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Censored Gulf news: US health and refugee humanitarian crisis. Day 100

Links: http://www.examiner.com/x-10438-Human-Rights-Examiner~y2010m7d24-Censored-Gulf-news-Impending-refugee-health-humanitarian-crisis-Day-100


July 24, 10:23 PM Human Rights Examiner Deborah Dupre'

Dr. Riki Ott, toxicologist and humanitarian, has advised that three tough choices exist for Gulf Coast residents:
1) Leave,
2) Stay and wear a respirator, or
3) Become painfully ill.

EPA whistleblower, Hugh Kaufman explained this week that the "dispersant," Corexit, is meant to cause internal bleeding and IntelHub reports today, on Day 100 of the catastrophe, that evidence of acid rain and human suffering due to chemicals has become so clear, it is logically impossible to discredit it, yet a media black-out continues, enforced by black ops.
Gulf chemicals killing humans
"Independent investigative journalist, Dahr Jamail, stated that the air was so chemically laden that you could smell and TASTE chemicals in the air! Headaches and shortness of breath have been reported by hundreds of people, yet we are still being told that the air quality is safe," reports Alex Thomas of IntelHub.
"The evidence is CLEAR CUT, Corexit kills... People are SUFFERING. Crabs have been video tapped attempting to crawl out of the water, with some already dead, floating belly up in the water."
Thomas alerts, "Free people throughout the world NEED to be aware of this situation in order for corrective measures to even begin to be put in place."
Many people say choosing to leave the poisoned Gulf area, where air, food and water is contaminated, "is a personal choice," and "People have free will." Disinformation is a weapon of war to control the enemy. When mainstream news media is prevented access to the Gulf coast and workers or broadcasts government propaganda based on Disinformation, it suppresses truth to control populations in need and those who could help. Free will is, therefore, no longer operational. Such is the power of advanced brainwashing, now refined into mind control. No population is immune to mind control targeting.
Mind control exists specifically for behavior control, to remove free will. Aside from propaganda and TV, geophysical weapons, including aerosol chemical spraying and HAARP, are among the arsenal to control people to act against their best interest, the greatest evil of all human rights violations. Facts about the Gulf humanitarian crisis are being whitewashed to control minds of the people so that millions will be poisoned and millions of others will not reach out to stop the crime against humanity.
There is no public health campaign protecting people from harm. The precautionary principle sworn oath by medical professions, "First do no harm," is being broken by many. Medical professionals involved in detainee torture are tip of the secret medical human rights violations iceberg. Furthermore, as the 1planet/1ocean Scientist Consensus Statement includes, "EPA and NOAA have studied impacts of dispersants and oil but continue to withhold data from results of these studies."
A small grassroots group in New Orleans, Stop the Oil Disaster, desperately attempting to educate the public about the dangers, created a flyer about Corexit EC 9500A manufactured by NALCO company in Naperville, Illinois. The flyer quotes from the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), the chemical bible:


日航ジャンボ123便 人間ブロイラー化を企む宇宙侵略勢力による残忍なホロコーストだった

Otto Lund

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Otto Pilot


EVIDENCE MOUNTS - BP chemicals HARMFUL and will kill humans - Government cover up as Storm brews

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9P57WIMh7g


Is Oil Spill Cover for Massive Foreclosure?

Links: http://www.henrymakow.com/oil_spill_as_cover_for_foreclo.html

July 24, 2010

by Jack Ragnarok

See the Gulf of Mexico oil spill not as an engineered environmental disaster but rather a savvy political move that diverts attention from foreclosure action by foreign financiers.

The lands have been offered by successive elected governments as collateral for the enormous cumulative debt of today. The Federal Reserve has issued unlimited debt instruments as fiat and electronic currency to government only through consent of its foreign owners. Ten foreign financial institutions are the corporate owners of the world's biggest alchemy machine, the Federal Reserve system.

Government is an agent of Plutocracy to transfer wealth from serfs to aristocrats. And the military serves to protect the economic interests of Plutocracy. Until recently the US has been Plutocracy's chief global policeman to enforce foreclosure and inflict punishments. Busily policing and bullying other nations, US citizens have yet to understand the time has come to foreclose upon the lands of the New World of Amaracu (America)..

Igor Panarin predicted that the USA would begin balkanization in 2010 through secession and civil war. Professor Panarin's map depicts 4 new zones on the continent. Secession and civil war will come, but the initial phase of the lands restored to foreign ownership by foreclosure appears to be by an engineered environmental disaster that will undoubtedly trigger ubiquitous social convulsions.

See the Gulf action as part of a larger political process to balkanize the USA, restoring the land to its legal foreign owners to partition as they see fit. Now that the USA is effectively a bankrupt sovereign nation, the region east of the Mississippi from the Gulf to the Great Lakes/Canada is the first designated zone of an agreed-upon foreclosure target.

Worry little about the oil spill. There exist bacteria and other mechanisms that can eliminate the nuisance of the oil. Besides, naphtha and gases leak regularly from earth's crust and generally pose little harm.

Worry about Corexit. Corexit is the chief toxin of depopulation and mind control through unhealthy blood leakage into the body and brain; it also has a chemical prophylactic to neutralize its toxins. After the body absorbs corexit, blood leakage weakens human immunity and any energy that might otherwise be directed to resistance is suppressed (BP executives are unlikely to get ill from corexit).

The aforementioned comment does not detail the history of the original owners of the lands of the New World, their legal heirs, and the skulduggery and machinations which finagled a temporary Constitution that was replaced with corporate ownership in the fashion of The Virginia Company in the time of Lincoln. Each sitting President since the civil war has acted properly as a CEO of the corporate US.


Otto Lund

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Another one:


AJCongress Staff Received Little Notice That Operations Would Be Suspended

"When the board of the American Jewish Congress decided to suspend its operations last week, it didn’t give its staff much notice."



Goldman Sachs to pay record fine


You need to have some new "inspirations" to realize the method
to travel in the time-space between worlds? The inspirations are,
similar to dreams, gifted by "something" to you? Do you think the
something gifts you with any inspirations that may lead to inventing
the way to travel to other world, while you are in the state of "can
lie, deceive even kill to steal"? Obvious answer is "No"? Civilized
pyramid builders who does not die can do so travel through
time-space but uncivilized dying earthlings? The aliens who could
travel through time-space would never would be corroborators to the
selfish wishes of any murderous governments or organizations?
As such aliens are protected by the will of the God Nature their
crafts never crashes, but secret and silly attempts of earthlings in
front of movie cameras?

Think about how the electricity works as it does, or your computers
works as it does at all, or your body how it does work, do you think
the God Nature which make them work as they do have nothing to
do with it's wishes in the workings of them, at all-time(every-now)?
While it can bite yo own tongue or trip yo feet and bang yo nose
on stair case? It happens not only in comic books?


The sense of proportion:
Created creatures never can destroy the Earth which creates
and keeps them exist alive and functioning. If you go away as
far as the Earth could be seen as a sphere, even all of us put
together it would not amount to even a very small visible mole on
our body. You'd better not lose the basest sense of proportion?
If the God Nature would want to start afresh all over again, it
could stop all of us waking up from next sleep? It is important
to know the smallness of ourselves for own good instead of being
selfish and greedy inflated megalomaniacs?
The most positive thought: TENPAGE by Otomakas
(日本語) http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/jp/welcome.html
(English) http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/en/welcome.html

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