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Ben I found very interesting news about Electromagnetic Pulse Gun which shut down car`s Electric microprocessor in order to stop the car running a way from police car. It will be small as hand gun in five years. Is there any relationship with HARRP system? If so, they already started to open hidden technologies as you always say?

Cedric Mainguy

Hey Ben!

I have to say... I enjoy reading your updates, I do believe you have a genuine intent of bringing honest news to the masses but... oops :) considering Casper as a trustworthy news source is more than disappointing. I used to check http://fourwinds10.com/ on a regular basis but it is now (to me at least) an obvious disinformation channel (read: a mix of real and fake news...). I am not sure about Heneghan (lots of hate speech though), Story or yourself (sorry buddy), but Bellringer and Casper are a blatantly broadcasting news that bring fear and hatred in people's hearts and minds. This is counterproductive. The point at this time in the game is to empower people, bring them uplifting information... Reality is harsh, but pushing hatred and never ending fighting is helping no one.

Ben, I beg you (not really, it's a figure of speech) read your updates twice before posting. And check your sources wisely (we know not much about them so make sure we can trust you / them). Haiti earthquake a Dark forces move??? Who ever told you so, might be taking advantage of a natural phenomenon to bring fear and make you believe they are in control of what happens when in actuality it is just a natural phenomenon. If Earth is a sentient being after all, it might need to shake its core to bring itself to balance again.

I don't know if you give any credit to the ascension story, but it kinda make a lot of sense to me. So if indeed it is what is going on, and the purpose of all is rising vibrations, giving credit to the dark intents to lower vibrations is not the way to go.

According to the so called angelic channelings, the earthquake helped in opening hearts and brought compassion to the forefront... Connecting humanity in powerful ways... As tragic as it is, it was not manmade, at least, you should consider the possibility that your sources might be wrong leading, maybe it is a dark move or maybe not. Don't say IT IS unless you back it up with tangible evidence...

Tell us more about these new technologies that will bring prosperity and heal the planet. This, I am and I'm sure many are eager to hear a lot more about.

Hey, Ben, we love you :)

Joe Friday

Get your facts straight

«October 29, 2009
Judge dismises Taitz Obama birth certificate case
Judge David O. Carter dismisses the eligibility case by the plaintiffs, represented by Orly Taitz, Barnett v. Obama, in the Central District, Southern Division Court in Santa Ana, California, to order US President Barack Obama to produce his original birth certificate. You can read the entire ruling here or read it for youself below:

Judge Carter Ruling on MTD

by John Charlton

(Oct. 29, 2009) — In a ruling that has stunned none but those who love this Nation, Judge David O. Carter has granted the Motion to Dismiss presented by the Department of Justice, in the case Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al..

The case involved the massive election fraud which occurred in 2008 General Election, when Barack Hussein Obama, though not an eligible candidate, was admitted to the ballot in California, and thus harmed and disadvantaged candidates running on third-party tickets, such as Wiley S. Drake, Alan Keyes, Gail Lightfoot, and Markham Robinson.



Dear Friends,

If there were the enlightened Emperor(s? only one person
on the Earth supposed be?) existed as various empire's
history tells, this world would not be in the mess like
as it is now on this planet?

As the oldest kind of "the hero stories" indicate the
Enlightened Emperor was supposed to be an immortal never
dying man-god on Earth to be? Certainly he would never go
around with armed men to kill people to steal? He was
supposed to bring people peace and happiness of eternal
life? If one die, by definition, the one is not "the hero"
of the stories, the Enlightened One?

The concept of the immortal man "the Enlightened One" had
been in existence since the time of the Pyramids all over
the world. What has happened to the great work of arts the
Pyramid builders has left with us on the Earth? Treasures,
Picture books, "the story books" and instructions for the
governments? What are these religions? Is it supposed to be
like as they are on the Earth now? It never was, but were
the text books for ethical education for schooling children?
The Pyramids are not mystery but the evidence of the
existence of the factual builders who are in advanced cultural,
technological state.

As the story suggest, I think that "Everyone is dying" is
an unquestioned Superstition. No one have to die is the
TRUTH. Google or Yahoo "Tenpage by Otomakas" to think about

I hope in the near future, no one would be dying in this world.

The most positive thought:最もポジティブな思想:
《Tenpage》by Otomakas http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/en/welcome.html
《㊉頁》by オトマカス http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/jp/welcome.html

Otto Lund

The Pentagons New Map - Thomas Barnett lecture:

Quote: .. 9-11 was the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history. First opportunity in my life to watch several dozen people I knew die live on national television. I was meant to watch that. I was meant to be impressed. Same thing with Nick Berg. It was designed to get an emotional response.” .. Thomas Barnett, from the video


FYI: Snopes is reporting that "A federal judge has ordered Barack Obama to prove his eligibility for the presidency in court on 26 January 2010" is FALSE.

Not sure if you have other information on that.


You forgot to mention that the Haitian President asked for assistance from the US. To call it an invasion, days after the earthquake, is misleading and discrediting to you. The Central bank of Haiti? C'mon man! What is that? A piggy bank in a safe? So the US army invaded Haiti to confiscate a couple of Pesos? Right!
Also, tell us what secret technology the BDS plans to build in their new factories?

Christer Svensson

Hi Ben

How does this factor? in the Geopolitical financial equasion...

The following is a quote from a newspaper http://www.svd.se/naringsliv/nyheter/obama-tackade-borg_4123143.svd
translated via google translator

"An hour before U.S. President Barack Obama, last week unveiled the new levy on banks the Swedish Ministry of Finance received an unusual call from Washington. -American government wanted to thank you for valuable inspiration, "says a proud Swedish finance minister

It was Anders Borg's state secretary, Per Jansson, who picked up the telephone that afternoon, last Thursday. At the other end was a senior official from the U.S. administration.

She announced shortly to President Barack Obama in an hour would present the proposal on the new U.S. banking fee designed to ten years withdraw 660 billion crowns to the U.S. Treasury.

"She thanked him for his help, which is fun and also a right reasonable behavior as Sweden
during our EU presidency, has worked hard to talk about our Swedish stabilization fee that Swedish banks have to pay," said Anders Borg.

He is cautious about drawing too large bills on the U.S. administration's feedback. But there is no doubt that Mr Borg and his team are very pleased that the U.S. government largely copied the Swedish model to deal with parts of the banking crisis.

"There have also been other contacts along the way. The Americans have asked questions about various details of our fee, "says Anders Borg.

It was during G20 meeting last fall in St. Andrews, Scotland, as U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, first became interested in how Sweden levies a fee from the banks.

Anders Borg said that he and Timothy Geithner then had a series of conversations about this and that the U.S. finance minister then asked him to write a paper on how Sweden had gone about it. It led to the letter Anders Borg sent in October the G20 finance ministers where he talked about the Swedish banking fee.

A similar letter sent Anders Borg, the day before yesterday to the EU's finance ministers to get more countries to go the way that Sweden and now the U.S. has chosen.

-There are many similarities between the Swedish and U.S. the presentation. The overarching theme is that banks and financial institutions will have to pay for the state aid they receive, directly or indirectly, "said Anders Borg.

Both the Swedish and the American model is that banks may pay a fee in terms of their liabilities. One option had been to assume banks' turnover instead. But that is precisely what Anders Borg wants to avoid.

A charge of sales, called a transaction tax, would have a much greater inhibitory effect on the willingness to do business, the Swedish finance minister says.

In Sweden, all banks pay a fee which is at 0.036 percent per year in debt. In the United States is only the 50 largest banks pay, and the fee which is 0.15 percent. Barack Obama expects to receive approximately 660 billion during the ten years that the fee will apply.

Sweden has set up a stabilization fund and has so far received 29 billion. The goal is that the Fund's assets will amount to 2.5 percent of GDP. The 29 billion figure represents 1 percent of GDP."
Best regards Christer Svensson


Wanted: Grain of salt



Hi Ben,

About Barack Hussein Obama

His real name is Barry Soetoro.

It is impossible that Obama was not aware of the controversy about his own birth, and of course, he had to now that the certificate posted on his website was a forgery all along. He did not produce any other evidence of his birth, or natural US citizenship, upon arriving from Hawaii. There are no knowing birth certificates, no baby pictures, which suggest it, and no witnesses.

Constitutionally, no one can hold the office of the presidency of the USA, unless he or she is a natural born citizen of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama is either unwilling or unable to provide proof of this.

1. No real birth certificate.

2. No legal change of name.

3. No proof of legal repatriation to the US. ( if indeed he ever was a legal citizen of the US )

4. No baptismal certificate or “conversion” to Christianity (or any religion but Islam).

REAL IDENTITY: Barry Soetoro is a legal citizen of Indonesia. Native religion: Islam.


Kenyan born Obama?
please Benjamin, just stick to finance.
Everything else you talk about makes you sound schizophrenic











Ben,it would be nice to see just one of your prediction become reality.
The Federal Reserve bank has to be removed from printing and controling the american people money with debt. In order to return to a constitutional government.


Obama, come to Hiroshima, and come out all.

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