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How very nice to finally meet you,

I am sorry to keep you waiting for a long time. However, I am not an All
mighty god but a powerless man.

Sincerely yours.


Just an excuse for another cheap shot at Jones
Why should these mass murderers be negotiated with ?

May Siegrist

I HOPE IT'S NT YET LATE TO POST MY COMMENT ON THIS. And I remember one of your post befriending with the Rothschilds...


Hope they are not trying to buy time with you and not going around you and if they do, please do yourself a favor to have a back plan all the time, as they do have this back up plan when times "get rough" for them.

Be careful whom you deal with. They are the experts of the experts.


And you believe this crap ???
This is non-sense, just another attempt by the power's that be to make us look like fools. Just goes to show that the mindbots are willing to believe anything, Lizard men, Space Aliens, Planet X, can't you fools see that it's just part of a fabricated conspiracy to keep us busy while the real agenda steams along. At this rate I'm starting to believe that the grand plan will soon see day light, thanks to the idiot mindbots population.

Wake up People


Benjie. You have to listen to People, it's their thing, they will not lie to You. Don't trust criminals. They try BDS to waste more time as possible. In that time they are creating weapons.


Why You are not catching them with such power? You could have catched them all. There is nothing to talk about with them. They are criminals.
You are suggesting to let them free with stolen money. And after that, when people did so much, and so much were killed to expose them. Criminals did'nt gave up, excused. They have been cought lying. And what is about Alex Jones when he wakens so much individuals?. Have You been talking with Maxwell Jordan, David Icke. It would be nice to see You interviewing them.
Friends. Thing is that that we must do it by ourselves. No one will do things for us what we want. And we can do it. We must start from our own yard. Split in the beginning, educate humans and You will come together when You grow strong.


Dearest Ben, you are being PLAYED, and treated like a fool.

Even IF some of the people who get in touch with you (thereby maintaining control of their "message") are actually who they claim they are, etc, you cannot be certain that they are not approaching you as part of an agenda of disinfo crafted by the Illums. Such agenda is designed to lose anything you report as (actual) truth in a fog of hilarity, since you seem to pay far more attention to the credibility of your (single) sources than to the basic precaution of CONFIRMING their report with a second or - in these precarious cases - third independent source before reporting their statements/gossip as fact. Just as your own tough-nuts editors (hopefully) used to insist on....

They are leading you down a primrose path of total discredit of your reputation for good whistleblowing, my friend, and laughing all the way.....


Wow, just when I thought that you couldn't top Leo Zagami as your "most unhinged source"...
Hi typepad account is new (just the one entry he put here). His picture looks like Morrisey of The Smiths.



本当に反省してるなら銀行が我々の担保からお金を創造している事を世界に向けて喋っていただきたいですね、ベンジャミン氏もほとんど信用創造、Credit Creationについてはこのジェームズ・ロスチャイルド同様に喋りませんよね?本当に貴方がHPのTOPに書いてあるように命を捧げる気だったなら、とっくにブログ上で詳しく何度も繰り返し説明していると思うのですがやはり死ぬのは誰でも怖いですからしょうがないですね。


Maryann Ortega

Actually I have seen others in the past like this. They fade quite fast.


he sounds very young

not very difficult to amuse bored housewives whoes husbands are money hungry pedophiles

we need all the help we can get

with so many "waking up" it is not difficult to believe that this phenomenom might be the same for the "bluebloods"
the Creator bless us one and all


Hello everyone, Rasa Von Werder here, & I know beloved Ben from many phone calls - He'll remember - I just joined the site of James Rothschild on fb yesterday, & what a time we had! There was a major altercation with a male who thought he could take me down, but Mother God took care of business & "he'll never have lunch in this town again."
As far as Mr. Rothschild, his fb site is a wonderful place of mostly elites - I never saw so many barons & Countesses in one place - And much valuable information & links are posted pertaining to the welfare of humanity; I hope to remain active there...Mr. Rothschild is well versed with the issues & makes statements that are well informed - His audience is highly intelligent & active - Much of it is laced with a strong sense of humor, which makes the harsh reality easier to digest....Cheers....Rasa


i kinda like alien stories :)
especially the ones claiming to be fact

even the most far-fetched nonsense seems like... realistic compared to everything of the religious bullcrap from all the "holy" texts (and it is way more funny of course)


Dear Benjamin,

I don't know if James is a Rothschild/Annunaki or not, but he is very funny. His Facebook page is very irreverent, topical and witty.



He is a Rothschild,not a Rockefeller, and he is the genuine article as far as i can tell. I have been looking at all of his posts for some time now, and I believe that he does exactly what he says he does... tongue in cheek. Some of his information is dead on, other stuff is pure entertainment. He is obviously JOKING about crash landing, he means that he was sent to infiltrate the elite and shed a little light and love on their deeds and doings. I also agree with him about Mr. Jones..... FEAR and anger seem to be his deal at all times, even though he at times is giving actual valid information.... I still don't trust him. I saw a post one time by James, and one of his elite friends asked him if he had lost his mind, he replied that no, he had just become human...


This is unbelievably fake.

1. James is a common name, and there is bound to be a James within the lineage of any family, so that's how Mr. Fulford will get around "fact-checking" this garbage.

2. He says "soon" he will be revealing himself. BS.

3. This whole thing is just a weak attempt to attack Alex Jones. Very pathetic, coming from Ben Fulford, the same guy who made falee prediction after prediction.

But hey, this comment is MODERATED, so... very deceptive of you. You just LOVE sucking in weak people Ben, don't you?

James Rothschild

Hey! Peasant slave useless eater friends of Benjamin Fulford.

I am not the one, I am not the Messiah if that's what you are thinking.

I am far greater than that, because I am a Rothschild.

I would like to correct those who are saying I have a split-personality disorder.

Not fair, I actually suffer from ADHDHDHDHDHDDHDH Attention Hypershit I Don't Give A Shit If It's Not An Acronym Disorder.

Mmmkay, thank you please.



Even if he really is a Rothschild family member, he still admits to having a 'split personality,' one minute 'gunning for the truth' and the next being'pro NWO,' so how can he be a reliable source? I know you are an experienced and credible journalist, so I don't understand why you would post this before verifying his identity. Just as important: even once his identity is verified, is he saying anything here worth posting??? My question to you: Why give the guy airtime if he has nothing meaningful to say and you have not yet verified his identity? I am an independent journalist and I think this smells fishy. Even if he is who he says he is, it sounds like he's playing with you.





could someone confirm if Ben was cloned and killed subsequently?
this BLOG has become nonstop nonsens for quite a while already.







And K, I think you mistake Rothschild for Rockefeller.


You're "Biometric meter" will tell you any truth you want to known. Uhhh...what'sa "Biometric" meter. Well actually it's something I just came up with this week.

"Does this mean it's Bullshit?"

Ahhh..............you child of the Idiot Box.

A contreu....it is the ultimate Truth.

Why. Because Truth is at the Core of Cores of who you are.


What a jackass you've become, Fulford.

Alex Jones eats your lunch, you jealous puke!



My spidey senses are a-tingling with a resounding sense of B..S!

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