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Angelina Lazar

It never ceases to amaze me how whichever site I post on, there is someone who comes, totally not focused on this issue, but comes only to try and discredit me.. but I am familiar with WHO this is. No matter for me... I continue in all truth for truth's sake, while they expose how DESPERATE THEY ARE to try and discredit me. I REALLY BOTHER THESE EVIL POWERS, especially since putting out my film on FREEMASONRY, SECRET SOCIETIES, OCCULTISM & THE ILLUMINATI VS CHRIST (on YouTube). But no matter for me; I continue all the same with MY MISSION EXTRAORDINAIRE, regardless +++

Ok.... so, with that being said: I continue.

Yes, there is a financial war going on behind the scenes as Swiss banks and the American government have leveraged huge gold bullion deposits (basically, they stole the gold) from not just "that woman"; but there are at least another couple of players I know with massive wealth in Central Banks the whole world over. It is "settlement-time", these world powers were told clearly, and not only that, but these world powers have been warned by another force as well(not of this world) to not play with nuclear power as that was not for us, it was said, but for them. In that we did not comply, it was warned what should occur and when.

2012 was the date given for such calamities and catastrophes. It was stated beforehand which countries would suffer if these World Treasury Deposits in various Central Banks were not returned to their rightful owner(s). This is what we are seeing play out now. And it is only just beginning . . . But these illuminati world powers are outright thieves, playing dangerous games.

The countries where we have seen supposed "natural" disasters are the countries that were warned years in advance to relinquish these world treasury deposits to a very serious world power. They did not. And so, it is all playing itself out.

Besides that, we have the Apocalypse. And I have discerned that God will utilize even the evil powers to effect some of what he has planned.

Truly, no matter how you dissect it or from which angle you shine the light on these esoteric, global, mystical, political and spiritual issues of historic and biblical precedence, it remains what always was:

only in Christ Jesus do we find Salvation and freedom from all suffering, both in this world and eternally. So much for now. Although I have much more to say on this . . .

Angelina Lazar
Mystical Orthodox Theologian
Spiritual & Political Ideologue
Defender of Human Rights & Peacemaker

Concerned Canadian

angelina lazar is a crook!



The old Pogo saying " I have met the enemy and the enemy
is us " ---How true.
Lets face it--
Maybe they deserve what they got---they voted Obama and
the rest of them in--


Hi Ben!
You are correct that an ultimatum has been given in the form of a demand of payment. After all who rules the roost? The lender or the debtor? And its not the Queen and its not the CIA and its not the
US Treasury or the FED.

Its one little elderly, extremely intelligent lady who has been trying to fix things for years and the crooks just keep getting in the way. So she is now fed up and decided to pull the plug and said pay up.

Search for this: $206,858,581,465,280,000,000.00 due and payable in American Gold Dollar, Gold Coin, Gold Bullion and if you can get your head around how much that is, then you will understand what brought the fraudulent financiers doing world banking to their knees.

Recently China put a lien on treasury for 47 trillion but guess what?
What? They are the second mortgage holder and this little lady is the first. I don't think China wants to play second fiddle to that much money so who is going to be willing to listen and settle before they loose it all? China and all her friends!

Son of Peter

The Total to ***** is 57468 ~ Five seven four six eight = 1608 = My word is spirit and life = the rock of our salvation = Ha Davar Elohim Jesus Christ = His glory is his meekness = Jesus Christ , Divine Love. = two three one three zero ~ 23130

23130 = If one sees Jesus as a man they are seeing his humanness. When one sees Jesus as the Holy Spirit, the word of God they are seeing his divinity. When one sees Jesus as both Holy Spirit and man one sees the Holy Ghost, the person of Jesus. This is his body and the church he speaks about. It is not a physical building made by human hands but a temple made from living stones by the power of Gods spirit of love.


"European royal families receive stern warning from powerful new secret group"

Hmm, another secret group to make bold pronouncements. More powerful than the BDS? With more resources than the existing corrupt oligarchy? Sounds good--just like the BDS did. But unfortunately, we did not see the fast changes that were promised. Or clearly any changes that could be attributed solely to BDS actions. Whether that was Ben's missed promise or the BDS's is unclear. But in any event, the BDS has lost any credibility, certainly since no one--apart from Ben--has ever met one of these BDS people to cross-verify any of the data given out in the last year. Now the BDS is replaced by another 'secret' group to keep hope (or whatever else its purpose may be) alive.

I do have to ask: why is the average guy being told this data? Because he's being asked to join and help fight this evil? Because these revelations weaken the enemy? Or because it keeps an aggitated population at bay because they are waiting for their ship to come in? You could get more revolution done just by having the public sit at home, not going to work for a few weeks, bartering and not paying their debt slavery levy. Think Bank of America could last a month without your payments? Not!! For all those average guys out there reading this: you are wasting your time waiting for someone else to solve all your problems. If you aren't constructively working on a way to improve your lot (and those around you), you need to get off your butt and do it right now.

Angelina Lazar

I have been trying to get ahold of him...
Tell him not to forget about my GLOBAL MONETARY AUTHORITY Series...
And PLEASE ask him to DROP ME A LINE when he has a moment.
Warmest in Christ,
And Warmest to his whole team...
And please tell him I am serioulsy planning on running for parliament now in Canada.
And need to talk..
Angelina Lazar


Stefan highlights an important matter. The Holly Greig affair has got the Establishment running scared. It has the potential to bring down their entire house of cards. The Facebook page has already attracted over 18,000 names. There is a blanket silence from ALL political parties. Keep a close eye on this story, join the Facebook page, and check for any news via davidicke.com/headlines.


I agree with you Truth. Very well said I might add. A big part of the NWO is about religion not just monetary policy. All the talk of oneness, cosmic togetherness, peace and love etc is great and sounds lovely. However, the NWO religion and its leader "Maitreya" will be trying to deceive the people of the world into accepting one global religion that will replace all others but is false. The health care bill was passed on March 20/21 during the spring equinox..a pagan holiday which our Congress members spent all weekend making sure got done on this deadline. They did the same thing on the winter solstice Dec.22 on a frigid winter night until 1 a.m. Sunday. Sun-day. The occult holy day. Yes our leaders are luciferians and it makes me sick. What short of pulling a Lee Malvo will get them out of office?


Message to the governments of the world: "We Know what evil is up to, and we know about our star family visiting our planet!" - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)" - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)


Dear governments of the world:

We know!
We know that some powerful governments of the world have gone evil and satanic. We know about Israel blackmailing the us government. We know that Israel is pretty much nothing but war and murder. We know that many less powerful governments of the world are being blackmailed.

We know!
We know that many technologies are being hidden from the masses. We know about free energy. We know that some governments have built underground bases. We know that many governments are experimenting with human cloning. We know that some governments have created a cloned army to scare the life right out of us.

We know!
We know there's a plan for a new world order and we know that particular kind of order is evil. We know that many government leaders are already cloned and are programmed to not deviate from the agenda.

We know!
We know that many communities all around the world are experiencing financial terrorism. We know that the us dollar and other currencies are essentially worthless pieces of paper. We know that many of you in the legal system have gone evil and are covering up for other evil-doers. We know that there's a united nations plan to genocide Africa.

We know!
We know the food, air, water and soil are poisoned on purpose. We know that many evil bent people with money have no intention to use their wealth to clean up this planet. We know the queen wants to own everything while she depopulates the planet. We know that bill gates is another who wants to use his wealth to depopulate the planet.

We know!
We know that some royalty are inbred and we know that inbreeding develops certain traits, like being cold, like being uncaring. We know that some royalty even drink blood. We know about the sexual orgies that some royalty have with their own relatives. We know that certain royalty are not to be trusted, and are a deterrent to world peace.



Our evolution has been hijacked for over a century. We have been bashing against this wall for quite some time now, but now the cracks are occurring. Like a ball held under water, it will race to the top. It doesn't surprise me that things are changing this fast. You see it everywhere. These are truly the end-times. The end of chaos, the end of negativity, the end of the control over the human race. Peace, love and calm is coming. Our negative masters are ducking for cover, they don't want to give up their control. Control over what, an illusion? It has been proven that we live in a 3D holographic reality, nothing that exists is real, only the experience is real. What kind of experience do you want to take away with you, positive or negative? Embrace these exciting times because we are all here for a reason. We decided on this time to incarnate on this planet. We are here to witness and participate in something wondrous. That is the truth. To some this period of time looks disastrous (those who have chosen materialism) and to others its a time of great change and excitement (those who have chosen consciousness). Your beliefs create your reality. You decide on a negative path or a positive path and what you put out you will get back. Make the change, there's still time. Anyone with eyes open can see we are on this threshold right now, what state of being you decide will reflect in how you handle this transition!


Jubilee is interesting but the reversal of all patents and patent law to the common, is the only way out of this mess.


A major breakthrough in the financial logjam is imminent according to three separate sources: a Chinese politburo agent, a member of the British Royal Family and a CIA source. The CIA and British sources said some very powerful group had emerged and warned the European Royal Families to back off and relinquish control of the US and European financial systems. This group has also, according to these sources, given the Pentagon an ultimatum that it will be forced to obey. In addition, they said the world financial system would be reset to 1916 levels in a major jubilee. This would abolish all World War I and II related restitution payments among other things.
Lets cut the crap: A major breakthrough in the financial logjam is imminent according to three separate sources: a Chinese politburo agent, a member of the British Royal Family and a CIA source.
Source #1, Chinese agent, member of a despotic, tyrannical, dictatorship that kills its own citizens at a whim and imprisons all dissenters while allowing zero freedom of speech. Well documented and entrenched NWO hierarchy in political leadership positions that have ambitions of world rulers. These control freaks are not your friends.

Source #2, British Royal Family, all members that reside within the Monarchy are not British citizens, they of German decent. These freaks are at the top of the Vatican Free Masonic/Illuminati food chain and all-seeing-eye capstone. They enslave nations and direct world policy for the masses through unelected cronies and sold–out proxy NGO and nation state power brokers of all global financial, military, eugenics and phony climate carbon based enslavement operations. This enormously dangerous enclave of inbred, incestuous, psychopath’s have a well documented family tree that is part of a centuries old Vatican Knights Templar, Knights of Malta luciferian bloodline. These sick, demented luciferian control freaks are not your friends.

Source #3, CIA, a rouge shadow government agency that assassinated JFK and is responsible for the untold assassination and deaths via out right murder of millions worldwide. This shadow entity controls every facet of US domestic and international policy through military, political and financial intimidation, destruction, death, assassination and illegal narcotic’s ($3 Billion US annuallyAfganistan) trafficking to fund illegal and unjust wars and black Ops such as 911. This luciferian controlled shadow rouge regime also controls and directs the US Executive and all political branches within the North America and are not your friends.

Lets cut the crap: The CIA and British sources said some very powerful group had emerged and warned the European Royal Families to back off and relinquish control of the US and European financial systems.
Source#4, Secret code for entrenched world banking interests that are all apart of the Vatican One World Government Illuminati Free Masonic rulers that enslave world populations. Stop being fools and believing the BS. These are the same powerful control freaks that are apart of the power structure. They are simply fighting from within to gain total control of world resources and financial supremacy. They are not your friends.

Lets cut the crap: This group has also, according to these sources, given the Pentagon an ultimatum that it will be forced to obey. The Pentagon is rouge and will not relinquish power. US Civilian population is the only firewall or hope to dismantle the Industrial Military Murder Complex. The American people have not controlled the war machine since at least 1947 National Security Act when the Air Force was officially created. 99 percent of Pentagon Generals are Free Masons, Knights of Malta Military Order and the few high ranking Jews that reside in Satan’s Pentagram (the Pentagon) are staunch Zionists, thus, none of them are for peace and they are not your friend.
Lets cut the crap: In addition, they said the world financial system would be reset to 1916 levels in a major jubilee. This would abolish all World War I and II related restitution payments among other things.
A major Jubilee is code for massive currency devaluation’s for all the western world’s indebted corrupt bankrupt governments. This devaluation will turn every man woman and child into overnight slaves to a techno control grid that will consume everything and everyone. Population’s will have no food, no jobs and descend into a total economic and social disaster of unimaginable proportions. World populations will slowly drift into ungodly ciaos and eventually starve to death. This plan has been in the works for the good part of two hundred years or longer. This is the satanic eugenic depopulation program being unleashed upon earth. There will be a Jubilee alright, for the murders at the top of the Capstone food chain and governments that have colluded with these luciferians, helping to facilitate the unleashing of this unholy, and ungodly demonic death cult religion. Sorry folks, you’re not going to get any financial jubilee, you’re a slave that needs to die according to those rich snotty elitists that run the world. It time to grow up folks, as the human race is with in the realm of extension if this evil is not stopped.

Otto Lund

Michael Schratt - Military Industrial Complex,


Thanks for the update Ben. I thought I'd share this story with you: http://www.ukcolumn.org/2010/02/02/child-rapists-protected-by-the-state/

Hollie Greig was systematically raped by her father, the sheriff and other prominent members of society. Now when this karmic event is trying to balance itself but the corrupt political forces are trying to prevent responsibility for action to be taken.

Peace and Love be with you at all times, Ben.

Together, as One - Once again in the existential equilibrium that is the Living One Vibrational Energy


Great report Ben Thanks!
Interesting Sources discussed here:
Check out Rayelan on RMN: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=169444

And Trustee: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=169411

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