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Good evening Mr. Benjamin. In addition, thank you for the information that the religion is splendid. World common people and a Japanese are not a crowd of sheep of the Christianity faith and doctrine of the religio. The world is aggregate of a certain small common people with the various cross-cultural symbiosis coexistence LAW of each place. I ask Benjamin. Please show the illogical avarice ruler of Clinton and Nakasone and China and the large country it. When several billions of common people except the sheep will raise a peaceful riot. Thank you Mr. Benjamin and world common people.



Otto Lund

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Otto Lund

Exposing the criminal cabal, Intelligence Report from Field McConnell and David Hawkins, mp3 from April 14 2010, listen to part 43 - 45 2010 http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=918&start=326#M5067 *

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Ben, it seems like we are digressing in a major way. Now supposedly the BDD, the ones that have the power to retake the world with their wisdom, their gold, their millions of ninja's who are prepared to take out those who would continue to hold back progress and keep their own system going by their persistent destruction of mankind, are now entertaining a meeting with Bill Clinton. Are you friggin kidding me?? I mean are we really supposed to believe that someone would actually entertain this information and better yet would this meeting really happen??? LOL Knowing what these politicians like Bush, Clinton, Paulsen ( I thought he was in jail in Bermuda) Geithner, Bernanke and whoever else we are being sold as important, knowing what they represent why would there ever be a meeting involving anything they ar doing. If the BDS really represents the strength and integrity you have represented they have in the past then there should be dictation and not meeting. I am afraid Ben we are being sold a bill of goods with not much to take home for the kids. We have been at this for how long to be at the point now we are suppose to believe Bill is going to talk face to face with BDS chairman WONG FRONG TING and their discussion in going to result in what? THem saying No??? WOW We are slowly slipping into the Abyss Ben with no more making sense here than Casper's stuff. Every week there continues to be less and less reporting by everyone which we used to think was a potential quiet period ( that was a good thing) but now we are realizing that no news is no news and that is all that is being realized. My question is, what is really going on and is the BDS ( Godfather) going to spank people or are they going to play checkers with them?


Hi Ben

doesn't is seem strange that Bill would go to Japan after being told no, by the other two countries. maybe he is just a programed clone of some kind, a normal person would have more sense, BUT like you say blackmail is probably on his mind. also maybe it's time for the Japanese ninji's that have nothing to do with you to come to the aid of this young girl, these people are just to sick to let continue. otherwise I like your report, this one and your subsription one, things seem to be moving in a good positive conclusion direction.

take care and always be careful.


Please make mine rasberry.

Omax Pi

Why do you people even talk to this scum?

I don't get it. Take these criminals out before its too late.







Maryann Ortega

Personally I hope those in Japan do not give him even an audience.
Remember Haiti.


go Ben Go!

Did you like the straw poll showing Obamanator and Ron Paul neck-neck?

Americans are getting real fed up and fighting back. The bad guys are desperate for martial law. I pray they do not get the chance, ever.



小泉純一郎。全く進歩の無い奴。日本では本当にgeisha girlを殺したと専らの評判ですよ!




The secret that is being carried around but not publicized anywhere is that we're fighting a war on Mars against the Alpha Draconis at the behest of the very-predatory and very-parasitic [I believe, DE-evolved, INSANE] Orion Annunaki.





The Orion Annunaki are holed up on our Moon, and that is why Obama has abandoned plans to go there.


Our Space program has been sucked into space wars by the tricky Annunaki, who want this whole planet for themselves. They, after all, built the Pyramids. Unfortunately for us, their civil system of Law is Race Caste-driven, Racist, Sexist, Ideological and out of civil bounds.

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