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One question; Fulford wrote he needs the money people pay for his info to travel as a delegate of the BDS to Italy to meet with e.g. the Ill-uminati. As a delegate of the BDS? And he needs the money from us to buy a ticket and pay for a hotel? Bullocks... He probably needs the money for his c... addiction...

Youri Carma

Dear Benjamin Fulford,

It seems Kissinger is still alive. They could have dubbed his voice in the computer? They can do that very accurately nowadays.

Hope you come back on it what happened?

Keep following your stuff
AUDIO: Kissinger Interview on...Kissinger Interview on Alexander Haig: 02/20/10


Lenny Bloom

I should remind everyone that this is not the first time that a lot of Henry Kissinger's people disappeared and back in the 80's LaRouche and Dr. Beter reported that the real entity known as Henry Kissinger had been killed in a plane crash. Since then a Kissinger double has been at work and I met with Kissinger in his office in the 90's and have video of it which I used to air.


Hey don't forget that fulford was an elite himself. His family is elite also. How else do you think he got that intervie with Old Rokky.

I think Fulford is either co-opted or has been a shill from the start. If the second option is true, then he failed!


Ben,as a fellow Canadian i have to say, your credibility just went right out the window and there is no restoring it...seriously.


Have a little fun


Kissinger is not Dad http://www.newsweek.com/id/227739

Adam Eve

This message is to Paul Einar from Norway. I'm very much with you on the same token with the current game of politics in the US. If what you described is true then you have a very special crystal child with a fully activated 3rd eye. I would love to ask you a few more questions? Could you please get in contact with me?

To add to the discussion of this thread.

I see the logic here is very simple Obama is being ousted right now is the best indication that he is doing damage to both the Rothschild and the Rockefeller empire. These two formal rivals are actually welling to join hand in hand to oust Obama is the best sign you can get.

I also heard that Obama's real father is actually Malcom X. Don't know how true that is but its certainly a possibility. Don't know how this will play out within the next month. Perhaps this is the wild card which will be thrown out there sooner or later.

These guys do not negotiate unless they are all pinned to the walls. Nancy and Hillary are probably their last hope for a possible come back. So expect some major political action within the next month or so.

Alex Shrubb

Hi Ben,

What does "silenced" mean in the Panetta sentence?

Regards, Alex


Here is a new video of the elder bush getting heckled that was posted on the 10th of January, 2110.


This is interesting in the light of the report here that bush is under house arrest. Could this be a video put out with the actor "double" to hide the possibility that bush is really getting what he deserves as far as criminal prosecution is concerned, or is it the real bush out for pizza?

Interesting to ponder both angles...gotta love the guy cussing him out.


Bush seen at local eatery and he dosent look dead senile or detained? so where does Ben get his info because it looks way off. Ben needs to start showing proof of his info or he will loose his credibility just like MSM

http://tinyurl.com/yektqok look here at this post jan 12th


"if you want to break free of the elites control,
than start by at least having a NEUTRAL attitude.

that NEVER dismisses or condemns anything.
no matter how likely its probability of being true."

nitinnun, I agree with you on this point.
Remains to be seen if the other info you posted is true.


Alex welcomes to the show George Washington Hunt, a former naval officer and an official host at the UNCED 4th World Wilderness Congress. Hunt is educating the public on a secret bank set in motion by international financier Edmond de Rothschild and Maurice Strong. Hunt exposes this conspiracy in his 30 minute documentary, The Big Bad Bank.

Link: http://www.infowars.com/

Hunt exposes this conspiracy in his 30 minute documentary, The Big Bad Bank.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5bw4iJgIkE


More you "cannot" report...
Or is Kissinger appearing in a court not credible enough for you?
Posted by: Jinny | 01/10/2010 at 22:42

Fail! That article simply mentions kissinger presented evidence. That was well before the sentencing. No eveidence at all that kissinger was presnt at the time of that report. Do try to keep up.


Troutman SandersのサイトのTwiiterはほぼ毎日1回tweetされており、現時点では1月9日が最終となっています。


benjamin stop throwing peanuts from the gallery Christopher Story has passed the ball
Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S.
Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.
1157 West 7th Street
ERIE, PA 16502, USA
Telephone: 814-455 9218
Facsimile: 814-453 4453
a verifiable source now get on to it

Dr Jay

Re: nitinnun philosophy

Dear energy who uses the letters nitinnun,

You are right about what you say in regards to respecting Brother Ben Fulford. We are sorry if some negativity manifests here in doubt and persecution. The plain truth is we are ALL sick and tired and angry as heck about all the out-of-control corruption that has been perpetuated on the world in the name of the American people. We are a sleeping giant that is getting angrier and angrier and we are learning who is responsible for all the insanity.

The rockefellers, rothchilds, kissenger, brezinski, queens, bushes, clintons, pelosi, all of them!! It is a brotherhood of darkness and there must be more light shined on the activities of those crazy jesuits and that black pope guy we hear so much about. We all so desperately want to see the multi-headed hydra of evil eviscerated and wiped off the map that sometimes as the breeds will do, we let our emotional reptialian part overrule our more spiritual conscious Pleadian part. Forgive us for we were bred to learn to overcome that part of the genetic make up and then move the lesson into the collective gene pool. Hey, life is a lesson and then we move on into the next class...day after day...lifetime after lifetime.

We ALL want to see this all end so we as a world, a one love community, can get along and develop in great and wonderful ways. These are the changes we all really want. Let the Light of Truth be shinned on these evil things and let the truth of their outcomes be brought to the worlds attention. We need to win some victories against this beast thing and please let what you say be truth and shown to all because it is the knowledge people need to hear and see NOW.

In order to plant a garden of good food you must remove the weeds and rocks. It is very visual and very obvious to all when the work is being done. It is also obvious to all that the garden has been cleaned up and that it is ready for planting new seeds for the future. There is no hiding anything. No un-truth that escapes everyone's careful eyes. Maybe we are ready to plant the garden but we do not see that the garden had been weeded and the rocks removed. Faith is one thing...seeing and believing is another. We all just want to see it and believe it so badly that when it is not obvious to all, it really tears at the already fragile temperance levels of a growing community of truth seekers. Dig that.

So you see bro, we are just angry because we really want to see all these snakes removed from all their ivory towers and yes to all that the hidden technologies can bring forth. Let us envision at least one of those technologies that might come forth and lets say it was a form of free energy as in say, Tesla type devices. Can we collectively imagine what it would be like if the worlds people did not have to pay energy costs? How much stress there is in worrying about energy bills, and overnight it would be removed from the average mind. People would be a little nicer, more honest, and yes, respectful too towards each other...world wide. Imagine that! Imagine all the Oil Oligarchies all gone and the death grip they have on the world released...coming to a theater near you soon and Earth will give a sigh of relief.

So good points dear energy behind the letters nitinnun. May we all work towards righteous changes and can we actually manifest this stuff into the news of the day, or at least our real news networks of the patriots of this country.





Let the light shine...let the double edged sword of truth and justice be wielded...let love be our guide.

Peace...not just a concept.



What is true is that parallel Fascist factions are taking each other on. It couldn't happen to nicer people, that they self-destruct each other. Please! Have at it! Go gettem! You Not-Sees just all take yourselves out. And take the CIA, Blackwater, Halleburton, and DineCorpse with you! We're tired of their lies and pseudo-legal violence!

Dan Schafers

Hi Benjamin,
Have been trying to sign up to your new Geopolitical site and your gmail address is coming back as "Delivery to the following recipients failed".
Not sure what is happening but I wish to deliver an email to you regarding PayPal and require a valid email address please.
Dan Schafers


maybe you might want to make one more month (Jan) weekly report available for the general public, so they know how much more info you can actually put out in your weekly report. people can compare and make the dicision if they want to seriously fallow your news article or not. and I know you hired or will hired someone to write weekly report. so someone can spend a lot more time expalining what you want to say but can not do so because of time restraint.

Chubs Mackelroy

Why would they want to replace Obama (with Hillary of all people) if Obama is supposedly a massive puppet.
That doesn't make any sense.

joe burns

Dec 21, 2009


if they are there and he is doing interviews then how can he be dead?

joe burns

Dec 21, 2009


Bush and Kissenger may be doubles. Hell, Saddham Hussein (Rockerfeller-controlled puppet) had how many doubles?


why do you delete all my comments? you have discredited your self with this info for sure.

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