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Eric V. Encina


By Eric V. Encina

The auto-destruction of the following evils below, and of our own human evils, and the natural demise of evil civilizations, is a good sign that that there will be a new world. There can never be a new good world under the evil empires.

We create things to destroy ourselves. There is no escape.

The problem is: good men and women suffer along with the evil men and women who create monstrous evils. It is only divine justice that will compensate the good in a new world.

We have lost the sense of real moral courage. Humans are courageous to promote evils than good. Humans are courageous to make more profits and demonstrate greed and avarice than cooperation, charity, solidarity and justice. You see men and women who use their bravery for evil purposes and motives for wars and destruction of innocents, families, communities, nations, environments, for the destruction of truths.

We humans are already doomed. We are wallowing in wanton sins, wickedness and wretchedness. We’re on the process of auto-destruction, auto-demolition and auto-extinction.

We’re more calamitously super-flooded by evils without end per nano-second. The evil measures are more than sands at the seashore.

The four corners of the earth are soaked into the dungeon of evils.

We’re perishing one by one, by the very evils we have created.

Hack a spare against and upon a rock to see that we’re continually consumed by evils everyday.

The evils brought about by creating religions are destroying us. The children that we have conceived and given birth have become evil-carriers, under the conglomerates of evil empires, and are used by evil systems, policies and methods to ominously destroying us.

The technologies, the computers, the automated machines that we have created are destroying us. The products and even services that we have created are also destroying us. The foods, drinks and all the gadgets we have invented and created as destroying us.

The philosophies, theologies, ideologies, systems and policies we have invented, created and served are destroying us. Our very intellectual powers and human power capacities are destroying ourselves.

We’re in the stage of auto-destruction just like auto-immune disease where the immune system is destroying its own body.

The pestiferous evils of Debt Finance /Borrowings/Lending Disaster-Corrupt/Putrid Capitalism that we have created, protected and served than God and His truths, are destroying. Human civilizations are collapsing one after another.

The sucking, leeching and siphoning off evils of Usury Or Interest are also destroying us. Human civilizations are collapsing one by one by the evils of usury.

The enormous evils of Monetary/Economic Corruptions and Sabotage and destroying our families, communities, nations and our very human nature and relations to each other.

The monstrous evils of Scam/Racketeering, Gambling/Lottery Industry, Weapons’ Production and Wars, Prohibited Drug Trafficking, Artificial Population Control ~ Abortion Industry, Drug/Medical Mafia Industry, Vaccination Mafia Industry, Environmentally-Destructive Investments of Transnational/Multinational Companies, Export and Import National and Global Trade Practices, Overseas Employments ~ Exportation of Workers, Trade Flesh / Sex Tourism/ Prostitution Mafia and Industry, Unethical National/Global Marketing Corporate Gimmicks, Profiteering and Competition: Humankind is living in cut-throat dog-eat-dog-competition due to money, wealth and power addiction, Unbridled Expansion of Markets and Businesses, Chemically-based Products for GMO and Chemically-based Farming, Individual/Corporate Monopoly of Jobs/Employment, Religions’ Focus on Money, Pornography and materials ~ printed/movies/online that we have built have made billions of humans evil and as such destroying evils by themselves.

ONLY GOD Who revealed to us in truths, not in lies, can save us from destruction.

Eric V. Encina

Filipino Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer

c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite, Km. 2, Brgy. Lawa-an, P.O. Box 8, 5800

Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines

[email protected] _,_.__,

[email protected]

Mobile Contact Number Smart 09995427779


Von Mises Rockefeller Funded (July 3, 2010)

"if you ever spent a tenth of the time you spend reading rockefeller foundation funded ludwig von mises and the ludwig von mises institute propaganda, the constant parade of strawman, ad hominem, definition inconsistency, and reducto ad absurbum, by reading and studying henry george, you would see the cat.

you are guilty of what you accuse others. youre part of the false paradigm and cant see the truth. that is why the vulgar libertarianism you push has never caught on. it is difficult to be popular when youre wrong."

(The Debt Free Monetary System is the way to go)-Still Report (July 4, 2010)



Gulf of Mexico: The Very Bad Case Scenario

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vpJVELKPPM


Breaking News: Military Men Moving Their own Families Now!!!! Snowplows Ready To Remove Abandoned Vehicles from Highways When Evacuations Occur

Link: http://beforeitsnews.com/news/90/749/Breaking_News_Military_Men_Moving_There_own_Families_Now_Snowplows_Ready_To_Remove_Abandoned_Vehicles_from_Highways_When_Evacuations_Occur.html

Snowplows Ready To Remove Abandoned Vehicles from Highways When Evacuations Occur
Greg Evenson
It has been approximately three weeks since former State Trooper and Secret Service appointee Greg Evenson appeared on The Waterman Files to discuss what his inside sources are telling him about the situation in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Today, Evenson discussed and updated the situation with John
”Greg Evenson stated that it was suggested to him by University of Texas researchers that four to five weeks ago (which he described in a broadcast on May 27th) that there were reports from the U.S. Geological Service that an earthquake was precipitated at eleven miles below the ocean floor when drilling at the Deepwater Horizon site went as deep as thirty thousand feet – not the deepest well on earth, but the deepest ever penetrated into such a major source deposit of [this type of] oil, which is why it is coming up red and radioactive. The reports from the U.S.G.S. indicated that this earthquake may have fractured the ocean floor which would explain the oil seeps at seven to twenty-eight miles away that may not be coming from the drill site at all, but by cracks in the ocean floor caused by this and the giant deposit.
Evenson, discussing the problem with separating fact from fiction when determining the situation in the affected regions stated that, “The time for silliness and… extraordinary statements that have no basis… really need to be called out of the debate because we are losing time, we’re losing ground every moment. It may be [entertainment] to some, but to others it is deadly serious business, and I mean deadly serious…”
There have been suggestions that the oil rigs – all operations in the Gulf of Mexico – will be shut down. A video is making it’s way around the internet of Pensacola Florida with methane boiling out of the water, said to be a million times more in some areas, one hundred thousand in some areas, than anything close to normal. Those amounts of methane being released are the equivalent of twenty times more than the carbon dioxide typically being released into the atmosphere from automobiles, etc.
Various scientists have postulated that this uncontrolled, massive release of toxins is going to cause extreme phenomenon around the globe, including major fluctuations in climate causing super storms similar to those in the Hollywood movie “The Day After” that are going to be mind boggling. In response to this scenario, Evenson says, “That is absolutely correct, and add to that the absolute disaster that is taking place before our eyes with this overspray, this incredible overspray of Corexit that is causing damage. I’ve seen pictures of it supplied to me… of these crops and trees and other things withering under this continuing assault. As if it’s not enough that B.P. has created all of this problem, now they have created a secondary and a third problem with the debilitation of infrastructure and crops and so-forth from the spraying of this horrible Corexit.”

“Snow plows are being readied to go up and down the interstate highways in the middle of summer moving stranded vehicles off the road when evacuations begin.” Evenson implored people to not panic, and to simply prepare ahead so that they can move out of harms way before the crush of a full evacuation has begun.” - Greg Evenson thejohnchronicles.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/greg-evenson-new-update-gulf-of-mexico-june-28-2010/ -There Are report's of excessive methane gas in the gulf.which could be why the water in this video appears to be boiling.


Announcing “The Secret of Oz”, a new documentary by Bill Still, producer of “The Money Masters”.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cq9yEVcGIU

Winner of the best documentary of 2010 at the Beloit International Film Festival. It won the Award of Merit at The Accolade Competition in La Jolla, California and the Silver Screen Award at the Nevada Film Festival.

It also received an excellent review on Nathan's Economic Edge, one of the world's top economics blogs. It's British premier was at the prestigious Bromsgrove conference on Oct. 1.

What is going on in the world economy?
Why are there foreclosures everywhere and unemployment skyrocketing? Could it be that solutions to the world's economic problems could have been embedded in the most beloved children's story of all time, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"?
The yellow brick, the emerald city of Oz, even Dorothy's silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the movie version) were powerful symbols of author L. Frank Baum's belief that the people, not the big banks -- should control the quantity of a nation's money.
The bottom line: No More National Debt. All our money is created out of debt. Nations don't have to borrow money from banks. Sovereign nations can create their own money -- debt free -- just as Abraham Lincoln did.


Ben I guess you ought to see WHAT the OITC HAS ON YOU! I put up the material from OITC that WB released to date that does not compromise the investigations again you and the others. it's on RMNS and my site, www.abundanthope.net. You are so nailed. And it's coming to the others on the net too posting for the thugs. Take care, Candace

Otto Lund

The fraudulent central banking system, a criminal mafia enterprise. Det falske sentralbanksystemet, en kriminell mafiabedrift http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1648&start=51#M6664



From time to time there is no financial crisis, because i strongly believe that is GOD still be with us as long as that we care and love each other and unity in diversity, but what happens now? the diversity make us apart with hated because many of us as religious people is has fanatic-faith in "our religion" and the religion is become a "GOD" but the true we has forgot with our GOD, That the GOD it's in our heart and respect in harmony in diversity of religion. We must back to our religion true purpose is to make a peace in diversity of the world in harmony like a rainbow. http://ramasakti101.multiply.com


Yeah right, so if the only obstacle reamaining now is the vatican why don't the other factions, including you ninjas take them out?? "survival of the church", i guess your brain is getting dry. If your fantastic organizations are negotiating with the vatican, that means they must have knowledge about what it is really about. But somehow it just fucking slipped the cardinals' minds and they couldn't come up with something better than the survival of the church. If those negotiations were actually true, then whats the need of talking to cardinals??.
And now they want to silence you? why would they do it? you only make delusional claims and you don't have any significant influence on people, no one but guillible people beleive in you saviour prayers. You always claim that they are losing power but of course it is always behind the scenes, truth is the dumber the people get, the more powerful they get (that includes people who beleive in your fantasies)
"The fact that the Vatican leadership is trying to prevent this from happening is good proof that they are going against the teachings of both Jesus Christ and of Roman Catholicism in general." Wow no shit Ben, you are good at pointing out the blindingly obvious as well as showing your ignorance. Catholicism was precisely invented in order to gain more power and keep the population dumb and fearful. As for the teachings of Jesus i doubt you can grasp anything beyond the love each other commandment. Of course they are going to put pretty words on their crap, stupid people love pretty words. Soon the power rangers and the turtle ninjas are going to save us all, humanity will be free. That is if the politicians don't become an obstacle and say: "we can't allow it because it threathens the survival of politics".


From time to time there is no financial crisis, because i strongly believe that is GOD still be with us as long as that we care and love each other and unity in diversity, but what happens now? the diversity make us apart with hated because many of us as religious people is has fanatic-faith in "our religion" and the religion is become a "GOD" but the true we has forgot with our GOD, That the GOD it's in our heart and respect in harmony in diversity of religion. We must back to our religion true purpose is to make a peace in diversity of the world in harmony like a rainbow. http://ramasakti101.multiply.com

Michael Burke

I just read this unsettling article about the "oil spill". Is there truth in this, and are we being double fooled again? Is this really a mass extinction event, or is it localized for specific political purposes? http://shtf411.com/bp-illusion-of-a-false-spill-t7065.html


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This "photo" to bash Ron Paul as being a freemason was likley a fake photo-shop alteration.But, if there shows up on YouTube some VIDEO evidence to connect him to them, then THAT is a whole different matter. I've NEVER heard before Benjamin's news blog posted on June 28, 2010 of ANY connection to freemasonry of the REVERED(for his endless struggle to bring SANITY to an INSANE US-Corporation)Ron Paul. Who would be his Vice-President?How about his son, who just won a primary in Kentucky?

Frank J

BS and more BS. I,ve been reading your posts for a couple of years now and I see absolutely NO sign that the PTB are giving up ANYTHING. I used to gain hope in your posts, but BS is BS. Today I could almost chew the Chemtrails being sprayed on us. New laws are passed almost on a daily basis taking our freedoms and hard earned money. Oil is still spewing, and the lies keep piling up from so many angles that a person can't keep up. Just another disinformation agent...


I'd rather see a world WITH Ben Fulford than WITHOUT a Ben Fulford dont get me wrong.

I'd prefer to see some of them Vatican jokers get taken out thats for goddam real.

And I still want to believe in Bens good intentions although its not always been easy, at the same time I couldn't imagine how Ben could be pulling a fast one on us. I usually can tell the difference between a nut job and one who is not.

If Ben is pulling some kind of Psy Ops on us he is doing a good job! Than again for someone who's clutching at straws I wouldn't be the most objective observer out there.

My judgement must be burried under an enormous cloud of wishful thinking by now!

Ben wrote; "People in the West still ask the White Dragon Society, “where are the Ninjas,” when the answer is lying right in front of them: look at the non-Western world".

What good are they (the Ninja's) to us all the way in fkn Asia though? Thats a 10 to 20 hour flight from where I am. We'll have to put up with our crazy mad-as-hell inbred monarchs in the EU a lil while longer then. Who have the mindset apparently to take out millions of us in one of their eugenic wet dreams.

5000 years of oppression by them at least that we know of and still no Ninja to put one or two of the worst ones out of their miserie. I wouldn't want to be one dont get me wrong but here on earth there ain't much standing in their way is there?

Against the equally insane old bastards of the Vatican also nothing but nice patient diplomacy and negotiations.

Whats there to negotiate with those mad-ass crazy old satanic c*nts in the Vatican? They are crazy-ass Nazi's on fkn steroids those people!!

I sure hope that Ben isn't fed too many fairy tales with his daily dosage of death threats.

Those Ninja's should at least make a gesture and show us some of their skills and scare off some off the treats against Ben.

But its possible they don't want to do anything drastic as things are still progressing gradually

I'm normally fairly non violent person but the thought of some of our PTB getting turned into a plate of Chop Suey is making my mouth water, bit of a worry really

In the mean time I'll just have to watch my old Bruce Lee videos for the 1000th time and just pretend, sigh..

Otto Lund

Russian Spies – Crown Sisters – Racketeering Cleggs http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hawkscafe/message/1300 Intelligence Report from Field McConnell and David Hawkins as of year 2010 2Q http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1658&start=1#M6588



Dear Everybody,

Those that wonder why the Vatican is involved need to visit alcuinbramerton's blog and read the sections on the Vatican's history. There are two articles that download. They are from Nexus magazine and relate to the beginnings of the Church. If you doubt what is in the articles, do a little homework. You will quickly discover that the Council of Nicea was, indeed, four hundred years AFTER the alleged birth of Christ. You will discover that Constantine did mold his empire together by introducing a common faith (Christianity) and you will discover that the Hindu Vedas were written thousands of years before the Christ story began to be told. You will also discover that the "Library at Alexandria" with uncounted numbers of documents about the history of mankind was burned down by the EARLY CHRISTIANS.

You will also discover that Judaism is not as old as they want people to think either. What does this have to do with the Vatican and finances? Well, the Vatican was the origin of one of the largest banking systems in the world. It was also a global force for many hundreds of years and sustaining it required the collusion of the nobility and European leaders because they knew the truth. There was no Jesus Christ according to Bushby and a lot of other scholars. The original name of the being that Constantine professed to worship...but actually invented was Hesus Khrisna...yes, it came from the Hindu Vedas.

I have wondered about this for so long and after reading so many historical texts that don't agree with what is in the Bible and getting very unsatisfactory answers from the priests that I knew, it is clear that the Church is a fiction. This does not mean that there is no God. Every race of beings on this planet has believed in a Creator, a God force, as do I, but I now don't believe in Churches as they seem to be political agents of control and not representatives of God.

In order for the situation regarding money to be resolved, the Catholic Church (which has a lot of money and power in banking circles) as well as the other religions controlling people have to be exposed for what they are. This will obviate the need for "Holy" wars because it will demonstrate that the reason for those wars DOES NOT EXIST in the way that it has been explained for thousands of years. It will also head off Operation Blue Beam which utilizes religious iconography to instill fear and adulation in the masses.


Otto Lund

Jane Burgermeister needs our help http://snipurl.com/ylozc



To bring down this blog ... the hacker may need to hack typepad site directly or get his pass and delete everything... this has not be done yet... anyway maybe humanity are joining force together against evil...

another way to be silenced if typepad get corrupted and receive a bribe..


Hi Ben "sun."
There's no cure for these control-freaks? I'm very sorry for their greedy, immature mindset.

We(=readers) need more clarification on the "new financial system" to come. How will it function? Will it be with the application of SDR?

Anyway it would be very kind of you if you can speedup a lil bit your blog update frequency, for we the readers are craving for your info all the time. In my humble opinion, you are the most relevant journalist in Japan, I bet. You are on the neutral side. You have long b4 outgrown the negative "us againt them" mentality," unlike Alex Jones and David Icke et al. We count on your "intelligence" network ! If you've got connection with FSB, please let the readers informed of their(=FSB's) intelligence info.

PS: I learned that you're gonna concentrate on covering for this month.

Best wishes, sir.

Take care...

Novus COSMOS Seclorum !


It is time that all the crimes, the vatican is responsible for, are made public, expecially their involvment into the pre-history of WWI and WWII.

I belive Catholicism is the most sophisticated occult religion with two doctrins, one for the sheeple and one for the insiders. It is mainly egyptian sun worship with their "real" trinity Isis, Horus, Seth, which means "good" (god, mary, Isis), "evil" (Satan, Seth) and beyond good an evil (Lucifer, Mitra, "the cosmic christ").

Otto Lund

Crown Sisters Russian Spy - Carlyle Hedge Fund Frauds http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hawkscafe/message/1298
Falcons' Thinkbox * Intelligence, hidden truth, esoterism, power, crime, freemasonry, illusions, etc http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1651&start=1



The problem with negative posters here is that they still live in separation mentality and do not understand that consciousness is moving back towards Oneness (from which it came, God) All of the ancient cultures speak of this time of polarization; those holding steadfast to the old mind-set of us v. them will be thrashed against the banks of the River of life. Those that do not understand why the Catholic church and other organization are to be offered help in reforming also do not understand that the prophets have always spoken of treating your neighbor as thy self. When we realize the bigger unfolding, we realize that we are most powerful in forgiveness, and see that judgement is only the denial of our true Selves, Divine inner wisdom. the Christ spoke of God being closer than one's own jugular. Unfortunately organized dogma has made us feel safer being small. It is time...


"God is pissed off. Do you blame him?"

If that were true, no I would not blame him. But if it were true, do you think we would still be here? God is Love and infinite patience.

The notion that God is angry, or that he enjoys being feared and revered, and that he rejects those who don't meet his standards is a tool of the darkness; and it is its smartest deception, because it keeps us separated from God - fearing God. And how can you truly love someone you fear?

God is not "pissed off" anymore than you would be if your toddler fell as he was learning to walk.

The darkness needs to keep us separated from God, to keep us in its grip. We fight that by choosing the side of love, no matter what.

We live in a dualistic world, so there are two sides to everything - the side that is wanted or the side that is not wanted, the side that brings pleasure, or the side that brings pain, the side of love or the side of fear.

I am reminded of something Mother Theresa said, when asked about attenting an anti-war rally. She said she would never participate in an "anti-war" rally because by calling it an "anti-war" rally, you are lifting up the side of war. But if it were a "peace" rally, then she will be there.

It is the same with everything in life, the only question is how do we choose to see it. For example, with respect with this article, do we impatiently see it as, "Those basdards at the Vatican are holding up the new financial system. I can't stand the wait." Or do we joyously proclaim, "One last obstacle to go and the wait is over. The new way is here!"

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