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If this is truly the time of the white dragon, the black has to stand back as you say. This can only occur at a time when people have had enough of the black dragon ofcourse.

And the black dragon cannot be destroyed ofcourse, but its powers could be directed towards something nondestructive for humans. How will you do that? Through the principles of the organisation? Will taking them out of the dark relise the powers of the white dragon?


To Steve who issued a comment on May 27th: If you wish to know the truth, it is recorded in the third tribulation revealed to George Washington during the American Revolutionary War. You may find it recorded in the book titled "Alchemy." BTW, that attack fails; the Light prevails against the Dark Forces - the criminally insane MEN who are the Great Deceivers - the unconscienable ones - who have infiltrated and operate behind almost every organization known to man and corrupted those institutions from the inside out - like the Masons, like the monetary system, like the governments of this world,etc. Their days are numbered. I suppose we could all wait which is folly or we could Call in the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Host and the Light of God that Never Fails - Now!




"Who is we? You and your cat. What did the BDS have to say about the name change? Ben are you on LSD?"

"So if you have the authority to rename the society, that would imply that you are in charge or at least in a position of power. Hmmmmm."

Thats right, either it means Ben and his imaginary friends are saving the world or he is in a position of power within the organization.

So it has to be Ben and his imaginary friends saving the world because he couldn't get a penny to cover the expenses of his trip to Italy to meet with the italian free masons and the vatican, his excuse was that he didn't want to compromise himself by owing money to the Bullshit Dragon Society but now, all of a sudden he has the power to change the name to White Dragon Society because he found a stupid shrine with a romantic story. But hey you gotta make a living in this shit hole of a planet and coming up with fantasies ain't a bad idea.

Just look when Ben says that the BDS can command million and millions of martial artists all over the world, he forgets these points:

1- Most Martial Arts are useless in a real situaion

2- Even if there were zillions of martial artists, ninjas, power rangers willing to fight... what the hell are they gonna do against (just to be generous) thousands of armored soldier who are trained to kill, who happen to have a vast arsenal... what the hell are these turtle ninjas going to do against thousands of combat jets?? against thousands of Tanks??.. what are they gonna do to a nuclear missile?? kick it back to the sun??? lmao

So you see at least Ben could make up good bullshit... but hey at least theres some entertainment value here so keep the bullshit coming.

Setsuna F. Seiei

Can I that believe in the same forbidden technology, join?


I Can ONLY WISH/WILL YOU ALL, The very, Very, VERY BEST!!!! But, I must find a way, to 'rid my body', of the toxins/anti-freeze, that B.P.
has put in Me! Signed, The Gulf Of Mexico

p.s. Try putting, 1/4 teaspoon of 'anti-freeze', in a 500 gallon salt water fish tank full of fish. And SEE, "What Happens"! (WTF! It's just an 'Experiement'!They've never done this, 'before'! IS, 'Mr. Obama' SUPERMAN?!? Of Course NOT.. Just a bought/payed for puppet......!)

Otto Lund

Congratulations to the White Dragon Society, and Benjamin :) Quote: '.. That is to say, they will never strike the first blow, they will never attack women, children and non-combatants and they will fight to defend the weak and the downtrodden. .. However, while the Black Dragon Society had an Asian orientation, the White Dragon looks to protect the entire planet, including the weakest living creatures. ..'

Otto Pilot
Falcons' CAFE http://falconscafe.com


Hi Ben,
can you try to help The Orion Project for free energy?
read this




a friend

Benjamin, if the satanic Black Pope Count Peter Hans Kolvenbach,The Jesuit’s General comes for me, you know what to do. His dutch roots trace back to Maastricht, the Netherlands, home of the Maastricht Treaty and DSM (the chemical comapny now specializing in and in anticipation of "nutrition for the Chinese market").

The starmap talked about in the "Hidden Records" films applies (like the Vatican layout) to Maastricht with the fortress -"la Fortezza" holding the loot.


The Hidden Records claims the ‘Gods’ of Ancients who were our ancestors originated from another star system and they were of our flesh and blood. The lost Sumarian artifacts discovered in Iraq by the US Military in the 80’s also hold conclusive evidence to support the findings of our past.













(ヽ∀。) お~う!!

(ヽ∀。) コクリュウからハクリュウに改名したぞ

(ヽ∀。) もういい加減に堅気の連中のバカさ加減がよ~くわかっただろ~

(ヽ∀。) 俺らヤクザの方がまともって変な世の中だ~よな

(ヽ∀。) とにもかくにもげんこつだ!!

   〇(ヽ∀。 )o




GG Allen

Could you please give the location of the Shrine?

david neo

Can those that believe in the same philosophy, join?




*WAKE UP AMERICA! We are owned-George Carlin


Luis Magno

Game Changers

Impeach Obama, pass Cantwell-McCain and Cantwell-Lincoln, separate commercial from speculative banking and outlaw derivatives now. If the Germans can outlaw derivatives so can Americans. The sky has not yet fallen on the Germans.

Arizona is another game changer. The Anglo/Hispanic divide narrows or broadens. If it broadens it leads to the breakup of the 50 united States. If it narrows the Union survives.

A long-range immigration compromise is necessary in order to preserve the domestic tranquility and save the Union. It is proposed that there be a negotiated exchange, specifically, a seven-year immigration moratorium followed by limited country, ethnic and racial immigration quotas in return for first-class citizenship for Hispanics entailing Anglo/Hispanic linguo-cultural parity and first-class citizenship for European Americans entailing ethno-cultural sovereignty. I kid you not.

Luis Magno

Luis Magno

Good change. I have felt uneasy with the name BDS. WDS concords with the campaign to kill the Black Legend and replace it with a White Legend. Historically the Black Legend referred to the Spanish race on both sides of the Atlantic. Today it refers to the clueless European Americans who are victims of cultural genocide.


So if you have the authority to rename the society, that would imply that you are in charge or at least in a position of power. Hmmmmm.


“Wake up and study Comprehensive Financial Reports of schools, colleges, cities, counties, states and you understand funding sources of the N.W.O.” Walter Burien.

How? Link: http://cafr1.com/

Steve t

You do realize that China and Russia are planning to invade America in the near future?

May Siegrist

Bless you Ben. Please kindly share where the ancient shrine is. Thank you.


Who is we? You and your cat. What did the BDS have to say about the name change? Ben are you on LSD?



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