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Bruce Willis

Colleen Thomas has very nice breast implants and did a great job on her kitchen design. She also has a Most interesting bikini aura.

These facts are proof that the Golightly guy is the return of Christ. No more proof needed.

Freemasons around the world agree, the ossu bucco must be placed on a bed of gnocchi, to create just reasons for a cavity search at the airport.

It is that simple, no looong paragraphs necessary.


Everyone in American should be voicing their concerns regarding the Nazi U.S. Governments new intrusive searches at airports involving TSA full body x-ray scanners, or the intrusive prison style body searches. These x-ray scanners are designed to give you an unhealthy dose of radiation and your body should definitely NOT be subject to this radiation. We strongly encourage you to take part in whatever opt-out is being planned over the Thanks Giving Holiday in order to bring the TSA and airports to their knees. We also encourage people to file lawsuits against the TSA, Individual TSA employees, Airports, Airlines, and especially the lesbian satanist Homeland Security Secretary. The only terrorists are your governments and the satanists that control them! .... wake up.

Alcuin Bramerton

I agree with almost everything that Benjamin Fulford says in his posts, but I would like to offer an alternative view on the Pleiadian point.

The Pleiadians (benevolent extraterrestrials) are reported to have shot down a US intercontinental ballistic missile on Monday 8th November 2010, over the Pacific Ocean, off the Californian coast. The missile was aimed at Iran and was intended, by the US, to trigger a Middle Eastern war.

On Wednesday 10th November 2010, the Russia Today bureau in Washington DC ran a news item on the incident. The TV segment circulated on the web as a four-minute YouTube video entitled "Aliens shot down California missile". The video can be viewed here:


I have compiled, below, a full transcript of the Russia Today news item. A Russia Today Presenter talks to a high-status Pleiadian contactee called Colleen Thomas, who is based in Roseville, California.

Russia Today Presenter: We told you about a possible missile, rocket, or maybe airplane, that was seen off the coast of California (USA) on Monday (8th November 2010). Today there still aren't many answers as to what it actually was. But one woman says she has some answers. You'd be surprised to find out where she's getting her information from. Colleen Thomas is a home health administrator, turned physicist, who specialises in the science of creation. And she's the mother of a race of good aliens here on Earth, called Pleiadians. She says she knows exactly what happened with that missile. And she joins me now from Roseville, California. Colleen, thank you so much for joining me. First of all, tell me what you know about what happened with that supposed missile.

Colleen Thomas: It was a .... I got in my ear, as it were, as I was sleeping, that it was a missile fired .... President Obama trying to start a war with Iran. The Pleiadians downed the missile harmlessly at sea and then, last night (Tuesday 9th November 2010), from San Diego, our government fired another ICBM at the Pleiadians this time. But the Pleiadians' ships are able to change density and do all kinds of things that these guys on this planet have never imagined, and a rocket could pass right through them and not harm them, plus they could outrun it too, if they wanted to just get out of the way. But .... it's really kind of silly to think that we can take on a race that's been around for many, many, many millions of eons longer than the reptilians.

RTP: And really briefly, Colleen, some people might not know exactly who the Pleiadians were, so why would President Obama want to fire an ICBM at the Pleiadians?

CT: Because they're here to rescue the human beings who are being enslaved on this planet and forced into a paradigm of a super-oligarchy that favours the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati, and is completely and utterly without any conscience towards the human beings whatsoever. They poison us deliberately in order for us to have to buy pharmaceuticals so that they can string our miserable little lives along on pharmaceuticals for the rest of our .... you know .... aging days. There's no need for us to be in the kind of physical condition that we are in. But they put chemtrails .... in collusion with BP .... British Petroleum .... they put chemicals in jet fuel and those chemicals end up getting sprayed in these minute particulates that rain down on our food, on our crops, and in our water. There's Lithium in those chemtrails, there's also fluoride, and a lot of other heavy metals that are dispersed in the air as chaff, so that the American government can talk to one another militarily, without being listened in upon by other foreign countries. They know this stuff is toxic for us, but there's money in toxifying us, and so they work in collusion with the pharmaceutical companies, with these back door deals - changing the laws and making everything favourable for these guys, but not favourable for the humans whatsoever. Humans are just commerce for these people, and they're also meat to these people. They not only kill and eat us, they sell our dead bodies on a meat market of their own kind that goes passing by here every fifty years .... and I got that straight from a CIA agent.

RTP: And, you know, I know that you say that you have contact with the Pleiadians. How often do they talk to you, and what else do they say about the current situation in the United States right now? Or in a recession? There's talk about China surpassing us in the economy. I'm curious what the Pleiadians have to say about all of those issues, too.

CT: They are working towards the peace of this planet and towards eradicating us of our Draconian/reptilian infestation. China actually fired an EMP weapon in the Pacific Ocean last night (Tuesday 9th November - Wednesday 10th November 2010). Its target was an American warship full of fighter planes, and it was on its way towards China, and up to absolutely no good whatsoever. So China disabled the ship with an EMP weapon. We spent most of the night, last night, evacuating everybody that was on that ship off, because it was completely dead - no electronics whatsoever survived the EMP pulse.

RTP: Wow. Well it sounds like you've had your hands full these days, you've been very busy, and the Pleiadians definitely sound like they have an interesting analysis on what's going on here in the United States, and across the world. Colleen Thomas, a home health administrator, I really appreciate your time with us. Thank you so much.


Alcuin Bramerton comment: There are suggestions circulating on the web that the Pleiadian perspective on the China vs US EMP conflict is a PsyOps story being put out by a CIA faction to cover up the embarrassing Chinese military ascendancy over the US. Although China is certainly well-ahead of the US cabal, now, in military, financial and computer potencies, the benevolent ET Pleiadian involvement is very real and is operating above and beyond both Chinese and US knowledge or control.

The Russia Today broadcast, transcribed above, is substantially accurate. Russia is the only major national government on Earth currently working cooperatively with benevolent ETs. This is one reason why the Russian Tesla-enabled cosmospheres have been so effective in circumscribing US nuclear military hostility in recent years. Russia would not broadcast a television story about ETs and the US unless it was confident in the veracity of the story's central details.

Colleen Thomas is a genuine and reliable Pleiadian contactee and is well-known by other established Pleiadian contactees around the world. When the Russia Today TV presenter was scripted to say that Colleen Thomas is "the mother of a race of good aliens here on Earth, called Pleiadians", the presenter was articulating an esoteric truth. Colleen Thomas is a mother figure of the Pleiadians and carries the authority and sigil of the female energy in the same way as, for example, Anne Bellringer does, who is also a high-status Pleiadian contactee.

The shot-down US ICBM was aimed at Iran with the intention of starting a Middle-Eastern war. In fact, on or around Monday 8th November 2010, a total of eight US intercontinental ballistic missiles were launched at Iran by the US cabal. Each one of these was disabled by the Higher Evolution working from Pleiadian starships.

On the night of Tuesday 9th November - Wednesday 10th November 2010, after China had fired an EMP weapon at a hostile US warship in the Pacific Ocean, and had disabled it, the Pleiadians became involved again. They evacuated the US servicemen from the warship. The US Navy personnel are now safely aboard Pleiadian starships and are said to be "attending flight school".

There is a similarity here between what happened in the Pacific Ocean in November 2010 and what happened in the immediate aftermath of 911. On that occasion the Pleiadians evacuated the human occupants of the "terrorist" aircraft and the Twin Towers. Those 911 evacuees (many thousands of them) are alive and well today, and are also aboard Pleiadian starships. They are said to be "attending a crash history course on Truth".

There is, however, one point on which Colleen Thomas may be out of date with the information she gave on Russia Today television. She speaks of the inter-planetary reptilian commerce in human meat. What she says here was certainly true up to about fifteen years ago. But when the Anunnaki changed sides in the mid-1990s, after the Peace of Anchara, and left Earth for good, this meat trade ceased.

It should, however, be borne in mind that there are still many 3D reptilian-human clones on Earth doing the Western cabal's work in the domains of education, media, religion, politics, banking, law and the military. These unensouled, but superficially credible operatives are nothing more than intelligent, meat-machine, robots. And they have retained a number of reptilian habits. They have to drink human blood regularly to keep their reptilian features concealed from human view. They use human body fluids and human body parts in their Satanic Black Magic rituals. And, privately, they are cannibals.

Links and references here (20.11.10):

Mortadella Capacolla

Does anyone out there have a good recipe for Ossu Bucco? It seems that some put the veal shank over a bed of saffron risotto and some use gnocchi. I like it both ways, really.


"We want you the Chinese to allow our banks to gamble on your currency and make a huge gain on foreign exchange speculation so that our banks can get out of the problem that we have got them into. Will you please help us by going bankrupt for our benefit? Well, you can imagine what the Chinese are saying – they are laughing,”

American economist Michael Hudson

Moo Goo Gai Pan

Does anybody know if the Beatles early Gibson guitars (the J 160's) used electric guitar strings? Thanks


Drilling Rig Neptune in the Gulf has warning to other ships, “Stay Clear 2 Miles!”



Gulf Coast is dying
Like slow boiling frogs
Or will they wake up?


Ben, what about Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall in Australia. I think this guy really is Yahweh/the second coming of Jesus Christ!


Oil And Gas Leaks Continue Unabated At Macondo: Photos document oily fluid all over the seafloor

Secret Chemical Spraying at Macondo has not ceased since official well shutdown on 15 July.

Link: http://phoenixrisingfromthegulf.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/oil-and-gas-leaks-continue-unabated-at-macondo-photos-document-oily-fluid-all-over-the-seafloor/


Trillions?? As in two or three or more? For comparison, the Chinese government holds roughly .8 $trillion is U.S. Treasuries. So Bush has access to wealth greater than multiples of China?? Or how about this: A $trillion in gold today is worth just a bit more than 5,400 metric tonnes. My apologies, but any given combination of gold and "financial instruments" equal to any number of $trillions just isn't believable, even taking into account the connections of the intellectually challenged, but blandly evil Bush family. I suspect that laundering even much lesser amounts --say, a few hundred $billion-- is beyond the competence of even governments.


The Khazarians are planning something truly awful"including perhaps the mass murder and expulsion of Muslims from Europe".And therefore they had an opportunity to fly trillions of dollars worth of financial instruments and gold to Singapore?. "Singapore"will be next 10 years with 80% Muslim population. And they spent billions and created many muslim states in Europe Kosovo,Bosnia,Albania,Azerbejan,North Cyprus plus "OLD Turkey".
However still the Kings of Khazarian banks are not in USA,and I guess next Victims will be many mediterians PIGS countries.


Banning of foreign packages into the USA. Italian PM's problems... Interesting.

John Andrew

Is this the official website of the real Illuminati ?


And the political wing of the Illuminati :


They are the good guys !


Looks like you're going nowhere fast.


Ben you're mentioned here.



Dear Friend(Anonymous Coward),

The "treasures" can not be priced in the civilized financial system of the
civilized society? Of course the metals may be valued as commodity
and used but the works of Art of the Teachers(pyramid builders who
are our Elder generations?) and their last children(original earthling?)
are priceless treasure they have left to surprise this Earth generation so
as the pyramids, stone cities and temples and all other puzzling artifacts
of ancient time?

"Money" supposed to be the instrument of convenience for people's day
to day living that should reflect the annual wealth, year by year, of the
planet Earth in where everyone is equally wealthy. The fantasy numbers
in the financial system of the primitive killer thieves and deceivers, lost
in their selfish deeds and greed, are no true value to reflect any real value
the Earth and good people produce. It is no one to be responsible of but
them-selves who have stolen the providence of people and faked it up.
They never could pay it back to people even they give up everything
they possess and slave themselves for all the rest of their lives thousand

"Long Live!", master "Power Ranger" operative,---godo


Hello Benjamin,
I miss being able to get your reports now that you have it set up differently, but remember that you said that someone who could not afford the monthly fee could get access. Not being able to guarantee that the money will always be there (do not use credit), since my account gets into the low single digits often lately, I cannot make this commitment. Is there any way I can still access your reports. Please let me know. Thank you very much. Also, do you still do the Rense show
on the last Wednesday of the month? Haven't seen anything on that in a few months, at least. Things are heating up tremendously and it is nerve wracking. God willing the transition(s) will not be too rough. Thank you for all that you do!


Dear Friend(Anonymous Coward),

The titles such as "Imperial" or "Royal" are never meant for ones who die?
They are for "the God's chosen Enlightened One" who shall not die?
Where those treasures come from? And to whom they meat to belong?
They should not have claimed the titles nor the heritage of the treasures?

Longevity tips for old boys & girls:
* Do not look for signs of aging in yo mirrors because sometime
one may be looking more tired than other time.
* Never to think nor believe "I(you) am dying".
* Make yo-self a friend, everyone shall be yo-friends.

Don't be silly. You are never coward. You are a master "Power Ranger"
operative for everyone's good all these difficult time, a God's general?
With respect to your eternal life's chance,---godo


Oil, Gas Leaks Unstopped At Macondo - Vid/Pics

Coast Guard Stops Hutchinson Clearing Gulf Water



Dear Friends,

The root of evil is the claim of ownership of land and it's productivity,
used as bribes to divide the world in two "have" and "have not" for the
devil's own safety. No one can justify personal ownership of land and
it's productivity? There could not be excuse in creating the society of
"have" and "have not"?

The ones who guarded themselves with armed thugs called military
and fraud legalese started the claim of the personal ownership of the
land and it's productivity are not nobles but criminals? Them to blame
the ones who took over the control of the world with threat of brutal
killings is "pot calling kettle black"? This is the obvious conclusion,
the end result, of what they have started very long time ago against
the common sense of everyone? The ones who placed their selfish
deeds and greed above everyone's lawful right and wishes with the
threat of violence, in the name of "Imperial" or "Royal", the title of the
Enlightened God's Chosen One, "treasonous" criminals?

Everything, inclusive of our body except our individual awareness, is the
belonging(part) of the God Nature which makes and keeps it exists. The
every bit of the everything exists with the awareness of the God Nature.

With the gifted awareness, should anyone argue against the fact that
everyone is equal by the God Nature who's wish is everyone to be
happy with the gifted life in this World? Then what should be the primary
tasks of the world government is obvious to anyone? It is to distribute
the wealth of the Earth productivity and the produces of good peoples
efforts to everyone equally?

Who take so much more of anything than other and proud of it? Civilized
respectable ones? Should not the earthling grow out of selfish greed and
foolish pride to deserve the gifted life's chance to exist? The evolution of
this Earth planetary generation?

There is only one thing to everything belong
There is only one thing everyone could trust
There is only one thing give us to Be
The Nature Perfection, The Nature Perfection

"The only One Economy of the God Nature"

Hoping you to reform your way soon for the Evolution,---godo

"No one have to die"... 音任(Otomakas)







OMG is this website telling the truth ?


Incredible ! Please do read Benjamin Fulford !



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