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Here is proof something is happening. It look like the Restore America Plan has served all 50 Governors with papers to either accept the roll back of the constitution to pre 1860 status or face removal. Here is a Nevada article confirming it:



Military activity in the California desert might be related to some problems we've been having with the Mexican Mafia. As far as the currency situation is concerned, I came to see what was posted here after seeing Financial Times articles today on the following topics:
1. G20 pressuring China to revalue its currency
2. Iron ore pricing contract rules change, steel prices set to soar
3. US Treasuries prices higher than private debt

Something is up, and I hope it doesn't mean general population of the US gets screwed again, instead of the ruling class. Recently a cab driver from Haiti was telling me he's seen poverty in the US as bad as in the third world. So have I, in the rural areas. But he's from Haiti, and he's telling me this?

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg


Disgust runs deep now.

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

Yee-hah! :hugs all around:


You and that guy named Rense both dog Alex Jones, and Alex Jones is the only true hero in the informaiton war, you are either deluded or a misinformation specialist but not a good one.

You claim you went to the Vatican as a representative of the BDS but then paid your own trip so you wouldn't be beholden to them. It's heads when you want to push one agenda and it's the other side of the coin, tails, when you want to push another agenda.

10, 15, 30 comments on each article you publish? Most boards with high traffic have hundreds of comments in the span of hours, not a few a day.

You post links to Yahoo? Hilarious. Well I do read this site for amusement. Hope you keep it going for awhile, I need the laughs in this seriously corrupted kali yuga.







I can only hope and pray the criminal IRS is dissolved because they have a lien on my accounts.
Hopefully Barry Soetero aka illegal alien President Obama is thoroughly disgraced and both parties too.


FBI Raid Militia in Michigan - Major Operation!!!


Old Braveheart

It is happening NOW!

The Feds are pissed:

It is up to the military to do what they've promised now.

Lots of links at that first link above to the radio programs, youtubes, etc.

Thank you, Ben for giving us a heads up. Much appreciated. Now the battle is on. Pray for us, please.

Otto Lund

Africa kept in the shadow, robbed, humiliated, starved, controlled? African Deluge—www.africanfamily.org + http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1569&start=226#M5785 News from Africa seems to be banned by news media. Africans are also prohibited from accessing information from other parts of the world. The same applies for China and South-America.

Look at the ip-access map to the right on this page, it's obvious http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/category-view.asp When countries are kept in the shadow, the globe's polulation is kept in the shadow, all included, none exepted




FBI対 軍 ?





It's a relief to hear from you again! After the recent Vatican/BIS/BDS meeting, I was expecting a run down from you of how it all went, but I guess you don't want to be the bearer of bad tidings? It fell apart big time, didn't it?

Otherwise, Ratzinger would still be looking 'squeaky clean' rather than a paedophile/gay ringmaster...


Deutschemark LOL
Nobody here wanted the Euro in the first place anyway and back then Chancellor Schröder announced once a public referendum about an "european constitution" would be "un-democratic" because he knew people would definitely vote against it


1. Nakai Hiroshi (中井 洽), chairman of Japan's "National Public Safety Commission" erupted a scandal about him giving a card-key to an unknown woman. (from Sankei Shimbun)

2. Britain expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai passport row (BBC, March 23rd)

I'm seeing interesting events.




Dear Mr. Fulford, you are a devious facilitator,

I hate to sound as if I’m constantly disagreeing with you and questioning the validity of your weekly musings on secret meeting’s involving super-duper secret black dragon ninjas or Royal Families or some other criminal nefarious agency that is so damn corrupt a child could see it. But I can’t resist because the stakes are so high and failure to stop this evil is the death knell for humanity. The truth is all humanity has left and it’s being silenced and deconstructed just as any Marist’s, Communist, Fascist One World Governmental regime would wish.

This latest endeavor is par for the course. You start out with a typical pronunciation with all the fanfare and bravado, as if; you are once again breaking important news from behind the scenes that will save mankind. You then follow that up by posting a link to the “Rumor Mill Site” that has a small blurb from another anonymous nobody that wrote some drivel and posted a you tube video as if its fact. This is your top notch verification efforts. Please, 90 percent of the people here are fools that will believe anything, but there are 10 Percent here who know that game of BS.

Mr. Fulford, I know that Jeff Rense thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread. But, unfortunately even his stature as a watchman from the alternative fringe cannot hold you up as a viable news worthy entity, whether it be masquerading as a inside power player from behind the scenes or selling a thrilling comical news letter to a apathetic target group. First and foremost I read your musing’s for essensually pure amusement. It gives the intellectually honest thinker an excellent view with which to gauge the gullibility and sheer stupidity of the drooling masses as they cling like children to a retired new paper reporter for salvation in a world gone insane as a result of demonic, vile political and religious leadership in every corner of the globe.

Mr. Fulford, you’re dangerous to the thumb sucking drooling morons that still reside within the Illuminati matrix, hoping for that mystical white knight to save them. What they don’t understand is this construct is pure entertainment, devoid of fact. You feed them their daily dose of childish propaganda disinfo, which they eat up like gluttons. The silliness of this escapade your involved in, if its wasn’t so important to defeat these demonic elitists it would be the equivalent of a newspaper comedy series.

Mr. Fulford, you’re not a danger to people like me because I see the world for what it is “a gigantic lie”, a cesspool of infinite immorality, greed, corruption, and mental sickness. A world fully consumed with death, evil and distain for humanity. The goodness and wholesomeness that the true creator bestowed upon humanity has faded into dust, only to relinquish power to unimaginable evil. Myopic illusion’s of instant gratification and selfishness is the religion of today.

Fortunately Mr. Fulford, I have checked out of the matrix along time ago. That was only possible after I started using the brain and common sence that I was born with and stopped complying with the evil and took responsibility for my own actions and life. I don’t watch bubble vision for eight hours a day, or at all. Nor do I drink poisonous fluoridated tap water, nor do I take toxic deadly vaccines nor do my children, nor do I eat poisonous and deviant GMO foods made from satanic Fortune 500 companies, nor do I walk through deadly DNA destroying airport full-body x-ray machines, nor do I comply or am I complicit with a hundred other degrading, inhuman enslavement scenarios that the masses allow themselves to be subjected to on a daily basis without opposition. What’s my point, simply put, you’re a facilitator for inaction, you project an aura of integrity for the foolish and naive element’s of society, thus, unbeknownst to the lay person, which for the most part are the laziest, most apathetic, most ill informed bunch of ass clowns you could imagine. They willingly accept their own enslavement and go disgustingly along in perpetual nothingness hoping someone else will do the dirty work while they sit on their pathetic butt waiting for a handout. Your targeted audience is these types of people, clearly by design. I describe them as neanderthals of the modern age, incapable of an original intellectual thought on any level.

Shame on you Mr. Fulford for siding with the dark side and being a facilitator of disinfo and misdirection, and I do believe that this IS NOT BY ACCIDENT.

People, it’s time to grow up. Stop believing the BS, get off your lazy asses, stand up on your own two feet and start taking responsibility for yourself and your family. I can damn well guarantee you that the Free Masons, Vatican, British Royal Family, BDS, Pentagon, Religious leaders, Central Banks, IMF, Governments all across the globe, etc., do not care if you live a fruitful and dignified life, they actually hope for your early demise on this planet. Stop facilitating your own demise. Rebuke the matrix in every form and stop buying their crap and supporting their cabals. Only you and your community of well meaning and intellectually honest individuals will save yourselves.

The false prophet will not save you in your time of need. Grow up and be ready to save yourselves.

Account Deleted

I found this prophetic website by Jouko Piho of Finland. http://www.kolumbus.fi/jouko.piho/english/english.htm 04-05-2009
It is a very long page (I read 3 visions per day), oldest vision/dreams at the bottom. Do a page search for Japan or Obama, China invades Japan and Obama is the last President. Think of this website as intelligence from the future.

David Gray

Hi Echo,
You can hear what the YouTube deleted one said(there was no video anyway as it was a radio show) on the other link about two thirds into the show.The fact that the YouTube was deleted is highly significant.Further to that, how in the hell can anyone have a copyrite on the contents of a radio show that offers this information in the public domain?

Otto Lund

Herman Van Rompuy - the EU's new NWO shill president,













1/ There are 4 scandinavian countries (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway), if you add Finland then you have what you refer to as the "Nordic" countries. Norway (the richest of them) and Iceland (the poorest) are neither members of the EU nor the Euro.
Sweden and Denmark are members of the EU but not the Euro, only Finland is. Therefore, the Euro is only of concern to Finland.
2/ France, the second largest economy in the EU and a core founder of both the EU and the Euro enjoys a productivity per worker higher than that of Germany {although the French are certainly not as frugal!}.
3/ The Euro IS since its creation the successor to the Deutshmark.
Benjamin, when it comes to the EU or Euro, do you know your subject?



Indian in the machine

BREAKING NEWS: Military Movement In California “They just kept coming”…IN WOODLANDS COLOURS NOT DESERT COLOURS

Indian in the machine writes: I think sometimes there’s a moment in everybody’s lives, where they say “no more” and take some action…some truth action. Are we gonna wait for the military to come knocking on our doors before that moment comes? Apparently for many…yes!

BREAKING NEWS: Military Movement In California “They just kept coming”…IN WOODLANDS COLOURS NOT DESERT COLOURS

This was sent to me yesterday evening. I have heard alot of guff from people that the info from the Moscow visit was a bunch of [dis-info because there is no rail that runs through Edwards AFB (which is true) but the rail does run right up to the Auxillary Air Base to the North-North West end of the base]. Considering movements out of Camp Pendelton and So. California described in the information below, the camera footage of a train in California carrying this equipment, and the ability to move this equipment rapidly by rail/truck to get it to it’s destination in working order quickly so all that has to be done is logistics/location delivery and “turn the key” —ready to roll with the assigned units. All painted in WOODLAND camo schemes; not desert.

MILITARY -Southern Cal – L.A./O.C./I.E./A.V./V.C./S.D. ActivityUpdate

Date: Monday, March 8, 2010, 1:40 PM I figured this would cover all of us here in Southern Cal. From Ventura to the North on down to San Diego in the South. Let’s all be a human radar sweep and update this with what we see. I have to fire my camera back up… Anyhow, 11:00 AM PST two Chinook (OliveDrab) Choppers flying low and tight in a “SouthWest” direction. Their trajectory would take them directly over L.A.’s Metro Area. I’ve got to keep the camera on stand by. It’s always interesting to see that type of hardware in this area…



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