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Dear Ben,

I have suspected that this was the truth. I am so upset about this entire ploy that I cannot tell you. While I am delighted that Christopher is not dead, I am horrified at this cruel trick.



Dear Vandals,

The Chapel or Temple or Shrine of the God's never meant be
such house but your body. To do respect the God you do not
need to build such house but to just yourself. The God knows
the lies of proud ones who need to build such for own lies?

While everyone is equal by the fact of the God's Wish, proud
ones who need someone to be lesser for their vain want to be
superior above other? But why one may want to be so special
if it is not because the one is not? Did anyone have to be told
"must not" to lie or deceive to steal, or to kill? However, one
never can justify own ill being and doing with any reasons. The
intelligent ones are silent and never would say "don't" to no one
if it is not for the told one's life's sake.

Rather than to build more of such houses repent to be honest
with yourselves not to lose your own life's chance to exist within
and with the God's body. Since you realize of the God keeps
you existing and functioning, sooner the repentance the better
chance to be pardoned?

Hoping you to change your way sooner with best wishes,---godo
Someone says "You are not suppose to die" and tells you to
stop preaching death to children in the most positive thought.



Rumor mill newsでは何をやっているんだ?何故キミは私のメールマガジンを無料で、しかも大げさに脚色した見出し文までつけて掲示しているんだ?それならいっそ私の書いた最新のフリーの記事も載せたらどうだ?それもまた私のオリジナルの見出し文を変更して…。キミの掲載について誤解がないよう事実をありのままに伝えるために、以下の文章も追加して欲しい。








You go Ben! May God Bless You in your efforts!


Forgiveness is not part of their vocabulary. To ask for forgiveness is a sign of weakness. It also hints to the need for an atonement, a Savior, heaven and hell, a world view they have replaced with "the end justifies the means". They will take the planet down with them scorched-earth style. Satan knows no forgiveness.


Christopher was NOT killed? Hallelujah!



As for this particular post, I would not translate it to Japanese because you might be not happy to beckon many people (including not subscribed readers) to Hobie's web site which, probably, frustrate or displease you by carelessly disclosing your articles (email or blog post for subscribed users) without enough considerations.

So, you can delete this my message from comment list as well.



Hi, Ben -

As explained when you e-mailed me about this, the post was made by another Agent, not by me. And as you know, I promptly truncated the offending post once you'd made me aware of it, leaving only what was publicly posted to your blog, and placed your own headline into the Subject of the post. :)

As you already know, I also proceeded to post the other two items you mentioned.

As you're also aware, you and I had an e-mail conversation initiated by me when you first started the subscribers-only articles, and I always and only post the portion of those that you put in your blog, identifying it as only the blurb for your current by-subscription article.

Please now do me the favor that I asked of you quite some time ago, and remove the obnoxious extraneous HTML code that's always in those blurbs, so I don't have to manually remove it myself in order to do justice to them when I post them. There's more extraneous code in them now than when we talked about it. :) It's mostly 'font' statements, sometimes 20 or 30 of them in a row. (I blame Bill Gates. :)



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