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keylogger Mac

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benjamin you have the contacts and the analytic mind so have look on this maby there is a crack in the egg.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=junMyaNIzHI in the first part they say something that evovlves to this day and far back long in to history.


Ben, remember once you reported on the Gulf of Aden, well you and the readers should go to www.projectcamelot.com and listen to the interview done on January 9, 2010 with Aaron McCollum, that interview is about what is really happening in Yemen/Gulf of Aden, we may have a much bigger issue to deal with than the 13 families, as they are really not in charge of everything on earth as we have thought.


Ben stated that the scum that has owned everyone's ass on this planet since time and memorial, don't just up and disappear like a thief in the night. If we all make it through 2010 alive and breathing we can all thank our lucky stars. The game is over and they (the Bush crime syndicate who financed Hitler) know it... Now we are going to see some desperate moves so hold on to your hats, anything could happen. The only question is; will they be dealt with in time or not.

dontpostponethe doomdates



Where the beef Ben? I feel like Lionest from Peanuts comics,waiting for the Great Pumpkin who never comes. I hope you're busy on your blog this week.


RE Rockefeller dead in OZ

Well Ben, I guess it wasn't BDS taking out the trash, just some unsavory snarl he got messed up with some phlebian perverts, more reason to despise and perform GMO and eugenics on the masses.


update on Vancouver Olympics

The number of points coming together for the Vancouver Winter Olympics that are like 9/11 are astounding.
There have been several articles out so far demonstrating this. Two of the links are below. A few more points are as follows.

Like 9/11, a book was released recently describing a possible terror action before the event occurs. "Red Snow" written by a Vancouver lawyer specializing in criminal insanity cases describes the villain "Mephisto" and his thugs attacking Whistler Mountain. Jay Clarke goes by the pen name Michael Slade. This is the 13th in his "Special X" series.

Like 9/11, there is alot of money to be made by the destruction and/or interruption of the event. Again, the "facility" is recently purchased and losing money. The company that owns Whistler/Blackcomb is Intrawest. It was acquired in a leveraged takeover in 2006 by Fortress Investment Group of N.Y., for $2.8 billion. On January 17, 2010 this company defaulted on a $526 million dollar payment so Whistler will be up for auction (would you believe) during the Olympics on Feb.19th.

The board of directors of Fortress Investment reads like the who's who of financial funny business.
The Ceo, Daniel H. Mudd was the CEO of Fannie Mae.
Wesley. R. Edens was a mortgage specialist with Lehman Bros. Peter Briger spent 15 years with Goldman Sachs. Robert Kauffman was Lehman International executive director in 1992.
Michael Novogratz was president of Goldman Sachs Latin America. Daniel Bass spent 11 years with Deutsche Bank. Dr Richard Haass is president of the Council on Foreign Relations since 2003. He was advisor to Colin Powell and George Bush and a director in the National Security Council.
George Wellde worked for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. He retired from Goldman Sachs in 2008.

Impressive list of those controlling the fate of Whistler/Blackcomb Resort, no? One can only guess how much this facility and the event taking place there February 12th to the 28th, 2010 are insured for. Larry Goldstein for one, did quite well by the insurance companies with the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11. Many profited handsomely on and after that fateful day.

Also, 2 tons ammonium nitrate was reported missing by the energy company Kinder Morgan Inc in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, a month after the loss. A week later, Kinder Morgan reported that it was only a "clerical" error. The RCMP made the investigation official on January 6, 2010.
Kinder Morgan is based in Houston. Its major investors are Goldman Sachs, the Carlyle Group, the Blackstone Group and Morgan Stanley. Its CEO is Richard Kinder, former CEO of Enron.

Surely, many of the major players in 9/11 are again at work, this time at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, All considered, it is looking like a carbon-copy of the orchestrations of the day that changed our world so much.



Old Braveheart

Dear Ben,
In light of all that is happening, I thought you might find the following that was broadcast last night 1/31/10 of some significant interest:

{snip beginning at 26:08}

“About a year ago, high ranking members of the U.S. military came to us with a remarkable offer: If we would undertake certain specific steps, they would recognize our lawful authority as the one true only de jure government of the people. And they will follow our orders.

They are tired of taking dangerous orders, orders that bring their colleagues and friends and military family into harm’s way around the world for reasons they are aware to enrich the pocketbooks of the banking cartel and terrorists families of the planet. They are tired of taking orders from a CEO who has no legitimate place in governing the United States of America.

And I don’t mean the United States Federal Corporation. I mean the United States of America united under…UNDER…the sovereign people.

So we took that challenge and we crafted most carefully and meticulously the Restore America Plan which will accomplish all of our goals, quickly, gently, calmly and without bloodshed, violence, retribution or civil war with no malice in our hearts or in our actions for anyone"…{snip ends at 27:49}

you can listen to the full archived program at this link: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=165974

This could be the beginning of something astounding! Certainly none too soon... I know that this man, Dr. Sam Kennedy is highly respected.



It really seems that China and USA are literally fighting a long "sword match".

America seizes China's business affairs, hence the environmental destructions in China are mostly attributed to the US businesses and governmental interests. China's seizes America's foreign policies mostly in Asia.

It's up to the Chinese secret societies (including Chinese mystics) to save the world.


You wrote "January 30th being a deadline for the Federal Reserve Board" Today is February 1st and nothing has happened. Why you have not talked about what happen to Herman Rockefeller.


中銀間スワップ取極の終了について(2010年1月28日 日本銀行)

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