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LOL! Ben, your credibility just went right out the window... seriously


Mr Fulford
With this report,I am now questioning you as a source of information.
Whether it is you, Story, or Heneghan, I do my best to read between the lies that your contacts provide for you, and arrive in my own mind as to what actually happened, once I have shifted thru the shit. This report of yours is truly for the birds.


Well, I think that the number of posts against Hillary and Nancy proves my original point. Here is another key issue that needs to be dealt with NOW. There cannot be any more wars, particularly wars against Iran. The Zionists must stop their persecution of the Palestinians. Both of these activities are ROTHSCHILD pet projects. If these elitists types spent more time with regular people, they would know that a large number of the public knows this. It is time to rewrite the Report to Iron Mountain and take war out of the equation. Additionally, the scanners, deadly vaccines, chemtrailing and weather-modification must stop NOW. Finally, agreements made in secret with off-worlders are invalid. They should never have been created in the first place and they are clearly illegal.

The day of the central bankster hegemony is OVER. Those who thought that these stupid arrangements were too sophisticated for the average person were fooling themselves. I know that it is difficult to relinquish the tremendous amount of power that had been accumulated and exercised in the past, but there is no other choice. We, the intelligent regular people, are tired of being enslaved. More than anything, we see how this power has been used to retard social progress, restrain innovation and prevent innovation that would have kept the world clean and healthy. In the long run, decisions made just to benefit the banksters and oil barons have harmed everyone else. While their solution is to kill off everybody that doesn't agree with them, not only is this morally wrong, but it won't work.


hubert finley

Bussh clan at the football game saturday and Kissinger appeared in court in late december...this goes to show you that these articles are about as credible as the onion,, Kissinger in court-- http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5heMjqyvrsGf1j-SOrBd6TU1aoPdgD9CNRPCG1


Looks like Mr Fulford's Blog is compromised.

Beware of disinformant infiltration from the inside... Do we really know its Fulford speaking?


I gotta' agree with the consensus, here. Pelosi and Clinton would be equally, if not more, evil than the current "ins". ALL of them need to go and ASAP. We Americans are powerless to remove them as they have made it impossible to stop them through our processes and have totally eviscerated our Constitution. Our military is complicit with their programs and we are powerless against the cesspool known as Washington D.C. The ALL have to go except a very few such as Dr. Ron Paul. He is unwavering in support of the Constitution and Freedom! The Thomas Jefferson of today.

山田 一治


悪魔の化身キッシンジャ-よ お前は地獄で永遠に責苦を受けるがいい

人の心を捨てた大馬鹿者どもめ!! お前たちは恥を知れ!!


cristopher "windbag" story,
has a very low density consciousness.
his frequency is low.
he uses as much time insulting people,
as uses to relay valuable news

(the amount of his news that is actually valuable,
is equal to the amount of insults that he throws at people).

christopher story "thinks",
that he is serving the greater good.

but i doubt that he manages to do so,
even 10% of the time.

christopher story's december 7th article,
is one of the few articles he has posted,
that was almost more useful than useless.

which is why benajmin fulford called him heroic.

because he did something useful for once.
even though he is a
british-empire fanatic,
most of the time.


if hillary clintons aura is dark red,
than that suggests the following:

her root chakra is hyper active.

she is extremely greedy.

she is extremely fearful.

she is full of anger.

she is full of hatred.

she is a soul-less body, that lives only for selfish reasons.
(about half of the worlds human population, has no soul.
they are little more than walking hamburger meat,
and nothing is left when they die)

she really does live up to her middle name of "blood bath".

i do not have the ability to see aura's.
i have the ability to "feel" out additional information,
when i focus on a subject.

i can tell when someone is being honest,
when someone is deliberately lying,
what their general level of spiritual development is,
and more,
just by listening to them talk.
and looking pictures and video's of them.

i know what evil lurks in the heart of men.
and benjamin fulfort is an
considerate person.
who does not deserve to be disrespected.

obama wants to be a good person too.
but he knows that if he disobeys the bushes and the clintons,
they will bury him,
under a bill clinton scandal style take-down.

only it will make bill clintons scandal,
look like a lake side picnic in a park,
by comparison.

they will smear every probable lie about him, on the news.
they will humiliate him and his family.
they will destroy everything he has worked for in the world.
and he will spend the rest of his life,
in relative shame and hiding.

so for now,
obama waits for his time to strike.
for when he will be allowed,
to actually help the world.

and if that time does not come,
by the end of his time as president,
he will regret the lost opportunity,
for the rest of his life.


the bush family,
"henry" heinz kissinger,
and obama (unwillingly),
are aligned with right wing nazi types.

they believe in wealth,
through lies and trickery.

the clinton family,
hillary "bloodbath" clinton,
(a CIA operative with a reputation for ruthlessness)
and nancy pelosi,
are aligned with left wing stalinist types.

they are both oppressive fascists.
but they approach fascism and power,
in different ways.

in ways that are "incompatible" with each other.
and there for, eternally doomed to be competing rivals.

sort of like devils are lawful evil,
and demons are chaotic evil.

they hate each others guts.
because the power of one,
weakens the power of the other.

benjamin fulfords report,
suggests that the right wing bush factions engine,
has blown a cylinder or 3.
and is weakened and confused.

which means that the bush factions mortal enemy,
the stalinist hillary "bloodbath" clinton faction,
wants to take advantage of its hated enemies vulnerability.

the hillary faction wants to remove the bush-controlled obama,
and replace him with hillary and pelosi.

so that the US can be run more the stalinist starving wage communist way,
and less the hitlerist religiosity kill-all-the-minorities way.

don't chew on benjamin fulfords poor innocent canadian bacon,
when he is just the person,
relaying what the criminals want to do.

you should thank him,
for spilling beans,
that you won't find elsewhere.

not criticize him,
for posting something,
that you don't want to hear.


the right wing bush faction,
is big enough and rich enough,
that they have bothered to employ,
look-alike actors of themselves.

actors who pretend to be them in public.
and do things in their place.
such as go to big football games.

these look alike actors, are a HUGE advantage.
because they allow the political figure to
be in multiple places at once,
do multiple things at once,
avoid assassination attempts,
and create a fake sense of consistency.

if the public figures out,
that an important figure is dead or arrested,
than it would cause VAST disruption,
to the system.

so if the bush family members,
were placed under house arrest,
the very FIRST thing they would arrange,
is for their look-alike actor to be seen doing something in public.

to discredit the TRUE news, of their arrest.
and get
bad attitude people,
to dismiss the news on the internet.

your rotten attitudes manifest more rottenness.
and create the kind of
low frequency,
defeatist mindset,
that allows the elites to continue controlling us.

if you want to break free of the elites control,
than start by at least having a NEUTRAL attitude.

that NEVER dismisses or condemns anything.
no matter how likely its probability of being true.


I would prefer Obama/Biden staying in place while the Bush/Clinton/Cheney/Greenspan crime syndicate is exposed and put through the courts. And then if Obama strays from the path during that time, he can go too. Serve one term only. Biden should no londger be running the show either. He and his Jesuit masters should be "neutered".
Pelosie should step down as Speaker of the house.
The people need their sense that they still have a "reasonable" government while the house cleaning gets done.


Ben I don't know what your drinking but all your information borders on insanity. We americans what our constitutional government back and the end of corporate fascism. END THE FED restore the constitution.
Bring our troops home and Destroy the patriot Act.



have you lost all of your reasoning common sense. My god, Obama and Biden are completely insane and are Nazi's of the first order. But Clinton and Pelosie are the death machine that will kill us all. These two bitches are as evil as evil can get.

I believe you may be clinically insane yourself if you actually believe this crap. As far as Kissinger goe's, hes not dead, he a protected asset of the Vatigan (33 DegreeFreeMason/Knight of Malta). His personnal handler is the Black Pope.

People who follow you are in danger, your clearly a disinfo agent of the NWO.

Claudia Treacy

Surely you do not mean to imply that Hillary and Pelosi are any better!


Bush W. was present at the Dallas football game yesterday. That doesn't look like house arrest to me.


I saw George W and Laura at the Cowboys/Bengals game on Saturday... So, were those doubles?

Paul Einar Sandvik

Hey Ben and thanks for all the important news
If you had the same intuition about Obama as the happening in the Phillipines,with the shamans, you would see - with the inner Eye of the Heart - outside of the matrix,that he Is a guy out of the box.It would Be so important to have him join the New World,after the old has fallen - evaporated.To replace him with the nazi Hillary Clinton Is absurd and a great mistake.My daughter has the ability to see auras,so I asked her once what color(mainly), that Hillary and Pelosi - had around them.She said Pelosi had red and Hillary had darker red.That can signify a lot of energy - OR anger and /or immaturity.Hillary was meant to Be president in 2008.She and her husband has Be`en part of the Bush nazi grime gang for a very long time.That would Be the old paradigm with new gloves,But the same old shit - pardon me my expression.Obama has to appear negative in order to Be able to change the system from within.Please - see with your heart and do not get lost again.I Am really an important voice - please listen.Obama Is highly intelligent,and know that he will Be dragged into the streets,and stoned to death,if he just went out against the cabals of the mob of the white house,and parts of Pentagon and the secrets services:You know yourself that the nazis and the illuminati,wants Obama dead.Why.BECAUSE he Is not on the side of the old paradigm.But it Is only we the people that can pressure him to do good(or give him excuses to go up against the mob).It Is only our support that also can move him into a leading position in the new world.Talk to David Wilcock or Richard C.Hoagland about Barak Obama. Do not trust all that your sources tells you.They are also the sum of their information -including the ghosts they have in each their closets.It can Be difficult to trust the inner pure voice of Ones Higher Self/intuition.It Is difficult to know whether it Is pure or not,because of our individual state of spiritual development.(Where we Are),but we have to train our ability to unravel it purity and beauty.I hope you will put this up on this site,and that it will Be red by the powers to Be - although I know that parts of them see Obama in the same way as I anyway...- so I ask them for his protection.We do not need any more of confusion and ignorance in the way the world is lead politically and otherwise.We cannot afford it,and it will only prolong the suffering of humanity!
All the best Paul Einar,Norway


Hi Ben!

Obviously a lot of things are happening and we salute it. If Obama and Biden are removed from power, what's the point of replacing them with two chief snakes? Who's making that move? Interpol and the Chinese or the Fed?



How is the replacement of Obama/Biden by Pelosi/Clinton any better for the country I'd like to know.


More you "cannot" report...

Or is Kissinger appearing in a court not credible enough for you?

billy bob

Are you saying President Obama and Vice-President Biden will be removed from power by Interpol? Wasn't it Obama who just signed the executive order on December 16 to grant Interpol immunity from American law inside the U.S.? Why would he do that if knew they were goung to bring him down? Or is it something else that will remove them?



I heard that about Hilary Clinton in 1990


I find it so very strange that two of the most despised men are going to be replace by the two most despised women, interesting!

How long will those two jokes last?


Something isn't adding up between what you're reporting here and what C. Story says. If I'm understanding this correctly, Hilary Clinton is a sworn enemy of the republic according to his report. So how does she survive the Interpol investigation to replace the current vice president?

".....However, notwithstanding that OPERATION STILLPOINT has been destabilised, degraded, collapsed and is in the process of being dismantled – and the Republic therefore prospectively rescued at the last moment from what was intended by its sworn enemies – certain operatives, including Leon Panetta, Timothy Geithner, Mrs Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Richard B. Cheney and, at the bottom of the pile of snakes, Wanta, have had a problem getting used to the NEW PARADIGM, whereby the subversives engaged in the systematic sabotage of the ongoing US financial restitution operations (in order to ‘rescue’ OPERATION STILLPOINT), have now been placed not only firmly on the defensive, but in a bind from which they cannot extricate themselves (even though their arrogance remains such that they imagine that they can)....."

If this is coming out, I don't see how people are going to accept Hilary as a leader, and how Interpol will allow it. Besides that, what I'm getting from this report is that Obama is one hell of a hero. Okay I'm up late, am I getting this all wrong?

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