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It sounds like you're creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

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Rollee Rolstone/ Thailand

Hey Able Rose and Elizabeth....regarding your "Moon notions"...I wrote a paper a few years ago called "Proof Perfect" that in essence says that mathematically speaking....it is impossible that our moon is a naturally occurring/evolved part of our solar system. The total eclipse, which enabled Einstein to prove his theory of general relativity, could only happen because the moon was transported from somewhere and precisely placed by Aliens so as to create the solar eclipse event. The very existence of our total solar events is proof perfect of extraterrestrial presence in the Universe!
If you'd care to read my paper you can contact me at and I'll send it to you! Haley on, as they say in Hawaii, Rollee Rolstone


Wow! I would like to respond to the Post by Abel Rose and in particular to the Moon being an artifical satellite with "off-worlders" inside! This is so exciting to me because for 10 years now, I and two other friends have known about the moon being artifical AND had "off-worlders" inside. So THIS is confirmation for me.
Ten years ago, I stayed overnight with friends who happened to by psychics. I had been telling them about a friend who had formerly worked for NASA and HAARP. HE told me that the moon was hollow and artifical and told me how to work it out using physics. Anyway., I was telling this to my friends who immediately became entranced with the idea and his wife said "why not find out - go up there and have a look". So we went into a meditative state and her husband, started to "lift off" - except that he had me in tow!!! We astral travelled to the moon and I saw the "floors" of the areas down into the moon with these funny-looking beings working there. They looked like preying mantis', or similar insect-like with black skin. They suddenly looked up and saw us. I decided at the same instant my friend did, that we had better get back to our bodies.
As we did so, I could see them following us. I was terrified. They came into the room alongside us, watching us. They kept watching until they started to fade away into a black-greenish-yellow colour, then suddenly they were gone. Just vanished.
The fear we both had was overwhelming almost, and I always wondered who or what they were, and why we could see them and they could see us. Basically we both knew that they were warning us NOT to ever do that again. I can still remember it all so clearly.

I conferred with my friend, being careful not to give anything away that might make him pretend he knew something I had seen, but we both wrote down what we had seen and then compared notes. It was exactly the same. The only thing he added was that he said he worked very hard to build protection around us as we returned, and said he was reprimanded by his guides, to warn them if he ever did that again.

His wife was very anxious about the whole thing, but thrilled with the result.

So now I do know with ABel Rose's email, that we have confirmation that perhaps what we saw was indeed true.
Thank you.

Rollee Rolstone/ Thailand

Benjamin....I'm commenting via your last posting cuz I've been offline for some days now. I'm very concerned about you! The dark forces have such awesome monetary power at their disposal....PLEASE be extremely careful brother!!! You put yourself on "front-street" to keep so many of us informed....and are therefore as vulnerable as a slow flying mosquito in a cold room! I sincerely hope that the WDS is working overtime 24/7 to cover YO ASH! So it doesn't turn to ashes!!!
Many, many Blessings upon you and yours! Ma Tak Quee Asi/Tat Tvam Asi, Rollee

Account Deleted

Ben, now that we know where these cabals hide especially those who are still earthbound and/or off-world, hand in hand we could all take care of them. In short, we will take care of these earthbound still evil or negative spirits wherever they are hiding with our spiritual ninjas, and you can take care of these remaining negative cabals on Mother Earth with your physical ninjas. Deal?


Understanding the fraud called "strawman" that has been perpetrated on us all might just be the end of the banks and corrupt government. I too wish everyone could understand just that one thing. Might be the tipping point to end all of this mess.
C'mon Creation!


Folks, it is not joke.

Exact date is secret, but tens of SKDB members have in their hands

3rd generation of Solid State Steorn ORBO devices for replication


I repeat: this is not joke.

Around this weekend to next week this will maybe any form of public

revelation of test data, replications details etc.

STEORN ORBO (solid state version) is very efficient, much simple, very

cheap, quiet, bearing-less.

Powerplant companies will be bankrupt within 3-8 years, coal companies

too. Oil companies will be in serious troubles lately.

Account Deleted

Dear Ben,

As far as the BP oil spill is concerned, I’ve got some info from quite a reliable source that the colored stuff you see on top of the water is not oil. Of course there’s oil all right, but there's also volcanic mud and asphalt, and they’re all radioactive. That's the big deal. That is what they are hiding. This is why all the clean-up crews can only see BP-approved doctors. This is why they are burning the sea turtles, dolphins, and birds. This is why they really are not interested in skimming and saving the oil. It is hot. The Corexit is there to make it sink and disappear. BP used nukes to get to the oil faster. And of course for big profit they need to really save money, right? It's not enough that they made 58 billion dollars in profit, not gross, but profit; over the last three years. Short cuts and lack of safety are already publicly admitted. That admission is to cover up an even bigger sin, the sin of nuclear explosions to fracture the rock so as to make drilling easier. Haste makes waste, as the old saying goes, and you couple that with greedy capitalists who are allowed to play with toys they don't understand, and you have all the ingredients for disaster. Disaster struck in the form of ruptured drill pipe.
In short, the radioactive oil and sludge came from the nukes. The good news is that the bomb was a 'dirty' bomb, so the radioactivity will be short-lived. The other good news is that the hole in the ocean floor is closing rapidly. It began closing two or three days ago and is now at about 20% closure. There are naturally-occurring organisms that will eat the oil and other sludge and in time the problem will disappear. These tiny organisms feed larger organisms and so on up the food chain and the Gulf will recover in a surprisingly short time. The presence of benzene and other chemicals is admitted, but their effect and importance is downplayed. Again, this is a cover for an even larger evil; that of radioactive poisoning of these clean-up workers. This is what they are hiding, the radioactive nature of the stuff coming up. This is why they don't want much attention given to the event, and the controlled press is assisting in the
cover-up. The press doesn't know the truth. They are deferring to the wishes of the BP execs. 58 billion dollars is enough to get most anything done, or covered up.
The deal is that the top of the Illuminati pyramid has always been off-world. Those from there who were here and running
the show, they've been kicked off planet. Like a mobster who still runs his family from the joint, they are all holed up in the interior of the moon. And from that vantage point, they influence and control events down here. No one suspects! The moon, of course, is a hollow artificial satellite, but a lot of us are unaware of it.
No one knew the off-worlders were inside the moon until one of their other operatives discovered this a few days ago.


The Obama deception is all about Arnold and Maria in 2012. I hope it doesn't happen. I know it sounds crazy and impossible, but Arnold will be the new Hitler in charge of the US, if we don't prevent it from happening.


Gees, looks like you're striking a few nerves out there, Ben.
The important ones love ya though.
Keep your head down and always best wishes from Canada.

Hope the U.S. wakes up in time to save themselves. That Gulf thing looking more ridiculous all the time. Hope Deagle is wrong about evacs but am sure he is probably close to the mark. All bets are off if "NATO" starts moving 40-50 million people out of their homes.

The American arrogance is not serving them well right now. Really too bad for all the world.
Concerns from Canuckville



From the Leakroom..............................................

According to multiple sources at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security federal law enforcement officers are resigning in large numbers across the country since the deliberate attack by the satanic secret societies of the Vatican and Royal Family on the Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.

The sources state that officers and agents of various federal law enforcement agencies around the country are turning in their badges in large numbers. An interview of several former law enforcement officers revealed a common pattern where the law enforcement personnel became concerned why they were being directed to focus their criminal investigations on low level criminals who engaged in fraud schemes during the housing boom, and individual home buyers who exaggerated such things as their assets and income on mortgage applications.

Some law enforcement personnel who operated on Mortgage Fraud Task Forces around the country stated they were intentionally prevented from pursuing their investigations against major banks resulting from orders given from Opus Dei/Jesuit FBI Director Robert Muller and Jesuit Attorney General Eric Holder. “When our investigations got too close to banks like PNC, Chase, or Wachovia, we were shut down and redirected to focus on small mortgage companies and low level fraudsters,” claimed one former task force officer. “It is so obvious they didn’t want the banks to get jammed up no matter how much evidence we had against them.”

Other law enforcement personnel claimed they became familiar with rumors that were circulating on the internet about people having a “Strawman.” The STRAWMAN is a fictitious corporate persona that is created at birth when the state issues a birth certificate in the name of the new born child. The STRAWMAN’S identity is the newborn’s name in all capital letters. The birth certificate serves as a certificate of stock in human capital, which is then sent to the U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank, and recorded, with the U.S. Department of Commerce before it is sold and traded internationally on the New York Stock Exchange.

“I thought it was nonsense until I did my own research and found it was absolutely true,” asserted a former FBI Agent who went on to say he chose a career in law enforcement to help people and keep the system fair. When he found out the truth about the slave system that originated in Babylon and thanks to the Vatican is in operation in all of western civilization. The former Agent said he realized what he was doing was facilitating a fascist system, and decided to leave his $100,000 a year job last Fall. “What scared me even more was the genocide that was going on around the globe. The former Agent who spoke of the intentional attack on the gulf oil rig said it should be obvious to anyone who has researched Satanism. The former agent moved from the big city to a small town and now works as a handyman making $25,000 a year with no benefits. “Its not about the money,” “Its about living and being able to go home at night knowing you didn’t sell your soul to the devil.”

According to Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, who the LEAKROOM confirms to be Yahweh and the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the world genocide is now in full operational mode. On or around July 11th will be an absolute nightmare for people in the U.S. because a rare solar eclipse will take place on Sunday over the Gulf of Mexico. Sundays and solar eclipses are regarded as days of worship for the Khazar Jews, Freemasons and Luciferian solar cults. According to Marshall, the Satanists will use their HAARP technology to rupture the ocean floor around the gulf oil leak, which will cause an explosion of fire larger then any atomic weapon ever created. The explosion and quake could trigger the Yellowstone volcano and La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands to erupt. North America could be completely wiped out.

Marshall claims he can prevent the atrocities from happening if enough people recognize him as Yahweh as proclaimed in the Lords Prayer for the last two thousand years. Marshall states he also plans to issue a divine order on July 11th forgiving all public debts around the world. Nobody will be required to pay any bank loans, taxes, or make any payments to public utility companies. Private debts or private loans between individuals will still be required to be paid, but any loans associated with the STRAWMAN, corporations, banks, and taxes will be forgiven by him “Yahweh.” People dealing with tax collection issues and those with homes in foreclosure will be able to download Yahweh’s divine order and present it in court. Judges or any officials that don’t comply with Yahweh’s divine order will find themselves the subject of a death warrant that will be issued by Yahweh.

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Abundance is a philosophy; it appears in your physiology, your value system, and carries its own set of beliefs. You walk with it, sleep with it, bath with it, feel with it, and need to maintain and take care of it as well.


Endless insider news and information. Nothing actually happens till now.

What these insider sources webpage is for ? Your subscription money.


Oil spill: global climate risk, says geophysicist Italian


Economist who does not know what of the Economy?:

The numbers in the financial system never produce anything of
true value. So the idea of that if you have $100,000,000 in yo
investments or saving you should receive $1,000,000 a year is
nonsense for that no one can truly be responsible of? Also
house or land price or share price goes up or down are nothing
to do with true value of anything but a trick to write off the savings?

Some may say that if someone borrow the money and do something
with it to produce true value with it to pay "interest" the idea become
valid. But even in this case you need to define "true value" yet. You
need to understand and define what is true "wealth" before you can
give meaning to the "value"?

The wealth should be defined as the productivity of the Earth and
honest people's efforts to make things with what the Earth provide?
As we all love to do shopping with our pocket money we need to
issue money but it must be to reflect the productivity of the time,
seasonal or annual?

There is only one economy of the Nature,---godo

Video: Tenpage(page-0)
***Excuse my bad spelling in my last comment, I forgot spell-check!
Belong, productivity, individual and more were spelled wrong? You
could guess what I meant any way? I hope this one is OK.


The world of the "lost intelligence" Earth 2010:

One can claim the posessions of all kind of things of the Reality
and demand others to accept the claim, how-so-ever unreasonable
the claim may be, with threat of violence? The claim of ownership
in present days(year 2010) of the land and it's productivities is an
example. It defies any children's common sense yet they seem not
understand. The world of the "lost intelligence" Earth 2010 in where
everyone seem to believe to die and die in fact.

The Nature gave them such a creature existence yet they do not
even recognize what of themselves, which is the indivisual "awareness".
The awareness is the only what factually beling to them and that is
what they could trully lose by fact. The awareness that is only what is
not the part of the Nature.

You need to educate yourselves a little better?---godo

The most positive thought: Tenpage by Otomakas
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