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.WAY MORE serious.There is an ancient evil entrentched within the Vatican.MUCH worse than "rabid-dogs" imo....BEWARE BENJAMIN!!

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Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.


I am the person Dal Bosco stole the 1 Trillion in Financial Intstruments from. He was my custodian for said bonds and the bonds were never to be used for any purpose but humanitarian. Dal Bosco was hoping that OITC and David Sale could protect him. He told me that he had turned the bonds over to his Lawyer and he was talking to the UN about them. This very same UN offered us 100 M for the the bonds and I refused it. They did not belong to me to sell. Dal Bosco told me that the they told him Yamaguchi could not get one cent from the deal and I again said NO. A month later after Dal Bosco went into the mountains with his crazy alien moments with his looney buddies he absconded with the bonds. Just as someone was coming to pick them up. This matter has been filed with 5 countries and Interpol has gotten it as well. Mr. Dal Bosco said that his lawyer had them but his lawyer as it turned out was none other than David Sale of OITC. Criminal Operative David Sale who will end up in jail when this is done with.

Dal Bosco since stealing the bonds and being investigated has been learned to be often imposing himself as an Italian film director (he stole money from his own partner), and young ladies who believe him. You must be careful should you go to church because this is where Dal Bosco does lots of his hunting for trusting people.

If Dal Bosco has stolen from you it is your best bet to find him in Rome, Italy, Divonne Les-Bain, France and or Negrar, Italy (outside Verona).

Otto Lund

End of the Earth http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1663&start=1#M6675



Alright all

Ben your comment

"People in the West still ask the White Dragon Society, “where are the Ninjas,” when the answer is lying right in front of them: look at the non-Western world."

What is this supposed to mean Ben?
What happened to the Ninjas saving the World? "Slaughtering these scum"?
The Toothless Dragon Society are going to rest on there laurels & watch WWIII unfold as the "non-Western world" are ok?

With your latest interview on Rense you called for the Military to take action, why Ben? Where are the trillion-quadrillion Ninjas, or what ever the figure was?


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国庫コントロールの国際オフィスが洗練されたまやかしであることを,私たちは、現在確認できます。「内部告発者」に関するあだ名で行く男性は,まさしく犯罪者の作用しているデヴィッド・サーレです。OITCは,以前に政府からフィジー,エクアドルとソロモン諸島を巻きあげたことについて,CIA とMI6のソースであるレベル5のセキュリティのクリアランスが確認されれた。それらの器具は、Melchizedekが銀行と取引するので、知られているにせの銀行でした。

また、私たちは、R.C.ダムが1ポイントに高い平らな財政的なクリアランスを持っていたと確認できます。しかし、これは昔に無効にされました。また、私たちは、CIAが彼を大幅に増加したと確認できます。 ダム(カンボジア人)は現在、バンコクのタイのロイヤル飯場に住んでいます。情報筋は、そこで殺されるだろうから、彼が故郷のカンボジアに行くことができないと言います。

OITCは,現在解体されるでしょう。サーレさんとダニエル・デル・ボスコーによってだまされたパーティーは、法廷でいい目を見ることを切望していて、近い将来のその機会を持つでしょう。 私たちは、あなたを出かけているサーレさんと呼んでいて、裁判所で会いましょう。


また、事実上、7時間イタリア人の当局によって一時引き止められたとき(不法に)、山口さんが投獄されるので、サーレは起訴しました。 山口はヨーロッパと米国の経済を助けるのにそれを費やすために合法的に得られた(金の法的な輸出と販売で)お金を1兆ドル利用するためのアジア人による努力の一部でした。イタリア人当局は、このお金を盗んで、国連と共にそれを現金にしようとしました、米国の上院金融委員会と他の場所でそれが売れる彼等のものでなかったので、それらはそうすることができませんでした。

という知られているにせの前部を使用するデル・ボスコーは,ギリシア人の海運業界の大物のものである38億ドルを盗みました。。 また、デル・ボスコーは、バチカン市国から宇宙人と他の人々とコミュニケートすると主張します。 また、彼はどういうわけか私を脅かしました。真剣に彼を受け止めてはいけません。 最高裁判所判事は完了しています、そして、正義をするでしょう。

Otto Lund

THE MATRIX, MELANIN, THE BLACK DOT AND MIND CONTROL DR PHIL VALENTINE http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1628&start=151#M6669



As a Canadian and trained journalist, I have to agree with whistleblower. If you were honest, my comments would load and you would not be moderating. The internet is real time. Wanta is not in the real world if he is not subject to real time.



* もし彼に何かあれば



It looks like Del Bosco has something to hide because the link Ben posted here: Http://real-investment.eu/ has turned into something entirely different from what I saw last night when I clicked on it. It certainly was a link to an investment company with Del Bosco’s name (along with others) on the contact page. All we see now is a green beeping line with a box which resembles a medical monitor.

If it was a medical monitor the pulse would be steady and alive. It seems like they are mocking Ben with this, in essence saying that you can’t see us anymore but we are still alive and no one will ever believe we were here. Unfortunately it is to late for that because many of use have already seen it!


Hi Ben,

whatever sound frequency that Del Bosco has on his website real-investment is dangerous. I would not link to his site anymore and contact Psy-Warfare Experts in your White Dragon Society to energetically and physically neutralize the frequency Del Bosco is broadcasting towards you.

I feel they want to take you out with Future warfare devices that give people strokes and heart attacks.

Here is a good read on this if you are interested:

Check Chapter 13 for the descritions on the different weapons.

All the best and much protection....

Alcuin Bramerton

Joining the dots, then, the natural assumption seems to be that the scamming outfit which calls itself the "Office of International Treasury Control" is an organised crime spin-off from the Vatican Bank dating from about 2005? And David Salle ("Whistleblower") and Daniele Del Bosco are Vatican retainers?

Note: The Daily Telegraph (London) in its City Diary of the 27th April 2005, spelled David Salle as David Sale:

"A Mr David Sale and a Dr Ray Dam claim to have offered to buy MG Rover for $5 billion. They say they're from a Thailand-based outfit called the Office of International Treasury Control created by 'Governments of the World of Legal Decadency'. They complain that Rover's administrators PWC won't take their offer seriously but say that (Prime Minister) Tony Blair has acknowledged it in a letter."



You know Ben, Dave name is Dave Sale, you could at least spell it right and I KNOW, that he is NOT WB, because I know each of them separately. You are really adding fuel to the fire you have created and there is exactly the evidence against you that is claimed by Whistleblower on the RMN's board and those postings are going up on my site right after I post this. The NWO scheme of which you are a part is being exposed, the evidence is MASSIVE. Take care, Candace of www.abundanthope.net


Thanks Ben, I was waiting for your response and you gave a great one!
I had figured out that WhistleBlower was a fake and fraud earlier.
There was enough on wiki with pictured articles of the fraud against Fuji and elsewhere to be convincing that OITC was not what they said they were regardless of their pretty site.
Untraceable organization is a give away.

I am glad that you have been able to find out more and post about it to further confirm what was revealed in other sources.

I never thought you were a part of anything that WB said; it was ridiculous.
I may wonder and question at times all that comes out in your reports, but all info is not to be taken at face value, and it is just smart to question and put things on the shelf until more is known.

Thanks for filling us in on the nasty details of who this Whistleblower really is.


Could this explains the problems in Belgium right now? Walloon and Flanders might be separate.

Lynn W

Thank you Mr. Fulford for all that you do. Stay well...


---->The WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY<---- must re-double and triple it's efforts to keep Benjamin Fulford protected and alive, now that the hornet's nest of entrenched ancient evil within the Vatican has been kicked. The Jesuits are an arm of that ancient evil, and the Jesuits are it's tool.Jesuits are mensa-class, all of them. So, never under-estimate them in any aspect of your defense of him.The Jesuits are responsible for more atrocities than anyone imagines for centuries.But, they are only puppets. Time for the WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY to start releasing photographic evidence of reptoid(reptilian carnivorous humanoids) existence and their alliances with the TRAITORS OF HUMANITY.GENUINE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE ON THE INTERNET NOW!


Who posted this latest "news" on Benjamin Fulfords free site here?? The Vatican sent assassins for Benjamin Fulford, which is more serious to me, imo, than assassins sent from "South Korea".WAY MORE serious.There is an ancient evil entrentched within the Vatican.MUCH worse than "rabid-dogs" imo....BEWARE BENJAMIN!!

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