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These are amazing times! Ben has mentioned the Vatican amongst other things for a reason. The BP oil spill however has made it all clear. In the words of Micheal Jackson, "This is it". I am hitting a real fork in the road here. We are facing real de-population now and Ben is still saying stuff like "a lot we are being asked not to report in order to prevent sabotage by the Feds..." In the mean time Ben is putting out good information but time is running out..

While we are hanging on endlessly for the facts to become apparent on the ground, expecting things to get better because of all the wonderful predictions we are being slaughtered as we speak.

The BP oil spill is serious cause it can't be stopped and its not supposed to be stopped.

Benjamin is securing a transition from one Masonic faction to the other and no doubt the next one couldn't be any worse then the last. All the people of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the U.S.A. would still have to be wiped out.

I think Benjamin must know that or is fed dis-info from his own sources, its always the same thing.

Wait wait wait until something happens showing the facts on the ground as evidence of positive change.

Only problem is; things are changing alright, right down the toilet its changing.

If that oil isn't stopped it wont matter if the white dragon is in charge or black one or the one with a poker dot pattern on it!

YAHWEH has returned people, these are biblical times!

Ben if you are truly sincere and a the righteous truth seeker you claim to be quit relying on claims that are impossible for us to substantiate and quite using any other excuse like possible ways the Fed could sabotage.

The Black Dragon Society or whatever label Fulford puts on it is a Freemasonic organization. If you do not know by now, ALL freemasons worship Lucifer. The Venus Project...hint hint.. LUCIFER! Nobody is talking about the one man who is here to save everyone! Why not? Damn it people... If Fulford is not acknowledging this guy, then Fulford is part of the conspiracy. http://www.youtube.com/user/MichelleNye#p/u/61/DvLrx-KbsRc

Do what you promised Ben and deal a blow to the enemy, you are being fed bull crap Ben to keep us all hanging by a string.

Acknowledge the real deal and help get us out of this mess


Dear Benjamin,
Sneak preview of previously unseen raw footage from the Mavi Marmara that was formally released at a press conference at the United Nations later that day. The footage shows the mood and the activities on board the Mavi Marmara in the time leading up to the attack, and the immediate reaction of the passengers during the attack. The filmmaker and activist Iara Lee, being interviewed was one of the few Americans on the Mavi Marmara ship. Her equipment was confiscated but she managed to smuggle out an hour's worth of footage.

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

The Netherlands have offered equipment to halt pollution from the Oil slick. WDC has REFUSED IT. What I see is that LEADERSHIP HAS NO INTENTION to mitigate this disaster in any real way. They are ANTI-LIFE, personified.


Benjamin, here's one that will get to you, hopefully this will start happening more and more. It has a powerful healing effect.
My gift to all of you out there, enjoy!

This one is very special for Americans.
Let's start by telling the truth, yeah!

Otto Lund

Edderkoppkulturen http://www.nyhetsspeilet.no/2010/05/edderkoppkulturen/ Gt, Spider culture http://snipurl.com/xbby0

Fru, Mrs Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø skrev følgende artikler, wrote the following articles .. Så ble hun tvangsinnlagt på en psykiatrisk institusjon, then she was forced hospitalized in a psychiatric institution, det er ikke første gang, it's not the first time http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1569&start=351#M6287

A criminal cabal is observed working inside our country, Norway, also in our official institutions. They have been there for generations, but now we see them more clearly. Please help us to remove them from their power and bring them to justice. The same criminal cabals are in every country, they operate globally. I, we, will of course help you in your country. It's a pleasure. The problem is global, and the people have to solve it, you nad I, we, the governments are not capable to do the necessary job. Thank you



Ben you're spinning your wheels,you have run out of things to say. So now you resort to say the same old things with a different twist. BOREING.


The Black Dragon Society or whatever label Fulford puts on it is a Freemasonic organization. If you do not know by now, ALL freemasons worship Lucifer. The Venus Project...hint hint.. LUCIFER! Nobody is talking about the one man who is here to save everyone! Why not? Damn it people... If Fulford is not acknowledging this guy, then Fulford is part of the conspiracy. http://www.youtube.com/user/MichelleNye#p/u/61/DvLrx-KbsRc


Dear White Light,
Beam me up. I promise I will devote myself to your empirer even if his name is Rockerchilds. Anybody who thinks he could get us to think he is our savior while really being evil is ok in my book. I do look forward to seeing all the technology, health cures, and flying saucers. I can't wait to zoom across america and back in a few minutes; It will be amazing. Also, if I could try the time machine thing... how much will it cost? Lastly, if the dirty water in the gulf and a bunch of dead birds has stimulated the ET's why didn't the slow death of a few billion souls in africa bring your righteousness to our whinny planet? I am confused on that one. Oh-well, I trust you anyways! V


Could you comment on your "moderated" status? The internet travels at the speed of life and your moderation efforts here are a speed bump.


Whoever you they are, whoever you are, how much money you or they have and the names you or they call themselves, their worship of their own greatness and money and those who crawl into a hole in the dirt to hide ....

YOU are ALL are going to wake up to the same DEAD EARTH.

Wonderful Job Earthlings, great job taking care of your Beautiful Blue Jewel.

Sure... Beings from another planet or dimension will come and save you. HA HA HA HA HA HA! Your so Worthy.... HA HA! ROFL

Otto Lund

Politicians Asked “What country in the Middle East ACTUALLY has Nukes?” Watch the Weasels Squirm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsjbV23cto8
Of course they have nukes, you can even buy them at the local grocery store here, but we don’t use them because nobody wants to draw unnecessary attention, we use fireworks from China, once every new year’s day at 0 o’clock, the scandinavian ground zero. Tom Lehrer – National Brotherhood Week – now on DVD http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1320&start=201#M6470

They used the nuclear bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima to scare the hell out of everyone up to this day, and to show snuff films, scary reality movies, and pictures of the burned and deformed bodies, for future use. I suppose the snuff will pop up soon, to try to convince the global population that the best thing to do is to kill everyone. First we take Iran, then we have enough fuel and misery to slowly terrorize and take the third planet from the sun, terra, the blue planet, earth, mother earth. Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan + http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1320&start=201#M6475

Who said one should be prepared and able to kill one’s own parents?, so why not take jackpot, vaporize one of God’s creations?, the blue marble, and then we can watch telly on mars for the rest of time, with spirit robots doing the thinking. Falcons’ Thinkbox http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1651&start=1

Please, remember to say goodbye to the moon. Cat Stevens – Moonshadow http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1320&start=201#M6477

Erst Manhattan, dann Berlin http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1628&start=101#M6476

Otto Lund

Se hvor den såkalte nazismen kommer fra, et sted hvor man ikke snakker tysk. Å anvende et helt folk som illusorisk front for en mange hunderårig kriminell agenda, har inntil nå være en blodig og morderisk suksess. Intelligence Report from Hawks' CAFE, Captain Sherlock via Abel Danger, GUI from Falcons' CAFE http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=918&start=326#M5067 Oppgjørenes tid ser ut til å begynne

See where the so-called nazism comes from, a place where they don't speak german. To use a whole people as illusory front for a criminal agenda during hundres of years, has until now been a bloody and murderous success. Intelligence Report from Hawks 'CAFE, Captain Sherlock by Abel Danger, GUI from Falcons' CAFE http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=918&start=326#M5067 The time for liquidations seems to begin


Bilderberg participants 2010 (in alphabetic order)

(Present) Occupation
BEL Davignon, Etienne F. Honorary Chairman, Bilderberg Meetings; Vice Chairman,
Suez Tractebel

DEU Ackermann, Josef Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive
Committee, Deutsche Bank AG

USA Alexander, Keith B. Director, National Security Agency

GRC Alogoskoufis, George Member of Parliament

USA Altman, Roger C. Chairman and CEO, Evercore Partners, Inc.

GRC Arapoglou, Takis Chairman and CEO, National Bank of Greece

TUR Babacan, Ali Minister of State and Deputy Prime Minister

GRC Bakoyannis, Dora Minister of Foreign Affairs

NOR Baksaas, Jon Fredrik President and CEO, Telenor Group

PRT Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime

FRA Baverez, Nicolas Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

ITA Bernabè, Franco CEO Telecom Italia SpA

SWE Bildt, Carl Minister of Foreign Affairs

SWE Björklund, Jan Minister for Education; Leader of the Lìberal Party

CHE Blocher, Christoph Former Swiss Counselor; Former Chairman and CEO, EMS Group

FRA Bompard, Alexandre CEO, Europe 1

USA Boot, Max Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies, Council
on Foreign Relations

AUT Bronner, Oscar Publisher and Editor, Der Standard

FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA

ESP Cebrián, Juan Luis CEO, Grupo PRISA

BEL Coene, Luc Vice Governor, National Bank of Belgium

USA Collins, Timothy C. Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC

GRC David, George A. Chairman, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co. (H.B.C.) S.A.

GRC Diamantopoulou, Anna Member of Parliament

ITA Draghi, Mario Governor, Banca d'Italia

USA Eberstadt, Nicholas N. Henry Wendt Scholar in Political Economy, American
Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

DNK Eldrup, Anders President, DONG Energy A/S

ITA Elkann, John Chairman, EXOR S.p.A.; Vice Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.

DEU Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus SAS

ESP Entrecanales, José Manuel Chairman, Acciona

AUT Faymann, Werner Federal Chancellor

USA Ferguson, Niall Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University

IRL Gleeson, Dermot Chairman, AIB Group

USA Graham, Donald E. Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company

NLD Halberstadt, Victor Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former
Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings

NLD Hirsch Ballin, Ernst M.H. Minister of Justice

USA Holbrooke, Richard C. US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan

NLD Hommen, Jan H.M. Chairman, ING N.V.

INT Hoop Scheffer, Jaap G. de Secretary General, NATO

USA Johnson, James A. Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC

USA Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC

FIN Katainen, Jyrki Minister of Finance

USA Keane, John M. Senior Partner, SCP Partners; General, US Army, Retired

USA Kent, Muhtar President and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

GBR Kerr, John Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc

DEU Klaeden, Eckart von Foreign Policy Spokesman, CDU/CSU

USA Kleinfeld, Klaus President and CEO, Alcoa Inc.

TUR Koç, Mustafa V. Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.

DEU Koch, Roland Prime Minister of Hessen

TUR Kohen, Sami Senior Foreign Affairs Columnist, Milliyet

USA Kravis, Henry R. Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc.

INT Kroes, Neelie Commissioner, European Commission

GRC Kyriacopoulos, Ulysses Chairman and Board member of subsidiary companies
of the S&B Group

FRA Lagarde, Christine Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment

INT Lamy, Pascal Director General, World Trade Organization

PRT Leite, Manuela Ferreira Leader, PSD

ESP León Gross, Bernardino General Director of the Presidency of the Spanish

DEU Löscher, Peter CEO, Siemens AG

GBR Mandelson, Peter Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory

INT Maystadt, Philippe President, European Investment Bank

CAN McKenna, Frank Former Ambassador to the US

GBR Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, The Economist

FRA Montbrial, Thierry de President, French Institute for International Relations

ITA Monti, Mario President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

ESP Moratinos Cuyaubé, Miguel A. Minister of Foreign Affairs

USA Mundie, Craig J. Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation

CAN Munroe-Blum, Heather Principal and Vice Chancellor, McGill University

NOR Myklebust, Egil Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA

DEU Nass, Matthias Deputy Editor, Die Zeit

NLD Beatrix, H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands

ESP Nin Génova, Juan Maria President and CEO, La Caixa

FRA Olivennes, Denis CEO and Editor in Chief, Le Nouvel Observateur

FIN Ollila, Jorma Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc

GBR Osborne, George Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

FRA Oudéa, Frédéric CEO, Société Générale

ITA Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso Former Minister of Finance; President of Notre Europe

GRC Papahelas, Alexis Journalist, Kathimerini

GRC Papalexopoulos, Dimitris Managing Director, Titan Cement Co. S.A.

GRC Papathanasiou, Yannis Minister of Economy and Finance

USA Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public
Policy Research

BEL Philippe, H.R.H. Prince

PRT Pinho, Manuel Minister of Economy and Innovation

INT Pisani-Ferry, Jean Director, Bruegel

CAN Prichard, J. Robert S. President and CEO, Metrolinx

ITA Prodi, Romano Chairman, Foundation for Worldwide Cooperation

FIN Rajalahti, Hanna Managing Editor, Talouselämä

CAN Reisman, Heather M. Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

NOR Reiten, Eivind President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA

CHE Ringier, Michael Chairman, Ringier AG

USA Rockefeller, David Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank

USA Rubin, Barnett R. Director of Studies and Senior Fellow, Center for
International Cooperation, New York University

TUR Sabanci Dinçer, Suzan Chairman, Akbank

CAN Samarasekera, Indira V. President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Alberta

AUT Scholten, Rudolf Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische
Kontrollbank AG

USA Sheeran, Josette Executive Director, UN World Food Programme

ITA Siniscalco, Domenico Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley International

ESP Solbes, Pedro Vice-President of Spanish Government; Minister of Economy and

ESP Sophia, H.M. the Queen of Spain

USA Steinberg, James B. Deputy Secretary of State

INT Stigson, Bjorn President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

GRC Stournaras, Yannis Research Director, Foundation for Economic and Industrial
Research (IOBE)

IRL Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, BP plc and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

INT Tanaka, Nobuo Executive Director, IEA

GBR Taylor, J. Martin Chairman, Syngenta International AG

USA Thiel, Peter A. President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC

DNK Thorning-Schmidt, Helle Leader ofThe Social Democratic Party

DNK Thune Andersen, Thomas Partner and CEO, Maersk Oil

AUT Treichl, Andreas Chairman and CEO, Erste Group Bank AG

INT Trichet, Jean-Claude President, European Central Bank

GRC Tsoukalis, Loukas President of the Hellenic Foundation for European and
Foreign Policy (ELlAMEP)

TUR Ugur, Agah CEO, Borusan Holding

FIN Vanhanen, Matti Prime Minister

CHE Vasella, Daniel L. Chairman and CEO, Novartis AG

NLD Veer, Jeroen van der Chief Executive, Royal Dutch Shell plc

USA Volcker, Paul A. Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board

SWE Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB

SWE Wallenberg, Marcus Chairman, SEB

NLD Wellink, Nout President, De Nederlandsche Bank

NLD Wijers, Hans Chairman, AkzoNobel NV

GBR Wolf, Martin H. Associate Editor & Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial

USA Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC

USA Wolfowitz, Paul Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public
Policy Research

INT Zoellick, Robert B. President, The World Bank Group

GBR Bredow, Vendeline von Business Correspondent, The Economist (Rapporteur)

GBR McBride, Edward Business Editor, The Economist (Rapporteur)



Here! Here!

European Jewish Group to Launch Flotilla to Break Gaza Blockade

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-hall/european-jewish-group-to_b_605987.html


Oh and thank you Ben.
You have many admirers out here and are much loved. Thanks for all the great things you've done in the terrible situation.


wow, thank you Matthew,
Have been feeling stretched far too thin with all the ugliness the dark ones have created.
The Creator please watch over all of this lovely world that suffer.
I pray we see the end of the insanities soon.

B. Hanssen

Some Bilderberg history

The first top-secret meeting among the western world's power men were held at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Holland in 1954. This meant that the organization has gone under the name "Bilderberg" since. Officially, the Bilderberg meeting is"an informal gathering of private persons".

The founders of the Bilderberg conference were Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Joseph Retinger. Retinger was called Jesuit "priest", that is the power agent for the Society of Jesus and Bernhard was a former SS officer and member of the Knights (Knights of Malta - SMOM).
Some 100 or more attend, by invitation of a steering committee. The meetings happen once a year, in the spring. They last 2.5 days (Thursday night until Sunday lunch) and are held in varying but always comfortable surroundings

A mixture of able and distinguished folk attend - a sprinkling of serving prime and cabinet ministers, central-bank governors, defence and other experts. They talk, often to galvanising and fascinating effect, about the main issues of the. Their thoughts may not be repeated outside the meetings and never are.
The Bilderberg custom being that a whole hotel is booked for each meeting so that Bilderbergers may be alone with each other, their words, their thoughts and, these days, their security men.

The author and whistle blower William M. Cooper, for many years an officer in U.S. Naval Intelligence, with access to highly classified documents have described Bilderberg as follows:

"The result was the formation of a secret body Which rulings became known as the Bilderberg group. The group was formed and met for the first time in 1952.They were named after the first publicly known meeting place, the Bilderberg Hotel. That the public meeting overtook place in 1954. The Bilderberger Evolved Into a secret world government now That Controls everything. "
Retrieved from: "Behold a Pale Horse" (1990) by William M. Cooper, p. 200

Bilderberg values

David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger have served as a driving force for the Bilderberg for years. David Rockefeller is a member of the Knights of Malta

and has participated in all the Bilderberg meetings since 1954. Good ol 'David turns 95 years on 12 June, few days after this year's Bilderberg meeting is over.

Participants at Bilderberg meetings are called bilderbergers. It is enough to have attended one meeting to be a bilderberger. Once a bilderberger always a bilderberger ...

In 2002 the Bilderberg boss David Rockefeller's published his autobiography "Memoir”, and here he says, even so (p. 405):
"Some people think even that we are part of a secret cabal working against America's own interests, and characterizing my family and me as" internationalists "and believe that we conspire with others worldwide to develop a more integrated global political and economic structure - Call it ONE WORLD if you want. If this is the accusation then I am guilty, and I'm proud of it. "

The hidden power godfather David Rockefeller (95) has participated in all the Bilderberg meetings since 1954

A sober analysis of Bilderberg and the concentrated power that is controlled by the Bilderberg holders (see participant list later in the article) reveals that trust establishment across sectors in the direction of the "oligarchic globalisme" poses a genuine threat to civilized society"

Bilderberg is also called "The secret world government" and "The Quisling factory”.

Read the whole article here ( a bit sloppy translated via Google translate):

Steve D

They were begging for money from China? I think not.....



Why isn't Fulford talking about Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall in Australia?

John Crittenden

How much are they paying you Ben?


Hi Ben

what do you think about:

-Venus Project
-Raj Patel

thanks for your info, i wish good luck to the Dragons


Thanks Ben! Great work! Love, LR


I've got to say, I'm with Karlos on this one....lol.... I find it interesting that everyone in the "know" continues to pander to the necessities of secrecy while promulgating patience among the awakened populations. These "insiders" universally espouse that it is the awakened populations that will make the difference in achieving successful, meaningful, and lasting change. Simultaneously, they deny those awakened among us equal participation and information at every turn.

Here are a few questions I don't expect you, or those you purport to represent, to ever answer:

Can negotiations for change on behalf of the planet's populations be lawfully undertaken without these populations knowledge and consent? And with whom are we negotiating anyway, but ourselves?

Which pompous fools deem themselves decision-makers, entrusted to mediate this planet's future without the affirmations of an educated and empowered constituent populace? What arrogance doth proclaim, will not humility destroy?

Isn't "too sensitive to be discussed with you right now" another way of saying "you are not qualified to participate in the creation of your own future?" And isn't this sort of secrecy and intellectual elitism exactly what brought us to these circumstances in the first place?

...LOL... No, Ben... if you and your ilk, your contacts, your legions... if "you people" want legitimate change for humanity, then truth and openness among all populations MUST be pursued with great speed, most especially where it concerns that segment of populations already awakened to the dangers and duplicity that surrounds them. Until such time, you will remain an entertaining side show in this theater of BS we call modern reality. You will continue to be a purveyor of hollow and unsubstantiated hope for those too timid to demand what is rightfully theirs. I hate to say it, but in your current role, you are nothing more than a lackey for, or parasite upon the elite system you rail against.

You tell your "contacts" that if truth, and open and reciprocal communication are not pursued immediately, then the less timid among the masses will tire of your, and their wares, and soon take it upon themselves to rectify this abominable situation by achieving tangible and lawful change with another sort of "unilateral" action. And I don't think that such an eventuality is going to be very pretty for anyone.

It is past time for "negotiations" with the tyrants that have enslaved this planet. Mankind will not be denied any longer; we are in the lull before remediation is forcibly extracted. Let us pray that sane men and women, and those who would OPENLY and TRUTHFULLY support them, prevail in the oncoming and inevitable execution of justice.

Goodbye, Mr. Fulford and thank you for your unique brand of entertainment. I have no more interest in your wares....Unless, perhaps, you can communicate to me how we will pursue cleaning up this gulf catastrophe...lol...


The recent June 2nd regional election in South Korea is a huge improvement.


From Mathew

Current events in the context of Earth's ascension

1. This is Matthew, here with loving greetings from all souls at this station and to say that we weep with you about recent occurrences that are evoking grief, fear, anger and grave concerns about what is happening in your world. We understand the purpose of it all and can see the forthcoming greatness, but in the interconnectedness of all souls, we feel your emotions of deep sadness, discouragement and pessimism. That is why we have come at this time.

2. The Israeli attack on a ship with persons whose purpose is humanitarian; other instances of unprovoked violence; renewed saber-rattling between the two Korean nations; little if any progress to stabilize Iraq or end the fighting in Afghanistan; fear about what will ensue if Iran develops nuclear weapons and what is fomenting in Pakistan; increasing instances of weather anomalies and seismic events; the continued gushing forth of oil in the Gulf of Mexico; economic collapse spreading throughout Europe; governments in chaos — all are indeed lamentable and with dire potential from your world’s perspective.

3. It is difficult even for the most stout-hearted lightworkers to view those situations and all others that are causing widespread suffering as anything other than the personal and national tragedies they are for the peoples who are directly affected. Compassion is a natural sentiment of lighted souls, and along with prayers and physical and financial assistance where possible, compassion’s high vibrations are helping to uplift those who are suffering. Outrage and assigning blame for atrocities and deliberate hardships also are natural reactions of a concerned populace, and we shall speak more about this a bit later.

4. It would be a disservice to tell you that all divisive matters will be happily resolved without any serious consequences because there will be some, but not of the severity that many minds are imagining. What we offer in this short message to lighten heavy hearts about all volatile, oppressive and heartrending situations is their higher purpose within the context of Earth’s ascension.

5. In our last message we stated that there is not much time left for everything that must be — and shall be! — completed before Earth reaches the universal “window” to exit third density, and that the tenacity of the dark minds and hearts has altered the Golden Age master plan. It originally called for a gradual emergence of truths and resultant changes, but in the current energy streams, the clearing away of the last vestiges of darkness is coming thick and fast, and longstanding conflicts between individuals, groups and countries have to peak within a comparatively short interval. With linear time “disappearing” in the vibratory planes the planet has reached, everything in your world is accelerating not just day by day, but minute by minute.

6. The prevailing vibrations, which are magnifying positive and negative feelings and behaviors, are transmuting negativity into the light that is propelling your planet out of darkness and into the light — that is what ascension is for any soul. In a transformation of that magnitude, death, destruction and despair are inevitable as the energies of greed, ruthlessness and power-lust that ravaged Earth and her residents for millennia are running the final stages of their course, and darkness is lashing out furiously in its fear of losing what little remains of its one-time global control. Because of our love for all souls, we wish the transitional process did not have to be tumultuous; however, it can be no other way in the last stages of a civilization’s harsh, yet determined struggle to raise itself out of deep third density and evolve into fourth.

7. Accomplishing that is exactly why you are where you are. Of the many souls who wanted to be part of this unprecedented era not only on the planet, but in the universe, you are among those chosen because you have the ancient wisdom, spiritual strength and innate capabilities to bring about profound changes. Do not doubt your powerful selves for even an instant!

8. Take heart in knowing that there are far, far more light-filled peoples in your world than dark, and at soul level they are eager to play their roles along Earth’s pathway out of violence, turmoil, deceit and corruption. At conscious level, however, relatively few of them know what you do — that all of you are gods and goddesses with unlimited potential to manifest whatever you intently focus on.

9. And as strange as this may seem, the lack of that knowledge will, after all, be a fine contribution to ushering in Earth’s Golden Age. Without knowing of their true Beginnings or anything about a Golden Age — or about the decades of assistance from other civilizations or that extraterrestrials are living among you or that many others will join you fairly soon to assist in new ways — those unaware souls are rising to the challenge of healing Earth and preserving it for future generations. They are directing the energy of “outrage and blame” into initiating changes which, although not realized, at this very moment are co-creating a world of harmonious coexistence of all humanity and Nature on Earth and with souls in worlds beyond. You could say that the grassroots movement that has been growing around the globe now also is soaring toward the heavens as you prepare to take your rightful place in our universal family.

10. Not everyone can be at the forefront of developing new or implementing long-suppressed technologies or be leaders in other avenues of reform, and there is no need for all to be in such positions. Simply BEing the light you are will strengthen and help persons nearby recognize their own light, and the increasing emanations will keep flowing out exponentially. By remembering that light and love are the same energy, simply expressed differently, and as the pure essence of Creator is the most powerful energy in the cosmos, you can see how LOVE is the key to leaving chaos and moving into rejoicing.

11. The vast changes in your world, already completed in the continuum, will come about swiftly even by your linear time calculations. This period of transition into the Golden Age for all who stay steadfast in the light is its own two-fold reward, so to say — joy in helping to emancipate Earth from the deep tentacles of darkness and leaps in soul growth from participating in this mammoth, magnificent undertaking.

12. Our beloved brothers and sisters, keep envisioning the world you want and know that you are co-creating it with every thought and deed. Countless numbers of light beings in spirit and physical worlds are accompanying you all along your triumphant journey.

13. With the infinite love and blessings of the universe, we bid you farewell for this moment.

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