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Gaia Lavender

Mr. Fulford, thanks so much for your work. I don't think many understand what genius it took to form the coalition you have. Your actions will help usher the planet into the coming era of abundance, peace and creativity. In every way, you rock, Man! You go on with your bad self!


This website is sifting the truth out of comments: Taking truth and dumping it in the black hole and the drivel left is posted. That's not censoring, that's controlling to protect there agenda. We have a shill controlling this website.

Account Deleted

All monetary-based systems are obsolete.

I personally subscribe to the idea of a resource-based economy proposed by Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project.


A half-bake change is no change at all. We have to go "all the way".


Well, now you have admittet something very awful, but what I actually supposed a long time ago, since you always talked so positively about the Chinese Communist Regime? How can they be "our" friends? I talk about the evil Communist Party and not about the good and normal Chinese people.
This Communistic Regime in China is killing their own citizens, for example just when they are practicing a kind of traditional Qi Gong and meditation method which is called Falun Gong or Falun Dafa. This Qi Gong method is practiced today all over the world, but in China you get killed for doing it. It is already persecuted 10 years since July 20th, 1999. Doing Falun Gong means also following Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truth, to be honest, not lying- to be nice and kind, Compassion- to be tolerant, to endure, Forbearance). Whats wrong with good people? Whats wrong with wanting to be honest, nice and kind and tolerant?!
I mean why persecute someone for wanting to be a good person?
If someone persecute someone because of no reasons, that is for me to be crazy and evil.
Falun Gong practitioners are not interested in politics or in taking the political power in Mainland China or elsewhere. These are just lies and because of political paranoia the Chinese Communist Party is spreading such lies all over the world.
All over the world, Falun Gong today is practiced peacefully. So, I do not believe in trusting the Chinese Communist Party at all as long they keep putting good people into prison and labour camps. Or killing them to sell their organs for expensive money to rich foreigners. Please help and sign the petition at http://www.dafoh.org (Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting). Thank you!


【A universal government?】

Dear Friends,

If the democracy means that "A government for all the people
by the all the people", then you can design a government based
on a computer system that runs semi-automatic to full fill the
essential functions of the Government. If the government is
for everyone's happiness and well fair, there would be no need
of argument over which, what or how. It would be designed to
the good efficiency and reliability of the system. It's purpose
is to distribute fairly to everyone the providence of the Nature.

The computer system of the local government, that is directly
connected to the main governmental data base, should be placed
in some local schools as children need to learn how and why the
government to understand "Why one must not allow self to be
selfish above other's lawful wishes". The schools to be the local
governments. Children could fill the necessary posts for the day
to day actions of the system in the schooling time with voluntary
adults who are well acquainted with the system?

The existing "data base" without it's bureaucracy(or may be lots
easier to design the data base as well afresh?), and schools
computers can do it easily? In organizing the maintenance of the
infrastructure could adopt most of the existing local governmental
system? There are many good wish full well acquainted people who
would lend hands happily for the designing the concise computer
system which could be a flexible and adaptable "universal government"?

I hope in the near future, no one would be dying in this world.

最もポジティブな思想:The most positive thought:


And by the way, in addition to Alex Jones being fantastic. You said he was doom and gloom. NO he only reports the doom and gloom going on. He exposes the truth. You used to have credibility. Now I read this site for entertainment.


China is no example. They are an ecological disaster. They are power hungry and are in cahoots with the Federal Reserve Elite to deface the American people because they are accepting American Military secrets confiscated and sold by the fraudster Federal Reserve Elite. They bought those secrets knowing they were stolen from the American people. That is NO moral compass to follow.

Alex Jones is FANTASTIC. he is a truth seeker and a heavy hitter when it comes to exposing the FACTS the FACTS and nothing but the FACTS, not conjucture, rumor, and innuendo.

You, on the other hand, are giving the Rothchilds a pass?



China may not want to attack the west, but that will probably come to pass. Remember, China is most likely ruled by the same hidden forces as all western countries and those forces are probably responsible for creating many of the prophecies that are now coming to pass. Yahweh, is most likely the head Zionist and the leader of the dark forces. This is the theory of Author Jelaila Starr. I think the theory has a lot of merit. The book may be found here: http://www.amazon.com/We-Are-Nibiruans-Return-Planet/dp/0965665704/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1263520110&sr=8-1
Starr said in a lecture I attended that she believes that Jahweh is the one identified in the Sumerian tablets as Marduk, grandson of Anu. Anu had many wives. One was reptilian and the product was Enki, identified as the snake in the Garden of Edin. Marduk is the product of Enki and his full blooded reptilian wife. All of these figures are identified in the ancient Summerian tablets, according to Author Zecharia Sitchin.


Although I am in general agreement with Ben and his theories and greatly appreciate his work, I disagree with his willingness to attack Alex Jones, who in spite of his faults, has awakened more people than anyone else on the planet to the Zionist/Satanist threat. Without him, Ben, you would have a more limited audience.
It is true that Jones has Jewish affiliations but remember that while many Zionists and Satanists hide behind Judaism, they also hide behind all the other world religions. In other words, the average Jew is as much a victim of the dark side as is the average Muslim, Christian, and everyone else. Why wouldn't a Jew be against Zionism?
I think in one word, Jones is just plane smart and avoids the "Zionist Jew" buttons because for one thing, that may get him killed.
He recognizes that negativity hurts and has been working hard to "brighten" his message.

ale brednie

Beware of fulford`s ninjas you NWO scum ! ha ha ha ... what a childlish story. Another cointelpro agent


Then there are Casper and Poof working for funding for the “programs,” whatever those may be.

So you have said Fullfy! You must be living under a rock not to know the full breadth and depth of these programs. THEY are the underpinnings of the new monetary system, of that you can rest assured.

Noeline Clayfield

It is not okay with me that Illuminati criminals like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their henchmen live in any sort of luxury other than a 150 year jail term like their ponzi mate Madoff. Apparently Madoff was reported to have been bashed up recently and hospitalised. This treatment is too good for all these criminals but killing them would be too easy.... they need to suffer the tortures of hell that they have inflicted on others.

Noeline Clayfield

It is not okay with me that Illuminati criminals like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their henchmen live in any sort of luxury other than a 150 year jail term like their ponzi mate Madoff. Apparently Madoff was reported to have been bashed up recently and hospitalised. This treatment is too good for all these criminals but killing them would be too easy.... they need to suffer the tortures of hell that they have inflicted on others.

Fuji Yama

Benajamin-san, I would like to repeat this same thing again here for you and your fellow Japanese... I don't know other countries but the important thing in Japan is to get the true stories out, not any 'memberships' of your 'secret society' friends. This country does not believe in any secret society. Period. Besides, this country has no such history of 3,000 years. Japan's history is no more than 1.5 thousand years old (you may have to study the Japanese history again in your old college in Tokyo, perhaps?).
Important thing for you is to write a true story. I do remember you wrote before the Japanese General Election last summer that a 'truth commission' would be held and the crimes of Japanese power elites would be revealed. You also said that some people of the current ruling party of Japan (the Minshuto Democrats) were involved in the assassination of the late Koki Ishii (the most important politician of this country). Why don't you reveal the true story yourself? The Japanese people still wait for your revelation.


..................................................................... Here is a link with photos. http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/americas/01/13/haiti.earthquake/index.html A "natural" disaster this big, and I automatically smell a conspiracy. I believe this "earthquake"was actually done by Tesla-technology the secret-gubermint owns. The purpose was to show that the Satanist-Illuminati is still in control, and will NOT comply with Black Dragon Society(BDS) demands to cede power peacefully.THIS is an example of what happens when one tries negotiating with a rabid dog!!(Smart people just KILL rabid dogs)But, this is just my opinion, and I have no actual evidence to back any of this up.Just a feeling, and those sadly cannot be proven. .... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thetruthisherenow/

黒い翼(black wing)

But suddenly, everyone read this content.

The way of japanese organized electromagnetic radiation clime.flv

miray nicolas

Bush dead, Kissinger dead, Hillary and Pelosi to take over the govt, etc.
ok say there are dead. but hillary and pelosi as presidents, this is a joke, they are playing the same game as bush, kissinger....
what about this old murderer D Rockefeller ?


世界中で 金融の沼 の水 が引けて、段々デマ 情報を 流す やつらの 顔 が見えで
レーヤーは彼らの本当の意図を明らかにしだしている。彼ら皆の本当の顔、 即ち
意向を明らかにし始めているので、「内部」情報をもって いながら、いろいろな
ム ヘネガン氏は、ワンタ 前大使を 応援している 一方 地球温暖化説を押し進め
ている一派 との結び付きを隠してきた 。今は、クリストファー ストーリー
アInvestmentsのマイケル コットレル氏)を応援していることを明らかにしまし
た。、それから、或る「プログラム」のための資金 提供のために働いているキャ
スパー氏とプル-フ氏があります。それから、彼いつも特有の必要 以上に誇張さ
Faal」(すなわちにオバマ大統領 対する支持を示して、米海軍情報局の代わりで









お金を提供することができる思います。Wanta wansta氏が米国で高速鉄道ネット
と経済は結局、いかに もっている物をじょうずに使うかということなのですから。。。。

translated by automated program and partially manual


"They are working towards creating real-time, live internet-based democracy."

Is this why Google is considering leaving China?

"These attacks and the surveillance they have uncovered–combined with the attempts over the past year to further limit free speech on the web–have led us to conclude that we should review the feasibility of our business operations in China. We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on Google.cn, and so over the next few weeks we will be discussing with the Chinese government the basis on which we could operate an unfiltered search engine within the law, if at all. We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down Google.cn, and potentially our offices in China."



The nuances between "democracy" and "republic" are very important. Democracy is rule by the collective or "mob" while a republic is a state where the rights of the individual are of foremost importance.
It was mentioned awhile back that the U.S. was created as a republic and was changed into a democracy. It was also asked if we knew the difference.
Someone said once that as individuals we can be brilliant while collectively (mob rule), we tend to react no differently than cattle.
Meritocracy is far more appealing. To live in a world where individual contribution to the whole is far more "righteous" and would I feel, put us all more in touch with The Creator.
Concerns from Canuckville,


As a member of humanity that happens to live in California I call on anyone to propose a better financial system for labor than a fully transparent www.digitalcoin.info model with no penalties.

As for investing in new science that can benefit humanity, there are many, perhaps the most informed and obvious choice at this time is Dan Winter at www.goldenmean.info.

All this TALK about what all these various moneymen WILL DO in the future IS THE PROBLEM.

In the end, there must be a spiritual core to back a new philosophy. The Pope has failed miserably. As an awake human, I see no better example of compassion in action than Ammachi at www.amma.org. I also have personal experience with her.

Any perspective moral leader should be hooked up to Dan Winter's bio feedback machines to prove they are enlightened. Who dares to do this? And do you dare to publish this?

wild hominoid


Ben,it's time to lean hard on the gangsters running the west. The media of the countries who are are your side must show the west for what they are Nazi murders. There must be a valkerie in the USA to make others take action against these Nazis or they will face charges against humanity as well.


The rich "elite" need to realize; all the money and power in the world is obviously not making them happy. The average people, the rest of us sheeple just want to be free and happy.
Let us all be free, everyone in every Country in the World.
We can take care of eachother. Currently, in my community, we are teaching people how to grow gardens and raise their own chickens for eggs. We will be fine. Nobody wants this chaos except for some 100 year old trillionaires who seem to be very bored and unhappy.

Let them have their oil and their mansions because we don't need that to be happy.

We just want Peace on Earth.

For all the evil in this world, there is always an equal amount of Good to follow right behind it. Nature keeps her balance.

Yin Yang

P.S. Sorsha Fall is Navy? Interesting. I always thought she was just a very negative woman who is out to make a buck and scare people.


Rothschild family have no humanity. These evil Head NWO Zionist have enslaved the entire planet of humanity into false debt slavery. If you think they will give it up so they can live in their castles ahhahahah they live in "The City" like the Pope lives in the Vatican a country within a city of another country. So do the Rothshcild in London england. They are due some justice. I think then need to be striped of all wealth and be forced to live with the poorest of the poor for all generations. Ben at one time I liked your info. Now I think you are lost. Good luck.


Love your work Ben! I always wondered about Alex Jones. I mean he does put out good info, but it is always in this negative, draining type of manner. And his connections and questionable statements from the past are enough to put a guard up to him.

I try to keep tabs on the issues you bring forth as best I can. I hope to see free energy tech released this year! What are your thoughts on Dr. David Greer of the Disclosure Project?

Warm regards,

Salvador Russo
Arizona, USA
twitter @salvadorrusso

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