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I've just come across some information that for me originated in a Paltalk chatroom. The story goes on to say that the military is going to arrest Barack Obama the weekend of June 5th 2010.

Here is the link that the story is coming out of http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2010/05/restore-america-plan-miltary-movements.html

Personally I think the story is total BS, because I've researched NESARA in the past and have found these people to be nothing but total con artists. Are you aware Ben, that these people are using your name, and saying that you are sayng these things. I would really like to get some confirmation about this one way or another.

Thank You,



I am very interested in your weekly newsletters.
But your blog (free version) provides surprising, instructive, and eye-opening intelligence, (disappointingly) without follow-up comments for your predictions which don't take place.

The newsletter you are planning to deliver needs such follow-up comments and question or discussion pages where subscribers can ask what change is made to current situation and why your predictions don't currently take place.

Please consider .....


oh good lord.

BDS = The Crown Authority. Thanks for clarifying that in your last newsletter, Ben. No wonder you've disabled the comments over there!

I predict: an Eternal Stalemate in the War that Never Ended.


Here's a thought then, Ben could charge people who want the current version, and the rest can wait 6 months.
That way people who want the information RIGHT now will get it and can write or whatever and the rest can wait the 6 months.

Joy Gayheart

Will you except, Ameros or goldplated tungsten?
Can you debit my subdermal microchip once a month?


as posted by Bob...i appreciate your work Ben..but i need some more facts...it seems a lot of your contacts are spreading rumors.

your predictions for bank holiday, and other events have not exactly come true.



I emailed you earlier and it appears I didn't do the final step of posting..

Anyhow, it's on my blog,,,
I'm hoping you'll consider owning a magazine,,
We need a magazine that speaks truth,,
Of course this will come with operating expenses..
Will try and make your magazine #1...

First I need to sue,,
Take care


Hi Mr.Benjamin,,

I was reading the posts above,,
The evil lurks everywhere,,
My husband just screamed at me tonight at the Kwik Trip..My husband wouldn't do this,,

In regards to the paragraph below from your article,,Sounds like a damn fine idea..
On another note,,
As I've seen the benefits of Martial Arts,,I'm hoping to open a chain of Martial Art Studio's...
As with everything there are some good Martial Arts programs and some not so good...

The people in the city will own the studio,,
The people with income will pay a nominal fee that will fund the areas that can't pay...
This should take care of the funding of the instructors and insurance..
Maybe the city's can pick up the insurance,
Then if they wish they can grow into a bigger recreational center with other sports...
This program will be a step in helping the youth,,,
Somebody has to start working with the youth as they are tomorrow's adults...
I know 2 black belts,,,I'm hoping they will take on this mission..
1000-2000-Kung Fu Studio's..maybe more,,

A good Martial Arts program teaches many good things,,a hell of allot better than any other sport I have seen..
I could go into detail,,but not at this time..
But your in Kung Fu country so maybe you know..

Keep fighting for Truth,,

However, it might be possible for countries to also agree to settle disputes through ritual warfare. They could, for example, each send 10 of their best martial artists to a desert island to duel it out but no killing will be allowed. The winning country will then get a more advantageous settlement of whatever the dispute wa

F Jones

Sorry the banks have got all my money, can barely afford a night out these days. Let a lone $8 for a short read, that's greedy Benjamin, your as bad as the banks

Michael B

Interesting that those who oppose world government do not see that we have had a world government since the time of the Caesars.
They do not see that the Revolutionary War did not end mercantile law, Admiralty law or Maritime Law as peracticed in US courts.
That it did not end the expropriation and exploitation of human and natural resources.
That it did not end patriarchy, hypocrisy or pageantry in lieu of serios, sane government.
That it did not end the universal desire for peace, discovery and cooperation.
That it did not end the Rennaisance and evolution of human thought, exploration, achievement and harmonization.

Don Lockwood

Ben, I signed up for your subscription to give it a try. I did this, even knowing that you are batting about .900 at being wrong in your predictions. Perhaps I signed up because you say what I can only fantasize about really happening (gives me a bit of hope for justice). Eight dollars per month is not much to pay for good reliable information. If the information that you post is mostly wrong, perhaps you should wait a bit and try to improve your accuracy score before charging folks. You may wish to think more about the (dis)information that you are being fed at present before posting in your blog and newsletter. I'm not really sure whether your informants have your best interests in mind.

Ben, I really like you. I wish you all the best and worry about your safety. Everyone deserves to be paid for the work that they do. Personally, I agree with the other posters as they all have very valid points to consider.

Personally, I'd like to see more value, with video and more content before paying for a subscription. But, in the meantime, I'll support your efforts with my subscription (if you think it necessary.)


hmh... i'm sure your so-called "black dragon society" should have sufficient funds at their disposal to finance your endeavours. you're not gettin' any of MY money, that's for sure... i've been following your blog for quite a while, almost since the beginning, and NEVER EVER, NOT EVEN ONCE has any of your claims come to fruition. until they do, i won't be supporting somebody about whose integrity i've grown to have serious doubts (to be modest).


Can you make your subscription $1 I can't afford $8...and you will get millions more...


great idea benjamin
well with about 100 readers on average you really should sell a news sheet!!

cmon man
kissinger is not in jail
bush senior is not dead
the banks did not declare a bank holiday and the ninjas have not came
to the aid of the free world.

i dont think i will be paying for a newsletter that promises so much but fails to deliver

Dr Jay

Hummmm...may not be such a good idea to charge people for your light now Ben. If it is right it comes to you from a higher power. Give thanks. Support that connection to your higher power by passing freely all good light to continue to feed the wheel of good fortune.

You are just now starting to gain some readership...it could significantly grow amongst the populace with our help but the truth is sadly, many could not even afford this subscription price or even have the tech to pay you. This heart certainly does not. Do you want to become a lone voice in the jungle?

May I humbly suggest you wait a year or so for something like this to gain the respect and readers so as to give more mental energetic push to ANY overall plan of working together to rid the planet of these evil beings. The more minds focused on the solutions, the more energy to actually manifest the overall goal. You may run off some of the finest spiritual minds on the planet that may be the very keys to the future in a way you cannot imagine if you employ the same methodology of profiteering like babylon does now.

Something for you to ponder brother...we shall be led home by the meek and babylons bankster money and gold will have nothing to with the salvation of this planet and her peoples...the people gathered together in union and agreement will...you can bet a coconut on that!


So, just an interesting thought... If the US Dollar will be worthless by then, what will you charge?

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