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The same cabal that killed my colleague Paul Klebnikov (the former Forbes Moscow Bureau Chief) and killed Daniel Pearle of the Wall Street Journal, has been systematically murdering journalists around the world as a part of their effort keep in power and fool the public with their fake “war on terror.”

Emmitt Norris

christopher story did more harm than good.
his extreme namecalling negativity, damaged peoples morale, more than it enabled anyone to do something gainful.

he will serve the world better as a martyr, than he did in life.


"New Black" Active Mesure ?
A 'state-sponsored' assassinations-Silent Overseas Targeted Killing
In the summer of 2006, the KGB/FSB was given the " legal power" engage in targeted killing, and hunt down and kill suspects overseas if ordered to do so by Russia's president. Targeted killing is the targeting and killing, by a government or its agents it is "unlawful combatant".He who is best known for his collaboration with KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn on the 1995 book The Perestroika Deception. In 1963, he formed his own publishing company specialising in intelligence analysis of KGB named 'Soviet Analyst', and intelligence world analysis named World Reports Limited. In 2002, Story published book: 'The European Union Collective:Enemy of Its Member States'- analysis to the European Union and 2007 publised book 'The New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism, Dark Actors Playing Games'


I see some kind of pattern with the death of Joe Vialls and our dear Christopher Story's death. I had communicated back and forth a few times with Joe. Joe asked me to do minor research during the Iraq war helping him ID some cities in Iraq which were part of his reports. Joe's last email indicated he had "almost died"---just like Story relayed before his death in his last report. I told him to be very careful what he drank and ate. It was probably a natural death from heart disease (?)[He asked me about Q-10 supplements]---Yet, I still wonder if Joe was sabotaged. Earrily similar though....We will never know.




著名なベテランの金融ジャーナリストエドワードHarle(ペンネームクリストファーStoryの下で働く)は彼の最近の死の前にそのジョージ・ブッシュシニアバラク・オバマに書きました、そして、犯罪のワシントンDC設立の他のメンバーは彼を殺すよう命令しました。話は3月に毒されました、ウイルスがフォートミード生物兵器戦争施設によって引き起こされている米国への2010年の訪問、彼の7月14日の死の前の日に彼と話したStoryの親しい仲間によると。 このウイルスのための解毒剤は存在していますが、彼の肝臓の損傷があまりにはるかに処理のためにどのポイントを進行したかによってStoryは彼が最近までそれで毒殺されたのを気づきませんでした、情報筋によると。
Storyは現在、死んでいますが、彼の情報筋は、現在結論に向かって激しく続いている秘密の財政的な戦争に関する極めて重要な情報を公衆に提供し続けるでしょう。 米国とイギリスの軍産複合体の中の数人の情報筋に応じて、Storyの殺人は不-かたきを討たれるのに行かないでしょう。Storyの殺人はジャーナリストを黙らせるより広い、しかし、運命づけられたキャンペーンの一部です。 彼女が人生で恐れたと言いながら、ジェーンBurgermeister(H1N1ウイルスの創造における製薬工業のかかわり合いを露出するために多くのことをした)は今日、この作家に連絡しました。 彼女はオーストリア人のセキュリティー・サービス暴漢と彼らの法人の/政府ボスによる系統的なハラスメントの犠牲者です。
また、この作家は複数の殺人未遂の目標です。 私の同僚ポールKlebnikov(前のフォーブズモスクワ事務局Chief)を殺して、ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナルのダニエルPearleを殺したのと同じ徒党、彼らの努力の一部として系統的に世界中のジャーナリストを殺害したのは、彼らのにせの「対テロ戦争」で政権を握った状態で保って、大衆をだまします。
以下に、クリストファーStoryの最後のレポートのコピーがあります。 インターネットからこのレポートを取り除くための組織的な努力があったので、それを遠く広く広めてください。
それの下では、あなたはマルタナイツのメンバーのリストを見つけるでしょう。(そのメンバーは、西洋文明をファシズムの独裁に変えようとしている犯罪の徒党の大半です)。 ホワイトDragonがどよめくと、彼らの恐怖政治は最終的に終わるでしょう。

エドワードHarleの(クリストファーStory) 最後に、以下を報告してください。


Castor oil placed on a flannel cloth and laid over the liver area will pull toxins out of the liver.
Good info to know!

A Friend


There is a link to the death of the British spy Gareth Williams. Williams regularly travelled to Fort Meade and worked with the NSA there. I think his death is connected with Christopher Story. He was murdered and his personal effects were laid out in ritualistic fashion. This means somebody was being sent a message.


Tribute to Christopher Story
By Ashley Mote

1 August 2010

Only a day or so ago I finally heard that my distinguished friend Christopher Story died on 14th July 2010 (Bastille Day – the symbolism of which would not have been lost on him). He apparently suffered liver failure.

He had been complaining of not feeling well for some months, had recently skipped a trip to the USA and had lost a good deal of weight since Christmas. It is entirely possible his death was from natural causes.

The world is a much poorer place for his passing. I mourn his loss as I would mourn the loss of a brother. He was the staunchest champion of all that was honest and upright in life, a courageous investigative journalist, an indefatigable writer, an audacious publisher, and a powerful intellect.

I have lost a true friend whose company and integrity I valued beyond words. His loss is truly devastating.

Over the last decade or so, ever since I became actively involved in European politics, I have met and had dealings with an extraordinary number of extraordinary people. To be frank, some I loathed.

But the company of many others was hugely stimulating, greatly valued, and much enjoyed. Christopher Story was right at the top of that list.

I first met Christopher at a Bruges Group meeting in the days when they were held on the top floor of a cramped London pub. We immediately sensed a mutual liking for each other and met regular from that time on. We had been due to meet for lunch a few days hence.

Far more important than our meetings, however, was the rapid development of our continuous exchange of information by emails, telephone and snail mail – which we quickly found to be by far the safest means of communication. Both of us knew our lines were tapped. Sometimes we deliberately traded information just to let whoever was listening know what we knew! Or to mislead…!

Christopher Story had the energy of a man half his age. He regularly wrote more words in a day than I might write in a week or more. His range of knowledge and experience of the global financial markets and – much more importantly – the power broking that went on behind it, was utterly breathtaking at times. His regular newsletters – International Currency Review, Economic Intelligence Review, Global Analyst, Soviet Analyst, Arab-Asian Affairs, Eastern Europe Analyst, World Reports, and several other occasional titles – to say nothing of his many books based of these newsletters, might have been the work of ten men.

But Christopher researched, wrote, designed, printed and distributed every one of them himself, with the aid of a handful of others whom he knew could be trusted. He was a one-man, self-appointed, self-financing, international investigation agency which specialised in researching the deployment and accountability of public money, the manipulation of currencies, and power laundering by the world’s ruling elites.

This work took him into some of the most dangerous places on earth – not just geographically, but intellectually as well. As a result he made many powerful enemies. They all knew that when he found a racketeering spade, whoever it was, he would call him a bloody shovel, and publish that news to the whole world – or at least to those willing to listen. For most of the world’s media, his conclusions and commentaries were far too hot for them to handle – hence the self-publication.

Much of Christopher’s best investigative work was done in the USA, where he had highly valued internal sources of information within the Federal Reserve Bank, the CIA, and within the financial and political communities as a whole. At times, he became personally and dangerously embroiled in some of the financial trails he was following, on occasion at his consideration personal risk. He was a truly brave man.

The common thread running through all Christopher Story did could be encapsulated in a single phrase – the misuse of power! Indeed it was he who sparked one of my own more memorable epithets – ‘those attracted to power are the least suitable to wield it’.

One of my earliest meetings with Christopher was in Oxford, near his home, when he took the greatest pleasure in showing me around his old college. He was immensely proud of having graduated at Oxford University, and rightly so. It had instilled or reinforced that innate and shining honesty that distinguished all he did.

In later years we more usually met in Brussels, when he came to visit the European Parliament for a day or two. Often these trips were carefully timed to coincide with meetings of the Budget Control Committee, on which I had a seat, and when I planned to raise issues briefed by him beforehand. Sometimes he admitted later to having the greatest difficulty sitting at the back, in the public gallery, trying hard to suppress his urge to intervene.

Perhaps the best and by far the most famous question I ever raised in the European Parliament was based entirely on a briefing by Christopher Story. It concerned the Global Security Fund. Like all speeches in a plenary session it was recorded on videotape and can now be found on literally scores of websites around the world. Even today, almost five years later, new postings of that one-minute speech are regularly uncovered by the Google search-engine.

This was what I said :

“Mr President, I wish to draw your attention to the Global Security Fund, set up in the early 1990s under the auspices of Jacob Rothschild. This is a Brussels-based fund and it is no ordinary fund: it does not trade, it is not listed and it has a totally different purpose. It is being used for geopolitical engineering purposes, apparently under the guidance of the intelligence services. I have previously asked about the alleged involvement of the European Union’s own intelligence resources in the management of slush funds in offshore accounts, and I still await a reply. To that question I now add another: what are the European Union’s connections to the Global Security Fund and what relationship does it have with European Union institutions?”

At the time, with the House almost empty as usual, I got no reply. Later I asked a near-identical written question, the answer to which understandably told us precisely nothing. After all, how could Brussels’ elite bureaucrats admit that they had a hand in a gigantic illegal trust fund? It was estimated by undercover overseas financial investigators at 65 trillion dollars, we knew it had been set-up for ‘Illuminati rainy days’ and when needed in a crunch situation for bribery, state-inspired black operations and activities to divert attention from the world’s banking and political mafia.

Christopher’s original briefing also told me that, “while the fund is cloaked in secrecy” it was made possible by the US Federal Reserve banking system. However I decided, in the context of the EU, not to follow up that potential second line of attack.

No wonder there is still so much interest in that original question. It was possibly the first occasion anyone had mentioned the existence of the Global Security Fund in any public arena, anywhere.

It would be an entirely appropriate and well-deserved tribute to Christopher Story’s life’s work if, one day, the truth finally emerges about the Global Security Fund and those responsible for the monumental misuse of public funds are finally exposed and brought to book.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to mourn the loss of a true friend, and there is no greater tribute I can pay Christopher Story than describing him thus.

(PS: Two requests and a question:

If anyone knows how to communicate this tribute to any of Christopher Story’s family, I would be most grateful. I have been unable to make contact since the news of his passing broke.

Also, I would also be glad to know about any memorial service planned in his honour.

Question : What, if anything, is to be done Christopher’s massive and priceless collection of private papers? Whilst this is understandably not the right time to focus on the question, I feel I must at least raise it in the wider public interest.)

Lynne Smith

A follow-up note to my comment:
Correction: I found your site via DirectLightproductions/Don Nicoloff.
My apologies. He's another bright light.


Lynne Smith

Thank You! so very much for filling us in on the details that Chris was not able to give us before his untimely death. I have to tell you, I cried the rest of the day when I went on his site and found the simple epitaph. We all understood the constant danger he was in, but it was still a shock that "they" finally found a way to get at him. I thought I'd "lost it" when I could not find the 10 July article stating he knew he'd been poisoned and would fill the world in on the details when he could. I really got worried when his web site was taken down (temporarily) 2 days ago. This morning, befored finding your site (via Rense.com), I had decided to get the street address and send the family and colleagues a card of condolence. He was absolutely unique on the planet, and we could all do with some of his unshakeable determinism, itegrity and honesty.

Until today, I have looked in vain on some of the "alternative" news sites for some word about Chris, but to absolutely NO avail until today. How much have those others been paid off to keep this story "mum"? It's despicable and reprehensible, but there you go. Should we really be surprised?

The rest of us are counting on his remaining business colleauges, you, and anyone else who cares about carrying on in the same impeccable fashion what Christopher was about - the facts, exposing the truth and seeing justice done.

God Bless you, Chris. I know you are in good hands. You will be terrible missed.

Again, Thank YOU, Ben.


ION and sidekick on informationfarme/dwardlong.com are being very disrespectful about Christopher Story death. Who is that CLOWN ION any how?

jordan 3

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to,doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. Do you understand?


Although Story is now dead, his sources will continue to provide the public with vital information about the secret financial war that is now raging towards its conclusion...
Ben, are you going to provide this information on your website? Or will you direct your readers to the site..thankyou. rh


Ben, thank you and can you keep us up-dated if you hear any other news. Christopher Story was magnificent! I hope the world's recognition of his work will give some comfort to his family.


I am hearing that Cheney is in hospital with a mechanical heart and Bill Clinton has 3 months to live. It's possible these guys are stewing in their own pot. I have to pay my respects to Burgermeister. No doubt she has hit the bottom line. Condolences to the Harle family. I know what it's like to be on a hit list. These guys don't take chances and tools like looking glass show them how close they are to the edge.

May Siegrist

I thought you mentioned Sen. bush is dead?


WTF! Why the hell doesn't the BDS/WDS do something? These fools are destroying the planet and killing millions, I AM ONE OF THEM. Oil spills everywhere, destroying water, spraying toxic chemicals and now it has come to light that the Texas City BP refinery has released 500,000 lbs of toxic chemicals into the air. What the hell do they have against the residents of the Gulf Coast??? For God sakes, will somebody please stop them before it is too late!!!! How many people have to die, how much of the planet has to be destroyed before the WDS does something? If they are real and what you say is true then lets see some action Ben!

Otto Lund

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Gosh. Sorry to hear this.
I've been keeping up with Story's reports, hoping he'd WIN.

I'll place him in my Gallery of "Truthers" on www.abidemiracles.com
many of whom were martyred.

Thanks Ben.


Thank you Ben, for saying some words about Mr. Story.
I will miss his reports and hope this does not just go away, those who did this must be held accountable.

makes me remember that thing you had in your back that was unexplained.

very sad to hear he could have been saved, but then NOBODY would help him with the correct cure.

I truly hope the other countries around the world will join together soon to bring these people down.

the heartache Mr. Story's family is going through is shared by many around the world.

John Crompton


Thanks for your update regarding the sad ending for Chris Story. May he rest in peace, finally!

Seemingly, it is getting very difficult to find the "Good Men and Women" that will end the reign of terror, and that are opposed to "doing nothing"! The simple delivery of the "packages" and the subsequent "announcements" may sound so plain a "solution" to the nightmare the world is now enduring.

I pray daily for your safety, and that the "White Dragons" will rise up and do whatever is necessary to end this Satanic nightmare! May the White Dragons NOT be bought, bribed, threatened, or be blackmailed in their appointed tasks! History books will be very kind to The White Dragons for their success and "Good Men and Women" justly deserve the "Good Press"! Chris Story would be proud!

Kindest regards,


Christopher Story氏のご冥福をお祈りします。
古歩道様らtruth seekersの安全をお祈りします。


Condolences to Harle's family. They have suffered much through all this to, and for a long time.
In the end, when this species is finally free of whatever that has been manipulating us for so long, I believe there will be a sort of "nuremberg".
I also believe there will be memorials erected for those who gave their strength, bravery and honor to help us all evolve and to save this jewel we call Home. "Christopher Story" will surely count among their number.

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