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Da Raw Journalist

+++++++++++++++++++++++RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT++++++++++++++++++++++++

UFO Contactee

Billy Meier from Switzerland, This man is our modern day Prophet

BILLY MEIER exposed The Death of the John Pope 1,as it happen.

Extraterrestrial Called The Pleiadians let Billy Meier view it from there space ship.

exactly the Free Mason & Illuminati how they did it killing, who did it killing & who was watching.how many days it was going to take for another pope, everything is documented as well.

also he exposed the death of the Next Pope That served as Pope for 33 day , & then Billy Meier told about a new Pope after him, called the Traveling Pope from Poland We knew him as Pope John Paul 2nd.
remember this is documented before it happen in reality.

Also exposed in a book called - The Author who wrote this book was a reporter as well & worked in the Vatican & later exposed this in a book

(In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I)

He also exposed the death of the Vatican Banker Roberto Calvi & the ties with Banco Ambrosiano for money laundering & the illuminati.Propaganda Due / P2 masonic lodge.

Him & a friend named Isa Rashid found the "Talmud of Jmmanuel" THE REAL LIFE OF JESUS.Exposing that Judas Iscariot never betrayed Jesus aka Jmmanuel.

Then the Vatican Released the "Lost book of Judas" /Gnostic Gospel of Judas explaing the same story,The Vatican reponse was the Christian of the World wont care..

This means Judas never betrayed Jesus people wont care,this is validation for this man being a traitor & killer.

Its so many events was told & documented also he said in 1971 the 2 iraq wars in the future will be by Bush Jr, i mean this isnt nothing to what Billy Meier exopsed.

This is not a coincidences. but the Elite will tell a sheep like person anything.
Only intelligent people with common sense think & see outside the boxx.

We all agree "The Truth need no help"

but this is b4 it happen in reality....krazy rite "PLEASE RESEARCH IT"


Billy Meier Conference in 2006, But 1 of Many Documentry about Billy Meier.Talking about the death of the POPE JOHN PAUL1



I have to agree with MK, there is no way the library was destroyed! Either Egypt had it's Priest class move the contents to a new SECRET location, and replaced it highly burnable material, or the Romans burned it after they looted it. You don't go all the way to Egypt to get a seven wonder, and have it burn by accident.

The Holohoax needs to be exposed for what it is. The same type of Carte Blanche event like 9-11, and Pearl Harbor were. The Germans were the ones that were exterminated during, and AFTER WW11. The JFK murder was a coup that took control of the government from the people. When others tried to fill that void left by his murder, they were either murdered, or politically destroyed.

During the 70's, and 80's the big question that was put to politicians were DO YOU THINK THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY WAS A CONSPIRACY ? Now the question put to politicians is, DO THINK 9-11 WAS A INSIDE JOB ? The goal, and the results are the same to derail, and to prevent those people who believe it from getting into a position of power to do something about it.

America has to wake up the criminal tyranny being done to the world in our name. The destruction of America will not end until we get these criminals.


according to what I've read most died of typhus, not tuberculosis


I am curious of Benjamin Fulford's research results.

I am opening Wikipedia (Carl Mayer von Rothschild) and reading:

In January 1832 Carl Mayer von Rothschild was given a ribbon and star of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George at a ceremony with the new Roman Catholic Pope, Gregory XVI.

You may go deeper and check who Gregory XVI was. An unknown monk became a pope! Great career. Deeper and deeper...


The term “Polish Pope” is probably an euphemism.

Karol Wojtyla grandmother (mom’s side) name was Anna Maria Scholz (1853-1897). Born in Cracow, tailors family. In XIX century Eastern Europe such name and profession suggest Jewish roots.

According to the Jewish law Wojtyla was probably a Jew.


Rule number one for a good liar is to remember your lies! This post said you were going to investigate the Church, but your next post says you are going to meet up with the Illuminati and the Teutonics. Which is it Ben?


I'm wondering dear Ben, if some are not correct in that exposeure of the links of these freemasons and pedophilia might not bring this ugly house of cards around their pointed heads?

They sure seem to be sensitive on the subject of should I say fragile. One can explain the workings of government and the monetary system until the cows come home and people won't understand it but tell them that the elites they trusted are molesting and killing their children and watch the reaction!

Anyhow, wish you luck in the devil's garden, Rome.

Seiki Suru Boya

Benjamin, I would love to hear what you have to say about the official corrupted activities taking place, the government backed coverup and theft involving whale meat, and their harvesting, a story about two very brave whistle blowers who intervened and are now being prosecuted for reporting theft and fraud being perpetrated against the Japanese Taxpayers !!! with apparent condoning by the Japanese Government! is outrage !!
Here is link from a very respected western press newspaper


Are you turning? Who are you talking to?


I was married to a freemason she was a lawyer and you can't make a deal with them. The only course of action to take is to kill all of them, and their family's


The complete expose' was published in the book, "In God's Name", almost 20 years ago. It documents the Vatican Bank scandal (and related scandals), and the takeover of the Vatican by the freemason group, "P2", or Propaganda Due. Excellent read, by the author David Yallop.


Holy Crap, Fulford is finally starting to tell his faithful followers what the hell is really going on and who really is, and has been for century’s running the show. Elements of Freemasonic and Knights of Malta’s henchmen have been in control for a very long time which date back to the Knight’s Templar of old. These satanic worshiping power players are at the very heart of world banking and military power centers and have been the driving force for all the worlds various wars and the million’s killed and maimed as a result.

Freemasons are in every governmental power structure From the USA to Russia, Japan to Israel and from the Middle East to Great Britain and all through out Europe. These parasitic satanic secret societies operate in virtually every country in the world. They run everything of signicance.

Its time to face the facts folks and stop being a bunch of children allowing yourself to be led in different directions. The key factor in all of this bloody shit is the Vatican and the Catholic Church. They and they alone control the power strings behind the curtain, thus controlling all governmental power players.

Anyone who is in any powerful position is guaranteed to be deeply involved in the Free Masonic Brotherhood or they would not be in power, PERIOD! These demonic control freaks openly worship Lucifer from cradle to grave and have over the preceding generation’s usurped all governments and brought the world to the brink of utter disaster for ever greater control.

Its time to elevate your intellectual capabilities, grow up and face the facts and become intellectually honest people for humanity can no-longer remain naive about controlling factions directing world events for specific outcomes. The world you thought you knew has been a lie. One freaking great-big-lie all centered around Fiat Currency Profits, Religion, War, Banking, Political Power with end game goals of culling and directing masses through control. Study the Vatican and Freemasonic followers…….the truth will set you free.

Failure to confront and expose the harsh painful truths will only keep you shrouded in darkness, precisely as the evil satanic Freemasonic Vatican controlled Illuminated Ones wish you to remain.

Nothing in this world happens by accident, NOTHING, but the Illuminated Ones have taught you to think just that through decades of highly specialized militarized mind control and emotion centered propaganda orchestration . Are you going to lay there and take it, or are you going to get off your azz and take back the life that the creator bestowed upon you.


Ben, I think you need to focus on one conspiracy at a time. Don't you have the Fed o bring down first? I don't think you can be everywhere, doing everything at the same time. Something tells me that the Roman Catholic Church isn't going to open their books for you, nor will they even talk to you! But send me a post card from the post office at the Vatican!


The Canadian government is under heavy pressure thanks to Harper. The Aussie government is also under heavy pressure thanks to the parliamentary crisis.

In Asia, the South Korean government too is under a heavy crisis because of the power struggles. I'm seeing interesting events.



(Former President Bill Clinton Hospitalized - ABC News)

Bush-Clinton gangs having problems?



Maryann Ortega

I have never understood how warm blooded types can negotiate with cold blooded reptiles. In nature,,,, they don't.


Dear Benjamin,

It is time for all the truth to be told. According to reports brought out of Europe by Robert Crowley (Secrets of the CIA), 6 million Jews WERE NOT KILLED IN EUROPE. The Germans kept meticulous records of the actual causes of death (the vast majority of those that died were from tuberculosis). Stalinist Ashkenazi Jews made up the stories about the murders in gas chambers according to Crowley. While it is time to free the Germans from these heinous lies, it is also time for the Church to own up to their own activities. They helped smuggle vast sums of gold etc. out of the country for the Nazis.

Neither the Jewish Zionists who are no more religious than an anteater nor the Vatican liars can be permitted to lie. It is time to tell the truth about WHY THE LIBRARY IN ALEXANDRIA WAS BURNED, Who Jesus was really, the truth about reincarnation and the truth of our origins. Everybody knows that the Church is a major figure in observatories and I don't think that they burned the "entire library" at Alexandria.

If this is handled properly, the Church can be part of the future. If they don't begin the truth-telling process, they will be lost in the dust of time. We don't have much time...we are facing earth changes that might be catastrophic for billions. They are fools if they think that the public at large is as stupid as the Illuminati and NWO believe them to be. Also, the Teutonic Knights were not JEWISH--they were germanic tribe members who helped the last Holy Roman Emperor subdue Europe.

You don't need to post this stuff, it is for you. Also, is the author of the wonderful book about the Vatican going to translate it into English? My Italian is just okay.


Ben,you're all over the globe.The illuminati who are on side now seem to be in trouble with FED Nazis. I thought the Dragons held all the cards to end the tyanny from the west? Is the Fed coming to an END?
ANSEWER PLEASE!The FORMED PEOPLE OF THE USA are tired of this rollercoaster ride you have taken us on. FOR MYSELF I am getting off until you make sense.

kristos amoraea

Identity Theft - Paretns of Americans sign a Birth Certificate
which ends up at DT Corporation -
for Bonds (human capital finance) which I believed
was the Jesuits....are you now saying high level Freemasons control this process---

thank you

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