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Abel Danger

For the bewildered:

Unless you know exactly who it is you are up against you are completely immobile and neutralized.

The Abel Danger agents are taking on the OCTOpus head on and you are welcome to join us as an economic forensic association member.

These are enormously complex circumstances we are dealing with and we are literally talking about the life and death of people here, it takes great focus and attention to understand the circumstances we are under.

There are 2800 agents world-wide and increasing daily. If you have any insight or counter-intelligence your input would be greatly appreciated. The five books linked to the urls linked below tells the story fact mixed with fiction of nine-one-one and its perpetrators.

If you can leave your prejudices at the door and come with a spirit of humility and empathy, you are welcome to join our continuing progress at the following:


God bless.

Abel Danger

V. Vousden

funny that Obama has put Clinton and Bush on the ground in Haiti "to help out". Returning to the scene of their crimes....hmmmm.


I am posting here because comments are blocked on the one about the Haiti atrocity -- should have commented there sooner!

Is it possible to prove beyond any doubt that the "earthquake" was deliberately caused? Is it possible to identify beyond any doubt, the specific individuals who were directly involved in the planning, execution, and giving the orders to proceed? Will anyone ever directly confront and disable the multiheaded octopus right at the very top???

Chris Story's very revealing report today, Jan. 17, clearly shows how the whole Haiti operation is intended to open the door to continuance of financial fraud for the dual purposes of criminal profit, and the ultimate destruction of the whole world's financial structure.

Decisive action is needed; those of us in the dark about behind the scenes activities, can only wonder if anything truly effective will ever happen to those in power who intend to destroy every single shred of whatever good exists on this planet.










・北緯36度0分9.49秒 東経138度42分8.1秒 付近の折れた大木付近
・北緯36度0分5.19秒 東経138度42分31.6秒 付近の垂直尾翼型の岩付近

Jolly Roger, her majesty's most loyal hypocrite.:)

Mr Fulford, good luck with your 9/11 global awakening. You know, I'm confused. For Japan to be free, it first has to regain control of it's central bank from the Rothschilds, and secondly it has to kick out the American garrison base on from Japanese soil (and this is straight out from Machiavelli's handbook The Prince).

However, what you have done is side with the Rothchilds and the British secret police MI6, to depose Ichiro Ozawa aka the puppet master. So it doesn't make sense, the puppet master Ozawa was the one who took the first step to free Japan from the Anglo Saxon invaders by retaking control of Japan's political system, yet you punish him. It doesn't make sense what you're doing.

To win this game of chess, you have to kick out Rothschild Bankers, not the puppet master. The Banker is more important. If you want to be free you have to get rid off the banker. You can't fight wars without money.

This is the curios thing about Japan, for centuries the west has tried to control Japan, and now they have, and by your actions Mr Fulford you're making it easier for them to continue this control.


【The relative size of the Earth】

Dear Friends,

"Over population!"...???
"Food shortage!!"....???

One should not be so ludicrous? While so many women
naturally can not conceive is the fact? Is it not
obvious to you that the God Nature Control the
populations of all creatures? Or do you think it is
your business other than to be considerate for that
how many children yo-self might have? If you believe
that "everyone is dying", a couple may have at least
two children not to die-out of the species?

Have you believed in own lies of own "scare monger
propaganda"...? Just think about the size of the planet
Earth and created creatures. If you go far enough to see
the planet as a sphere, even an elephant could not even be
a virus-size on our own body,...like? It couldn't even
sicken the planet physically, but to think such created
creatures could possibly to destroy the planet is absurd?
"Megalomaniac" is the word for this?

If you can lie to deceive to steal you are no longer
intelligent? What is the intelligence for? It never
meant for to deceive, scheme, argue, fight, kill to die
for the foolish pride of selfish and senseless greed, but
for not to Be nor to Do such?

I hope in the near future, no one would be dying in this world.

最もポジティブな思想:The most positive thought:



1/16 (土) 16:00 ~ 17:15 (75分)


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