteed by the US under the various treaties since 1944/5, which is something they cannot eliminate or extinguish. The debt must be paid,. Alternatively, we are using the assets irrespective of any illegally applied Lien, leaving America to sort out their self generated problem, as we do not, neither does any treaty, recognise illegal liens.
It is taking us vast amounts of time to sort all this out. We are also taking other actions that I cannot disclose at this moment in time, other than to say changes have been implemented and are still being implemented, and will continue to be implemented until the Collateral Accounts are fully under control and being used as per their original purpose, for the benefit of ALL Nations of the World and the people of the World.

I do not desire to focus on the Rothschild factor too much as they are just part of the problem, along with the Rockefellers’, Kissinger, and many more. The problem itself was compounded by various other parties, such as Governments, Foreign Policies, Monetary Warfare, and the like. Thaksin Shinawatra is another good example. He is not a Jew, but he is a puppet of the Bushes. Stealing assets held in Thailand and Cambodia. Warned 3 times and told to stop and replace everything which was missing. He didn’t and on the Third occasion it was manipulated to depose him and bring charges for menial crimes to prevent exposure of the assets and Collateral Accounts. He is now a fugitive on the run and dare not return to Thailand. His Wife, an accomplice, has a 5 year jail term against her, which she is appealing against.
There are others, whereas the routing has started and will continue, until everything is finally sorted out and the accounts brought back under proper control and used as intended.

Also if actual figures are off such as 7.5 million metric tones (11 is also a number that has been mentioned) and you are not in a position to divulge the correct ones maybe such specifics are best kept out of the presentation? In respect of the actual MT volume of Gold held within the Collateral Accounts. You are low with your figures and you should be working on an absolute minimum of 20 million MT of Gold alone. In addition, you have thousands of tonnes of Platinum, Silver, Thousands of boxes of precious gems, plus Sovereign Certificates which are collateralised by other mineral wealth such as Oil, Copper, Bauxite, Uranium, Nickel Babbit, Ancient Treasures, Works of Art, Sovereign Monarch Treasures, etc, etc, etc.

The wealth is enormous. Far more than anyone would believe, and at least 100 quinrillion USD more than what is required to put the world to right.

We understand it is a very "dangerous & murky" world out there. This side is very traumatized. Last time they stuck their necks out and came to the bank with all the necessary documents and signatories was back in 1984. An Asian group showed up at UBS with all the right papers including "The 3 roses" box. That lead to Robert Palmer (I believe it was) issuing an order for 7 T to be transferred from the FED to Europe within 24 hours. That transfer order was picked up by CIA hardliners who sent a hit squad to eliminate the people and confiscate all the documents. That CIA order was again picked up by MI5 who responded by sending their "Zulu" group to protect them. The CIA group had support from 7 of the Swiss Kantons so the rescue was a mayor undertaking. Supposedly 20 people died but the key people and documents were sent back to Asia secure. You should be able verify some of this. A mayor gunfight in and around UBS headquarters should be hard to cover up completely I would think? “Dangerous and murky World out there” is an understatement if I may respectfully say so. So dangerous that even the banks have their own assassination squads, and these people would go to all lengths to stop the world gaining from the benefits of the Collateral Accounts.

The rest of your statement here sounds about right. Move to far and too fast without all pieces being in place, and you will end up dead, without any question. Hence why I previously have stated that you ought to be fully aware of what you are doing especially if you are not part of the operation and carry no protectorate or immunity, as you will end up dead. I have no doubt in my mind that you are probably being watched right now and monitored. Get too close and you will have serious problems which we can not assist you with. Others have tried it before, only to be eliminated or incarcerated on trumped up charges.

I will try and verify what you have stated here, when I next meet with H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam, However, it was before his appointment as International Treasury Controller, so he may not have all the information although it will be recorded, Whether he desires to dig up old bones, so to speak is another matter. Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.
As for Robert Palmer, definitely rogue See Eye Aye. He has been at it for years, including attempting to illegal use assets from the China Foundation, and the Mae Hua Trust. Keep your distance from this man because he has accomplices, one of whom we know of very well, who is a mentally deranged person who was removed from the legal part of See Eye Aye for illegally assassinating 6 persons without permission. He was immediately recruited to the rogue element of the See Eye Aye. There are many more, most of whom you would not recognise or know if you passed them in the street. At the same time, you don’t really want to know these people. Better to make friends with a crocodile.

One of the side effects of this 1984 drama was that Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines lost his grip on power. Up to that point, the banking world had guessed/assumed that he was 3/3/3 or "the man with no name". A signatory for hundreds of key accounts. In fact the person who showed up was his cousin. They shared the same grandfather who was the Chinese Royal active with PB X in the 1920's recall of funds. Their bloodline goes all the way back to Djengis Kahn. Also a great collector of huge amounts of Gold. Re: Ferdinand Marcos. No he was not the signatory to many accounts as stated. He was the senior Custodian on behalf of the Republic of the Philippines (The same factor applies to the so-called Soekarno Assets). The real Signatory, who Imelda is still attempting to use is known to us. This person is (was) signatory to 849 accounts held in 368 banks throughout the world. In fact I stated this person IS the signatory. No, not anymore. The name has been removed ever since they attempted to access the Japanese accounts using the Yakusa.

These people do not know who I am, but I worked undercover with them for approximately 2 years. I even had the signatory held safely in a safe house in Bangkok, but then through a Filipino Priest, the person succumbed to a massive payment by Imelda and returned unexpectedly to the Philippines. It was then that the signatory was removed completely from anything to do with the accounts. I am aware that the signatory died approximately 1 year ago in a freak accident.

We are aware of the Chinese Royal Family connection of Marcos, and yes it does go back to Genghis Khan, as well as Mao Si Dong.
This connection really means nothing as Marcos did not get his position through the Royal connection. He was in fact See Eye Aye and Lawyer to St. Romano (See Eye Aye and Vatican Ambassador), connected to General McArthur and General Lansdale.

What people who were present at both the signing of G.H.A & the 1984 debacle will tell you is that Soekarno was not always Soekarno. Other people also signed using his name. Verification of correct signatory ID is done using blood DNA. We also appreciate the fact that Soekarno was not always Soekarno, and his signature was not always that, or one of the four known and recognised signatures on record. You are absolutely correct when you state that verification is by DNA. This is common with all World Leaders, and certainly common within the Royal Families and the upper echelons of World Society.
We are aware that DNA is verified with Blood, Hair and Skin or Bone sample. All three have to match otherwise no one takes a blind bit of notice. Library copies of ALL Agreements / Treaties, Conventions, etc are also kept on record, so fakes are easily recognised., even if the fakes use security paper, some of which was left in the Philippines many years ago and which the Filipinos have been using, illegally of course.

Coming back to Marcos. There was only one other person on record to succeed Marcos. Again DNA samples were taken. No other person in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world should have possession of any certificates, etc other than Marcos or the known successor. Many have tried and many have ended up dead or incarcerated. On the World Gold Council Blacklist many are Filipinos, which is not at all surprising. Even that successor has relinquished the post, whereby the assets in the Philippines are now under Custodianship of a person who is not Filipino and not resident in the Philippines.
There is a lot of ground to cover. For technical things not suitable for the public domain please suggest an alternative way of communicating. But first, let's do our best to try and get the historical aspect of this as correct as possible and out into the hands of the public. The safest method is AIR MAIL, or recorded / registered AIR MAIL Email, no matter if it is encrypted or not, is not 100% safe and secure.
In the hope of getting an in debt response and lots of future constructive communication going, Yes, but we really need to know you and your colleagues before we go too far, and I need to consult with Dr. Dam on these matters, as he is the one with the knowledge and access. To give you information which is not based on fact, or official record, is not my way of doing things, nor is it the way of the Dr. Dam or the OITC. Some fact can never be released, some, not so secret fact, has already been released. The problem I have is that I am now retired, and although I assist Dr Dam when it is needed I can not be available all of the time, especially at this moment in time as I have to go into hospital for a major operation, but I will attempt to be active from the hospital bed.
Best Regards, M
P.s I have found all your postings on Fourwinds a very interesting read. I am not sure I have all of them though. Can you please send me a copy of all the postings together with any other material you have written and made public elsewhere? It certainly helps to get the fuller picture. Thanks. D.s
These will need to be sorted as there are a great many of them, some of which are irrelevant, some are of a personal nature to other respondents, some have just been communications with no publication of same.

I will attend to this in due course, but for the moment this is something I can not attend to yet
Referring now to your attachment. Your list here is only partly correct. There are an awful lot more assets, hereditary lines, origins, National Wealth, etc, within the Collateral Accounts that what you have listed. You certainly have a reasonable historical background, indicated by your definitions, which I find a little unusual considering you claim you are an ordinary person. Perhaps you would care to explain how you have such knowledge, when others who are actively involved do not have the same knowledge.
I apologise for being so direct here, but we do get “Spoof” communications from all sorts of intel agents, all trying to discredit the real information, who then post their manipulated and disinformation articles (complete with a degree of fact) to Blogs and various web sites. We therefore are very careful, whereby we do now insist that full names and addresses are revealed, which we check out before responding. We will no longer respond to anonymous or pseudonym communications.
Yours faithfully

supra skytop

Genius only means hard-working all one's life.


And, right on cue, we have this mysterious missile launch in California caught by helicopter news camera? Is this linked to what you predicted Ben? As of writing, the US authorities are at a loss to explain what this is, or they don't want to comment. It's being dismissed as a plan in MSM. BUt there are already 65 pages of chatter about it on abovetopsecret.com.


Nov 8th 1895, the recognized "birth" of X-Rays by W.C. Roentgen. Sorry man, I'm an X-ray student. The reason for the X-rays on Google. All the other stuff, that's all you, keep up the great work and stay safe!!!!


I know that thisis a blog for readers of Ben Fulford's words of wisdom, but I was wondering if Ben or any of the readers out there might have a good recipe for acorn squash. You see, it is near Thanksgiving and I have a lot of this stuff around. I was thinking about baking them in the oven at about 400 degrees for an hour. I like to add butter and brown sugar. Does anyone have any interesting recipes out there? Maybe adding nuts or raisins or nutmeg to the mix might help(?)


Mystery missile launch off Catalina Island has Pentagon baffled:
MSNBC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDrcNCocogw&feature=share
CBS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2qKMchcgzk&feature=share


I'd say your sources aren't that reliable. Re: Obama will cancel his visit to Indonesia. Obama is in Indonesia right now!


I don't know if this is related, but there was mystery missile launch off the coast of California on that very day (11-09-10):


日航ジャンボ123便 18:30前後「松崎から見て下田駅方向の山並みが光ったのを多数の方が目撃。(R414ループ橋付近)


日航ジャンボ123便 18:45前後 JAL123便は轟音を響かせ、かなりの低空飛行で「西武球場」上空付近を通過した。


The Google logo depicts the 115th anniversary of the discovery of x-rays. Please note the pigeon depicted in the small g. It refers to the Google April Fool for 2002. Might that tell us something. Another one down I think.


The Obamas have arrived in Jakarta, that's one down.


Fulford, you are so full of crap that at times I legitimately feel sorry for you. You are basically saying that your Asian Freemasons are better then Western Freemasons! Are you f-ing kidding me? All Freemasons practice witchcraft and worship Lucifer you moron! I hope people read this post and understand that Fulford is nothing but a "Hanoi Jane" for the Asian Freemasons. Remember that other moron Leo Zagami claims that not all Freemasonry is bad... that is why he started his own lodge to recruit truth seekers. Wake UP! Yahweh is back and Lucifer is running scared... along with all his minions!


Far more important event then Khazar Talmudist/Satanist/Banksters desperate plots is prepared here:

ssORBO Demonstration Nov 13, 11:00 at Docklands Innovation Park, Dublin

Public Free Energy Demonstration




Beware. Aspartame To Be Added To Following Foods (Codex!)

From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum

Link: http://rense.com/general92/aspcod.htm


"Remember 9 is a sacred number for the Satanists."

Google's main logo is written in BONES today. They say its for the 115th anniversary of the discovery of X-rays. Radiation? Hummmm....

Look at the logo and zoom in on the letters "oo" in "Google" . The first o is a 6 and the second o is a 9. "69"!!!!!!!



Let's see how things go. If nothing happens, I start you are disinfo agent by the way......Do not make us disappointed.


Jesus Christ is back! His name today is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall of Australia!

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