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Dear Benjamin,
Thank's alot for all the infos. I found this video yesterday on youtube and think everyone has to see it and pass it around. This technologie have to be used now to clear the Golf of Mexico.
Can the White Dragon do anything? Hope they will, before it's too late.
God bless you, Benjamin


How do you stop a serial killer? In fiction books, the detective has to get into the "mind" of the killer, who is usually obsessed with rituals -- or leaving marks or clues that are hard to read but point to them. Its part of their evil game. I believe the Freedom Flotilla slaughter was a satanic ritual sacrifice, and lets take a walk through their twisted world, keeping the number 33 in mind.

Consider this:
33 centuries ago Amenotep IV (aka Akhenaten) ushered in monotheism, the cornerstone of jewish, christian and muslim religion.

Akhenaten may have been Moses himself.

Obama is a jew, a christian and a moslem.
(from his Cairo speech) "I am a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims."
http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread555051/pg1 (hints at jewish ancestry)
http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/features/some-chicago-jews-say-obama-is-actually-the-first-jewish-president-1.257204 (more hints)

Obama sure looks a lot like Akhenaten.

Obama's first major presidential speech was from Cairo, Egypt

Obama is a 33rd degree freemason (translation - satanist/worshipper of lucifer the angel of light).

Obama surely authorized this raid. His handler Rahm Emmanuel went to Israel a few days in advance of this atrocity.

The innocents on the Freedom Flotilla were slaughtered within hours of crossing 33 latitude, 33 longitude.

Barack Obama's name means lightning from the heavens in hebrew. Jesus said "I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven."

Stop watching TV, do your own research and wake up. Don't research from the perspective of what makes sense to you. Research and understand what makes sense to those who control you and commit these atrocities in our face on a daily basis.


Hello Mr. Fulford, it seems to me with so many comments that you have received, maybe some humans are getting somewhat of a insight. I can see that this has more than have to do with monetary issues, yet most seem to think our economic survival is the only issue. With what is presented to us, and I for the major populace of the world we have been living on the basic self survival instincts and have yet to look further. It is take control over the vast civilization of our time when lack of knowledge has been the norm. Now, when one is aware that the have free will, they have no understanding what that actually entails. When you tell us that dark side are on their last legs, it's kinda hard to see that, for they are extremely aware of the ignorance that they have fostered. Therefore, the tennis goes back and forth, and frankly I do not see this ending until the wire. Let us come to the ultimate conclusion, and that would be everyone actually understands what freewill actually means.

Jolly Roger

Benjamin is right, the Gulf oil disaster is an inside job. BP is NOT using underwater concrete, they're using mud! It doesn't make sense.

Remember the Chernobyl disaster, the Russians quickly used concrete (and lots of it) to seal the leaking Chernobyl reactor. Yet with the Gulf oil disaster BP is using mud first and then cement.

For one, there's a big difference between concrete and cement; concrete is a lot stronger because it has aggregate and sand, which cement doesn't. And two, imagine you wouldn't build a house on slurry mud which is what BP is doing, and to have slurry mud as the foundation and a concrete slab on top, then whole house will fall down if you did that. BP can't be trusted.

Thirdly, it doesn't make sense to have BP or any of those gangsters anywhere near the oil disaster site, let alone running rescue operations. There's something very strange going on. Everyone stand up and complain. The game is over Fed, give up.


Are we to be bought out, again???
Like going to Doctor Phil for alot of nice presents, instead of finding out that the problem with the kids is the post-natal vaccines, ultra-sound and the incredible number of drugs given pre-natal to mothers???
THE TRUTH PLEASE! Can we please have that?

Paul H.

Seems to me some folk need to leave their bodies, permanently.
Time to send in the Jedi...


Horst Köhler resigns as President of Germany. Interesting development.



Nathan Hale

British Petroleum is the modern day incantation of thr British West India Corporation and Dutch Royal Shell is the modern version of the Dutch East India Corp. They are the total embodiment of the New World Order. Letters of Marque, and Pirates of the Carribean reaking havoc all over the globe!!!

Alan F.

Operation Blackjack: Conclusions And Solutions:-



I do not understand !!!
If "they" are broke, and all they can do now is create mayham ,,, then how can "they" offer 60 billion a month ???????????

Wish Ben would explain this....


The Saudi's have fixed leaks this big in 48 hours so if they wanted to fix it, they could. Is the "holy grail" hidden in the Gulf? This is not the first time they have tried to evacuate the Gulf coast. Maybe this is their twisted version of fulfilling Bible prophecy when the sea turns "red as blood"? Whatever color the Dragon Society is this week, if they can do something... anything... please tell them to do it. Didn't you say they had some magical devise to clean the ocean?
Is Kevin Costner a member? Come on, Now it the time to act, or maybe the Easter bunny or Santa Claus can help.


I assume u will reject that offer then? if u are going to use worthless paper moeny, then why not create ur own? those 60$ billion are perhaps for a good cause, but nonetheless they are dirty (stolen) money. how can u use something bad to do something good? let them keep their money to their grave...


Beautiful Article !

Otto Lund

Falcons' Thinkbox * Intelligence, hidden truth, esoterism, power, crime, freemasonry, illutions, etc http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1651&start=1
Quiz: Why don't, won't or can't mainstream media tell you anything or everything about the following topics?


Marco Saba

Well, do you plan to share part of those 60 billions with other NGOs outside Japan?


Kevin Costner's Machine Heads to BP's Oil Spill Clean Up

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8O3aEBvnbU&feature=related


All you have to do is round up these BP scumbags;
have them put on their swim suits;
dive in and plug the holes with their freiken hands if they have to...


Oh Fock. You must be kidding.
Tell 'em, "NUTS."
Remember General Anthony Clement "Nuts" McAuliffe

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_McAuliffe

General Anthony Clement "Nuts" McAuliffe (July 2, 1898 - August 11, 1975) was the ... when McAuliffe was told of the German demand for surrender he said "nuts". ... The official reply: "To the German Commander, NUTS!,

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