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I am totally blown away that anyone would put Hillary in office she is one of the Biggest Bilderberg Hitleresque puppets of them all! She is trying very hard with the Small Arms Treaty to Disarm the AMerican people!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you KIDDING ME.......Ron Paul is the only way at this point AMerica will survive and all the Traiters in DC are Arrested and hanged for their Treason!!!!!!!!!

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We constantly need to upgrade ourselves to match the pace of the moving technological age.


Posted this on 6/30/2010 Benjamin Fulford update, but system kept "locking-up" yesterday. //////// POST: "This "photo" to bash Ron Paul as being a freemason was likley a fake photo-shop alteration.But, if there shows up on YouTube some VIDEO evidence to connect him to them, then THAT is a whole different matter. I've NEVER heard before Benjamin's news blog posted on June 28, 2010 of ANY connection to freemasonry of the REVERED(for his endless struggle to bring SANITY to an INSANE US-Corporation)Ron Paul. Who would be his Vice-President?How about his son, who just won a primary in Kentucky?"


am very much worried that BP is trying to cause immense quake along New Madrid fault.
More evidence
Wonder if Obamanator will apologize if BP refineries destroyed????
Wonder how many of the rats are heading for the underground bunkers and what super soldiers are coming up?
Creator of All, please don't let them do this.


Anyone who believes in Lucifer also believes in God.
They are one in the same.

People who think God is all hearts and flowers and fairies in the clouds need to read the Old Testament. Deuteronomy 9:19 I feared the anger and wrath of the Lord, for he was angry enough with you to destroy you.
Freemason's are the Fathers of America.

Ben you take a lot of flack from people who think Jesus wrote a book about The Secrets of Golf ...
It's available at Amazon.com ........
written by the Messiah, hilarious.
Jesus did a lot better job writing the New Testament,
don't you think? Mary Z. The Bible sold a lot more copies than Lawn Bowling.

Anyone who is not happy with your America's current situation, Needs to work to Change It, while we are still Free. Atleast Ron Paul is trying. Are you?


You live in a dream world. Obama is not going anywhere.


A GOLD BACKED system is a way for those WITH GOLD to CONTROL OTHERS.

The goal should be no money through spiritual evolution. But it might take 100 years. Or 3...

But until then we need a monetary system to keep us all organised. Money is what makes us work with jobs we hate. And money could be representing the PEOPLE and the SOCIETY and WELFARE of EVERYONE, instead of gold. Why value anything that isn't alive compared to humans and our environment keeping us alive.

Money is today biased towards negativity and destruction rather than positivity and creating. A real money system is a system where there is no trade that allows "making money with money". Everyone can work at least a little. Making money with money is a game with our environment and the life of people!

Best Regards

Mary Z

All the people mentioned in Fulford's article (Jones, Gore, Paul, Petraues etc) are members of Freemasonry, which is LUCIFER WORSHIP. Do the research yourself and you will see what I am saying is true. I am suprised Fulford didn't write about the Maytrea (another antichrist). Why isn't Fulford talking about the real messiah Brian Leonord Golightly-Marshall? Wake up Mr. Fulford, your readers are beginning to expose you. Also, to whoever commented about John Titor, there is no such thing as time travel. It is all a fabrication of mind control by your intel agencies. And to the dork that mentioned a Paul/Ventura ticket... I take it you wrote the short bus as a kid. Paul is a FREEMASON and LUCIFER WORSHIPER, and Ventura has the brain capacity of one of the FREEMASON goats. Wake up!


Wouldn't give ya 2 cents for Hillary. If half the stuff I found on her is true, she is far more evil than Slick willie.
Gore is corrupt. Ask anyone following the global warming scam.
Petreaus rewrote the "Counter Insurgency" manual. Ever read it? Don't want that guy "guarding your freedoms".
Paul/Ventura would be great! Finally some truth and balls to back it up! They are not the usual bathhouse attendees running the show for the last thirty years.

Some people will never see the truth. Too bad for them and theirs.

Give 'em whatfer, Ben! Thanks for being there.

Otto Lund

Iran is not the problem http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1438&start=351#M6628


Nathan Hale

Truman relieves Eisenhauer


The South Korean president is in Panama, trying to praise the Canal. How ironic since he is desperately trying to restore his Canal project in South Korea after his party failed the regional election.

Readers. The big change of improvement comes from Asia, not the West. Get it straight.


Hmm.....How many more B.S. comes here before anything ACTUALLY happen ? Gees, everything is FINE and OK !

I think you are either : 1. Self-illusionist, 2. Crazy lunatic who wants to draw attention, 3. Dis-information agent, 4. A professional fiction writer.

Show me when will all this B.S. happen. You post this ever-ending stories and inside sources, I think, the ultimate goal is to get moeny from us to your own pocket.

Poor journalist.

Tom Joad

1. I don't buy the idea of the "Bush/Clinton faction", that Clinton is a secret Rockefeller, etc. Yes, you've got to do some weird stuff to get that kind of power, but both Clintons have shown themselves to be more or less patriotic, if calculating at times. At this point, I'd take Hillary over most other contenders.

2. Petraeus - you're right on that one. Webster Tarpley called it a year or two ago.

3. Ron Paul is a douchebag. The Constitution contains such concepts as "the general welfare" and commercial regulation, and makes no mention of "the free market", "liberty" beyond the bill of rights, or "the gold standard". Paul would be a big step toward undoing the Constitution in favor of the Articles of Confederation (a fractured grouping of fiefdoms with no centralized capabilities), which is what imperialists have always wanted.

Gore is an attempted rapist / genocidalist, and James Jones, according to McChrystal is a "clown".

Sorry Ben, Christopher Story, who I assume to be the source for this article, is a pro-imperialist B.S. artist. The fact that he's pro-Gore but considers the Clintons to be proto-Nazis should be taken as an endorsement of the Clintons. Just when I think you're on point with your analysis, despite your outrageous claims, you pull out something like this.


Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura ticket sounds good.


USS Carrier Harry Truman Now Officially Just Off Iran, As Israel Allegedly Plotting An Imminent Tehran Raid

Link: http://www.prisonplanet.com/uss-carrier-harry-truman-now-officially-just-off-iran-as-israel-allegedly-plotting-an-imminent-tehran-raid.html

Tyler Durden

Zero Hedge
June 28, 2010

As we first reported last week, in an article that was met with much original skepticism, the Pentagon has now confirmed that a fleet of 12 warships has passed the Suez Canal, and is now likely awaiting orders to support the escalation in the Persian Gulf. The attached image from Stratfor shows the latest positioning of US aircraft carrier groups as of June 23: the USS Harry Truman (CVN-75) is now right next to USS Eisenhower (CVN 69), both of which are waiting patiently just off Iran.

As for the catalyst the two carriers may be anticipating, we provide the following update from the Gulf Daily News where we read that Israel may be on the verge of an attack of Iran, with an incursion originating from military bases in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Israel is massing warplanes in the Caucasus for an attack on Iran, it was revealed yesterday.

Preparations are underway to launch the military attack from Azerbaijan and Georgia, reports our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej, quoting military sources.

Israel was, in fact, training pilots in Turkey to launch the strike and was smuggling planes into Georgia using Turkish airspace, they said.
However, Turkey was unaware of Israel’s intention of transferring the planes to Georgia, the sources said.

The unexpected crisis between Israel and Turkey following an Israeli commando raid on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza Strip hit Israeli calculations.

Azerbaijan-based intelligence units, working under the cover of technicians, trainers and consultants, have helped with the preparations, the sources said.

Military equipment, mostly supplied by the US, was transported to a Georgian port via the Black Sea.

Georgian coastguard and Israeli controllers are co-operating to hide the operations from Russian vessels, said the sources.
They point out that according to Israel, it will not be in a position to launch a strike on Iran without using bases in Georgia and Azerbaijan due to the limited capabilities of its nuclear submarines stationed near the Iranian coast.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Press TV reported that a very large contingent of US ground forces had massed in Azerbaijan, near the Iranian border. The independent Azerbaijani news website Trend confirmed the report.
Those reports came just days after the Pentagon confirmed that an unusually large fleet of US warships had indeed passed through Egypt’s Suez Canal en route to the Gulf. At least one Israeli warship reportedly joined the American armada.

Press TV also quoted Iranian Revolultionary Guard Brigadier General Mehdi Moini as saying that the country’s forces are mobilised and ready to face Israelli and American “misadventures” near its borders.
* Iran last night said it has cancelled plans to send an aid ship to the Gaza Strip as Israel “had sent a letter to the UN saying that the presence of Iranian and Lebanese ships in the Gaza area will be considered a declaration of war on that regime and it will confront it,” Irna said.

We caution readers to take this news with a grain of salt as the Gulf Daily News’ sister publication, Akhbar Al Khaleej, has a slightly less than stellar credibility rating. Then again, this is what some, Breaking News Online most notably, said about last week’s carrier news, urging readers to ignore it.

goodbye forever

Bull-shit news i am officially unsubscribing to this fantasy conspiracy propaganda.


Anyone remember the name John Titor, supposed hoxed time traveler? He said we would be into a civil war by now due to actions from the beginning of the 2000's. I hope it does not happen but since the illegal gov't did what it did with the firt Tarp; that was the end of this ending peacefully.

God Help us!

Pieter de Waard

Ben, PLEASE repair the comment section of http://benjaminfulford.net/ of the june 28 blog. The comment section of the juni 21 blog is getting far too big.

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