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Whats the problem? Use a blogger account (its free) and feedburner of gmail and people can put there email in the box that feedburner creats in the blog and we receive the news as soon as you post them in our email.

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I support your idea of sharing your blog with a wider audience after 1 week. The more people who read your blog, the better it is for humanity.



hans mestdagh

Great idea Ben! The world should know about all you write. But what I don't understand is that you can't receive funds in any way. It's a shame that forefighters for humanity can't get the money needed for their info coming out. Knowing there's so much money out there.
Wish you all the best!!

Jimmy James


I understand we all need money to keep going – ain’t that a fact. But I do agree that these are not times to hold back crucial information from becoming widely disseminated. At the end you are contributing to the greater good – literally. I would like to see the world recover from this nightmare, and allow people to prosper, be independent and get the education they deserve. We could be free from energy dependence in less than 5 years. All they need to do is release these technologies into the public domain. We can then clean the planet and show these people how wrong they were by continuing to suppress humanity. God Bless.

Carl Straw

Priority for one week then available to all

Mark Richards

Dear Ben Fulford,
By all means your information should be available to as many as possible. Thank you for your devotion to humanity and for always seeking the truth regardless of how you are perceived.
May you always be safe from harm.


Ben, as a paid subscriber i would recommend two weeks before releasing the blog to the public to encourage your subscribers to stay. Personally i would consider saving my $8/month, if its just a week delay. Two weeks delay, i'm still staying with you as a subscriber and supporter.

David Wilcock's recommendation to subscribe is why I'm here in the first place. Perhaps you can consider switching to a monthly scheduled interview with David Wilcock instead of Jeff Rense. You both have positive perspectives on what is going on with you actually involved in some important decisions and David W. has sources that might assist you in your reporting. David W. does post in your comments after most posts.



Recommend that when it is made "free" that you include, in every posting, a link to a donation mechanism for those who can to share what they can, $-wise.

The sites like rumormill news that might be a good channel for redistributing might also be a good way to build awareness that donations (added to the subscription week-ahead preview) help keep the news flowing.


Ben, I would stop subscribing.



Cecil Newsome

Ben, I too believe your information is valuable and would serve humanity better if it were disseminated on a wider basis. Credible sources are scarce so your business model works for me. My best, Cecil Newsome


Hi Ben~ Yes, I think that there should be a wider distribution.
This is the right thing to do regardless of whether subscribers drop out or not.
I am sure there are loyal financial contributors who will continue to support your efforts.

Michael Bridges

I subscribe to your paid blog. Sharing your information with a wider audience in any way you see fit is fine with me. Thank you for all your effort on behalf of a better world for all.


I agree releasing to general public. Information is power, and the general public is dealing with people who've gotten the advantage over them by operating in secrecy. The opposite side of the coin of secrecy .... is information. In fact, information is the number one weapon against those who operate in secrecy. I'm all for empowering the general public against the folks who operate against them behind the cloak of secrecy. I only add .. hurry up, before the evil efforts to shutdown the internet gain ground.



I have always SAID Anyone that sets up a site should be able to fund it with out charge or without panhandling the readers.


Go with whatever is in your heart Benjamin, and I will support your decision in any way I can.

Mr. Levon

Mr Fulford,

I've been following your blog for considerable time now (about a year). Having been both an unpaid and paid follower, I have to say that this new proposal seems very sensible. I hope it wouldn't result in a loss of needed revenue for you, but if you can afford it, such a service would be a huge boon to humanity.

The information in this blog is simply mind blowing and game changing. The more people who have access to it, the better. Everyone deserves to know, I hope more people find the time to learn for themselves.



私がこのメールマガジンの配信を始めたとき、日本の法律では寄付を求めることが認められていないので、有料の形にせざるをえないと説明しました。しかしながら、多くの購読者の方々から、私のメールマガジンにある情報は、もっと多くの人々に知ってもらうべきである、という意見をもらっています。そこで私がもし the big wire やその他のニュース・サービスを利用したビジネスモデルに移行した場合、購読者の方々はどう思われるでしょうか?この場合、購読料を支払ってくれている読者の方々には、私がその内容を一般に公開するよりも一週間早く先にメールマガジンで読むことができる、というメリットしか受けられなくなるかもしれません。恐らく、ディスカッション・グループ(これは購読者だけのものとして残ると思います)への投稿者の方々が、私がこの事柄についての多数派の意見を知るための方法を考えてくれるものと思います。先にお礼を言わせてください。


A far-fetched idea would be this. Hire volunteers who can translate to other languages. Especially Korean.

And Ben-san. Please discuss more about the Illuminati-Freemason influence in the South Korean government.



Don McLachlan

No need to post. I am not a subscriber, but would be if I was certain what you post was true. Please don't be offended, but there are dozens of websites with "exclusive" information out there. I am too far removed from some of the sources of this information to discern as to whether or not the information is factual. I read what is posted on many websites every day and sift through the information and try to make the best decisions for my family and I. My goal is survival during these difficult times. I am under no illusions of becoming wealthy, just looking at the best alternatives for each scenario.
North of Seattle


I would like the subscriptions to your newsletter to be solely available to those who subscribe. Although I know some subscriber disseminate the message to other people and other websites, I believe this is not honoring the intent of subscribing. You deserve every $ that comes to you. Any subscriber may encourage others to subscribe so they may choose whether they wish to subscribe.

Until then, I suggest you post publicly the first several sentences, at your discretion, and nothing more. Your idea about publishing the newsletter generally after one week is a good idea, but even if that were done, prior to the one week ending, subscribers still need to honor the agreement to without from disseminating it.

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