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James H Cardboard

Can we hurry up and get this Armageddon / NWO / Elite carnival of death over with!? The buildup is really started to annoy the crap out of me. HAARP, CHEMTRAILS, MARSHALL LAW, 9/11, 2012, CIA / OSAMA BIN LADEN, BLAH BLAH BLAH. I don't give a rats ass about any of it. Even if it is all true (it is) I STILL DON'T CARE!!! Inside my mind is paradise, and that will never change. Thanks anyway, Jesus.

concerned citizen

I know how we could end the financial crisis. We convince David Rene De Rothschild and Evelyn De Rothschild to give humanity 500 trillion dollars(They have sooo much money, come on, stop being greedy!!!!). We use THEIR money to pay off OUR debt to zero and then use the rest to buy gold and then create our own currencies that compete with each other but NEVER lose value. And the currencies would be useless paper either. Or we have a currency backed by something of value. Why not use a barter system as money. Why use the Federal Reserve System, the bankers system? Ben, read Revelation 13:16-18. It mentions the Antichrist forcing everyone to take his one world currency or die. This will happen, even if we all resist the movement towards it. It is Destiny I guess......Gesh, destiny of the wicked who pull strings. I am sick of everything! I am sick of this shit!!! Why do we need a world elite ruling over us????? I pray they lose their power and money and that humanity will wake up faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why can't I start my own bank and make my own currency and hand it out to every American? I know....the fed would sue me into oblivion and destroy me, this is not fair. This whole evil world system should be changed and humanity should wake up form this horrible nightmare. I want God to return to planet earth, I am inpatient!!!! Ok, maybe I have a little patience, I mean I typed this out using patience. But seriously, enough with the robbery of the American people and the rest of the world, enough with the expansion of government...enough! Our national dent will never go away, apparently, it will remain for the world conservation bank or coming demonic new world order bank to absorb and buy up. This bank will us the entire earth all collateral.....sounds like Antichrist coming to power to me, doesn't it?

God Bless Mr. Fulford.


There is NO FAILED EURO, DOLLAR etc ALL IS PLANNED TO FAIL & ALL part of the plan.


Henry Kissinger is alive and well. He just was released from hospital in Seol. Good job healing Kissinger in Asia.... So much for Fulford information about him :((((( very sad


WHY ISN'T BENJAMIN FULFORD ADRESSING THIS TOPIC AT ALL IN ANY POST,NOR YOUTUBE WHATSOEVER? Topic:"Mind-Control tower WORLWIDE SYSTEM", which is supplemented and supported by CHEMTRAIL WORLDWIDE POISONING PROGRAM???? [ "Dr Scott Johnson- Coming US Holocaust,Digital TV,HAARP,GWEN Towers,Silent Sound Mind Control 1/21" heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG0b-J5R31k&feature=player_embedded , ALL 21 parts here: http://granddelusion.wordpress.com/category/mind-control/ ] Well??? Can anybody answer?(because Benjamin CLEARLY is actually covering this problem up BY HIS SILENCE!!!)

Dave Myers

Benjamin I would love to subscribe but I lost my job and funds are tight.
I could affrord $5.00 dollars a month if that would help,but no more. Love your insight.

Saint Cheez

Obviously, to me, we need a better human psychology than we have today. Well, if you look at most so called average normal people, you must know something is wrong. Actually, abnormality today has become normal. If you see psycho-pathic behavior aka malignant mentality, you hope that person will outgrow it. Wishful thinking probably. Anyway, what do parents do with psycho-pathic kid? Well, the kid needs to be socialized. Yes, but, who has time today, when you need at least 3 persons to stay economically afloat? [Ask Rockefeller that question] BTW, are Rockefellers sane folks? From my experience, nope:) I hate to say it. They are kind like you. I am all for utopia which the Greeks state does not exist in reality. OK, I am rather for building an anti-reality in order to better understand our reality. I got this from General Semantics. For instance, most folks probably can honestly say the boss for which they work are psycho-pathic or a malignant mentality. However, you are the reason they are in power. Right? Let the psycho-pathic type take responsibility, not you. Let the state take care of your psycho-paths. I tend to lean toward the Hindu in that I believe souls are born into families. Yet I do believe in genes also. Well, take your pick if not both. There may be some elite, maybe all, who identify with lizards and snakes. Afterall, you can not argue with success. Lizards are peticular. They bite at anything that moves. They do not have the mammal weaknesses. Thus the lizard type can be considered psycho-pathic or malignant mentality. Anyway, why do you, a so-called normal mammal, see elite as a mammal type and not just a lizard type? Not all of them are like you. Look at your day-to-day experiences with them. Do they not act like lizards out to get the mammals? Normal folks should not identify with the lizard types. Its not helpful and you can not build an anti-reality to judge the lizards correctly. Ha, ha, ha :) So, keep believing that you are now safe and they do not mean you any harm...even though reality says otherwise.

Madame Karnak

Dear Ben,

First, let me apologize for the abuse heaped on your head. I recognize that you are just reporting the facts. BTW, if these slugs are going to continue using you to float trial balloons, then they should pay your airfare. Alcuin, they (the PTW) are simply grasping at straws. Think about how many failures that they have experienced in the last few weeks. One, Joe Stack their false flag operation's poster boy, failed to arouse "anger" at a tax protestor so that these weasels could justify another crack-down on Americans. It backfired. People began to praise Joe and discuss how they saw his point of view. Nobody expressed a desire to "crack down" on tax protestors. Two, the Pentagon misfire. Nobody, except for the terminally delusional or extremely naive, believes that people who call for an REAL investigation into 9/11 are crazy or zealots. Most people believe that it is time to take the government apart and figure out what has gone wrong. I am hearing this from people in all socio-economic levels and age ranges. Three, Ron Paul's speech on the wrong-headedness of the policy of assassinating foreigners AND AMERICANS whose actual transgressions are neither defined nor prosecuted via any court's system was reinforced by the Bourne Ultimatum showing on the USA network. The difference between the speech and the movie was that in the movie, government wrongdoers are actually prosecuted. Four, the 2012 movie that has been so popular spends almost the right amount of time emphasizing how criminal it is for a government to protect its most affluent citizens over poorer ones. The movie guts the transparent rationalization by the lead character (with the surname Annheuser--gosh, wonder who they were REALLY alluding to). Annheuser says that there was exhaustive studies done to create the correct genetic, expertise and other appropriate backgrounds to "rebuild" society. Two major characters in the movie bring attention to the fact that most of the people on the "Arks" built for survival got there due to their wallets and not their minds or genetics. Nobody is ever going to buy that the weak-spined, over-indulged babies of multi-generational privilege will have the character or correct knowledge to rebuild society.

It is time for the intelligent members of the military to shut HAARP down. The world cannot waste any more time waiting for these scumbags to do the right thing. The BDS and the Chinese who are thinking that they can double-cross the rest of the world will soon discover that anyone that lies down with a snake (or a dragon) can't gripe when they are poisoned or burned alive by their bed fellows.

There is no more time for these idiotic power struggles. Anyone who does not see that these guys are trying to run out the clock before the tidal waves begin is a fool. In fact, the dummies are trying to TRIGGER the crustal shifts themselves to save themselves. They are using HAARP to try to start the shakeup before anyone has made preparations. Because this is completely insane and will result in more loss of life than is already probably going to happen, the sane among us must begin to act.

Ben, I really admire your belief in people, but some of those that you are believing in have already sold themselves out and whatever they are--human is the least of its constituent parts.

Angry man, Ben doesn't have enough subscribers to stop publicizing what he is doing. He is posting not-necessarily-confirmed stories on this site to keep the interest level high. Paid subscribers appear to be getting confirmed reports. You sound like a spook to me...a spook who is trying to stop what Ben is trying to do. I suppose that you think that you have a spot on the ship, bus, base or whatever the salvation strategy of the self-proclaimed elites is--( would not bet on it, sparky.


Otto Lund

Reduce motor energy consumption 86 %, Geet Pantone Engine Concept Demo by Andreas Kalcker,



I fail to see how the AMERO is an improvement at all.

This is the Best that They could come up with?

We're not all smoking rope out here.


And you do know, don't you, that it's the Rothschilds that set the price of gold?


The change in currency will not resolve an rotting underlying structure. There are 50MM mortgages out there with extremely clouded title. No one can deliver clear title so when you finish your mortgage obligation, you have bought ... nothing.

Don't believe me? Go to www.chinkinthearmor.net and read the first two stories.

To find out if you have MERS on your Mortgage, go here: http://chinkinthearmor.net/2010/03/04/list-of-mers-board-of-directors-and-a-z-list-of-mers-member-banks/ to see if your bank is a member bank. If yours is a member bank, you should probably go to the recorder's office at your county courthouse to see if you have MERS on your Mortgage.


exctly why hilary "peter paul" clinton made a visit to latin america..
trying to FORCE them to accept the amero


Dear Folks,

notes about backing Amero by gold is disinfo, because:

All GOLD mined on Earth during last 5000 years is only 1/4 of dollars in circulation, i.e. all gold including owning by Indian familys, Russia state etc., etc.

Thus Amero cannot be backed by gold. This is illusion.

Maybe 1/50th of Amero may be backed by gold and the rest by "other assets" i.e. by B/E in possession of central bank.

Every currency in history "backed by gold" was backed by gold onyl for first few minutes. After that, this was "partially backed by gold" and after that only 1/100th was backed by gold, and after that 1/1000th.

Gold is unsuitable for currency or for backing for this reason:

Currency in circulation must keep pace with growth of GDP.
It is impossible to guarantee to mine exactly as much new gold every new year as is growth in GDP - i.e. growth in new currency in circulation.

Currency backed by gold is chimaera supported by gold speculators and economic ignorant politics like loved Ron Paul.


This is such bs , get a Life Ben you Will need it soon and the suckers you are in contact with also.
I just cant believe people are paying for this crap ...


Ya,BUT 'What IF, 'All the Gold, Is 'Gold Plated Tungsten"'?!? I mean,
India & China DID 'Get Swindled', in THIS? Maybe, I'd be better off,
Staying OFF, this Internet, if nothing was ever, what IS Actually Going On! What a World, to Live In! (Benjamin & Casper Sure Know!)

I'm NOT, a 'Settlements Recipient' of any kind. Yet, even if i died tommorrow, I'd Sure ASK, for these People, to 'Have, 'What's Coming"!
They Surely DESERVE IT! (Your 'Sheparding of Humanity', leaves MUCH,
to be desired!(ELITIST!)) IF, it's the Amero,let's At Least, roll out, the Suppressed Technologies! The 'Olde Plan', Isn't Working Anymore..!
Maybe, this is what, 'All Those 'FEMA Camps", are for! Know the Plan?


Good morning, Mr. Benjamin.
The common currency is a community. One selfish huge nation is completed again. The large country is dismantled and must shrink. China must shrink. The large country is grand depression for a small country. The large country is cancer in geopolitics and economics and history and a natural rule and pathology and every study. The end is terribly far apart from the center if I give one reason. An uglier elite grows powerful and is pleased. The difference spreads. The people's opinion becomes more serious, and the heart becomes hardened more. The Christian mind is not law of nature. The mind of the universal religion is sick. Thank you.


Hi Ben!

I'm disgusted by this news! Can't someone in the BDS simply finish off these Federal Reserve bastards? Where are those Ninjas? Why is the BDS complesant with the status quo? Why deal with these f*****g bastards when they are a minority few anyone knows but no one wants to do business with to begin with?

Why this Amero? Who asked for it? Did the US citizens, Canadian citizens and Mexican citizens ask for this? I'm sure everyone knows the answer. These crooks still believe in their NWO pipe dream and hope with the Amero they still have a shot at it. You can't blend economies that are so remote to each other like the US, Canadian and Mexican and hope you can control those countries like you can control toddlers. Greece is the latest example of how this stupid idea of the single currency cannot function, but these guys seem to care less as long as their means of control is in place. Portugal, Spain and Italy are the next countries that may default on the Euro, so let's wait and see how long this currency will survive.

There are many anti-NWO movement organizations in the US, the BDS would be best served if they supported them overthrow the Federal Reserve Board, Rockefeller & Co if the BDS can't do it by itself, so the US can become part of the new financial system like the rest of the world!

The Amero means more suffering, more economic mayhem for the US and the rest of us so the game is NOT over yet...








What happens to debt, anyone know?


watch this


More media lies: How ABC News’ Brian Ross staged his Toyota death ride

Link: http://www.infowars.com/more-media-lies-how-abc-news-brian-ross-staged-his-toyota-death-ride/


Does this mean that my debts are cut in half?

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