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Peace and Love

At some point in our eternal trajectory through eternity we have lifetimes that include some scary stuff.


「天皇陛下が手ぶらで帰国」とはどういう意味でしょう? まさか、ミカドを愚弄しておられるわけではないでしょうね。










Alex Jones

Link: http://www.prisonplanet.com/conspiracy-theory-with-jesse-ventura-global-warming.html

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: Global Warming – Video

Omax Pi

Time for the ninjas to go to Copenhangen and take them all out RIGHT NOW.


After reading Old Braveheart's comment I went to your other site to see what he was referring to. I'm with him. We are sick of our traitorous government and want to see it gone--but we are in no hurry to have it replaced with communism. In one of your posts you talk about no one being allowed to have cars--that we'll have scooters or something instead! This is the type of thing we will not stand for--some fat cat blowhard telling us what we can and cannot do in a supposedly free world. New freedom losing rules to replace the old ones. Sorry, but we're not interested. Also, we're all armed here. I don't know anyone who isn't armed. The old and the young alike are armed to the teeth, especially in the south. We'll go down fighting like hell. We are not afraid to die because as things stand, we are being killed slowly anyway.


Mr Fulford,

I have heard these words before, how the east was going to get assasins how you could have put the hit on David Rockefellar when he was on your Turf etc.

Heck that alone would have been a service to humanity.

So my comment is simply this, Money Talks BS walks and talk is cheap.

Many good people here in the US are doing their best to get the word

and expose the corruption.

Tell your Asian Friends the ones that were poisened by sars, to get

the ninjas geared up.

No disrespect intended...


I am looking forward to paying for access to your blog. It will be money happily spent. Anything to make your life more comfortable ..and you to investigate(wherever that might take you) government intrigues. Plenty of it these days.

You are a dear person Benjamin.


The Hopi Indian prophecy said that the time period that we now are in , the US is under the rule of the swastiska(sp?). The future ..the crescent. ..like the Chinese flag.

I trust Hopi prophecy because they are a Holy people. Their prophecy and history are handed down orally. Unlike the Bible. Although, I have spent hours studying it...it does say slaves obey your masters ..women obey your husband. Oddly enough, that is what the Republicans in the US are saying today. So , this has been going on a long time.

The Family is a christo fascist group that controls a lot of Washington. They were founded in 1933. It has just been found out that they have encouraged and supported the Ugandan push to execute gays. Would St Paul have gone along with that? He sure did not like them.Any religion that divides people makes it easier for leaders to control them.




Boy, when we're trying to help, it seems so many are misunderstood.

Braveheart, I think you missed the mark completely. The 100 million army is to free the world from the dark forces running it, not "to invade the Disunited States. We all need to join this army and take back our world from whatever evil has been doing this to us ALL!

Lord Monckton spoke in St Paul and the worst polluted areas are the poorest countries. He is absolutely correct when he says that all peoples (as does Ben) need to be wealthy! We will end this madness and birthrate instabilities when ALL have equal opportunity.

Time to stop whinning and direct our energies towards those who have put all the world in this mess and not at those who are doing something about it.

Letters to start, and hit the streets to educate as many as we can to do the same. Call/write Congress/Senates/ MP's/Prime Sinisters/ Usurpers-in-Chief. Just do it. And start the drive to the 100 million man army. And quit waving your damn guns at me. Who gives a crap how many rifles you have. Obama and his like are dying for us to use them so he can wipe floor with our asses. We can beat these assholes with the law and public opinion and tenacity. Haven't you been paying attention!!! Put your money where your mouth is. Action not bullshit.

Pissed-off in Canuckille



Omax Pi

i no longer entertain the thought of this fictional army of yours.

as if the asian countries would be any less corrupt and evil. spare me.

my comments magically disappear and aren't posted. thanks a lot.


Here she is...our golden girl!



And brother Braveheart is backed by at least 200 million of us if not far more all over the world that are as aware as his words expressed here so well, and we are angry and really armed to the teeth just looking for an excuse to let loose the sleeping Green Dragon THAT NONE WILL STAND AGAINST. There is a lot of tolerance true...but you cannot push the hornets nest too much with out the repercussions that will come. We are One!


So speak your truth bro. Walk wisely and write no bullshit. You are being looked at by more that the corporal eyes around you.

Good works brother Braveheart. God loves ya!


Peace...not just a concept.





Sorry Ben, but your fiction is just too much to stand anymore.


此れ本当かなあ? (2009/12/16):
此はもしかしたら、蜥蜴の尻尾斬りなのでは? いずれにしても、
犠牲にされる尻尾である 9/11活動家、政治家(UN,EU,US), 方動


【What is the task of a government?】

The government of the civilized society would be for the good of
everyone of the society in true. It would define the wealth of the
society as what the Nature provides and the products of the people's
efforts. To deliver the wealth equally to everyone would be the
primary task of the government. The government shall issue the
money(or what-so-ever you call it) , for the convenience of exchange,
to represent the wealth to provide the equal share to everyone.

Almost all the necessary tasks of the society would be done by the
children in the educational age with volunteered elders as teachers.
The functions of the government, agricultural works, manufacturing,
supermarkets, and shops alike, except some of the heavy building
or industrial tasks which require the more of the volunteered adults,
though children would attend to learn about those tasks as well.
The main theme of the education would be to learn about working
and running of the society's and to care for others not to be selfish
over other's right. The greed or selfishness to be the subjects for the
learning of the self-control in the education.

No one would be force to do anything as there would be no need
for it. Everyone is equally wealthy and happy and creative to add
to the wealth of the society.

With respect to everyone's life's possibilities,---godo


The Golden Rule. The one with the gold, rules. Seems never more evident than today.
Very happy you and your friends are shaking things up, Ben. It just keeps buying us all some more time. There are certainly a host of plans that the dark ones have in their inventory and so what. It is nice to see them getting bounced around for a change and to be allowed further opportunity to educate more people to what is and has been going on for a very, very long time before the gambit is played.
Am praying that the magic number comes soon to tip the balance forever to truth and justice for all and rescue from these "demon-worshippers" for our incredible jewel; the world we are so fortunate to live on.

PS. Is the "pyramid" flying over the Kremlin another shot in the Hologram Games?

Seasons best from Canuckville


Why one may Want or believe to be more than other?
Why one may want to claim to take more than other?
Even children could answer that "because the one is
immature"? Should anyone be so immature? Then, the
children would answer "No!"?
熟者」だからと、子供でも答える事が出来るのでは? 自分

To run a government for a society is simple if the government
is for everyone's good? If the primary task of the government
is recognized as "to deliver the providence(= GDP / population)
to everyone", then even a modest computer system could manage
most of the crucial tasks of the government semi-automatically?

The most important thing everyone should realize
are the fact Everything belong to the Nature which
creates and keeps the Everything exist as it does,
and the Nature's wish is us to share the Everything
in fair in happiness. Then the Earth world shall
change for better for all?


【The Most Positive Thought.】:
"Everyone is going to die" is a yet unquestioned superstition?
(英語) http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/en/welcome.html
(日本語) http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/jp/welcome.html

Old Braveheart

Dear Mr. Fulford:
I read with dismay your comments (in your new blog) about a one world government and a one world currency. It sounds frighteningly communistic as it only replaces the Nazis with the Commies. Neither are acceptable.

Here in America we want our own Sovereign Body back. Our Constitution is to be the Law of the Land. The unlawful IRS is to be abolished. All laws after at least 1933 stricken from the books. Our god-given freedoms, protected by the Constitution, are to be returned to us. And our MONEY is to be OUR MONEY. NOT world currency. It will be based on OUR VALUE as hard working, industrious, inventive people. Not somebody else's attempt to control us.

Americans in general, do not want to be 'head of the world'. They just want to be left alone to live in peace; create their technologies; live, love, laugh and freely work on their own ascension.

But, Black Dragons or not, the LAST thing Americans will tolerate is another monster coming in to take them over, either overtly or covertly, like the last monster did.

Do NOT mistake Americans for the illegitimate government that now constrains us. AMERICANS, by Constitution, are the REAL government of their country. And no one will be taking that away from us as long as even one of us still lives and breathes. The revolutionaries of the sixties may all be retired babyboomers by now, but give us a good enough reason, and we will hoist the peace symbol on top of the Volcano and send Uriah Heep back to the podium. And if you think those to be conflicted statements, then you don't understand our passion for FREEDOM.

So I guess your next job...that of your Black Dragons, no doubt, is to come over here and kill us all. However, with 400 million+ guns in private hands, we will NOT go quietly.

I guess to put it bluntly: the Nazis cannot have America. Neither can YOU. The Chinese only own the assets of the Federal Corporation. That Federal Corporation is an unlawful sham which HAS NO LAWFUL CLAIM ON ANY ASSETS IN THE UNITED STATES. The American People own those assets. A ficticious government cannot put them up as collateral, just as it cannot put up our birth certificates as collateral...though we know it has been done.

The Chinese, Japanese and Brits ALL KNEW this. They 'got in bed' with the devil and now they get to take the fall for their OWN folly. The American people WILL NOT be paying taxes (which are illegal on salaries in any case) to support the money stolen by the Bushes and their Federal Reserve scam. Those who bought into the Ponzi schemes must take their lumps, just like you or me when we make a bad investment.

If necessary, Americans will create their own money at the grass roots. It has already started in some places. It serves as exchange when barter is not possible. That is where money began in the first place. There are no banks involved in this and thus no one has control over us, but ourselves.

I find myself hoping you will some how tell me that you are not a communist. And that your writing does not mean what it sounded like. that there is another explanation for your attempts to globalize government. Have you not seen Lord of the Rings? Have you not experienced the soaring Eagle's view of 'Atlas Shrugged'?

I find myself very sad as I had taken you for a Voice of Freedom in this dark time. It is beginning to seem as though mine and my countrymen are the only such voices left in the world...

Lee Taesoo

Thank you for your information.

I translated your "Weekly geo-political news and analysis-16/Dec and 9/Dec" into Korean.

It is below;


And I have watched your interview of Camelot project.

I believe that the justice win.

There is a error when I send a message to Your Email Address.

This is South Korea,
Mr. Taesoo Lee.

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