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benjamine's last post struck a chord with me. i have been protesting for over 25 years and I have noticed that it does always come down to a fight in the street. The people won the Battle of Trafalgay in 1990 and the Poll Tax revol was successful. But the two million that marched against the war/holocaust in Iraq didn't get angryenough, and so the war went ahead. -Same with the miners, they won the battles in the secenties but were out-done by the establishment thugs in the eighties. But I really don't want to see a modern day 'mob' armed to the teeth taking on sonic machines and shotgun tasers so we have to raise awareness before it gets that far.





Ben can be heard on the Jeff Rense interview for March 24, 2010 here:


Great show Ben. You really shined there!
Loved all the positive outlooks!


in other words the BIS controls them all?

I like the 50/50 control of east/west idea. At least to wretch it out of the hands that it has been in for the last hundreds of years would be a start to justice in finance???

do the chinese allow chemtrailling in their country?
it sounds as if they might allow everything else...

divine intervention, c'mon down
we are all in dire need, methinks

Omax Pi

LOL. I have seen through the joke of Fulford. In fact, I've seen through the joke of it all.
I'm a slave. I'm a stupid, controlled and ridiculous creature. I will try to carve out whatever little crap life i can and die. I'm not going to think anymore that i am "aware", "awake", or fighting anything. It's over.
I'm so sick of the spiritual, political, social game....just leave me alone.

Everything is Misinformation at the end of the day. It doesn't matter what I "know"......it makes no damn bit of difference.

*Cracks a beer*

Renaissance Costume

Good point Romanian. Earning money is very hard and it would cause a lot of pain whenever controlled by anybody else.

Brian Horsfield

New article on the Bank Of International Settlements here:
Bank For International Settlements (BIS): How The Rothschilds Control And Dictate To The World
by William Dean A. Garner


〖 No one have to die.〗

"Everyone is dying"
is a superstition
that one can only
assume and believe.

It is a "belief to die"
that one must not preach.
Children are innocent
of the belief to die.

Video: page-0

Larry M

@ indianinthemachine-

I truly like your website- but how does one come into Email contact with you? (no link provided)-

erstaunlicherweise, Dieter Braun, manche Leser dieser Websight verstehen Deutsch und erkennen einen Deutschen Namen- please excuse my insight- wenn Du den Ureinwohnern Nord Amerikas gehörst, habe ich eine Brücke namens Golden Gate zu verkaufen-

so what's your point?- why not be just be a 'Dieter Braun with insights' and take it from there?

I hate deceptions


>>CIA, MI6, the KGB, the Pentagon etc. are the people in charge of finance...

no, mr. fulford they are the muscle for the 13 jewish fed families and the jewish zion 'state' of israel.<<

Hello Mr. Frank Zenn,

But then, who's in charge of the CIA, KGB, and MI6 - the bankers, and certainly the rockefellers too along with others.

I believe you are WAY oversimplifying the factions. How about the Vatican? The Nazis? The Bolsheviks? Skull and Bones? The Zionists are just one faction vying for power. It'll be nice to see them go down as the factional differences destroy them.


Dear People of the world:
THEY did give you the internet.
THEY want you to believe in freedom of expression.
THEY did give you all the information that you need.
THEY did give you the power to believe that now you are clever.
THEY do let you said and think what you want,so you feel more clever.
THEY did give you the messengers so you have more information,now you are really clever,updated and informed.
THEY want you to have the feelings that you are clever and smarter than they are.
THEY do rule the planet for ions,but they want you to think that YOU will save the planet on the basis that you have been "awake" for the last 5 minutes.
THAT'S why you are getting all this info,because you will have brain overload and that YOU can't do a thing about it,simply because YOU can't cope with all this info,let alone tear YOURSELF away from this screen to save YOUR self,YOU are TOO busy getting INFORMED.
THEY just don't care what YOU know or how much YOU know.
THEY know YOU are a fool and always be one,after all they make WHO you are,they own even the air that you are breathing every second.
THEY give YOU all the diplomas and titles on education that you need.
THEY give the "educate" titled people to lead YOU on THERE orders.
THEY give YOU all the messengers for all taste and believes so that you are happy now....YOU belong now...YOU are NOT alone anymore YOU have YOUR own personal herd to follow.
THEY know that.
OH yes THEY do and THEY have YOU exactly where THEY want you to be,looking at this screen day in and day out,loosing sleep,depress and unhappy,searching for the next conspiracy and when YOU think YOU found one YOU add more logs to the fire on there behalf.
THEY love YOU and NEED YOU,without YOUR help this can not be possible to come this far.
SO Mr.Indian YOU know and I know...and then what??? we will die educate people that we did know the "truth",but where to busy researching it.
So far to this day,NOT ONE single messenger have been right about anything,from spiritual to finance etc.All we get is just words and a smart ass die hard supporter with good command on the English language,that,that's enough to give credibility to the report and everybody jump in the bandwagon.Just because YOU can read whats on this screen,does not mean you have your eyes open.
Happy trails humanity.
PS.can you imagine any government of the world reading Mr.Indian how much they KNOW and the presidents,Kings,P.Ms. going," WOW,THEY KNOW !!!!"



Otto Lund

Message spotted in Abel Danger complex, quote: Our youth sacks mass media and our prime minister, Point of Return sparker massemedia http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1407&start=26#M5704 . The birds demand and need clean air. They have none to loose, Grisly mystery after scores of starlings fall out of the sky and lie dying... in a SINGLE front garden http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1569&start=201#M5608 . I congratulate you with the results of your efforts, even if all goals are not yet reached.




The Rothschilds own the CIA, IMF, IRS the Fed and the Schiffs created communism at the cost of $20 million
There is no in-fighting of factions and you are being misled


Message to the governments of the world: "We Know what evil is up to, and we know about our star family visiting our planet!" - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)" - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)


Dear governments of the world:

We know!
We know that some powerful governments of the world have gone evil and satanic. We know about Israel blackmailing the us government. We know that Israel is pretty much nothing but war and murder. We know that many less powerful governments of the world are being blackmailed.

We know!
We know that many technologies are being hidden from the masses. We know about free energy. We know that some governments have built underground bases. We know that many governments are experimenting with human cloning. We know that some governments have created a cloned army to scare the life right out of us.

We know!
We know there's a plan for a new world order and we know that particular kind of order is evil. We know that many government leaders are already cloned and are programmed to not deviate from the agenda.

We know!
We know that many communities all around the world are experiencing financial terrorism. We know that the us dollar and other currencies are essentially worthless pieces of paper. We know that many of you in the legal system have gone evil and are covering up for other evil-doers. We know that there's a united nations plan to genocide Africa.

We know!
We know the food, air, water and soil are poisoned on purpose. We know that many evil bent people with money have no intention to use their wealth to clean up this planet. We know the queen wants to own everything while she depopulates the planet. We know that bill gates is another who wants to use his wealth to depopulate the planet.

We know!
We know that some royalty are inbred and we know that inbreeding develops certain traits, like being cold, like being uncaring. We know that some royalty even drink blood. We know about the sexual orgies that some royalty have with their own relatives. We know that certain royalty are not to be trusted, and are a deterrent to world peace.



Dear Princes and princesses,

I am hoping this may simplify the matters in yo hands.

〖 Treasonous & illiterate Romans 〗

Ones who check-mated themselves at the on-set of their empire
by the claim of the name Empire and Emperor to themselves. They
have declared themselves as the governance of God's Emperor that
never was the fact. Anyone to claim to be a agent of God to place
oneself above others without the fact, is treason against God
and all people. What "treason" meant at the first place if it is
not what they are doing and being(impostors of the God's authority)?

If themselves "declared in any shapes or forms that God is the
Monarch of their legalese", their courts and judges must be able
to prove they are qualified and appointed by God. Unless otherwise
it is treason also. They should be questioned "what is God" in their
definition. If they could not define "God" as fact neither could
prove that they are appointed by the God, then their whole empire
and legalese prove to be founded upon lies, therefore in treason.

Illiterate Romans who placed own selfish deeds above other's lawful
wishes and rights, incriminate themselves with treason every time
open their mouth to impose themselves above others and utter proud
names and words with static poses and proud tone of voice.

As the God Nature is the Fact that Exists As It Does so that treason
is fact(not fiction) also. The treasonous ones shall die by fact.

Where the words "God", "Royal", "Emperor" or "treason" have come
from? Where our languages have come from at all, should we not know?
How we have acquainted with our language(words) and the fact that the
pyramids exist must be the hints for the question. A basic subject
for anyone's pondering, reference to What our most ancient tribes
"originally" have told to invaders?

Shamanism of drug(natural or unnatural) mafia:---------------
What the "Policivo Effect(which was known long time before Dr.Policivo
in secret?)" meant for the criminals is that "if one believe so" anything
could be poison. That is why there are so many well payed scare+care
mongers? Good wishful princesses and princes are deceived and being used
as well, but shouldn't be? Who need "vaccines", "poisons" or "diseases"
for what reason, if it is not the deceivers to deceive, to steal even to
kill? The God Nature never need such things for any reason so did not
create but they did(wished). The God Nature never wishes us disease nor
death but wishes health and happiness of eternal life. If you do too much
of anything or overly careless about anything the God Nature would let you
know it though?

"Long Live All the God's friends!".---godo

frank zenn

CIA, MI6, the KGB, the Pentagon etc. are the people in charge of finance...

no, mr. fulford they are the muscle for the 13 jewish fed families and the jewish zion 'state' of israel.

you miss the mark again.

it would appear you are still immersed in your career of 25 years of finance. playing their game. who are you playing for?

G.T. rolling. can a corpse get dizzy? this one surely is by now!


Also the finance, like many facets of the human life, is under the rule of the snake from the old times. Do not let your hard earned money, which is the equivalent of your sweat and blood, to be controlled by the snake!

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