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Jaakko Paavilainen

mr. benjamin fulford, did you got my files?

there is no hurry to decide my proposition;

it is not a thing for today, or tomorrow.

i am just asking the conformation, that you
got them and have started reading them.

as well, that you delete this and the earlier
message in this blog; it has my email in it.

jaakko paavilainen

Otto Lund

From Norway, wolfes in sheep clothing have operated a long time, google translated, What hidden mass grave at Gaustad?
english http://snipurl.com/uamss
japanese http://snipurl.com/uamsw



日航ジャンボ123便 長野側の南相木小学校に密かに自衛隊の前線基地が8月12日夜間に設営されておりここから生存者殺害部隊

日航ジャンボ123便 長野側の南相木小学校に密かに自衛隊の前線基地が8月12日夜間に設営されており(現地在住御巣鷹の尾根に夜間に到着した方から直接取材した情報)ここから生存者殺害部隊がヘリで御巣鷹の尾根へ5分程度で到着し、生存者170名前後を殺害した。



---- 以下 公開映像 ----









The story about the gold-coated tungsten is breaking. On the website listed above this sentence, many interesting facts can be found including the following:

Last August 2009, a busload of former key employees from the USDept Treasury and Wall Street firms arrived in Brussels Belgium . They turned themselves in to legal authorities in an attempt to avoid eventual prosecution. They came loaded with evidence, documents, emails, testimony, boxes of CDs, and much more. They won asylum in exchange for turning state's evidence. The Brussels Serious Fraud Squad is running with the data. All indications point to a strategic decision made by the Brussels Interpol squad. Their target is London, because it lies at the center of the syndicate enforcement of the fiat currency system, where the gold suppression is centered, where the greatest point of weakness exists, where the absence of gold is most glaring to make them vulnerable. London is the weakest link in the Ponzi Scheme chain, known as the global monetary system with USDollar price mechanism and USTreasury Bond reserve component in banks.
While the corruption began with the Rockefellers, it really proliferated under the Bushes. James Rothschild (if indeed that is who he was) is correct that the stupidity of that family is so monumental and all encompassing that it would make a lobotomized sea urchin look brilliant.

Right now, in Finland, people representing the oldest blood lines (not royal, but human bloodlines) in Europe, the Sammi, are staging hunger strikes to protest the fascist subverting their country. People still wonder why the US has not broken out in riots, it is because of many factors not the least of which is over 10 years of bombardment with viruses, sleeping powders, tranquilizers and heavy metals. It is not that they don't want to react, it is that they have been so thoroughly poisoned that they are having trouble surviving, let alone fighting. Fluoride in the water and toothpaste locks onto secretions from the endocrine system. It binds to hormones and glands. This causes the body to lose its ability to produce the enzymes, hormones and other substances required to keep the body healthy and to repair itself. Heavy metal poisoning plus viruses tailored to inflame the brain, plus VACCINATIONS that ignite brain inflammation along with other auto-immune problems make it very difficult for them to reason or follow plans.

zeolite for detoxification, put it into distilled or filtered water, take it every day for a week. Repeat monthly. It binds to heavy metals and fluoride and carries them out of the body

Discontinue fluoride toothpaste use, it is one of the biggest sources of fluoride.

Look for good trace metal and mineral supplements including copper. Take these when not using the zeolite

Eat an alkaline diet==heavy on organic vegetables


Take vitamin D and soups made of boiled bones regularly

Your mind will begin to clear and you will begin to feel better. It took me about 6 months to get lots better, but my brain began clearing within days.

Tom Davis

This deal about toyoto seems kinda fishy and timely for me , What you think Industrail sabotage is good business for those with no Moral fiber

Jaakko Paavilainen

I contacted You yesterday.

You told, that You are busy, but I would like send You something...

[or was that just an auto-response??]

This time it's not some muddy rumours, but blunt, cold facts.

I am looking for a contact person in Asia.

The reason is simple: I am a Finn, I cant speak japan, mandarese
or cantonese. I don't know your local customs.

Due Your strange backround You sound a perfect choise.

Frankly saying; I wanted sleep over a night; consider,
if You are a right person and bluntly saying; a sane man.

I believe You are; we share quite similar picture about the
condition of the world today and why it is so...

This is a very personal matter, not a public thing.

As well... A lot of money could be rewarded after
finalizing my "project"...

I could send You a .rar -packet, but I would like You to
promise me first,

that whatever You will read, it won't spread forward.

I tried first put an email, but the only result was
an auto-response(?)

Now trying contact You trough Your blog.

My email: paavilainen@gmail.com

my email.

I just see no meaning to publish this message /
my email address for the public or spamming-bots.

Otto Lund

David Hawkins tells of an adventurous life, partly as a blowout specialist for oil companies around the globe. When he came home to Canada, he discovered that the country had become more corrupt than for example Nigeria.

- On 'The pig farm' were children and women killed and eaten up, put on the barbeque. -

To all of you, listen to intelligence reports that are produced, in the work against corruption in Canada and other countries, including yours. Please distribute the information.

Intelligence Report from Hawks 'CAFE, Captain Sherlock by Abel Danger, GUI from Falcons' CAFE:











This one pisses me off at first, but this is what is being talked about; letting these criminals make their way back into integrity and the human family.
Absolutely know that Ichiro Ozawa knows he will go to jail if he does not clean up his act. This terrifies him.
He will be watched by BDS very closely....

These are the types of agreements that must be made to make headway.


Ben, Do you know what is really going on with Toyota?
With all going on in our World, it cannot be all about faulty assembly..... every model,even the Prias... thats BS......


Ben,it's the economy stupid. Nobody cares about this power broker.


It's repulsive to see women used as a commodity while men gloat in their immorality, boasting that it is somehow a laudable position.




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