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Here is an article in the NEW YORK TIMES about an Islamic Scholar in Pakistan on FREE ENERGY and ALIEN TECH!


He was accused of being Taliban and then arrested when he disclosed that Islamic scholars attempt to use the Jinn, Gennie, Djinni technology. He was not some madman but a nuclear engineer who was part of Pakistans Nuclear program for 30 years! Of course those who were religious fundamentalist thought he was heretical. Those in the Illuminati wanted him removed, and the misunderstandings for the rest of the sleeping world continue.

''I think that if we develop our souls, we can develop communication with them,'' Mr. Bashiruddin Mahmood said about djinni in The Wall Street Journal in an interview in 1998. ''Every new idea has its opponents,'' he added. ''But there is no reason for this controversy over Islam and science because there is no conflict between Islam and science.''

This article was back in 2001. With more than ten years hindsight, think back....what have the wars truly been about?

Want to know more about Islam and the Truth behind the Illuminati Masonic Brotherhoods and Alien Jinn beings? Check out HotConflict.


Experimental Detection of the Gravitomagnetic London Moment - ESA


why not, scan these books and put them on the net.


Obama earns overwhelming F’s in CBS poll



If you talk to any older generation Muslim about the current system of electricity, they will tell you. The current electricity plasma energy comes from the Gennie. Now when most Muslims hear that modern technology is from the Jinn, we ignore the old throwback as backward thinking. However more modern studies are beginning to reveal that many ancient technologies were actually from the Jinn. Higher dimensional beings from the Unseen realms.

Is there anyone teaching the ancient Mystery School Light from the Muslim community for an ENGLISH speaking audience?

Check out the Ascension or Supernatural Stories of the Prophets on http://www.HotConflict.com

Otto Lund

A demonstration from the future http://translate.google.no/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=no&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nyhetsspeilet.no%2F2009%2F10%2Fen-demonstrasjon-fra-fremtiden%2F&sl=no&tl=en Recommend to read the article and all comments. This is a google translation, original article, En demonstrasjon fra fremtiden http://www.nyhetsspeilet.no/2009/10/en-demonstrasjon-fra-fremtiden/


This is true except it has been longer than 26 thousand years. These enities have ruled this planet for the last two hundred thousand years of the Caligastia timeline.

X-military Vet...operation allied force


Reality check. Do we really need to talk about what the sick, rich, elite does for kicks?

What about starving people in the world? Africa, India, China..etc. What about all the American people who are just about ready to take up arms themselves because they are 1000% fed up with the situation and are WELL aware of who is causing it?

Just a thought.


As Solon related, the ancients refused to deliver their message to the younger civilistaions believing them to be unprepared to handle the truths.

The Illuminati deal in bluff and brutal force, they have no understanding of ancient thought beyond the low hanging fruit of mystery school teachings. Why do you even entertain them?


Gerald Celente: US Crash in 2010



Update on Restore America Plan Counterpunch



All news will be eclipse this:

Successful replications by 3rd parties of STEORN ORBO 3rd generation

Solid State ORBO FREE ENERGY Technology.

Affordable, clean, mobile. No bearings, no noise.

Output is clear electric energy.

SOON in the news

Joseph D. Casalaro

The Nazis were into "primeval forces" during WWII especially Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess.
I had a few conscious "pyschic" experiences myself the rest are subconscious i.e. being in the right place at the right time or meeting someone at the right time. In 1967 I saw a UFO do the sky feats totally different from any known aircraft & I had a vision of RFK's assassination one month before it happened. As far as I'm concerned I don't give a damn if I ever see a UFO or a vision again---- they've done absolutely nothing to change the world. The most important thing now is "seizing the moment"---- acting on changing the world instead of re-acting.
Natural things not yet understood like "primeval forces" have no power until they are tapped into by someone who "receives" them and they can either function as "gods or demons".
Even if the Nazis invoked so-called "primeval forces" to win the war the Soviets weren't spooked into receiving them. Because in order for a "transmitter" to be effective its needs a "receiver". So the people of the USSR and Allies turned off their "receivers" to a Nazi spook agenda of mind control and tapped into something else to win the war.
The Nazis fled to the United States where almost everyone now is bombarded with the ideas of mind control, ghosts, UFO's, and spook crap that zap the life force of people from the "seizing the moment" and take control of their lives and destiny.
The Nazis and their Confederate compadres completed their victories of both WWII and the Civil War on January 20, 2001 when the Bush Nazi scum pulled a judicial coup d'etat. The American flag should not fly over the White House or KKKongress. It should be the Nazi swatistika and the "stars & bars" of the Confederacy.
Peter Levenda wrote a 3 volume series about "political witchcraft" titled "Sinister Forces" which details how these people are experts at "synchronicity".


P.S.: If you're going to delve into the "primeval forces" of the illuminati be prepared for a good ride. They have at their disposal satellites, HAARP, etc. to complete their illusions far better than any magician could ever imagine. They wag the dog very effectively.
P.P.S.: What kind of "primeval forces" do the B.D.S. tap into??


Ben, a word of caution to you and to all: Note carefully what godo posted on freedom, disrespect, and what one must not do or be. At the end of the Book and from the beginning, it is revealed that those who summon "entities who control primeval forces" and "use powerful ancient technologies to enforce secret rule over humanity" are ultimate losers if they do not repent of their witchcraft (Rev. 9, 22). For "the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death" (21:8 NKJV). But the humble servants of the Creator who walk in truth and love shall reign with Him forever and ever (22:5). Amen.


Jesse Smith,

The problem is your dealing with a false prophet. None of your truly honest questions will ever be delt with. This is all a deversion.

Good luck, because we're all going to need it.



 編紗明古歩道 どうでしょう。





This Is Why They Hate Us

Link http://www.prisonplanet.com/this-is-why-they-hate-us.html


Mortadella P. Capacolla

If the illuminati is Leo Zagami then I have trouble believing you here.
You can go to youtube and hear Leo in a tirade, declaring himself as Jesus the Messiah and berating people for not listening to him 2000 years ago. I think he is a schizophrenic. Just my two cents.


Investigation reveals numerous bogus claims on Obama resume


If true, we’ve been scammed even more than I thought. I wonder if this goes viral if the rumors, vis a vis Obama being replaced, will transpire?

P.S. Ben, I think Mr. Smith makes a good point.





Account Deleted

I wonder if the Illuminati are going to use their various “entities” who control primeval forces (or H.A.A.R.P) to bring down the Three Gorges Dam? Here is the dream-vision from the 'light' side of the force.
That would be about June 14 of this year. You could wait and see if anything happens at or around that date, by which time it will be to late to do anything about it. Or, the B.D.S. could check out the authenticity of Raging Wind Blackfoot's vision and make preparations to save as many people as possible who live downstream while there is still time.


〖 Freedom 〗

If one do or be what one must not do or be, the one shall not
be able "not to do or be so". It is "not free" state. More one
do or be the same, more difficult to be free-ed(forgiven) from it.

When one keep self in the state such one does not allow self to
do or be what one *must-not be or do, then the one is in the
state of in freedom.

〖 Disrespect 〗

* Must-not" is to disrespect. One to place own selfish deeds above
other's lawful wishes and rights is to disrespect. To disrespect
is to will to die.


Watch this, it is mind blowing !

Lindsey Williams - The Elite Speak



Thats OK but when you don't post for a few days we start to worry about you.

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