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About pharmaceuticals. Drugs causes many damage on Your body.
In psychiatry, there is practicaly skipped depersonalization derealization disorder. Unknown why. Maybe because of that? Why skipped theory explanation: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfddaL4UxxQ".


The comments from Kissinger did not have a photo and even if they did, all the papers have morgues filled with old copy and photos of famous people. There are lots of things going on in the background...like changes to the executive orders put out by Reagan (Bush Sr.) regarding Interpol and important politicians renouncing the central banks. Berlusconi was beaten up because he not only renounced the central banking system and said that it needs to be stripped of the ability to print currency, but that it was the central banksters who probably killed JFK, Abe Lincoln and Bobby Kennedy. He said that the banksters belief that the solution to the incredible amount of debt that they have piled up is to tax more or remove social safety nets in unacceptable to leaders.

Ben's monthly reports are worth every penny. If it wasn't for him and a couple of other sources, I would not know what is happening.


freeman | 12/20/2009 at 07:15 さま、


freemanさま、ご忠告 ありがとうございます。











げんち 【言質】:意味




When( this week ) our emperor went to U,S ?
Please let us know.
I am a person always believe in your info,Ben. So,you better let us know when.



Mr.Yoshiki Hidaka, Japanese journalist on international politics, have interviewed Henry Kissinjer at year-end every year for broadcasting on TV Tokyo on January next year.

Also in 2010, the program is scheduled to be broadcast on Jan 10 on TV Tokyo.


Is this program to be canceled?

Peaceful Warrior

Concentrate your energies on peace and the war mongerers days are numbered. Great job Benjamin Fulford. Love and light:-)


15日のご引見(中華人民共和国副主席)(宮殿) 以前であれば、

平成21年12月11日(金) お名前 ご日程
皇后陛下 ご覧(「伊藤和也君追悼写真展 アフガンに緑の大地を」)(モンベルクラブサロン(渋谷区))
皇后陛下 ご出席(歌人佐藤志満偲ぶ会)(帝国ホテル(千代田区))
天皇陛下 ご執務(宮殿)

平成21年12月13日(日) お名前 ご日程
天皇皇后両陛下 学習院OB管弦楽団「第60回記念定期演奏会並びに天皇陛下ご即位20年・天皇皇后両陛下ご成婚50年記念祝賀演奏会」ご鑑賞及び同レセプションご臨席(学習院創立百周年記念会館(豊島区))












u r a fuckking toool
i am so sad u r a Canadian

John  Carten

The Canadian and, especially, the British Columbia governments are positively terrified that the truth has emerged about the WaterWarCrimes and is now posted online.

British Columbia faces bankruptcy as a result of damage claims arising from secret breaches of international trade agreement, FTA, NAFTA and GATT.

Recently disclosed internal British Columbia government documents prove the government intentionally violated the FREE TRADE AGREEMENT / NAFTA and the GATT

These documents are now posted online for the first time at


These documents corroborate and support the $10.5 billion claim arbitration claim against CANADA by SUN BELT WATER INC. under Chapter 11 of the NAFTA.

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US Senator John McCain stated in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, on June 20, 2008, when asked about water exports from Canada

"water exports will be the defining issue of the 21st century"

The WATER shortages in the American South West and Mexico can only be addressed by massive WATER imports from CANADA – a project that was canceled due to political corruption in CANADA and, especially BRITISH COLUMBIA.

The political corruption in Canada surrounding bulk water exports is now emerging in a lawsuit in Canada's Federal Court that the Canadian media is under instructions not to write about.

Eight judges linked to this lawsuit and the water export political corruption suddenly dropped dead as their crimes were exposed and they became a liability to insiders.

There is a real possibility of murder.

This is a true story that reveals the dark side of Canada.

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Henegan says Reagan-Mitterand Protocols okayed by Obama; after reading/hearing so many times that they would never be allowed.
Kissinger was resurected to "handle" premature meltdown of last year. If he is missing then are we to be ready for the stuff hitting the fan phase 2?
Now with all those "neat" things appearing in the sky, I wonder what is next on the agenda.
Obama okays protocols yet okay with BS Copenhagen global tax and government seems to be presentations at opposite poles.
What da heck is going on?
Preparing for the worse and hoping for the best.
Concerns from Canuckville.




This was in 'News on Japan' on 12/15:


China's VP stresses Japan ties amid royal protocol flap
China's Vice President Xi Jinping in Japan Tuesday stressed the importance of good ties between the Asian giants as his hastily arranged royal audience sparked a political row in the host nation. Xi, who is expected to succeed Hu Jintao as China's president in 2012, said Tokyo and Beijing "must enhance the mutual political trust, expand mutual interests and improve the public sentiment of the two nations."

This verifies the meeting that Ben reported
on 12/16/09:

"The Japanese emperor returned empty-handed from his recent trip to Washington. The Chinese sent a Vice-Premier to Tokyo to demand an explanation." etc.

and because of the information provided by Ben, has much deeper implications of the pressure China is exerting on Japan.

Ben's further report here, indicates the reaction to that pressure.
Thanks Ben for the continued work of the Black Dragon Society.


Ya no te creo nada de lo que escribes. Eres un mentiroso.


【What is the task of a government?】

The government of the civilized society would be for the good of
everyone of the society in true. It would define the wealth of the
society as what the Nature provides and the products of the people's
efforts. To deliver the wealth equally to everyone would be the
primary task of the government. The government shall issue the
money(or what-so-ever you call it) , for the convenience of exchange,
to represent the wealth to provide the equal share to everyone.

Almost all the necessary tasks of the society would be done by the
children in the educational age with volunteered elders as teachers.
The functions of the government, agricultural works, manufacturing,
supermarkets, and shops alike, except some of the heavy building
or industrial tasks which require the more of the volunteered adults,
though children would attend to learn about those tasks as well.
The main theme of the education would be to learn about working
and running of the society's and to care for others not to be selfish
over other's right. The greed or selfishness to be the subjects for the
learning of the self-control in the education.

No one would be force to do anything as there would be no need
for it. Everyone is equally wealthy and happy and creative to add
to the wealth of the society.

【What anyone is responsible of?】

One is responsible for what the one make or has made of one-self.
When yo-thoughts come to you, how to deal with them is the testimony
for yo-awareness as same as how you behave yo-self in yo-days of
livings amongst others.

We exist with "the efforts(Forth) of the God Nature". And we are to
deserve the "God's Efforts" to keep us exist and being functioning,
at least? It would be easy to deserve if you do not allow yo-self to
disrespect anything and anyone. One need to grow out of "look at me,
I am more cleaver than so-and-so" kind of state of awareness.

【The Most Positive Thought.】:--------------------------------------
"Everyone is going to die" is a yet unquestioned superstition?
(英語) http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/en/welcome.html
(日本語) http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/jp/welcome.html


Fulford, ever hear of google?
Kissinger is out and about.

and spewing his poison

and you are a tool.

I note you don't post my comments any more... lol!

Lee Taesoo

I think that the population of world has been invariable.
The theory of population increase is false.
Maybe statistical reasearch would be managed by the darkness faction.
Mr. Fulford! Try to find out the real data about population.
I am sure that population of world is always same…..


nothing is change yet World is still same shit and a few good mans.
sometime i feel like a unknown bad news makes me happy unless give us a guide
to make a move and we can change .
show me black dragon i want to joint it ! not black water army one.


WTF happened to Heinz and Greenspan being under house arrest? How did that fall through?

Joy Gayheart

How do a bunch of old farts in their 90's get all this energy?

Heinz is likely at his Dubai vacation home, busy counting his basket of currency after the senior ping pong / shuffle board bi-athlon competition.

B. Brown

Benjamin, a while ago you said that Papa Bush and wife Barbara may have been killed. Is there any further news/confirmation of that?


George Bush and his wife were suppose to have been killed. Now Henry Kissinger. And there was suppose to be a bank holiday on Dec 16th. All of this is untrue or never happened. Benjamin, your sources and not to be trusted.


He looks pretty alive to me in that video. I read he got shot in the foot recently except you cant see his feet in the video.

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