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Connection to torrent sites were and to some are interrupted. Biggest information databases on truth. Must be nazis. Do not let them do that.
Don't pay taxes. Search for good people, truth. Don't let to disconnect you from the rest of the people. Keep in touch with people from every place of the Earth.


Chemtrails all over Guelph Ontario Canada as well for almost every day through the week for the last two weeks. I work outside and if it werent for these chemtrails it would be clear beautiful blue skies every day all day.


Henry Kissinger re-appears, contacts the Black Dragon Society WHAT?, I think it's all a bunch of BS, Half of what Ben says is truth and the other half is pure crap,

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

Ben, the cabal UTILIZES doppelgangers [doubles] a great deal. That would probably account for this situation. It may have been a doppelganger who was shot down OR this recent appearance could be a doppelganger.

Take your pick.

Emily E. Windsor-Cragg


Yes, saw lots of chemtrails over Sacramento on Monday 3/15.


YW Lynn W, and Thanks...I will take a look at TGT. I have my plate full with my forum~

among other things... ;>


a coup in washington this weekend. military is suppose to support it. well organized. surprised you have not heard.

Otto Lund

Reports of massive chemtrail spraying these days

Chemtrail, location: Trondheim, Norway. Photo: Otto Lund, Navigate3D.com

1 – 4: Chemtrails, 13 March 2010 9:08 am, Trondheim S ESE-WNW direction

In US, listen to part 31 til 33 in Radioprogram March 17 2010, Intelligence Report from Field McConnell and David Hawkins,


Otto Lund

Beyond Treason, crime, and shame,


The U.S. Military Knows The Israeli's Did 911."

Listen to this interview. There are now several high level people in the U.S. Military that are convinced that Israel is responsible for 9/11.


Full interview here:


Lynn W

MIRIAM, Thanks for posting that Video Link. Why don't you come and post over th the Golden Thread?

The Original & True Golden Thread


My god,

You gullible, naïve bunch of no-nothings actually believe this childish clap-trap that’s being spewed about Henry “Knight of Malta” Kissinger, some freaking stupid unknown BDS underworld freaks that no one knows one persons name. Meeting with the Vatican: are you freaking kidding me. This is comedy central on steroids.

Oh but wait it gets better. All of the names being bandied around are the very people that are scamming you and enslaving you. And Fulford wants all you drooling neaderthals to believe that these control freaks are going to play nice now and save the world.

There’s no hope for humanity if it’s made up of people like you all.


Would have been less surprised if it had been N. Korean hospital, but then they're both owned and operated by the alphabets, no?

Kiss of death mustta been down for the count. Didnt the Beijing Manitoban have come out for some "play"? Ol'soldiers fading away?

Fulford never said he didn't care about N. America; he said it would get what it deserved!

Only thing left to us is to hold on to cash system as long as we can, scream bloody murder at the Amero/ID card, grow your own and hit the streets/letters as best we can, get ready for the ride.

Our governments are not our own anymore, Toto.

Otto Lund

ABC Vs. Loose Change,

Otto Lund

Calling all 9/11 Whistleblowers: WikiLeaks http://abeldanger.blogspot.com/2010/03/call-all-911-whistleblowers-wikileaks.html

Saint Cheez

I only repeat what I was told by the greats. Zagami stated he did not care about US problems but Europe's before 2008 and Fulford stated he did not care about US problems but Japan's after 2008. These are the facts for the US. They NEVER promised the US anything... You decide folks what the truth is.

Chus Casado

Hello, Ben:

Here Chus from Alicante - Spain. Glad you are dealing with the dark side, but I would fear treachery any moment. In an important interview about a ex-vietnam veteran tycoon, the "baddy" went on wistling "Sunday bloody sunday". I love him and I pray for him and all us every day.

Otto Lund

Final destination Iran?


It will be a global collapse.Nothing you do or say will change it.All the governments of the world are together,they, well most have killed their own in one way or another.Now get ready for the finaly, before end of age.


They're dead! They're alive! They're dead! They're alive! Wait!.. No!.. What?... OK, this time they're dead for sure! Well, they were at least partly dead, but they seemed to have recovered! No, wait; Those were clones! Pretty sure they'll be dead again in the near future! But maybe not.


RE~ Kiss-of death-inger:
I figure you and the BDS know the score on Kissinger and those he handles.

Staying clear on the goal~ keeping the promise that the BDS will not compromise on its core goals of ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and ending war ~ will guide all of you the best.
No matter how good a deal they employ, if it serves them rather than this, you will know.


Dear Ben,

I Appreciate your opinions and idea's for which you don't always receive the appropriate recognition. It should be obvious to anyone China and Japan are the future economically and that they are sabotaged through economic warfare by the old cabal. We are seeing little action by the BDS causing impatience. Perhaps the link provides inspiration on that front, one must at all times keep hope alive whether its based on reality or not. I always say, "all is hope and hope is all"..


I would however really appreciate some alternative payment options Ben, I like many have axed my credit-card because I get a better oversight of my expenses that way and less tempted to make impulse purchases in a time of financial turmoil.

The downside to that is I'm cut off from the news on your blog. The crumbs you provide on the free pages are leaving me starved for information.

The way to fix the corruption of the banks is for everyone to start axing their credit cards using a pair of scissors then straight to the trash.

I did that and now I'm way more financially stable as a result, it's the best advise I could give anyone concerning "getting a grip" on managing your personal finance.

It's ironic therefor to be alienated now from the news, you are still the nr. 1 guru of the new financial system, please help me out.


These two stories are important to read:


Buzz Words and what’s a comin down the Pike!



The way spirit guides us is always a blessing to be grateful for. This page came down the pike and what is interesting is only two days ago there were only a few tracks on the globe tracker he has at the top of his page here. Today it is riddled with hits like never before. It is amazing that so many are reading this story today ALL OVER THE WORLD!!

Brother Fred you need not wonder why all those police chiefs retired any more. After being told of this to come, they have been readying for the anger the people will show when it happens. Get jiggity now and keep cool knowing you took precautions to do all you can while you can to prepare for the revaluation or complete collapse.

Big blessings and love to the world community reading this story. Report all anomalies.

In Service.





Dominique Strauss-Kahn States Asia Will Be Centralized In New Economic Order

March 14, 2010
Robert J.


And this story goes with the other that was posted here:


Read the comments about the bush connections with china. Probably maurice strong too aye! One can only wonder about what old maurice strong, poppy bush, and white china heroin have in common? Hummmm...n.a.z.i.s....?


we told you so....your sources are trying to make you look less trustworthy..pls confirm before you write these things

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