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I just recently watched two documentaries about China and neither of them were complimentary. In fact, I walked away thinking that China must be some sort of hell on earth. The first documentary was about the earthquake that hit there recently and how almost every school building in poor areas crumbled to the ground (with all the little elementary school children inside them) while all the buildings surrounding the schools stood perfectly sound. I can't remember the number of children that died but it was huge--any loss of a child is huge in my book. Anyway, the parents of these children wanted answers and the government stalled and wouldn't answer the parents questions as to why the schools all crumbled like sand castles while surrounding buildings remained intact. The parents were censored--told not to question builders--but these parents were bereft and did not care anymore so they pressed forward with their protests. Eventually, the government compensated the parents with $8,000 per family. How generous--your only child's life was worth $8,000!!! In the end, it was found that the schools were purposely build unsoundly TO SAVE MONEY. This is a crime against humanity, plain and simple.

The second documentary was called China's Stolen Children and it told the tale of how 70,000 children go missing each year in China and how but a few ever get returned to their parents. It told the story of how the government requires couples to get a PERMIT to have their ONE allotted child and if they do not get the permit and have the child anyway, they get fined. They must pay the fine or the child is not recognized as being alive--he/she cannot go to school, etc. As a result, most choose to have the baby then SELL it because they cannot afford the fine. We also learned that since the one child per family rule has been enforced, the population of little girls has rapidly declined because they are aborted so that the family can try for a male (males take care of parents in old age and that is why they want males). This law also seems to have been a factor in the increasing STEALING of Chinese children (specifically males). When a rich family has a female, they want a male and so they pay someone to "find" a male for them. The male children are "found" for the rich by derelicts who STEAL the children off the streets or even from their own beds while they sleep. The government does nothing to help find all the stolen children even though they MUST know where they end up due to the fact that ALL children must be registered to be recognized as citizens. The government looks the other way and allows the poor to have their flesh and blood stolen and sold. It was disgusting and disturbing beyond words to watch these documentaries.

This is China. So, no thanks on me ever looking forward to them running things!






JAson of Vancouver

Benjamin I'd be interested to know your take on the American physicist Thomas E. Bearden (if you've heard of him before). He wrote a compelling book in the 90's called Fer De Lance.


Ben, thank you! I also feel optimistic. We are now seeing the workings of a grand divine plan....it becomes more so, as we continue to work with our Creator God, to find solutions to planet earth that suit us....so folks our role is to tell the Universe, what sort of world we'd like to live in.....be specific and be sure to think "outside the box"....as much as possible....be fantastic, be outlandish....but be true to your heart.

Some folks who are awakening may surprise many of us....

Hatonn says:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is choosing the
lighted path. She realizes she does not have to follow
in her family’s mafia dealings. Sometimes we get
our best people from the enemy camp. After all,
they have been on the inside of those closed door
meetings in which your nation was secretly sold out
to the Zionist Jews. Mrs. Clinton knows who set up
the deal to steal your nation from you, and now, as
President Obama’s messenger, she can help right some
very nasty “wrongs”.


Hatonn: “The NEW WORLD ORDER. The Mark of • the Beast: DEBIT CARDS!”

CONTACT NEWSPAPER: My highest recommended reading for updates on earthly shenanigans…things that are not revealed to the public – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Hatonn suggests new financial system “THE PERNNY-MANNY-MINN”


Hi Ben,

Can you comment on NESARA? Is it for real? Some say it is a godsend, while others claim it to be the opposite ie the coming of the antichrist. Can you offer any insight into this, other than what is available online?


Canadian in Thailand.


The West is the one I worry the most about when it comes to the ET question. It is obvious that ETs have been around here forever and that we are more than likely engineered by them.
Unfortunately there are many races that left unchecked would have overun this world long ago. It is most likely that treaties were signed with some of these races and again the innocent were exploited in exchange for technology/profit of the few "humans" that run this world.
We as a race of beings need to be aware that the ploys used by the illumined don't stop at attempts to fool us again, even with the ET question. Project Bluebeam is one of those ploys. There are many races who wish to make contact and as Deagle says, some good, some bad and some very bad. If some come through should Bluebeam be unleashed, then we had better start using our heads for more than just holding our hats off the floor.
I'm very glad that the bad guys are getting the financial squeeze. Hopefully we will all get a chance at a far better world soon. Battles are being won but it seems to me that the war is long from over.

Thanks Ben
Concerns from Canuckville

pUre Warrior

The chinnese are extreme socialist comunist who have no ability to lead humanity in any direction. The chineese population are controled dumbed down debt slave submitters. The rothschild central bank controles china as well. I for one will not trust or use any chineese global system no more than I do the curent demonic genocidel scum from the Europe Rothshcild control debt slave grid.


and also this,spirulina for h1n1
"KOTA KINABALU: “With the declining stockpile of critical antiviral drugs like Tamiflu and increasing reported cases of Influenza A (H1N1), it may be time to search for an entirely natural yet effective alternative to halt this potentially fatal viral infection,” a Japanese world expert on dietary supplement has suggested.

“If our body’s condition is alkaline or slightly above neutral pH, the exposure to even the most virulent microbes may not be able to make us sick but an acidic condition lowers the activity of immune cells and creates a favourable environment for the growth of viruses,” said Dr Yasumasa Kodo (pictured), who is also president of Spirulina Bio-Lab from Japan."


On the news this morning they said Bank of America is repaying all the stimulus money.

interesting :)

To Adam;
New show on with Jesse Ventura on last night about HAARP.
The technology to turn the deserts green IS there.
Watch it, on truTV and probably coming to youtube soon.

Its wont be a walk in the park but we will get there..

We appreciate things more if we have to work harder for them.
Be patient. Be strong.

keep the balance

Yin Yang,


Ivan "Guru" S.

What wants ZioNazists/Khazarian Talmudists at IMF, WorldBank etc. is for next few years completely irrelevant.

People and companies will don't care about IMF.

Why ?

Only few weeks to world launch of FREE ENERGY technology.

Cheap, affordable, without emissions.


Russ Hayes

Sounds great, but I don't believe it will happen any time soon, certainly not in North America. What I'd like to know is what is going to happen to all of these evil bastards and their henchmen that carried out all these despicable acts in the past? I think there should be a complete disclosure of the facts, all throughout our history. People need to know what has been happening. I have tried numerous times to explain things to people I know, only to
get that strange look many of your readers are probably familiar with. I'm sure that if everyone discovers the real truth, it will be much easier in the future to spread the word if history tries to repeat
itself. These guilty scumbags HAVE TO BE jailed or executed, or this will definitely happen again.


I would really like an answer to this one question:

Why should we trust that the Chinese secret societes are as altruistic as you say when they don't appear to have helped the citizens in their own oppressive society? How do we know that their goal isn't to eventually put the west into the same situation?


Your optimism is completely infectious, Ben!
No vaccine needed for this one. ;>
We are all ready and waiting!


Fantastic News Ben!

it's about time too. I hope they give in without too much of a fight (as if...)


Dear Benjamin,

Maybe it is time for the TRUTH about America's secret programs involving "offworld" beings to be disclosed BEFORE any plans to militarize space are created. I am sure that Steven Greer would be delighted to brief the Chinese, Japanese and Asian country leaders in what he knows. There are other people who have been contacted repeatedly by off worlders who are not violent, aggressive or interested in turning the earth into their own hunting park. There will be no improvement in the current problems of the world IF:

a) We don't learn from this experience and stop making wars on each other.
b) We replace American deceptive totalitarianism with Chinese overt totalitarianism
c) We militarize space
d) We don't develop SPIRITUALLY as has been recommended many times by the Native Americans
e) Overweening national or ethnic pride is not overcome once and for all.
f) We don't purge the "domination" impulse from the character of mankind once and for all.
g) We don't take this time to analyze our mistakes and create a truly new future without the mistakes of the past.
h) We understand very clearly the implications of any decisions made. Recent discoveries about the nature of DNA as a "transceiver" have profound implications for the rather crude science of genetic engineering. We should not be messing with genetics until we know for sure what it is that we are doing. If the various theories of the multiverse are true and DNA is the homing beacon for the individualized energy that we know as "self," then we should not be messing with it unless we know that we are not causing havoc in other places.

i) If we focus on cleaning the world up and getting rid of nuclear wastes, VOCs and creating a world that consumes less fuel because it saves energy, that effort alone is enough to create a boom that will bring prosperity everywhere. Add to that developing new medical technologies that are more effective, less destructive and really beneficial and we could have a renaissance of mankind that will be remembered for thousands of years.

It is time to plan a transition away from the militarism, greed and mistakes of the past and plan a much better future for everyone.



So basically we are seeing a shift from the Illuminati to the Asians. We are just to be ruled by another faction, that is all. We are to expect these Asian rulers to be some great shining light? Yes, that would be expected if it weren't for the way they have treated their own people for all these years.

Yes, this is going to be a great new age where we are bullied by another faction instead of the current. Give me a break.

Don Lockwood


I sincerely appreciate this blog. It is very important to me. It gives me hope that justice will ultimately prevail and for a much better future for the world. Thank you very much. I look forward to all your posts and even try to translate the Japanese posts. This world is a much better place with you in it.


D Lockwood (USA :-( )


Dear Ben: I'd just like to remind you that the vast majority of normal, honest, law abiding citizens of the "western countries" who "will be increasingly marginalized and cut off from the global flow of trade" are not responsible for this mess and should not suffer any more because of the criminals who have stolen our money and caused so much hardship to us and everyone else around the world already. Must we be punished again for the crimes of the elite bastards who have conned not just their own people but the entire planet? Please direct your assault on the few who deserve it and do not lump us all in the same category. There are a lot of good people in those "western countries" who are on the side of peace and equality and doing what they can to expose and punish these bastards. We are not the enemy! We are on your side!


Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.(Bob Dylan)

Kurt Schilling

..."protect the planet in the case of any emergencies"....

Pardon??? Haven't you heard that ET/UFO Disclosure is set for mid January?! Or earlier. There is NO doubt - it's going to happen.
David Wilcock is one of the credible sources. Take a look at divinecosmos.com - his site.

The future is VERY bright for us all once the Illuminati is finally defeated and they are just about done. Disclosure will seal their fate.



Count me in!

Lars Osterman

One would agree with you about the need to get rid of those corrupt oligarchial institutions that only serve the purpose of extracting wealth to the crooks, the self elevated financial parasites behind them all.

However, how do we really know the same crooks (Rothschilds & Rockefellers etc) are not behind the apparent new big players supposed to take over? We do not know! There is quite a zio-financial community in Shanghai, right? And, Japan is still occupied territory...

Lets hope the latest zio-financial scam - "the carbon tax" fraud news reaches the headlines all over the world.


Good news. I really hope what you are saying comes true.

Thanks for the updates Ben


The UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the European Union are all doomed

The shift of the global financial center of gravity to Asia means that the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank and probably the European Union are all doomed institutions. This is already beginning to manifest itself in the form of increasingly desperate high-level phone calls from these various institutions asking for Asian money. They are being told no because all of these institutions are corrupt and have inflicted pain and suffering on many people around the world.

We will need to replace these institutions with entirely new ones to be built from scratch. The Chinese would like to have a new United Nations to be headquartered in Laos. It is also likely that many arbitrary colonial borders will be redrawn as a part of this move.

Hong Kong is going to replace the City of London as the world’s main financial center.

The Chinese have also already replaced the World Bank as the world’s biggest helpers of developing nations. An entirely new institution is going to be set up in Japan to replace the IMF.

The Western countries will be increasingly marginalized and cut off from the global flow of trade until they stop their endless, mindless war-mongering. However, once the West purges its body politic of the evil cabal that infected it, it will use its still superior technical and scientific might for the greater good of humanity and the planet. The uncorking of all the suppressed scientific knowledge will trigger the start of an age of wonder and discovery.

Also, since we do not know what is out there in the universe, the West’s superior military ability will be used to protect the planet in the case of any emergencies.

Soon, we are all going to be living on a much nicer planet.

Dear Ben,

Based on everything that you have mentioned so far since last year it seems that the society that you're attached to is focused primarily right now on the financial sector. It is to anyone's guess that is the big corner stone of their power so surely that will be the number one task to focus on right now.

If their financial system does crumble like you mentioned would create a domino effect on the rest of their control grid which brings me to the next question.

Once their financial sector crumbles will surely be follow by their military industrial complex. So if this happens will it mean the following:

The chem-trail black operation will be stopped?

All high level technologies related to radio EMF will no longer be operated? Such as HARRP, mind control/spying remote neuron monitor radio towers?

Can you please commend on these areas as we are already under attack as I'm typing this message? Getting rid of these areas of their control grid would surely be the best signs at least to me that things are moving toward a better future for the majority. Can you please confirm or at least give us a bit of hint when this will be stopped?

If you cannot commend on this can you give us all a particular reason as to why?

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